The Genocide In Rwanda
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  • 1. The Genocide in Rwanda
  • 2. Big goals
    • At the end of this presentation students will be able to…
      • Identify the long-term and short-term causes of the genocide in Rwanda
      • Analyze some of the consequences of Western colonialism on African nations
      • Evaluate the efforts that were made to halt the genocide.
      • Explain the long-term implications of the Rwandan genocide.
  • 3. Key Terms
    • Hutu and Tutsi
    • Arushu Accords
    • UNAMIR
    • General Roméo Dallaire
    • Rwanda Patriot Front
    • International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
  • 4. The Impact of the Past (1885-1964)
    • Belgian colonial policies
      • Identification of Hutu and Tutsi tribes
      • Empowerment of Tutsi minority as ruling class
      • Systemic oppression of Hutu majority
      • Lasted until 1964 when Rwanda was turned over to national rule
    • Result: Hutus assumed power and began system oppression of Tutsi minority
  • 5. Civil war and the onset of genocide (1990-1993)
    • President Habyarimana loses popularity
    • Rwandan Patriotic Front founded by Paul Kigame (1985)
    • RPF invades Rwanda from Uganda and ignites ethnic tensions and fears
    • Period of increased violence and aggression against Tutsis
    • Civil war ensues
  • 6. The Genocide (100 days)
    • Arusha Accords
    • Assassination of Habyarimana
    • Interahamwe militia (Hutu)
    • Attack on Belgian UN soldiers
    • Results: 800,000 dead
  • 7. Responses
    • RPF renews offensive to halt genocide
    • Downsizing of UNMIR
    • United States-PDD 25
    • French intervention
  • 8. Results
    • RPF takes Kigali
    • 2 million displaced
    • International Criminal Court for Rwanda
    • Reconciliation
  • 9. Implications
    • Reconsidering human rights in post Cold-War era
    • International response to gross violations of human rights
    • Who’s at fault?
    • Darfur?