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IS09 - SEO versus PPC



Brian Combs' presentation deck from Interactive Strategies 09 in Houston, Texas on September 9, 2009.

Brian Combs' presentation deck from Interactive Strategies 09 in Houston, Texas on September 9, 2009.



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IS09 - SEO versus PPC IS09 - SEO versus PPC Presentation Transcript

  • SEO vs. PPC
 Their strengths, weaknesses, and why you should use both Brian Combs, Principal ionadas local September 9, 2009 www.ionadas.com
  • Background •  Online Marketing Professional since 1991 –  Web projects have received accolades from InfoWorld, the Austin Chronicle, Austin American Statesman, Houston Chronicle –  Profiled by the Wall Street Journal, Texas Monthly, The SEO Bible –  Regular speaker at industry events •  Co-founded Apogee Search in 2001 –  Grew service team to >30 people –  Worked with national brands including NPR, Golfsmith, Perkin Elmer, The SCOOTER Store –  Inc 500, ABJ Fast 50 •  Founded ionadas local in May 2009 –  Marketing services for small businesses –  SEO, PPC and Social Media for geographically focused companies www.ionadas.com
  • Agenda 1.  Paid Search (PPC) Introduction 2.  Organic Search (SEO) Introduction 3.  PPC vs. SEO 4.  Favorite Tools 5.  Additional Resources Mission: To give you enough information to get started, be able to stay out of trouble, and know where to go to learn more. www.ionadas.com
  • Search Isn’t Your Best Marketing •  Demand Capture, not Demand Generation •  Better Marketing Vehicles Include: –  Word of mouth (friends, family, customers) –  Well-run PR campaign www.ionadas.com
  • It’s Not Just About Clicks Smart marketers optimize campaigns to the bottom of the sales funnel. www.ionadas.com
  • It’s About the Numbers •  Tracking and Analytics –  All ads must be tracked! –  Don’t react too quickly, but don’t get analysis paralysis –  Google Analytics is better than nothing –  Tracking URLs: http://www.xyzcorp.com?source=123456 •  Data Needs –  Click Through Rate: (Clicks) / (Ad Impressions) –  Conversion Rate: (Transactions) / (Clicks) –  Bid Limits: (Margin $) x (Conv Rate %) x (Ad Spend %) www.ionadas.com
  • Paid Search Introduction 1.  Basic Paid Search Process 2.  Keyword Generation 3.  Ad Copy Generation 4.  Content Network 5.  Quality Score 6.  Quality Score Optimization www.ionadas.com
  • Basic Paid Search Process 1.  Compile a list of keywords 2.  Write a three-line ad 3.  Set CPC bids 4.  Tell Google when and where you want your ad to appear It is not difficult to start spending money on search advertising. It takes some skill to start making money from search advertising. www.ionadas.com
  • Keyword Generation •  Cast a Wide Net (The Long Tail) •  Consider User Intent –  Use customer lingo, not just industry lingo •  Group Thematically and Linguistically –  These become your Ad Groups •  Don’t Forget: –  Synonyms –  Misspellings –  Geographic keywords? –  Brand and trademarked terms? www.ionadas.com
  • Ad Copy Generation •  Formats: –  Google: 25 Char Title; Two 35 Char Bodies –  Bing: 25 Char Title; Two 35 Char Bodies –  Ask: 25 Char Title; 70 Char Body •  Ads Serve Two Purposes: –  Ads designed to draw clicks –  Ads designed to filter clicks www.ionadas.com
  • Content Network •  Ads on Third-Party Websites –  Keyword-targeted –  Placement-targeted •  CPM or CPC •  High Traffic Levels •  High Click Fraud Levels •  Very Different from Search –  Readers not searching for you –  Readers often not in buying phase –  Great for branding –  May be effective for demand generation www.ionadas.com
  • Quality Score •  Two Quality Scores –  One for minimum bid –  One for ad rank •  Two Types of Quality –  Keyword analysis •  CTR history •  Contextual match to ad copy –  Website analysis •  Contextual match to keyword •  Some human analysis •  Avoid pop-ups! www.ionadas.com
  • Quality Score Optimization •  CTR Still Very Important •  Start with Highly Targeted Keywords –  Establish solid history –  Build out campaign over time •  Write Several Ads and Test Them •  Build New Landing Pages •  Complain to your AdWords Rep www.ionadas.com
  • Organic Search Introduction 1.  Basic Organic Search Process 2.  Keyword Generation 3.  Site Infrastructure 4.  Site Content 5.  On-Page Optimization 6.  Link Building 7.  Blended Search 8.  Vertical Search Types 9.  Blended Search Best Practices www.ionadas.com
  • Basic Organic Search Process 1.  Compile a Smaller List of Keywords 2.  Ensure Proper Structure of Site 3.  Create Great Content! 4.  Optimize the Code and Content of the Pages 5.  Build Links 6.  Don’t Watch Rankings Too Closely www.ionadas.com
  • Keyword Generation •  Must Be Focused –  Keywords tied to specific pages –  Two or three related keywords per page –  Biggest keywords targeted to homepage (typically) •  Must Be Highly Relevant –  Effort is to have listing seen (akin to CPM) •  Long Tail Keywords May Provide Faster Results www.ionadas.com
