Big ideas on a small budget

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ILA Presentation on Big Ideas on a Small Budget. Printed for banner use - sorry about the intro!

ILA Presentation on Big Ideas on a Small Budget. Printed for banner use - sorry about the intro!

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  • 1. BIG
  • 2. IDEAS
  • 3. ON A
  • 4. SMALL
  • 5. BUDGET
  • 6. GUITAR PROGRAM Patrick Sweeney (@pcsweeney) Purchased Secondhand Guitars o Others where donations Available for Check-Out Guitar Instructor offered FREE Classes o In exchange was allowed to sell additional classes for one-on-one sessions Soon evolved where kids taught the classes!
  • 7. LASER TAG Ubisoft Laser Tag System Purchased from o About $60.00 per set of two Ultimate after hours fun! o Play in the stacks
  • 8. MYSTERY GRAB BAG Purchase different colored paper bags o Each bag is for a different genre of book o Place Barcode number outside of bag  May have to write it o Place book inside bag, and staple it close Gets your circ numbers up!
  • 9. ART FOR LIBRARY Justin Hoenke (@JustinLibrarian) Art school students volunteer time Get the highschool kids to attend and make art for the library Their art is displayed – sense of “publication” Low cost to get new, custom, and trendy art for your library. o Oh, and an awesome program!
  • 10. QR CODE SCAVENGER QR Code SCANvenger hunt o Get people to check out e-books o Get people to find new content in library o Get people to explore your library! All easy to set up, smart phone required o Most people own a smart phone!
  • 11. Big Take Aways Use Twitter to connect with vendors o Sifteo – Sent us a Free Set o Sphero – Sent us a Free Set & T-Shirts o Reaper Miniatures – Sent Gift Card for a paint and take o Tweet Out – Get Response! Always ask for better pricing
  • 12. More Big Take Aways Useful Sites o / Deep Discount Sites (often refurbs) o TechSoup.Org o Google Apps – Free Email/Docs/Calendar o Sugar Sync – Cloud Based BackUp
  • 13. Summer Education Kankakee Public Library During summer educational program o Offered Art, Math, Writing, Video Art – Walk through the different art forms through the years Video – Did Claymation Math / Writing – Used iPad apps to engage kids.
  • 14. Video Marketing Chad Mairn (@cmairn) Had students create viral video marketing tools o Purchase cheap inexpensive flip cams We need YOU to help hype YOUR library! We are planning to video record student testimonials regarding the librarys resources and services and would love your input and/or testimonial. And take the video camera away from us! Record your own tour, conduct your own interviews, or do whatever you want to help hype YOUR library.
  • 15. Sphero Ball Use a fun innovative Toy to engage into a conversation o Roll ball around schools to get kids to ask “what is that” Make them know your library is more than just books! Ask us about getting a discount from the $ 130.00 MSRP price
  • 16. Art Gallery Engage the high school and junior high populous and start an art gallery at your library Host an art show Very little cost; except prizes!
  • 17. Miniature Golf Purchase cheap plastic and foam to set up paths and fairways with felt. Have it throughout the library, engage the participants through your space
  • 18. Holiday Display During special holiday periods, find books that are colored the holiday colors (not necessarily about the holiday) and place them on a stand near your end caps o For instance, during Christmas, find green and red books and have them out on your shelves as either endcap displays or on the shelves