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Dear Readers,
This e-book contains a collection of all my initial tweets which have a story to tell. I am sure it will make an interesting read!
Abhishek Ratna

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The tweet story

  1. 1. The Tweets Story Abhishek Ratna
  2. 2. The Tweets StoryA collection of my tweets @abhishekr79 Abhishek Ratna
  3. 3. This file was generated by an automated blog to book conversionsystem. Its use is governed by the licensing terms of the original content hosted at Powered by
  4. 4. This book is dedicated to my lovely wife Malini Banerjee.
  5. 5. PrefaceDear Readers This e-book contains a collection of all my initial tweets which have a story to tell. I am sure it will make an interesting read! Abhishek Ratna
  6. 6. Contents19th and 20th March 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 114th March 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 212th and 13th March - Abhishek Ratna 48th and 9th March - Abhishek Ratna 57th March 2010 62nd March 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 827th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 926th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 1025th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 1222nd Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 1421st Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 1520th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 1617th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 1916th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 2114th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 229th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 23
  7. 7. 8th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 257th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 276th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 295th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 314th Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 322nd Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 331st Feb 2010 - Abhishek Ratna 3431st Jan 2010 3530th Jan 2010 3628th Jan 2010 3827th Jan 2010 3926th Jan 2010 4025th Jan 2010 4424th Jan 2010 4623rd Jan 2010 5022nd Jan 2010 5421st Jan 2010 56
  8. 8. 20th Jan 2010 5919th Jan 2010 6218th Jan 2010 6517th Jan 2010 6816th Jan 2010 7115th Jan 2010 7514th Jan 2010 7713th Jan 2010 79
  9. 9. 19th and 20th March 2010 - Abhishek RatnaMarch 23, 2010 Nothing can beat experience. #life via Twitterrific • Delete Capture the imagination and you capture the heart. #life via Twitterrific • Delete KFC- know what you want, find out what you are getting n change what you do until you get what you want. #life via Twitterrific • Delete In most of the lifes dilemmas, there is no right or wrong answer, only different paths. #life via Twitterrific • Delete Your core beliefs define who you are and guide your behaviour. #life via Twitterrific • Delete6. RT @_robin_sharma "Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory." -George Patton via Twitterrific 1
  10. 10. 14th March 2010 - Abhishek RatnaMarch 23, 2010 Mistakes are inherent in growth....errors shouldnt be met with terror! via Twitterrific • Delete Things arent the way they are supposed to be. They are the way they are. #life via Twitterrific • Delete The better rounded n more open minded you are the more strongly you will perform in any business setting. #mgmt via Twitterrific • Delete Success comes to those who feel uncomfortable asking for things they havent earned. #life via Twitterrific • Delete Everything is negotiable. #mgmt via Twitterrific • Delete Mgmt strategy, mgmt leadership, mgmt problem solving are always about tomorrow, even if the topic is yesterdays mistakes. 2
  11. 11. #mgmt via Twitterrific • Delete Some questions dont have answer-a terribly difficult lesson to learn.#life via Twitterrific • Delete True corporate culture come from bottom-up. #mgmt via Twitterrific • Delete9. "it is not the big who eats the small, it is the fast who eats the slow." - Ditlev Engel #mgmt via Twitterrific 3
  12. 12. 12th and 13th March - Abhishek RatnaMarch 23, 2010 RT @paulocoelho Dont ask permission. If it doesnt work, you can apologize later. via Twitterrific • Delete Relationships are assignments. #life via web • Delete If you have built castle in the air, put foundations under them. #life via web • Delete Make sure you have time in life ....just to think. #life via web • Delete All the best! @svinz And the D-day arrives... Inspirations 10.. My first stage performance... Pray things go well :) via web • Delete6. RT @_robin_sharma i LOVe this quote: "Life happened because i turned the pages." Alberto Manguel via Twitterrific 4
  13. 13. 8th and 9th March - Abhishek RatnaMarch 23, 2010 If ur part of a team effort, make sure ur the one who presents the conclusions and distributes the documents to the top management. #mgmt via web • Delete Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs. #life via web • Delete3. Never giv bad performance review 2 a bad will limit thr ability 2 switch job within d company and shackle them 2u forever! #mgmt via web 5
  14. 14. 7th March 2010March 08, 2010 RT @_robin_sharma The tougher you are on yourself, the easier life will be on you. via Twitterrific • Delete Sometimes you have to move forward..just to stay where you are. #life via web • Delete You cant be wrong unless you take a position. #mgmt via Twitterrific • Delete The best communication in corporate world...conveys "I am worthy of promotion" without accidentally transferring any other information.#mgmt via web • Delete Companies donot have recognition programs at the highest levels. Its a motivating factor for lower level employees! #mgmt via Twitterrific • Delete 6
