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Browsers (2011)
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Browsers (2011)


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A presentation about web browsers. Now outdated, but I still thought I'd have it shared. By Ivaylo Marinkov and Rosen Dimov

A presentation about web browsers. Now outdated, but I still thought I'd have it shared. By Ivaylo Marinkov and Rosen Dimov

Published in: Education
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  • 1. What is a web browser and what it does?  A tool for retrieving information from the Internet  View documents and resources  Access information from servers, private networks, etc.
  • 2. The beginning
  • 3. History  The first one – “WorldWideWeb” by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991  One of the first graphical browsers – NCSA Mosaic, in 1993  First browser war between Internet Explorer and Netscape starts in 1995  Opera debut in 1996
  • 4. History Apple’s Safari launches in January 2003 Firefox 1.0 is released in the late 2004 The most significant entrant – Google Chrome, September 2008
  • 5. Features  Support for variety of file formats and protocols  Pop-up blockers  Bookmarks  Web feeds  Plugins
  • 6. Interface  Back and forward buttons  Refresh button  Stop button  Home button  Address bar  Search bar  Status bar
  • 7. Engine  “Translates” marked up content (HTML, XML, image files, etc.) into formatted content  Handles links, cookies, scripting, plugins- loading  Embedded in e-mail clients, online help systems and other applications as well  A standard part of a browser nowadays
  • 8. Popular engines  Gecko – the open-source web browser engine used by Firefox  Internet Explorer’s Trident  Opera’s Presto engine  WebKit – the rendering engine for Safari and Google Chrome
  • 9. Web browser security  Main sources of threats – Cookies, Active-X, Java and JavaScript malicious scripts  Encryption of information can ensure safety  Getting the latest updates  Anti-spyware programs
  • 10. Microsoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft Internet Explorer
  • 11. first appeared:first appeared: August 16, 1995August 16, 1995 market share today:market share today: 50%50% Today's most widely used browser. It is because users - find it included with Windows, which is used by 90% of Internet users - are unaware of having a choice - are reluctant of changing their habits - think it makes no difference
  • 12. ProsPros Requires no installationRequires no installation Built into Windows since 98 Easy to useEasy to use No difficult settings Compatible with other Microsoft productsCompatible with other Microsoft products Office and so on Many people use itMany people use it Tautological: many people use it because there are many people using it
  • 13. ConsCons Slow to introduce featuresSlow to introduce features Netcaptor had tabs in 1997, Internet Explorer 7 called itNetcaptor had tabs in 1997, Internet Explorer 7 called it innovation in 2006innovation in 2006 Hates standardsHates standards It's near impossible to write your page so even the newestIt's near impossible to write your page so even the newest version of IE renders it correctlyversion of IE renders it correctly AnnoyingAnnoying Clicking sounds,Clicking sounds, ““Never Show Me This Message Again”Never Show Me This Message Again” messages appearing over andmessages appearing over and over again, you name itover again, you name it Near zero extensibilityNear zero extensibility Unless we call everyUnless we call every adware toolbar a bonusadware toolbar a bonus
  • 14. Evolution
  • 15. Safari
  • 16. Apple's Safari ranks fourth in the the World's Most Used Browser race. It is Mac OS X's default browser, as well as iOS'. It has been available on Windows PC for four years now. first appeared:first appeared: January 7, 2003 (Mac OS X), June 11, 2007January 7, 2003 (Mac OS X), June 11, 2007 (Windows)(Windows) market share today:market share today: 8.72%, 62.17% (mobile)8.72%, 62.17% (mobile)
  • 17. ProsPros Interface, Apple StyleInterface, Apple Style Smooth, polished and simpleSmooth, polished and simple Reader ModeReader Mode And Reading ListsAnd Reading Lists CustomizableCustomizable And AdBlock is amongAnd AdBlock is among available add-onsavailable add-ons Free Apple productFree Apple product Doesn't cost an arm and a legDoesn't cost an arm and a leg
  • 18. ConsCons Not IntuitiveNot Intuitive Shortcut finding = keyboard mashingShortcut finding = keyboard mashing Missing FeaturesMissing Features Can't find things you take for grantedCan't find things you take for granted by nowby now Extensions lackingExtensions lacking A parsec away from FirefoxA parsec away from Firefox
  • 19. ChromeChrome Developed by Google andDeveloped by Google and currently the third mostcurrently the third most used browser in the world.used browser in the world. Users love it for itsUsers love it for its simplicitysimplicity first appeared:first appeared: September 2, 2008September 2, 2008 market share:market share: 25%25%
  • 20. Chrome and ChromiumChrome and Chromium 2008: Google released2008: Google released a large portion ofa large portion of Chrome's source code,Chrome's source code, allowing programmersallowing programmers to study how it worksto study how it works and port it to otherand port it to other OS.OS.
  • 21. "By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any content which you submit, post or display on or through, the services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the services and may be revoked for certain services as defined in the additional terms of those services."
  • 22. Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox Free and open sourceFree and open source browser, running on a wholebrowser, running on a whole range of operating systemsrange of operating systems and holding the second placeand holding the second place as most used browser in theas most used browser in the first appeared:first appeared: November 2004November 2004 market share:market share: 25%25%
  • 23. tabbed browsingtabbed browsing spell checkingspell checking incremental findincremental find live bookmarkinglive bookmarking download managerdownload manager private browsingprivate browsing extensibilityextensibility
  • 24. Easy to customize:Easy to customize: support forsupport for themes, icons, Personasthemes, icons, Personas Redefine your browsingRedefine your browsing experience:experience: AdBlock Plus,AdBlock Plus, GreasemonkeyGreasemonkey Enjoy safety:Enjoy safety: NoScriptNoScript Fulfill any other needs:Fulfill any other needs:
  • 25. OperaOpera Opera is not only a browser – it combines surfingOpera is not only a browser – it combines surfing with email, IRC, BitTorrent and reading webwith email, IRC, BitTorrent and reading web feeds. Additionally, Opera Mini is regarded asfeeds. Additionally, Opera Mini is regarded as one of the best mobile of the best mobile browsers. first appeared:first appeared: December 9, 1996December 9, 1996 market share:market share: above 200 million users worldwide; shipping withabove 200 million users worldwide; shipping with approximately 120 million mobile phonesapproximately 120 million mobile phones
  • 26. Opera Software isOpera Software is one of the fewone of the few companies to focuscompanies to focus on manyon many different systemsdifferent systems with the samewith the same eagerness.eagerness. They even releasedThey even released an Opera Minian Opera Mini emulator in aid ofemulator in aid of designersdesigners developing fordeveloping for mobile platforms.
  • 27. Reference and MediaReference and Media SoftwareSoftware The GNU Image ManipulationThe GNU Image Manipulation ProgramProgram Microsoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft Internet Explorer Apple SafariApple Safari ChromiumChromium ChromeChrome GeanyGeany KolourPaintKolourPaint LibreOfficeLibreOffice Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox OperaOpera
  • 28. Download our presentation for free:Download our presentation for free: go togo to
  • 29. Rosen Dimov Ivaylo Marinkov