Tec360 energy reduction case studies


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  • Millennium Resort in Scottsdale-LED
  • Millennium Resort in Scottsdale-LED
  • 1501 Clinton Avenue
  • FOG-Increase the life of your lines and pipes by having them professionally cleaned.
  • Tec360 energy reduction case studies

    1. 1. Energy Reduction Case Studies
    2. 2. Labor case study PreEmployment assessments Senior Living organization Challenges •Reducing turnover •Recruiting good support staff •Increasing retention Results (3 years) •41.2% drop in turnover •Saving over $2 million in hiring expenses
    3. 3. Reduce utilities Hotel utilities •Avg $2,196 per available room each year •2004 -2006 utility costs went up by 12% each year
    4. 4. Utility reduction products •Window Film •Sensor controlled thermostats •LED lighting •Saline pool solution –eliminates chlorine, dehumidifer
    5. 5. Utility reduction products •Boilers - new boilers up to 98.5% efficiency •Alternative energy source •Energy Management System – control your lighting, HVAC and temperature remotely **Green hotels can charge 10% more
    6. 6. Case study-LED lighting Don Vicente De Ybor Historic Inn, Tampa FL ~16 Rooms Energy consumption reduced by 129,955 kWh Estimated Annual Savings Total Annual Savings $21,274 ROI 6 months Air Conditioning $2,144 Maintenance $4,835 Lighting Energy $14,295
    7. 7. Case study-window films Climate Zone 5 ~ Baltimore, MD Challenge: Non-intrusively cut energy costs - increase interior comfort **Paramount, was the issue of paying for up-front job costs on a limited budget. Solution: Window Film which offers low reflectivity, high clarity and outstanding heat reduction Results: Payback—Less than 4 years Savings: Greater than $45,000 annually Energy Saved: Greater than 380,000 kWh
    8. 8. Innovative utility reduction product Energy Management Thermostats Occupancy Detection Uses real time occupancy detection to eliminate unnecessary guestroom heating and air-conditioning; Temperature Setback Temperature is ‘setback’ to a customizable ‘setback limit’ when guestrooms are unoccupied;
    9. 9. Energy Management Thermostats Easy Installation Only one thermostat kit per room, and one gateway per hotel, nothing more! No professional installation required, further minimizing costs. Energy Savings Heating and air-conditioning runtimes are reduced in hotels by more than 40%; Patented Night Occupancy Mode Disables setback while guest are sleeping – thermostat will not turn off heating or air conditioning in the middle of the night. Remote Management Remote management website allows around-the-clock remote monitoring and configuration from laptop, tablet or smart phone from anywhere in the world.
    10. 10. Case study-thermostats •135-room Hampton Inn, FL •4 wk energy saving test •Compared 10 EMS On rooms to 10 EMS Off rooms; •51% reduction in runtime in rooms w/thermostats •21% reduction in energy costs *All electric bill comparisons were not made directly, but were adjusted for differences in degree days, as well as rooms sold, in order to compare objectively.
    11. 11. Deferred Maintenance Ask engineers where they have cut. Examples: •Air filters. Air filters over 4 months old can reduce HVAC efficiency by 10%. **For a 300 room hotel, equates to $12,045 increase in heating and cooling expenses. Actual TripAdvisor picture
    12. 12. Use technology Stark Service Solutions mobile tracking software  Auto-scheduler  Preventative Maintenance  Bedbug tracking-partnered with Orkin  Housekeeping/Room Inspection  Budget friendly