  15. 15. Theres always a simpler, clearer or stronger way of saying something. #life via web • Delete Making the time to care for yourself is not a selfish act, its a selfless one that will positively impact all those around you. via Twitterrific • Delete "There is the risk you cannot afford to take and there is the risk you cannot afford not to take." -Peter Drucker via Twitterrific • Delete RT @_robin_sharma "Before you can do something you must be something." -Goethe via Twitterrific • Delete10. RT @_robin_sharma "Even in a hopeless situation, you can still find hope-and move forward." Mickey Rourke (in powerful Charlie Rose intervu) via Twitterrific 7
  16. 16. 2nd March 2010 - Abhishek RatnaMarch 08, 2010 RT @_robin_sharma The essence of Leadership is the creation of change. And change scares people via Twitterrific • Delete RT @_robin_sharma So if youre not attracting resistance to your Leadership and your ideas, youre not really leading via Twitterrific • Delete _robin_sharma3. ”The life which is unexamined is not worth living.” -Plato via API Retweeted by you and 15+ others 8
  17. 17. 27th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaMarch 08, 2010 India is one the best places which can teach patience....thanks to the wait for electricity, water, road jam clearance, trains... via web • Delete2. Morning is the most beautiful part of the day.....getting up early makes life beautiful! #life via web 9
  18. 18. 26th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaMarch 08, 2010 Be yourself but be your best self.#life via Twitterrific • Delete Be ruthless abt time management ...for you never know how much time is left. #life via Twitterrific • Delete It takes a wise man to know the path, but it takes a brave man to walk it. #life via Twitterrific • Delete "If we do not let people do things the way they want to do them, we will never know what they are really capable of."-Ricardo Semler #mgmt via Twitterrific • Delete Achievements on CVs are more important than qualifications. #mgmt via Twitterrific • Delete Real speech is when you are speaking infront of 100 persons n each one thinks you are talking directly to him. #mgmt via 10
  19. 19. Twitterrific • Delete Improve whatever you do. #life via Twitterrific • Delete8. The chances of threat failing are much higher than the chances of respect failing. #life via Twitterrific 11
  20. 20. 25th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 26, 2010 The chances of threat failing are much higher than the chances of respect failing. #life from Twitterrific • Delete The power of visual impact is very high. #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Value the people who have less qualification but have learned lessons in life. #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Every relationship is an asset. We should focus on relations as much as we do on wealth. #life from Twitterrific • Delete RT @_robin_sharma If you don’t feel comfortable owning something for 10 years, then don’t own it for 10 minutes. from Twitterrific • Delete RT @johncmaxwell The man who wins may have been counted out several times, but he didnt hear the referee. -H.E. Jensen 12
  21. 21. from Twitterrific • Delete7. RT @johncmaxwell When I have fully decided that a result is worth getting, I ... make trial after trial until it comes. -Thomas Edison from Twitterrific 13
  22. 22. 22nd Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 24, 2010 _robin_sharma1. Become the person you need to be to do the dreams you dare to do via web Retweeted by you and 48 others2. Aspirations are helpful tool because they help in building emotional connect with people.#life via mobile web 14
  23. 23. 21st Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 24, 2010 What you focus on grows. What you concentrate on is what you see more of in your life. #life via Twitterrific • Delete Keep challenging yourself to think better, do better and be better. #life via Twitterrific • Delete Great achievements often happens when our backs are up against the wall. #life via Twitterrific • Delete Blaming others is excusing yourself. #life via Twitterrific • Delete RT @_robin_sharma Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. -Carl Jung via Twitterrific • Delete6. RT @_robin_sharma Gossip is hate made verbal. Leadership involves watching your words. via Twitterrific 15
  24. 24. 20th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 21, 2010 Reading allows us to make crucial distinctions based on others experience. #life from Twitterrific • Delete All human progress occurs through questioning current limitations. #life from Twitterrific • Delete By linking massive pain or massive pleasure with an activity or thought, we change who we are.#life from Twitterrific • Delete We are notso much driven by what we intellectually know, but rather what we have linked pain and pleasure to in our nervous systems. #life from Twitterrific • Delete _robin_sharma Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted. -Aldous Huxley from API Retweeted by you and 16 others 16
  25. 25. • Reply• Retweeted (Undo)iamsrksuccess makes u feel invincible. the motto of the storyis...success is not the final is beyond success ithink. from web Retweeted by you and 76 others• Reply• Retweeted (Undo)Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thingyou must do is raise your standards. #life from Twitterrific• DeleteGreatest sense of existence: not to trust but to know. #life fromTwitterrific• DeleteForge ur own destiny,create something new,enable a higherform of humankind by daring to think. #life from Twitterrific• Delete_robin_sharma 17
