Goshen Timber Frames Gallery


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Enjoy the photos of these great timber frame homes.

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Goshen Timber Frames Gallery

  1. 1. GOSHEN TIMBER FRAMES Inside you’ll find photos of the homes of the most wonderful people in the world…the clients of Goshen Timber Frames. Whether large and grand or small and charming, each home is a snapshot of the dreams and lives of these good people.
  2. 2. Goshen’s “Grace Mountain” lives well on this North Carolina mountain top. This spacious home entertains well and lives large.
  3. 3. Whether enjoying the great outdoors from the expansive desk or sitting cozily by the fire, comfort reigns in this lovely home.
  4. 4. This new, old home began as life as Goshen’s “Walnut Creek”. As in centuries past, it grew gently, expanding to fill the needs of the family. The result is a home that marries the best of the past and efficiencies of the present.
  5. 5. Nothing is missing in this kitchen. The North Carolina owners of this home brought the past into their home without sacrificing any of the modern comforts.
  6. 6. A Goshen home will be designed to be “home” whatever that means to you.
  7. 7. The “HillRose”, awarded Residential Design Build Magazine’s 2007 Excellence in Design Awards, in three categories.
  8. 8. This rustic elegant home captures the vision of its owners in North Carolina. They have built two Goshen homes.
  9. 9. Welcome home…always.
  10. 10. Adding onto a North Carolina cabin created a very grand living space. Renovations and additions are sometimes the best way to go. Don’t start over if you have good “bones” to work with.
  11. 11. A charming porch welcomes you to this North Carolina home. Based on Goshen’s “Cedars”, it is a hybrid timber frame home.
  12. 12. The “Cedars” is a common raftered timber frame (also known as a post and plate). The owners of this frame chose to have drywall installed between the rafters for a light , airy feel.
  13. 13. The recipe for success…start with a wonderful salvaged window and add a dash of timber frame.
  14. 14. Atop a North Carolina mountain sits a home that pays tribute to the past. The window, salvaged and reworked, sets the stage for this elegant living space.
  15. 15. Goshen’s “Hillsboro” is a great home with a small footprint. It is gracious and beautiful.
  16. 16. A charming timber The open spaces make this smaller timber frame hybrid designed frame live well. The space expands onto for a couple in Old Fort, the timber framed porch, with windows North Carolina. providing excellent daylighting.
  17. 17. Clean lines and light make this home live much larger than the 1,100 square foot footprint would seem. With another bedroom and bathroom in the basement, the 1,500 square foot home is spacious and charming.
  18. 18. Goshen’s “Prescott” takes in the view near Asheville, North Carolina.
  19. 19. A beautiful Cotswold style barn with an apartment above sits surrounded by National Forest in Western North Carolina.
  20. 20. The apartment opens onto a deck that extends the living space into the trees. Stalls, a tack room, and an office are located downstairs.
  21. 21. Goshen’s “Magnolia” is anything but rustic. It is filled with light, antiques, and charm.
  22. 22. This Franklin, North Carolina home has timeless style.
  23. 23. A timber frame can be as rustic, contemporary, or traditional as you wish. This home offers charm and character and an ageless beauty.
  24. 24. Goshen’s “Arlington” overlooks mountains and a river, much to the delight of the canoeing owners.
  25. 25. Bedrooms, up and down, are flooded with light and brought to life with quilts that lend a very traditional look.
  26. 26. The Dunham, with two master suites and great space for living in between offers great possibilities.
  27. 27. With living space like this, you live well in a smaller home.
  28. 28. This gracious space is beautiful in its simplicity. The Fontana Lake, North Carolina timber frame is open and light.
  29. 29. The timber framed porch opens up to the trees and view.
  30. 30. And, finally, the Pickartz’ “Creekside”, a home that took thirteen years to design and less than a year to build. It offers spacious living, inviting nooks, and charm in less than 1,700 square feet.
  31. 31. With salvaged roofing, refinished sinks and tub, concrete countertops, and repurposed commercial glass as the loft railing, this home is a tribute to sustainable materials and character. It sits lightly on the land with a footprint of 1,100 square feet that was home to an old (unsalvageable) farmhouse. Watch the construction of this home at http://www.buildingatimberframe.com or visit it in Franklin, North Carolina.
  32. 32. The dining area in the Pickartz’ home is filled with light and character.
  33. 33. The “Creekside” is designed to take advantage of the natural light without having a window in the kitchen. The central kitchen is wonderful.
  34. 34. The “Maggie Valley” is an amazing home. The design takes in views from every direction. The rooms flow to create a much larger living space than the square footage would assume.
  35. 35. The kitchen in the “Maggie Valley” is open to the dining room and great room. The space is grand and yet warm.
  36. 36. Tom, Becky, and Jackon enjoy the mountains in their new home.
  37. 37. …And sometimes the frame stands on its own, without walls and windows. This pavilion in North Carolina will always stand as a testament to the hearts and hands of many volunteers who raised the funds and the craftsmen who designed and built it.
  38. 38. Donations were raised as pegs were signed and a lucky few got to hammer the peg into the frame…where it will stay for centuries.
  39. 39. Timbers curved by Naturally curved struts nature can bring a and bracing add character unique look to a home to this home.