New Student Orientation


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New Student Orientation

  1. 1. South Central Regional Support Site
  2. 2. established to: Decrease the number of students who drop out of high school. Increase the number of students who are ready to work after college. Increase the number of low-income students that go to college. Decrease drug and alcohol use by encouraging college attendance. Increase personal income. Improve the overall quality of life for the people of Indiana.
  3. 3. Eligible students must: Live in Indiana (determined by the where the parent/legal guardian lives) and be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.  For information about citizenship qualifications, call 888-528-4719. Be enrolled in the 6th , 7th , or 8th grade at an Indiana school. Meet income requirements or be a ward of the court (ex: foster child). Make a promise to stick to the Scholar’s Pledge.
  4. 4. The Scholar’s Pledge:I agree to graduate from an Indiana school with an Indiana high school diploma. I will get a high school GPA of at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. I will not use illegal drugs or alcohol or commit a crime. I will apply to an eligible Indiana college, university or technical school as a high school senior. I will apply on time for state and federal financial aid.
  5. 5. How do you know if you are a Scholar? Call the regional support site at 800-880-5213 or go online at Enrollment letters are sent out in July. Some applications are chosen to show proof of income and must provide documentation.
  6. 6. What do you get from this program? Scholars get 4 years of college tuition to go to an eligible Indiana public or private college. Public college: full tuition Private college: partial tuition up to a maximum $5,000+ Free support and college readiness programs and activities for Scholars and parents. Scholar activities: college tours, summer camps, and job shadowing. Parent activities: parent conferences, pledge ceremonies, and college and career planning workshops.
  7. 7. What else do you get? Incentives to attend participating colleges and universities (ex. IU, Purdue, University of Evansville, Marian University) Go to to find incentives Websites for Scholars   Regional newsletters highlighting local Scholar activities. SAT/ACT fee waivers A toll-free hotline at 888-528-4719 or 800-880-5213
  8. 8. How to access and use the Scholarship: Send in a completed Affirmation Form on or before March 10th of your senior year. File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year at Indiana deadline is March 10th Complete all corrections by the May 15th deadline Begin college and be a full-time student no later than 2 years after graduation (ex: 2010 graduates must enroll in college by December, 31, 2012). Meet the academic standards at your college or university.
  9. 9. What if I move? Go to the website to make the changes yourself! Or, call 21st Century Scholars at 800-880-5213 or 812-856-1576 Or, tell your guidance counselor Information needed: Address Phone number School
  10. 10. Indiana’s Academic Standards: Turn to page 4-5 in your OnTrack magazine (6th ) page 8-9 in your OnTrack magazine (7th ) page 8-9 in your OnTrack magazine (8th ) For more information including Core 40 and Academic Honors visit:  
  11. 11. Course & Credit Requirements Physical Education 2 credits Health and Wellness 1 credit Total 40 credits 8 credits Including a balance of literature, composition and speech. 6 credits Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II or Integrated Math I, II and III Mathematics Al l s tudents mus t compl ete a ma th or phys i cs cours e duri ng thei r juni or or s eni or yea r. English/Language Arts Science 6 credits Biology I; Chemistry I or Physics I or Integrated Chemistry-Physics; and any additional Core 40 science course. Directed Electives 5 credits Any combination of world languages, fine arts, and career and technical education courses. Electives Col l ege a nd Ca reer Pa thway recommended. 6 credits U.S. History; U.S. Government; Economics; and either World History and Civilization or Geography and History of the World. Social Studies 6 credits CORE 40:
  12. 12. Additional Information:Discuss future plans with your parents and other adults Check to see if your middle school or high school offers a spring orientation- if so, attend it! Important websites for you to know: Learn More Indiana  1-800-992-2076  Use the Homework Hotline to stay on top of your classes FREE math and science homework help to 6-12 graders 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., September - May Toll free number: 1-877-ASK-ROSE
  13. 13. How to reach us: Toll free at 800-880-5213 Or 812-856-1576 1900 East Tenth Street Eigenmann Hall, Room 610 Bloomington, IN 47406
  14. 14. What’s Next? Take this home to your parents!!! View this PowerPoint presentation together at
  15. 15. Notes Page! Important info I want to remember:
  16. 16. More Notes!