  26. 26. What would do today if you had a deep knowing that it was impossible to fail? from API Retweeted by you and 15 others • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) "Serving the needs of the others is the only legitimate business." - Amadeo Giannini #mgmt from web • Delete "If you are locked up in your office, you dont know what is happening out there." - Marcio Cypriano #mgmt from web • Delete Avoid killing peoples ideas and imagination by acting as if only the word of the top person counts. #mgmt from web • Delete14. "When everyone in a grand prix drives a Ferrari, it is clearly the driver...that makes the difference!" - K.M. Birla from web 18
  27. 27. 17th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 20, 2010 Wisdom is born of mistakes.#mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete There is always room for a maverick outsider - armed with a different approach. #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Every single person you meet is a customer - Matsushits #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Dont spend a lot of time thinking about losing. Play to win.#life from Twitterrific • Delete If you believe in something then sell it and sell it hard. #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete RT @TomZiglar If you learn from defeat, you havent lost. Zig Ziglar from Twitterrific 19
  28. 28. • Delete7. RT @e_Entrepreneur "When the End comes for you... let it find you conquering a new mountain...not sliding down and old one" - Jim Rohn from Twitterrific 20
  29. 29. 16th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 20, 2010 RT @TomZiglar Every area of life and every occupation is affected by a poor self-image. Zig Ziglar from Twitterrific • Delete RT @TomZiglar Put your best foot forward and dont drag the other one. Zig Ziglar from Twitterrific • Delete Bankers like people who arent afraid to get their hands a little bit dirty. #banking from mobile web • Delete4. What makes a successful banker - a willingness to run through walls. #banking from mobile web 21
  30. 30. 14th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 20, 2010 Not asking gets you nothing. #mgmt from mobile web • Delete Relax and Concentrate. #life from mobile web • Delete Every decision you make is a decision about who you are.#life from mobile web • Delete4. Self discipline is something one uses and not something one has.#life from mobile web 22
  31. 31. 9th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 10, 2010 Individual n societal problems would not be solved if people continued to see heroism as something external to them. #life from Twitterrific • Delete Avoid accepting business practices whose only reason for existing is we have always done it this way. #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Always accept that you could do things better than you are doing at the moment. #life #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Smart business pol succeed bcoz they find out what the rules of the game are and structure accordingly. #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Greet success with equanimity; face disappointment calmly.#life from Twitterrific • Delete 23
  32. 32. RT @Maura_Aura Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button from Twitterrific • Delete7. RT @johncmaxwell A problem is something that can be solved. A fact of life is something that must be accepted. Know the difference. from Twitterrific 24
  33. 33. 8th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 10, 2010 Winning is great but sometimes it takes a loss to get you motivated again. #life from Twitterrific • Delete Repair renew relearn and reinvest regularly. #life from Twitterrific • Delete Keep up the essential discipline every single day, not skipping a single one. #life from Twitterrific • Delete Winners become sinners when confidence turns into complacency and arrogance.#life from Twitterrific • Delete New thoughts can remake you. #life from Twitterrific • Delete Doubt closes the power flow. Faith opens it.#life from Twitterrific • Delete 25
  34. 34. Expect the best and get it.#life from Twitterrific • Delete Let your individuality out by accepting your idiosyncrasies and dark side. #life from Twitterrific • Delete Business is not an exercise in perfection; its an exercise of optimization.#mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete If you are continuously playing catch-up games with a competitor, work out how to change the game. #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Dont be afraid to be the first to change the model for how things are done. #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete12. Seek to lead or dictate the way ahead. #mgmt from Twitterrific 26
  35. 35. 7th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 08, 2010 Some people do not fit into an environment of continuous change;if they are reluctant move them out. #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Success breeds complacency. Only the paranoid survive.- Andy Grove.#mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete If ur nt getting out n listening to ur staff, ur ignoring the people who will take u forward. #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Leadership is not about me, its about great people who are working with me.- Alan Mulally.#mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Single urself out from the rest with ur willingness to put in the hours and make things happen. #mgmt from Twitterrific • Delete Get a reputation for trying new things. #mgmt from Twitterrific 27
