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  1. 1. Monday, January 2, 2012 Abhishek Ratna World’s MOST respected quality Honesty in Corporate World All of us as human beings seek to be respected. Even those who do not respect any one have a deep seated In the corporate world very few ‘fools’ are truly desire to be respected. So what is that one quality honest. It is the shrewd, the smart, the opportunist which commands maximum respect? Is it possible who often succeeds in corporate world. But it is also to inculcate and more importantly to demonstrate important to have a ‘reputation’ of being honest and that quality in corporate world? Will the rewards sincere in the corporate world to go up the success of this quality exceed the price one will have to pay ladder! Click here to send your feedback especially in the corporate jungle? So it is a must to establish a solid ‘honest’ reputa- tion. Having said that practicing 100% honest in First thing first. What is world’s most respected corporate world can be lethal for your career. So quality? what should be done? The answer is ‘Selective Honesty’. It is HONESTY! It is essential that you practice selective honesty. The best time to practice selective honesty is when We all respect the person who we know is truly you are trying to make a ‘first impression’. Remem- honest. Honesty is the most talked the most desired ber - Reputation once established is difficult to but at same time most rare qualities in present day shake. And you need to protect you image throughjoliprint world. series of well time selective honesty acts. This act should be performed with perfection. If people see you through it THE END for you! The main advantage of being branded as honest is Printed with that people do not fear you. They stop being jealous of you. And the most importantly people (impor- tantly your seniors) will trust you with key infor- Page 1
  2. 2. Monday, January 2, 2012 World’s MOST respected quality mation, important tasks and worthy projects. ALL THAT ONE WANTS IN CORPORATE WORLD!Click here to send your feedbackjoliprint Printed with Page 2