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Inca Clinic Product Brochure


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Overview of Inca Clinic

Overview of Inca Clinic

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  • 1. Inca Clinic Creating efficiency, compliance and profitability in Travel MedicineIntroductionIf you run a travel medicine clinic of any size, we think that you should be using Inca Clinic.Dedicated travel medicine software, it makes it easier for you to run travel consultations,improve the recording of patient data important for travellers, and increase the efficiency ofyour clinic. It’s different because it concentrates on supporting just one aspect of medicine,and it does this in a new and refreshing way. It does one thing, well! Based on 15 years of experience running one of the world’s largest travel clinics, the Tropical Medical Bureau, we understand the subtleties and challenges of running a travel medicine service.It’s easy to get started, all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection;there is no software to install or maintain, and no expensive servers to buy.Why did we create Inca Clinic?Travel clinics are being challenged to do each of the following: ● increase efficiency & revenues ● improve patient care ● comply with more regulations, ● create better patient loyalty and with country-specific guidelinesFrom our experience, the lack of dedicated software is constraining each of these.We produced Inca Clinic because of the many disadvantages of using either paper-based(or paper-scanned) records or general-purpose practice management systems to run rev: 02 October 2012
  • 2. clinics. Neither of these support compliance by ensuring that protocols are followed, doreminders for multi-dose vaccines, and so on. Paper-based systems are difficult to search,for example when there’s a vaccine batch recall. General-purpose systems lack focus, andusually require the medic to record important details, such a travel itineraries, in generalpurpose note fields. Travel medicine is too important to be poorly supported by softwaresystems.Inca Clinic was also written to help clinics grow their revenues by enabling more efficientconsultations, supporting vaccine reminders, better stock management, quicker training ofnew staff, and so on. It allows you to more easily handle groups of travellers and meet thedemands of corporate clients.Better patient care is offered because of more accurate and complete records, andimproved compliance by ensuring that protocols are followed and full audit control isavailable.All of these benefits lead to increased patient loyalty by offering better service andconnecting better with patients.Who is it for?Travel vaccine service providers of any size can use Inca Clinic. It makes each consultationeasier, records richer data including travel itineraries and medical conditions relevant totravel, it can note contraindications and list vaccines for consideration, record the site ofvaccine administrations, prepare prescriptions and lab orders, and issue reminders formulti-dose vaccines.• For dedicated travel medicine clinics it can be used to manage the practice and patients. It also allows you to create accounts, print or email invoices, manage stock, and keep in touch with your patients.• For more general practices it fits comfortably into clinics that provide travel vaccines as part of their wider services. Because there is nothing to install, it doesn’t impact on your existing computer systems, yet it makes it much easier to run travel consultations and provide the specialist support that travellers need.• For retail pharmacy it supports full travel medicine services built around the prescription and advice services many already offer.Inca Clinic works well for mobile medics and it supports clinics and pharmacies that operatefrom multiple locations, such as a branch or franchise network.We aim to provide you with valuable support whether you are full time in travel medicine orsee only a few travel patients a rev: 02 October 2012
  • 3. What does Inca Clinic Deliver?EfficiencyIn a busy clinic, you don’t need software getting in the way and adding more overheads.Inca Clinic is designed around the consultations that you hold with your patients, and datacan be quickly and efficiently entered. The travel itinerary page can be used to record details of a patient’s planned itinerary, at whatever level of detail you wish.Its clean interface minimises clutter, yet gives you all the flexibility and power you need toprovide the right care to your patients. For example, recording the administration of avaccine, the batch number used and the chosen administration site can be done with justone click. All of the vaccines can be recorded on a chosen site with just one rev: 02 October 2012