  36. 36. • Delete Channel ambition using aggressive promotion that streches people n makes them grow into their jobs. from Twitterrific • Delete Immitation can save time and money in innovation. from Twitterrific • Delete New technology - whats daunting now will, in a very short time, be commonplace. from Twitterrific • Delete10. RT @Maura_Aura Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.-Buddha from Twitterrific 28
  37. 37. 6th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 07, 2010 Think big, do big, be big. from Twitterrific • Delete Hiding emotions is an excellent skill. from Twitterrific • Delete Understand desires. from Twitterrific • Delete If you put fences around people, you get sheep.- McKnight from Twitterrific • Delete If how you look after people is not consistent with your words, soon you will be in trouble. from Twitterrific • Delete Record successes and mistakes n make the most of both. from Twitterrific • Delete 29
  38. 38. Before anyone else trusts you see if you trust yourself. from Twitterrific • Delete8. Anything common, done in a common manner can never lead to something uncommon. from Twitterrific 30
  39. 39. 5th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 07, 2010 Life is full of possibilities. from Twitterrific • Delete RT @DeepakChopra I am therefore I choose from Twitterrific • Delete RT @Maura_Aura Always listen to experts. Theyll tell you what cant be done, and why. Then do it.-Robert A. Heinlein from Twitterrific • Delete RT @Maura_Aura I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.-Maya Angelou from Twitterrific • Delete5. RT @johncmaxwell A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. -George B Shaw from Twitterrific 31
  40. 40. 4th Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 04, 2010 Sometimes rather than goin with the flow it makes sense to stop n do things differently. from Twitterrific • Delete Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans. from Twitterrific • Delete Life doesnt test you like your test schedules in school. In life you can have tests daily. So be prepared always! from Twitterrific • Delete The good thing abt the stones that came in my path is that when I crossed them, they became milestones. from Twitterrific • Delete5. Dont quit. Suffer now n live the rest of your life as champion. from Twitterrific 32
  41. 41. 2nd Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 04, 2010RT @ByronKatie When I’ve learned to meet my thoughts withunderstanding, I meet you with understanding. from Twitterrific 33
  42. 42. 1st Feb 2010 - Abhishek RatnaFebruary 04, 2010 RT @Maura_Aura Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you.-Henry Ward Beecher from Twitterrific • Delete RT @Maura_Aura If you dont have a plan for your life, someone else does.-Anthony Robbins from Twitterrific • Delete Take up new challenges for new learning. from mobile web • Delete Challeges are important tool for shaking your soul and bringing out the glory. from mobile web • Delete Never force a person to do can never get the best results forcefully. from mobile web • Delete6. What you do off the job is the determining factor in how far you will go on the job. from mobile web 34
  43. 43. 31st Jan 2010February 01, 2010 RT @johncmaxwell Theres no question of IF youll fail - only a question of WHEN. How u respond matters. New blog post: h t t p : / / b i t . l y / c F p K k b from Twitterrific • Delete There no better way of truly connecting with people than telling them the truth. from Twitterrific • Delete Hi Arun! I agree...RT @shoarun Hi Abhishek...this is arun....a thought from my side....ability is of little use without opportunity from Twitterrific • Delete RT @TomZiglar Its not the situation, but whether we react (negative) or respond (positive) to the situation thats important. Zig Ziglar from Twitterrific • Delete5. RT @TomZiglar Motivation gets you going and habit gets you there. Zig Ziglar from Twitterrific 35
  44. 44. 30th Jan 2010January 31, 2010 RT @rhondamiller67 GOALS - Go Out And Live Successfully. Author Unknown from Twitterrific • Delete anandmahindra Davos experience proves tht even fr a tech biz,ppl & netwrking r key to success.Sorry Cisco,teleprsnce isnt going to rplce one-on-ones! from Echofon Retweeted by you and 8 others • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) Maura_Aura Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing, and no good thing ever dies.-Shawshank Redemption from web Retweeted by you and 4 others • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) Persistence of action comes from persistence of vision. from Twitterrific 36
  45. 45. • Delete You cant have security if you dont have control. from Twitterrific • Delete I dont care how badly you have been beaten down. It is never too late to regain your courage. Never! from Twitterrific • Delete Maintain action irresptive of your feelings. from Twitterrific • Delete Press on! from Twitterrific • Delete9. RT @ShashiTharoor : Plz RT. Just 1411 tigers left in India! Roar for the cause; pledge for support. Visit h t t p : / / s a v e o u r t i g e r s . c o m from Twitterrific 37
  46. 46. 28th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 abhishekr79 Sometimes you must take out time to do nothing. from mobile web • Delete abhishekr79 attachment is seat of sorrow. from mobile web • Delete abhishekr79 any new path will be full of requires gr8 persistence to make your dreams a reality. from mobile web • Delete abhishekr794. True talent will always get noticed. from mobile web 38
  47. 47. 27th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 Listen to people....its a good way to reach thr heart. from mobile web • Delete If its others who make you happy, chances are that most of the time you will be sad. from mobile web • Delete When you dont enjoy what you are doing, the effort required automatically increases. from mobile web • Delete4. Doing something new makes you feel 39
