REST Easy with Deployd - tiConf EU 2013

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  • 1. What is Deployd? In a nutshell…Deployd allows you to design, build and scale API’s for web and mobile apps in minutes. It’s free, and open source.
  • 2. It’s built on top of Node.JS and MongoDB so you know it’s going to be fast, and scalable. It even comes with a full dashboard system toallow you to create and manage your collection API’s, create Events and insert/edit data records.
  • 3. Create RESTful API’s through design…Deployd is built around a series of REST calls that let’s you create “CRUD” collections (GET, DEL, PUT, POST).
  • 4. The Deployd Dashboard
  • 5. Scripted Logic through Events…It uses “Events” for each of the REST methods to allow you to intercept calls and inject your own business logic code.
  • 6. Events Logic Screen
  • 7. Access Other Collections & Join Results…You can use the built-in DPD library to accessother collections in your Deployd database andscript business logic based on those queries…
  • 8. Accessing Collections via DPD
  • 9. Full User login, logoutand creation support out of the box…You can use the built-in “user” collection type to automatically manage your system logins, logouts and user creations.
  • 10. You can restrict accessto certain REST calls by throwing “cancel”…
  • 11. As well as throwing errors, determining if a property has changed & more… protect() = don’t allow updates for this propertyprevious() = object containing previous item valueschanged() = informs if a property item was updated hide() = hides a property in your REST response error() / errorif() = adds an error message to the response
  • 12. Use Modules to perform tasks that Deployd doesn’t already do….. There’s a number of Deployd modules already available for sending e-mail and get files from Amazon S3, amongst other things.They’re based on Node Packages, so you can re- use any Node.JS package with NPM!
  • 13. There’s a tonne of examples at Deployd.comThere’s plenty of sample apps at that show what you can do with the system,including integration with AngularJS and other Node.JS based systems.