  • 4. SimplicityThere are many variables in travel medicine and situations in a country can change quickly.Travellers can have complex itineraries and medical histories. You may also have multiplevaccines and schedules to choose from. Inca helps you to gather all this information and itpresents this in a simple understandable way. You can configure Inca Clinic so that youspend less time referring to wall-charts, multiple web sites and large manuals while thepatient is in front of you.Built around the ConsultationEach consultation is broken into a set of steps that support the medic throughout eachconsultation:• Spend a few seconds recording some details of the travel itinerary (Inca Clinic makes it quick and easy to record as much or as little detail that you wish). These details can be used later to help choose the correct vaccines.• Next you can record travel-related medical conditions. Doing this allows Inca Clinic to unobtrusively highlight any contraindications with a chosen vaccine.• Add historically administered vaccinations.• Quickly assess vaccine cover at a glance with the Inca Clinic time chart.• Next you choose the appropriate vaccines, and the schedule for each.• You can choose medications for a prescription, and also lab orders.• Next you can administer the vaccines, using a simple interface to record administration sites and batch numbers.• Lastly, you can prepare the invoice, including travel products such as insect rev: 02 October 2012
  • 5. As each vaccine is added for a patient, the list of administration dates is shown.Inca Clinic provides a dedicated page for each of these steps, with the common choicesavailable as single clicks. It allows one person to do all of these steps, or as part of a workflow in a team such as front desk (patient registration) to doctor (consultation) to nurse(vaccine administration) back to front desk (invoice).Control and DelegationInternationally, clinicians in all disciplines are coming under pressure from more and moreregulations that are designed to ensure that best practice and national policies arefollowed. You want to ensure that all the staff in your clinic provide a consistent service. Ifyou’re using paper records or general-purpose practice management software, it’s difficultto ensure that these standards and protocols are being followed, and to provide the reportsand documentation to prove this.Inca Clinic helps you to ensure that policies and protocols are followed:• Clinicians follow a clear set of steps that aid consistency in each consultation. These steps, which we call care pathways, ensure compliance with your protocols.• Audit trials track changes to data.• Product pricing rules mean that patients are charged the right amount for the services you have rev: 02 October 2012
  • 6. • User profiles ensure that only authorised people can access sensitive medical and commercial data. (You can even limit Inca Clinic so that all, or certain, staff have access to it only in work or during office hours.) This screen-shot shows part of the patient record listing completed and outstanding tasks. At the bottom is an audit trial of changes made to the patient’s record.ComplianceFrom HIPAA in the US, to the Care Quality Commission in the UK, and many othersimilar organisations in various countries, compliance obligations are increasingeach year, placing a greater administrative burden on clinics. Paper records areincreasingly seen as in an inadequate means of managing patient data. Inca Clinicruns as software on top of a service provided by a company called Salesforce. It isone of the fastest growing companies in the world, looking after corporateinformation for over 100,000 companies in finance, health care, pharmacy,pharmaceutical and telecommunications (to name but a few). Salesforce complieswith the most stringent security standards, including HIPPA and is complaint NHSIG sections such as 9-209, 10-209 and other data management and securitystandards. See for more information.Inca Clinic includes a flexible report feature that can be configured to create virtuallyany report required by a local health authority; such as the use of named patientmedicines, Yellow Fever and much more. This report shows patient names, batch numbers, the administration sites, and the planned and actual administration rev: 02 October 2012