  48. 48. 26th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 Obamas Bank Reforms Could Be Better — Heres How h t t p : / / b i t . l y / d A R h C G from web • Delete There is no reality....only perception. from mobile web • Delete Life rewards action. from mobile web • Delete You cant change what you dont acknowledge. from mobile web • Delete People do what works. from mobile web • Delete You create your own experience. from mobile web • Delete Get realistic abt yourself and smart about the world. No one can do this for you. from mobile web 40
  49. 49. • DeleteTrue success and true happiness not only go together but eachenhances the other. from mobile web• DeleteThose who are equanimous are extraordinary. from mobile web• DeleteChange can i do it? to how can i do it? from mobile web• Deleteif you have a why, you can put up with any how. from mobileweb• DeleteCategorize things - simplify life. from mobile web• Deletea good soldier does not inspire fear. from mobile web• Deletea good fighter never displays aggression. from mobile web 41
  50. 50. • Deletea good leader never exercises authority. from mobile web• Deletethe price of discipline is always less than pain of regret. frommobile web• Deletefirst identify your core competency and then choose a playingfield which suits your core competence. from mobile web• DeleteIf you want to know why someone undeserved is promoted; lookat the work of his sub-ordinates. from mobile web• DeleteSitting in office....working for an MNC on a national holiday. frommobile web• DeleteMagic happens on the road less travelled! from mobile web• Delete 42
  51. 51. Why Obamas Bank Reforms Arent Glass-Steagall Redux h t t p: / / b i t . l y / 8 k z A A G from Twitterrific• DeleteJugaad: A New Growth Formula for Corporate America h t t p : // b i t . l y / 8 e 4 Q q W from Twitterrific• Delete 43
  52. 52. 25th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 @thoughtsofwhat its just a thought process...limitations will be there but we must try. Nothing should stop us from trying! from Twitterrific in reply to thoughtsofwhat • Delete @thoughtsofwhat each of us should take full responsibility of our actions as well as reactions. from Twitterrific in reply to thoughtsofwhat • Delete Citibank in 2011, Hypothetically - h t t p : / / d e a l b o o k . b l o 0 1 1 - h y p o t h e t i c a l l y / from web • Delete RT @KenLauher Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. from Twitterrific • Delete Feb 2010 has 4 Mon, 4 Tues, 4 Wed, 4 Thur, 4 Fri, 4 Sat and 4 Sun. A fair deal :) from Twitterrific • Delete 44
  53. 53. The best marketing happens when marketing is built in the product. from web • Delete Criticism comes to those who stand out. from web • Delete The world has endless opportunities for achieving what we want. from web • Delete Impatience is like creates stress, dissatisfaction and fear. from web • Delete Mans search for meaning is a never ending search. from web • Delete surinderJsingh11. What is not true, never was and never will be. What is true, always was and always will be from web Retweeted by you and 5 others 45
  54. 54. 24th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 @DeepakChopra what is the significance of liars words? from Twitterrific in reply to DeepakChopra • Delete Samthepoodle I dont have to attend every argument Im invited to. from web Retweeted by you and 1 other • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) Samthepoodle He who angers you conquers you. ~Elizabeth Kenny from web Retweeted by you and 2 others • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) Samthepoodle True friends stab you in the front. ~Oscar Wilde from web Retweeted by you and 1 other 46
  55. 55. • Reply• Retweeted (Undo)Rainer_hilftYou affect your subconscious mind by verbal repetition - W.Clement Stone from API Retweeted by you and 3 others• Reply• Retweeted (Undo)KatieBichonA dog is not considered a good dog because he is a goodbarker. A man is not considered a good man because he is agood talker - Buddha from API Retweeted by you and 11 others• Reply• Retweeted (Undo)Expressing and finessing our unique talents, rather thanpursuing excellence in something we do not love, is the keypoint. from Twitterrific• Delete 47
  56. 56. In all fields the key to leadership is enthusiasm,inveteratecuriosity and continual learning. from Twitterrific• DeleteOnly by fulfilling oneself is anything of extraordinary valuecreated. from Twitterrific• DeleteU must do smthng that comes easily to you n that you love,thiswill give u tremendous advantage over others and u can rise tothe top. from Twitterrific• DeleteRT @JeanieMarshall Life is filled with choices that create morelife. from Twitterrific• DeleteRT @robertgrant Your negative patterns are part of you thatneeds to be evolved and incorporated rather than destroyedfrom Twitterrific• Delete"Everything that is rewarded - grows." - John D. Rockefeller fromweb 48
  57. 57. • Delete Growth is never instantaneous. from web • Delete It takes 4 years of watering and caring for bamboo tree to grow 2 feet high. And another 4 months for it to grow 15 feet high! from web • Delete16. Someone is always doing something which someone else has said was IMPOSSIBLE. TRY TRYING. from web 49