  • Site Infrastructure •  Non-indexed Pages Cannot be Returned •  Biased Against New Sites •  Avoid Overly Complex URLs •  Move Navigational Code to CSS •  Be Careful Using Flash and/or AJAX •  Strong Internal Linking •  Sitemaps (both HTML and XML) www.ionadas.com
  • Site Content •  Make the Content Effective –  Write for your users –  Don’t write for the search engines –  Don’t overuse keywords •  Make the Content Relative •  Update and Expand Regularly •  Don’t Forget Link Bait www.ionadas.com
  • On-Page Optimization •  Keywords Used in the Content •  Title Tag •  Meta Tags –  Meta Description –  Meta Keywords •  <H1> and <H2> Tags •  Image Alt Text www.ionadas.com
  • Link Building •  Critical for Competitive Keywords •  Keywords in Anchor (Linking) Text •  Google PageRank •  Google TrustRank •  Contextual Match with Keywords •  Social Media •  Paid Links – Build a Stew –  Link building should look natural –  Very the destination page, anchor text, text around links –  Strive for contextual match –  Don’t mislead or deceive –  Start out slow with new site www.ionadas.com
  • Blended Search •  It’s Not All Text •  Increases Inventory for the Search Engines –  Users are roughly twice as likely to click on a vertical result on a general SERP than on any result in a vertical engine (Jupiter) •  Can be Additive or Subtractive •  Can Push Organic Listings Below the Fold •  Blended Search is a Game Changer! www.ionadas.com
  • Vertical Search Types •  Video Search •  Email Search •  Local/Map Search •  Book Search •  Image Search •  Scholar Search •  Blog Search •  Finance Search •  News Search •  Industry Vertical •  Shopping Search Search www.ionadas.com
  • Blended Search Best Practices •  SEO Has Become More Complicated •  Assess Current Digital Inventory –  What do you have? –  What can you create? •  Define the Search Landscape for your Category –  Proactively consider enhanced media •  Start with your Images •  Then Target Local Results (if Appropriate) •  Start a Blog (If You Can/Will Maintain It) •  Keep Your Messaging Consistent www.ionadas.com
  • PPC vs. SEO 1.  Paid Search Strengths and Weaknesses 2.  Natural Search Strengths and Weaknesses 3.  Synergistic Benefits www.ionadas.com
  • Paid Search Strengths & Weaknesses •  Works Best for Companies with: –  A national or wider sales focus (or aspirations thereof) –  1,000’s of potential customers –  A market focus from B2C to B2Mid-Market •  Can Be Driving Traffic Within Days (or Even Hours) •  Highly Controllable and Measurable •  Faster Response to Change (Pricing, Speeds & Feeds, etc.) •  Can Require Considerable Time to Manage •  Cost Can Be High and Can Increase Over Time www.ionadas.com
  • Organic Search Strengths & Weaknesses •  “Free” –  Primary cost is effort –  Trade speed and control for cost –  Some paid linking may be required •  May Have Brand Benefit over Paid Search •  ROI Can Be Hard to Track •  Optimal for Search Engines may be Sub-Optimal for Users •  Can Take Months for Results to be Realized •  Rules Could Change Tomorrow •  Strong Bias Against New Sites! www.ionadas.com
  • Synergistic Benefits •  No Direct Connection Between Two •  Either PPC or SEO can be Top Listing •  50% to 300% Uplift in CTR •  Use Paid Search to Inform Organic Search –  Ensure your keywords are effective –  Test out variants of advertising copy and landing pages –  Remember the difference in “payment” triggers –  At least run a pilot Paid Search campaign •  If the ROI is Provable, Why Would You Turn Either Off? www.ionadas.com
  • Thank You Brian Combs Founder and Principal ionadas local Email: combs@ionadas.com Web: www.ionadas.com Tel: (512) 501-1875 Twitter: @BrianPCombs www.ionadas.com
  • Favorite Tools 1.  Google Trends 2.  Google Hot Trends 3.  Google AdWords Keyword Tool 4.  Google Webmaster Tools 5.  WordTracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool 6.  Keyword Discovery 7.  Google Website Optimizer 8.  Google Ad Preview Tool 9.  SEOmoz Keyword Difficulty 10.  SpyFu www.ionadas.com
  • Google Trends www.google.com/trends www.ionadas.com
  • Google Hot Trends www.google.com/trends/hottrends www.ionadas.com
  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal www.ionadas.com
  • Google Webmaster Tools www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ www.ionadas.com
  • WordTracker Free Keyword Tool freekeywords.wordtracker.com www.ionadas.com
  • Keyword Discovery www.keyworddiscovery.com www.ionadas.com
  • Google Website Optimizer www.google.com/websiteoptimizer www.ionadas.com
  • Google Ad Preview Tool adwords.google.com/select/AdTargetingPreviewTool www.ionadas.com
  • SEOmoz Keyword Difficulty www.seomoz.org/keyword-difficulty/ www.ionadas.com
  • SpyFu www.spyfu.com www.ionadas.com
  • Additional Resources (and Q&A) •  ionadas local Blog: www.ionadas.com/blog/ •  WebMaster World: www.webmasterworld.com •  DigitalPoint Forums: forums.digitalpoint.com •  Search Engine Land: searchengineland.com •  Sphinn: sphinn.com •  Daily SearchCast: dailysearchcast.com •  John Battelle’s Searchblog: battellemedia.com •  MarketingSherpa: marketingsherpa.com •  ClickZ: clickz.com www.ionadas.com