  • 7. Supporting Best Clinical Practice in TravelMedicineMedical Directors can configure Inca Clinic in many ways to comply with best clinicalpractice used in their country. Each vaccine can have a set of contraindicationsagainst medical conditions, age based restrictions, time to travel and sets ofschedules such primary, booster and accelerated. The system comes pre-configured with a set of vaccines, and each clinic’s medical director checks theseand adds other vaccines and rules. The Risk Visualiser allows the Medical Director to view and configure which vaccines Inca Clinic should list first for a given itinerary.You can access the latest Travel Health News integrated straight into Inca Clinic:resources such as the WHO, CDC and NaTHNaC can be seamlessly included aspart of the patient consultation. You can customise and add your favourite newssources using RSS feeds.Maximising Cash Flow and RevenueWe understand that Inca Clinic has to pay its way. Why buy software that simplycosts money? Inca helps to maximise revenue and cash flow. Examples:• When you administer a vaccine, prescribe medication or order a lab test, it is added to the invoice for you, reducing errors and lost revenue.• You can ensure that staff do not provide inappropriate discounts or forget to charge for a consultation.• Stock management helps to ensure that you have enough stock to meet upcoming schedules, but without tying up excessive cash in the fridge.• We make it easy to use email to minimise the use of paper and postage costs; all documents can be sent to your clients as PDF attachments.• The powerful reports and dashboard features allow you to analyse your most profitable rev: 02 October 2012
  • 8. • Inca Clinic has complete invoicing and corporate account management features that allow you manage contract prices and credit rules, and issue statements. Inca Clinic helps you get paid on time.• Reminders can be sent to patients receiving multi-dose vaccines or requiring boosters using the Patient Communicator feature. This ensures they are adequately covered before they travel, and helps you maximise revenue. Inca Clinic has a rich and highly customisable report and charting module to allow you to measure your clinic’s performance. Full support for managing corporates, NGOs, families and groups. Email statements and invoices.Grows with your clinicWhether you are big now or plan to be big, Inca Clinic can work at your level. Wesupport multiple clinic locations so you can run a network of fixed or mobile clinics. Ifyou run a franchise or chain of outlets, we have specific supports for you that canhelp you and your members.Built on the Salesforce platform, scale will never be an issue. Over 100,000organisations, some with over 10,000 users, run mission-critical operations 24/7 onthe Salesforce rev: 02 October 2012
  • 9. FlexibilityFor those who need flexibility, Inca Clinic delivers. Here are just a few examples: • Each clinic can modify any of the care pathways (the set of steps that each consultation must follow), and add new ones. • Vaccines and other medicine can be added/removed. • Prices for each product (including consultation fees) can be set for all patients, or different price books can be created for special classes of patients, such as those from a large corporate customer. • All major currencies are supported; and each clinic can configure sales taxes, such as VAT or GST. • The interface can be personalised in a number of ways by hiding and displaying tabs, fields and their order of appearance. • Clinics can create email alerts and tasks when certain actions are performed, for example when an invoice is sent or a certain vaccine schedule is used. An invoice showing a list of product, including those automatically added from a consultation (e.g., .the vaccines administered).Product FeaturesInca Clinic comes with the following features, some or all of which will be extensivelyused in each clinic: Feature Summary Benefit Support for mobile clinics All you need is a basic broadband Inca Clinic can be link. used from more locations. Support for multiple Each medical centre in an overall Inca Clinic is suitable centres clinic has a separate waiting room, for small and large stock system and so on. multi-site clinics. rev: 02 October 2012
  • 10. Management/oversight can be Same user can done in each medical centre or operate across overall at the clinic level. Each multiple locations employee can be assigned to a specific medical centre or can move between these (registering their current centre at the start of each session).Travel itinerary templates An itinerary template can be set up Inca clinic saves time for a family travelling and by avoiding presenting together, or for a group duplication. that presents separately.Vaccine batch number The default batch number for each Inca Clinic makes itrecording vaccine can be set from time to easy to record details time, and the medic can accept that can save a great this or input a new value. Reports deal of time later. can be written to list the patients Clinics can more who received a given batch. easily follow best practice.Vaccine administration The site of each vaccine Inca Clinic makes itlocations administration can be quickly easy to record details recorded (often with just one click). that allow medics to follow best practice.Support for clinics Inca Clinic addresses the full Inca Clinic can beincluding stock needs of dedicated travel