  58. 58. 23rd Jan 2010January 30, 2010 JeanieMarshall "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." ~ Albert Einstein #quote from API Retweeted by you • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) Just added myself to the h t t p : / / w e f o l l o w . c o m twitter directory under: #bangalore #life #finance #people #banking from WeFollow • Delete GloriousYou Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have - Thomas Edison #personaldevelopment from API Retweeted by you and 8 others • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) RaymondAaron 50
  59. 59. Get my Autographed Hard Cover "DYI Doing What you Love" forFREE @ h t t p : / / f r e e b o o k f r o m R a y m o n d . c o mLimited Copies only RUSH. RT Pls from API Retweeted by youand 1 other• Reply• Retweeted (Undo)RT @BetterBizIdeas No leader can be too far ahead of hisfollowers-Eleanor Roosevelt #quote from Twitterrific• DeleteTalent can never be suppressed for too long. from Twitterrific• DeleteYour knowledge, talent n skills are few things that nobody cantake away from you. from Twitterrific• DeleteUr successful if u tried. Dont fear failure. Even the very bestbaseball hitter had an avg of 0.4! He fails 6 out of 10 times!from Twitterrific• Delete 51
  60. 60. Try replacing "its terrible" with "its a learning experience" n seethe wonderful difference it makes in your life. from Twitterrific• DeleteHow is negativity more realistic than positivity? 90% of what weworry about never happens! from Twitterrific• DeleteIts very crucial to take control of your mental inputs at everylevel...the mind reacts to what it is fed... Whether it is true orfalse! from Twitterrific• DeleteAll the fear in the world can be put in one- the belief that youwont be able to handle something. from Twitterrific• DeleteComfort zone - a zone of no growth. from Twitterrific• DeleteRead anything and everything that comes yourway.....somewhere in life it will useful. from Twitterrific• Delete 52
  61. 61. Have started getting up me more time to reflect on yday n plan today, before starting the day. from Twitterrific • Delete RT @_robin_sharma block out the noise of those who want to keep you small from Twitterrific • Delete There are only limited no. of tomorrows... Do it! I say.... Whatever you wanted to do... Do it now! from Twitterrific • Delete Emotional decisions are dangerous decisions. from Twitterrific • Delete19. Have I ended up where I needed to be? No. I must move on. from Twitterrific 53
  62. 62. 22nd Jan 2010January 30, 2010 Retweet: @Maura_Aura The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it. ~William James from Twobile • Delete An advice can never be perfect,if it has your self interest embedded in it. from Twobile • Delete The higher I reach..the more I get tested. from web • Delete Its an exciting time to be alive :) from web • Delete Being a man of ideas is important...but wats more important is to take the next step n becoming a man of action as well. from web • Delete Its important to surround urself with those people from whom you really want to learn. from web • Delete 54
  63. 63. DINKs_Finance Hmmm RT @BudgetsAreSexy RT: @FMFblog: Reasons not to budget: h t t p : / / w w w . c r o s s w a l k . c o m / f i n a n c e s / 1 1 6 2 5 1 8 1 / (hah! I will have to agree) from web Retweeted by you • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) RT @Maura_Aura Youre never as good as everyone tells you when you win, and youre never as bad as they say when you lose.-Lou Holtz from Twitterrific • Delete9. @ruchitarathi its a war now...Obama vs. Banks....lets see who wins! from Twitterrific in reply to ruchitarathi 55
  64. 64. 21st Jan 2010January 30, 2010 Ability has nothing to do with opportunity. from web • Delete There is no future in any job. The future lies in the man who holds the job. from web • Delete Obama to Propose Limits on Risks Taken by Banks - h t t p : / / s h o r t w e e t . c o m / c from web • Delete _robin_sharma 3 words will transform your life: Absolute Personal Responsibility from web Retweeted by you and 43 others • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) If ur taking urself lightly...remember...nobody will ever take u seriously. from Twitterrific • Delete 56
  65. 65. Keep an eye on future...anticipate wat may come....n ensure datur never caught unaware! from Twitterrific• DeleteDont ever take things for granted. At times it may cost u verydearly! from Twitterrific• DeleteOur outer conditions reflect our inner beliefs. Improve yourinternal state and external must follow from Twitterrific• DeleteRT @_robin_sharma Make everything you do today part of apractice session in preparation for Mastery from Twitterrific• Delete@sneha_sh thank u! from Twitterrific in reply to sneha_sh• DeleteU need to help urself....b4 nebody else helps you. from Twobile• DeleteThe best lessons that am learning at work have nothing to dowith banking or finance...but with people related issues. from 57
  66. 66. Twobile • Delete Circumstances make you?.....or they reveal you? from Twitterrific • Delete There is but one cause of human failure. And that is mans lack of faith in his true Self... from Twitterrific • Delete RT @DrJeffersnBoggs People are like tires. They dont work so well when you deflate them.- via @markdavidson @RochelleVeturis from Twitterrific • Delete16. RT @pavanthatha just compiled the career lessons from 3 Idiots movie h t t p : / / b i t . l y / 6 O a f h 3 from Twitterrific 58
  67. 67. 20th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 RT @pavanthatha just compiled the career lessons from 3 Idiots movie h t t p : / / b i t . l y / 6 O a f h 3 from Twitterrific • Delete Bank of America reports $194m quarterly loss from Twitterrific • Delete RT @ankeshk Two questions to drive your life - by Daniel Pink (2 min video): h t t p : / / w w w . m i n d d u m p . o r g / t w o - q u e s t i o n s - t o - d r i v e - y o u r - l i f e from Twitterrific • Delete RT @Maura_Aura Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, theyre yours.-Richard Bach from Twitterrific • Delete @svinz Bas yaar aesehi.....nothing serious :) from Twitterrific in reply to svinz • Delete Whatever I m today.....I m solely responsible for it. from Twitterrific 59
