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Branxton community callan adam harry

  1. 1.  Situated at the northern end of Wine Country Drive, along the New England Highway, Branxton, Hunter Valley, offers a range of
  2. 2. The township of Branxton issituated on the New EnglandHighway, between Maitland andSingleton, in the picturesqueHunter Valley.With a history dating back to theearly 1800s, Branxton slowlydeveloped as the Hunter Valleyarea was explored and settledfurther inland. Several historicalbuildings in town stand as areminder of its early historyincluding the Branxton Inn (built in1862) and several churches
  3. 3. perfectly situated for exploring thewineries and rural countryside ofthe Hunter Valley. Internationallyrecognised as a premium wineproducing district, the HunterValley features more than 100wineries. The Lower Hunter ishome to many of the older andlarger wineries based aroundCessnock and Pokolbin, while theUpper Hunter is dotted with newervineyards around Denman Branxtonis and bordered by national parks.
  4. 4. Branxton is located on the NewEngland Highway between Maitlandand Singleton. While the highwaypasses through the centre of thetown, most through traffic willbypass the town when the HunterExpressway is completed.An infamous road sign on oneapproach to the town states thatBranxton has two cemeteries - nohospital. The sign, erected by thelocal Lions Club, is meant to act as adeterrent to rule-breakingmotorists.[1]Branxton is located on the MainNorthern railway line and has its ownrailway station, which is on CityRailsHunter line.
  5. 5. The School operates educationally and culturally as oneunit from Kindergarten to Year 6 with a student centredapproach to all teaching and learning activities. Anambience of caring and interest in children and theirlearning has positively developed and been furtherenhanced through a community centred environment.The focus is on developing academic and socialskills, aiming for high achievement. By focussing onliteracy, numeracy and social values we ensure that thefoundations for life long learning are provided for futureenrichment. The school is unique for its environmentallyfriendly atmosphere, supportive and active parentcommunity and programs to cater for individual needs.The culture and climate is evident in the grounds, thefacilities, the students work and the teaching andlearning programs. Distance from major centres is notdeterring the wide scope of activities offered such asexcursions, visiting performers, cultural festivals and lifeeducation.
  6. 6. The Branxton House Motel may fromtime to time modify or revise theTerms by updating this Web page.Your use of our Site following any suchchange constitutes your agreement tofollow and be bound by the Terms aschanged.
  7. 7. Branxton is at the northern end ofWine Country Drive and is the northerngateway to the world renowned HunterValley wine country of Pokolbin andRothbury.James Busby (1801 – 1871) widelyregarded as the "father" of theAustralian wine industry planted hisfirst grape vines on his property“Kirkton", which is located in thedistrict of Branxton.
  8. 8. CallanAdamHarry