clinics, used standalonemanagement, patient without the need for other practice without the need todetails, waiting room, management software. purchase othercorporate accounts, software.invoices, etc.Powerful reporting As well as a number of pre- Single or multiple configured reports, the system has medical centres can a reporting module that can be be managed better. used to produce reports to address your specific needs.Patient Communicator Inca Clinic gives you the ability to Use the patient communicate, via email and letter, communicator to send with your patients based on criteria vaccine booster such as travel itinerary, vaccines reminders or travel received, batch number, patient health information demographics and so on. while they travel. This is also a vital tool if there is a vaccine batch recall.Care Pathways The steps of each consultation are Inca Clinic makes it controlled by one of the Care easy to follow an Pathways provided by the system. agreed protocol of Each consultation is started by care, and to train new choosing a Care Pathway (a set of members of staff. steps) appropriate to the visit.Care Pathway builder The existing Care Pathways can Clinics differ in their be modified (adding or removing view of what steps steps) or new ones can be built. should be carried rev: 02 October 2012
  • 11. and by whom. Inca Clinic allows for this variation, while allowing the Medical Director to decide what is best for patients.Vaccines, medications The system has an initial set of Inca Clinic addressesand other products vaccines, medications and other local needs. products, and these can be modified and added to by the clinic manager.Vaccine schedules Each vaccine can have one or Inca Clinic allows the more schedules, with the ability to Medical Director to support officially licensed decide what schedules, off-license and schedules can be alternative schedules. The Medical followed. A medic can Director can add or remove any deviate from these but schedule. such steps can be tracked.Vaccine Cover chart The system maintains a chart for Inca Clinic provides a each patient to show the cover for visualisation of each each disease they have been patient’s vaccine vaccinated for. cover.Vaccine Grid The system maintains a chart for Inca Clinic provides a each patient showing the vaccines visualisation of the recently received and the dates of recent and planned the doses still due (corresponding vaccines, useful to to the chosen vaccine schedule). many people including medics, front desk and patients.Contraindications A discrete warning message can Inca Clinic provides be shown when there is a help during a contraindication to a chosen consultation and vaccine. It’s easy to change to a makes it easier to different vaccine, or go ahead with train new staff. the chosen vaccine, optionally adding a note.Travel Itineraries Travel itineraries can be captured Clinics can decide in overview or in great detail (e.g., what level of detail is recording different activities for appropriate. each country, or simply rolling these into one list).Consultation history Inca Clinic records the history of This provides a useful consultations with each patient. monitoring tool for Medical Directors, and a useful way to discuss a patient’s care.Patient Conditions Inca Clinic can be used to record Inca rev: 02 October 2012
  • 12. the medical conditions for each concentrates on travel patient. The system comes with health and can be conditions commonly relevant to configured to help a travel, and these can be edited or medic during a added to by the Medical Director. consultation. This also These conditions can trigger helps to train new contraindication warnings. staff.Countries – Planned The system is pre-configured with Inca Clinic providesItineraries – Diseases relationships between countries help during a and diseases. Inca Clinic enables consultation and makes it easier to the Medical Director to organise train new staff and the country disease relationship ensure consistent into risk levels. Then based on the advice is given. patient’s planned itinerary (e.g., where they will stay, sports activities, etc.) it will display certain vaccines before the full list of diseases.News Feeds and Country Inca Clinic has RSS feeds from Some of theseProfiles (In Pilot) sources such as WHO, CDC and features are currently FCO. Others can be added easily. in pilot (work in progress). Were Interesting news items can then be constantly updating published on your clinic’s Twitter, and improving the Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. features of Inca Clinic. Each country has a link to Google Maps and other sources of information.Patient – Account links Each patient can be associated Inca makes it easy to with one or more accounts (e.g., manage patients that corporates, NGOs, charity groups), travel for work. and