  68. 68. • DeleteRT @Maura_Aura In the end these things matter most: How welldid you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you letgo?-Buddha from Twitterrific• DeleteOMG! The total debt of Dubai Inc. could be as high as 170bn!!from Twitterrific• DeleteRT @DrJeffersnBoggs I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.- Abraham Lincoln from Twitterrific• DeleteYou dont need any title to be a leader..all you need is theattitude. from Twitterrific• DeleteRT @Maura_Aura Get busy living or get busy dying.-StephenKing (Shawshank Redemption) from Twitterrific• DeleteFed makes a killing on AIG contracts: The Federal Reserve issitting on billions of dollars in paper profits fro... h t t p : / / b i t . l 60
  69. 69. y / 8 B j j 9 A from Twitterrific • Delete13. UK debit card use to exceed cash for first time: Visa Europe said credit transactions last year were stagnant, as ... h t t p : / / b i t . l y / 5 I d 0 x 7 from Twitterrific 61
  70. 70. 19th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 _robin_sharma A moment spent on competing is 60 seconds stolen from creating from web Retweeted by you and 10 others • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) Really interesting : h t t p : / / b i t . l y / M G 6 U 2 from web • Delete Interesting article on development in currency notes circulation in UK - h t t p : / / w w w . b i s . o r g / r e v i e w / r 0 9 1 2 1 4 e . p d f from web • Delete Managing peoples expectation is one of the biggest challenge! from web • Delete Loss of $27.68bn in 2008 n $1.6bn in 2009.....surely 2010 is going to be make or break year for Pandit from Twitterrific 62
  71. 71. • DeleteCitigroup reports $7.6bn loss: Citigroup lost $7.6bn in thefourth-quarter as its move to repay US government bail... h t t p :/ / b i t . l y / 6 y o w v T from Twitterrific• DeleteSometimes, having a Plan B is planning to fail from Twitterrific• DeleteThe translation of "Ill try" is "Im not commited." from Twitterrific• DeleteRT @_robin_sharma When was the last time you did somethingfor the first time? from Twitterrific• DeleteRT @DrJeffersnBoggs If life gives u lemons, make lemonade,then find someone whose life has given them vodka, & Have aParty - Ron White from Twitterrific• DeleteRT @DrJeffersnBoggs Purpose is what gives life meaning. -C.H. Parkhurst from Twitterrific 63
  72. 72. • Delete @krischaran Just trying to look only at the positives ;) from Twitterrific in reply to krischaran • Delete Looking forward to IPL auction today from Twitterrific • Delete Helping others may be as primal a human pleasure, as food or sex. from Twitterrific • Delete RBS wanted to retain Enron as key client, court told: RBS alleged to have drawn up plan like a military operation... h t t p : / / b i t . l y / 5 N 5 L 3 T from Twitterrific • Delete How the big banks rigged the market: Taxes and fees on the banks are only a start, writes Philip Stephens. The nex... h t t p : / / b i t . l y / 4 z v W m 3 from Twitterrific • Delete17. RT @NYTimeskrugman Can We Make Chutzpah A Crime? h t t p : / / b i t . l y / 8 B R 1 K W from Twitterrific 64
  73. 73. 18th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 Ten innovations to save the world - h t t p : / / s h o r t w e e t . c o m / c 5 9 1 d 2 from web • Delete Need to brush up my ALM fundas. The same thing was so boring in MBA class..But now when I have to apply it at work, it seems so interesting. from Twitterrific • Delete Citi hires Morrison as senior advisor: Alasdair Morrison, one of Hong Kongs most senior business figures, has mad... h t t p : / / b i t . l y / 7 s 5 N j P from web • Delete _robin_sharma The best tactic for getting up early? Find a mission to devote your life to thats so riveting you just dont want to sleep from web Retweeted by you and 40 others • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) 65
  74. 74. _robin_sharma"There will be plenty of time to sleep when youre dead." BenFranklin from web Retweeted by you and 48 others• Reply• Retweeted (Undo)_robin_sharmaA snowboarder said this to me yesterday: "If youre not falling,youre not trying hard enough." Applies to business and life too :)from web Retweeted by you and 35 others• Reply• Retweeted (Undo)Patience pays.... almost always :) from Twitterrific• DeleteRT @MauraAura Our lives begin to end the day we becomesilent about things that matter.-Martin Luther King Jr. fromTwitterrific• Delete 66
  75. 75. 9. London will thrive says hedge fund: London will thrive as a financial centre over the next decade by becoming the..h t t p : / / b i t . l y / 4 T J q C P from Twitterrific 67
  76. 76. 17th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 The 5 Things Startups Can Learn From Lady Gaga -h t t p : / / w t-startups-can-learn-from-lady-gaga-201 0 - 1 from web • Delete The most complex question that I have ever faced is, how to keep things simple? from web • Delete BetterBizIdeas Check out The #Google Toilet {video} - h t t p : / / b i t l y . t v / 7 o A k G P #seo - LOL from TweetDeck Retweeted by you and 1 other • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) Newspaper employment collapse - h t t p : / / w w w . b u s i n e employed-in-newspaper-publishing-2009- 1 2 from web 68
