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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine

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  • first of all, I laughed out loud at the threat of being 'iced'

    Now onward . . .

    Good solid project, especially given such a short time. You leverage some fundamental aspects of habit formation.

    Slides communicate very well.
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  • 1. Implementing a New Daily Habit: An Intervention by Brian Pesin and Dana Sittler Challenge: To encourage people to incorporate eating vegetables, an important and healthy flex behavior , into their daily routines. Time limit (intervention period): May 22-May 29 (1 week)
  • 2. Daily Vegetable Consumption Challenge
    • Persuasive Purpose :
      • To convince five college students to incorporate and strengthen a vegetable-eating habit, a healthy flex behavior , into their daily routines.
    • Industrial Design:
    + Eat veggies! +
  • 3. User Description
      • College students who have…
        • Established mealtimes
        • Food prepared for them, with vegetable options
        • A group of people with which to dine
        • For the purpose of this study, the ladies of Delta Delta Delta
      • 9 participants total
  • 4. Storyboard: Victoria Eats Veggies 1. Victoria receives a text alert 10 min prior to mealtime reminding her to eat veggies at dinner. 2. Victoria proceeds to the kitchen and gets in line to get food for her meal. 3. Victoria sees a sign next to the daily vegetable description with her initials that again reminds her to take veggies and reply. V.V. Eat veggies and text! 4. Victoria eats the veggies on her plate, and responds to the reminder text to track her veggie eating. 5. Victoria receives a summary email mid-week tracking her and her friends’ veggie eating progress. 6. The summary email and the initials on the veggie reminder sign inspire Victoria to verbally remind her sorority sisters to eat veggies.
  • 5. VeggieAlerts - Textmarks From: 41411 Don't forget to put veggies on your plate @dinner tonight(& eat them too!) reply 'v' to this to conf
  • 6. Features/Functionality
      • Reminds person to put a veggie on their plate at dinner
      • Two triggers
          • Timed text message hot trigger - just before dinner
            • Just a few clicks to reply
          • Personalized reminder at the scene
      • Holds people accountable both for themselves and for their friends
      • “ Fun punishment” for those who fail to eat veggies
  • 7. Results -6/9 (67%) completed the task 100% of the time -2/9 (22%) completed the task 4 of the 5 days -1/9(11%) dropped the project
  • 8. User Commentary
    • "The simple reminder made a huge difference." 
    • "For me, knowing the other girls were doing it to made it easier - it also made me want to eat MORE veggies than they did."
    • "The thing is, I'm not sure if I'll do it when the veggies aren't sitting there waiting for me this summer. And the reminder was key - I needed the reminder."
    • "The sign made me think, 'Oh man, if I don't eat the veggies, everyone will know.'"
  • 9. Results
      • Social aspect was key
        • Accountability for yourself and for peers
      • Hot trigger was successful
        • Text message reminder
        • Physical reminder sign at the veggie station 
      • Difficult to expand past the campus environment, however successful within this context