the correct account can be It also enables a clinic chosen for each visit. to manage credit terms and debtorsPrice Books Many clinics will have one price for Different prices can each product, but some can set up be offered to different more than one Price Book, and accounts. associate each account with the correct one.Prescriptions and lab A consultation can include a Inca Clinic offers fullorders prescription and/or lab order step. functionality for dedicated travel clinics.VAT, GST Each clinic can configure its sales Inca Clinic is a tax name and rate. suitable for use in any country.Insurance Policies Each patient’s insurance policy Some private can be recorded. insurance companies contribute to the cost of travel rev: 02 October 2012
  • 13. Old vaccination history Pre-Inca Clinic vaccinations can The system caters for be recorded in the system (and old vaccinations and also any vaccinations given in those given other clinics after a patient elsewhere. registers with an Inca clinic). Integration Inca Clinic is built on a technology Inca Clinic has a rich platform called Salesforce. The standards-based API. platform can be customised to We welcome the integrate with a wide variety of opportunity to work systems. with the GP and Retail Pharmacy Systems. Workflow Management Inca Clinic can be customised to If a certain Vaccine and Alerts alert users in your clinic about Schedule is used or a events and automatically create Batch Number tasks, reminders and alerts. expires, Inca Clinic can be customised to alert a certain nurse, the medical director and so on. Role Based Security Access to patient data, pages and Doctors and nurses features is based around the role can run consultations of the user in the clinic. Access and see sensitive can be controlled at the record or medical data, while field level. admin staff can be denied access. Customisation Based on the user’s role or Every clinic setting is individual preference, tabs can be different. Inca Clinic hidden, shown and reorganised to can easily adapt to suit a user’s preference. yours. Furthermore on certain pages like Accounts and Patient Record page you can hide/show and re- organised the order of the fields that appear.Your First Steps with Inca ClinicVisit our help site and watch the walk-through video on to experience how Inca Clinic can help improve how you run you travelmedicine service, take out a free fully functional 15-day trial at IncaplexIncaplex is based in NovaUCD, Dublin, Ireland. It is an Enterprise Ireland HPSU. Wewere shortlisted by the Irish Software Association for Start-Up of the Year in 2010and a finalist in the IBM Smartcamp event in London. We have customers located rev: 02 October 2012
  • 14. Ireland, UK, South Africa and New Zealand. For more information seehttp://www.incaplex.comThe Executive TeamRichard Boyd (CEO) is a former director of the Tropical Medical Bureau. Aftergraduating he worked as a Research Executive for Lansdowne Market Researchbefore being asked to join TMB to create, develop and implement its businessdevelopment strategy (under the brand name Travel Medicine Bureau). He helpedthe business grow from 2 clinics to its current network of 23. Much of the successwas due to his leading the development of technologies and applications thatunderpinned the operations of the clinics and franchises. Today TMB sees 30,000patients per year and is the 5th largest network of its type in the world. Richard hasgiven lectures and presentations on Healthcare Informatics at TropNet Europe andgeneral practitioner events.Initially specialising in Microsoft technologies, he developed some of the first .Netapplications and web services. In 2009 he began work on Salesforce and platform. In 2010, he founded Incaplex (originally called 3StrataTechnologies), building its core application on Salesforce. Richard also works withGoogle App Engine and Google Business Apps.Contact: richard.boyd@incaplex.comSean Baker (Executive Chairman) is an entrepreneur based in Dublin. He is a co-founder of IONA Technologies, and held many executive positions in the companyincluding CTO, Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President of Customer Services.He is a regular speaker on middleware and related business issues. He is a memberof the Boards of National Digital Research Centre and Gridstore; he is the Chairmanof the Irish Software Association, and is a member of the Advisory Science Council,CIO Ireland and the Lero and ICHEC Advisory Boards. He is an Adjunct Professorat the UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics. He was a member of theBoard of Havok and the Object Management Group. He holds a Ph.D. in ComputerScience from Trinity College Dublin, and held a tenured post in the Department ofComputer Science at TCD, where he helped form the Distributed Systems Group in1980.Contact: rev: 02 October 2012