  77. 77. • DeleteFocus on people issues is more important than focus on processissues. from web• DeleteTravelling helps you see the world with different eyes. from web• DeleteAvoid taking any important decision when ur too happy or tooangry. from web• DeleteWhy you? Why now? h t t p : / / s e t h g o d i n . t y p e p a d . com/seths_blog/2010/01/why-you-why-now. h t m l from web• DeleteWhnevr thr is simple error dat most laymen fall for,thr is always aslightly mr sophisticated version of same problem dat experts fallfor. from web• Delete#ReTweetThisIf if u love lazy Sundays :) from web 69
  78. 78. • Delete11. MNCs looking for women for top positions....Pranab hopes a woman wud soon head RBI...interesting times ahead guys ;) from Twitterrific 70
  79. 79. 16th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 Clueless Bankers - h t t p : / / w w w . n y t i m e s . c o m / 2 0 1 0 / 0 1 / 1 5 / o p i n i o n / 1 5 k r u g m a n . h t m l from web • Delete geneliad A friend of mine jst told me disLife is a book-a book full of lessons- lessons which cannot be taught but only learnt! So true nah?? from UberTwitter Retweeted by you and 38 others • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) ‘Honeymoon Is Over’ for Citigroup’s Pandit, Alwaleed Tells Fox from web • Delete Just finished Devil in pinstripes...I dont think ppl will like it...other than...may be...bankers. from web • Delete Sometimes in life you are confronted with situations whr u become victim of incomplete information. from web 71
  80. 80. • Deleteh t t p : / / w w w . p o m e g r a n a t e p h o n e . c o m / fromweb• DeleteWill you feel happy by stressing out the person who puts u understress? from web• DeleteankeshkAwesome piece on Chinese Strategy (unfair, smart, cunning).Dont know if I should be agitated or awed or scared: h t t p : / / bi t . l y / 6 v b z 5 z from web Retweeted by you• Reply• Retweeted (Undo)@chetan_bhagat u have stiff competition to face b4 u becomefan#1 ;) may b more than what it takes to get into IIT! from webin reply to chetan_bhagat• DeleteIRDA may cut commissions charged by banks for sellinginsurance policies to customers through their branches. from 72
  81. 81. web• DeleteDBs planned takeover of Sal Oppenheim will leave the Germanpvt banking sector dominated by two key players- DB nCommerzbank. from Twitterrific• DeleteAccording 2 NCAER study,GST wud help provide gains 2 IndiasGDP in the range of 0.9-1.7%,state govt.s wil get Rs700bn in 1styr as revenue. from Twitterrific• DeleteCan we call India as a relatively closed economy? Indiasexports including software is just 17% of GDP. from Twitterrific• DeleteINR is expected to be 44/US$ by March 10 & 41/US$ by March11. Will INR appreciation be enough to offset inflationarypressure? from Twitterrific• DeleteMounting inflationary pressure in emerging markets will likelyresult in policy tightening beginning earlier than in the developedworld. from Twitterrific 73
  82. 82. • Delete If the uptrend in fuel n metal prices continues, inflation could enter the double digit range in the coming months. from Twitterrific • Delete17. RT @DrJeffersnBoggs The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated. - William James from Twitterrific 74
  83. 83. 15th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 @nitinsaran All the best! from web in reply to nitinsaran • Delete I wonder what a person would become if he starts enjoying the fact that everyone hates him! from web • Delete However sweet the prize may seem, its not worth risking your reputation on it in the long run. from web • Delete Cool day at work.... Agenda for tonight - to take few imp decisions regading my banking career. from Twitterrific • Delete @ruchitarathi :) I hope my philosophy doesnt sucks! from web in reply to ruchitarathi • Delete DrJeffersnBoggs 75
  84. 84. Success in life isn’t the things. It is the amount of joy that you feel. - Abraham/Hicks from web Retweeted by you and 5 others • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) Will sleep with a promise to continue to chase excellence :) from web • Delete8. Feeling elated and proud after watching a video on MERI Kolkata, my Alma mater h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = h - y R d Q I J K d 8 from web 76
  85. 85. 14th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 BetterBizIdeas Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do-John Wooden #quote #success from web Retweeted by you • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) Whenever you find things going wrong...return to the basics...the core which defines will surely get a solution. from Twitterrific • Delete I agree that life is a race but you can decide your own winning post ;) from Twitterrific • Delete Waiting desperately for the weekend....things to do - finishing Devils in Pinstripes and Forbes current issue, movies...n washing clothes :) from web • Delete DrJeffersnBoggs 77
  86. 86. Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. - Robert Heinlein from web Retweeted by you and 2 others • Reply • Retweeted (Undo) Have you tried twellow yet? The yellow pages for twitter? I just registered my profile: h t t p : / / t w e l l o w . c o m / u / a b h i s h e k r 7 9 from Twellow • Delete Thanks to saktanti/pongal/etc....less deals m back home early! from Twitterrific • Delete Health is the most important thing....often taken for granted. from Twitterrific • Delete9. Whenever u see a gr8 thing, u must remember...someone has worked very hard for it to happen. from Twitterrific 78
  87. 87. 13th Jan 2010January 30, 2010 You need to choose to be happy...afterall your happiness is your own responsibility. from Twitterrific • Delete James Chanos says that China is the next Enron! from web • Delete Came bit early from of those rare days! from web • Delete SL wins.... from web • Delete Praying for Indias victory! from web • Delete 79