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Webinar slides delivered on Jan 30th, 2013

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  • So, now we’re going to see a demo of Jaspersoft 5, our most recent product release. You’ll see many of the capabilities we’ve discussed already. The thing to note about version 5 is that it highlights the strength of our architecture and vision. When creating this product we had the vision to deliver the power of what today you can only get in a desktop visualization tool like Tableau or QlikTech but to do so completely within a browser. Whereas Tableau and Qlik require the user to create the visualizations using a desktop tool, Jaspersoft allows the user to do that from a browser. There are many benefits to this approach. Apart from avoiding the obvious issue of having to manage desktop software, this approach allows BI Builders to embed this functionality inside their internal and commercial applications, portals or websites. This is not possible with the desktop tools. Now, let’s see the product in action.
  • To truly deliver integrated intelligence within a software application or business process, there are 3 primary requirements: 1. must be a simple self-service reporting and analysis environment that allows any user profile, from an executive to data analyst, to get the information they need; 2. must be easy to embed and integrate within the application or process, enabling different techniques to liberate the data generated by the application and encouraging widespread use of it as information; and 3. must be affordable even on a large scale, so there is no question about the value of delivering more information to any user who could benefit.Jaspersoft has become the intelligence inside tens of thousands of software applications and business processes globally, because we’ve set the standard for highly-embeddable and affordable self-service BI. Each day, our software touches millions of people and enables them to make decisions faster using timely, actionable data. Our customers have made Jaspersoft the Intelligence Inside.
  • ProductArchitectureOur product functionality and architecture enables Information Workers to get the answers they need inside their preferred app or on their favorite device. Our platform scales architecturally and economically to reach everyone.Guaranteed successful implementations rely on more than just product and architecture. They rely on a company with experience, 10 Years of Embedded BI expertise, that provides proven and relevant:Services * Provided expert support in 100’s of implementations WW * customized packages for on-boarding, integration, upgrading etcTraining * In house and On line training portal from experienced Jaspersoft or learning partnersPartners * Comprehensive WW partner ecosystem providing expert and domain specific PS and trainingSupport * Global 24/7 support * Support packages to fit your requirements * Subscription pricing not only flexible but ensures we are focused not just on selling but successful implementationCustomer Base * product direction and service and training offerings based on 1000 of customers feedbac * Customer advisory board, WW user group and local user groups
  • Users can also create and interact with beautiful dashboards that include charts, widgets, maps etc. These are perfect for executives or managers to get a quick understanding of the business and it’s KPIs.
  • And data analysts or power users can do analysis using traditional OLAP or using interactive visualizations to slice and dice their data to get insights into their business
  • What is unique about Jaspersoft is that all the functionality we provide can be used to power the Intelligence Inside any application, portal or website. As an example, Tata, the Indian technology giant, uses Jaspersoft to power their Mosaic product which allows media executives to track their media assets from creation all the way through to distribution. As you can see from the screen shot, this product looks nothing like the Jaspersoft product or what you’d think of as a typical business intelligence product. And that’s the point of the Intelligence Inside. You want business users to use reporting, dashboards and analytics in the context of their preferred application, without having to go to a separate BI system. Another example here is from eBuilder, a cloud based application, which helps companies to automate their business processes like travel and expenses, procurement, order fulfillment and After Sales management. All of the reporting and analysis is powered by Jaspersoft. The screen shot here shows the After Sales dashboard where managers can track the performance of different fulfillment centers geographically in delivering product to customers. Finally, the example here of Virgin Money’s non-profit Giving site which is a multi-tenant SaaS application powered by Jaspersoft that allows charities to track and optimize their fund raising activities. All of JasperReports Server capabilities are available here from interactive reporting through to ad hoc query, report and analysis. All, branded to look like the Virgin Money website.
  • We are able to do all of this because of our world-class BI platform. The platform is 100% open web standards based, from the backend Java server to the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)-driven, HTML5 user interface. The product has a full suite of capabilities from reporting to dashboards, analysis and visualization that can be viewed and interacted with in a browser or on a tablet or mobile phone. Underlying these capabilities is a columnar-based in-memory engine that allows the user to work with an in-memory data set for faster performance. The engine is intelligent enough to push expensive aggregations down to the underlying database when that makes sense, for example if you have a high-performance analytic database like Amazon’s Redshift. We have a business metadata layer that allows BI Builders to define more business-user friendly data objects that abstract from the underlying data complexity. This layer can connect directly to our data connectors. Alternatively, customers can leverage our powerful data integration layer that allows them to extract, load and transform data to create a data mart or a data warehouse. If they don’t want to move the data but still need to merge multiple data sources they can use our data virtualization layer which allows them to federate queries across multiple data sources so that they look like a single source to the business user. The data connectivity layer provides access to any data source, from relational databases to Big Data stores like Hadoop and NoSQL stores like MongoDB and Cassandra, as well as other data stores like files. All of this power is exposed through an extensive set of APIs from HTTP to SOAP and REST-based web services that allows BI Builders to integrate the server capabilities into their applications.
  • Exploring Data with Jaspersoft

    1. 1. Exploring your Data with Jaspersoft
    2. 2. Exploration can unlock new opportunities and insights Agenda  Jaspersoft Introduction  Overview of In-Memory Analysis  Jaspersoft In-Memory Analysis Demo  Overview of OLAP Analysis  Jaspersoft ETL and OLAP Demo  Helpful resources  Q&A
    3. 3. Agenda Jaspersoft Introduction Overview of In-Memory Analysis Jaspersoft In-Memory Analysis Demo Overview of OLAP Analysis Jaspersoft ETL and OLAP Demo Helpful resources Q&A You just need the right tools for the job
    4. 4. So … What is Data Exploration? Analysis of data using interactive visualizations Connected to a sandbox of data Speed-of-thought response Manual interaction, ie. not predictive nor prescriptive Also called “Data Discovery” ©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 4
    5. 5. Agenda Jaspersoft Introduction Overview of Jaspersoft’s Data Exploration Solution Demo Overview of Jaspersoft’s OLAP Analytic Solution Demo Q&A
    6. 6. Jaspersoft: The Intelligence InsideSelf-Service BI + Embeddable + Affordable “We empower millions of people every day to make decisions faster by delivering timely, actionable data to them inside their apps and business process through an embeddable, cost-effective reporting and analytics platform.”©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 6
    7. 7. Jaspersoft: High Growth and Momentum50%+ ACV Growth Every Year World’s Most Widely Deployed BI • Commercial Open Source BI Suite • Nearly 200 people in US, EMEA, APAC • 16,000,000 downloads • 325,000 community members • 130,000 embedded applications • 15,000 paying customers • 1,000+ subscription customers Broad Recognition, Strong Partnerships Magic Quadrants©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 7
    8. 8. InfoWorld 2013 Tech of the Year “Even as Jaspersoft BI continues to grow and support advanced features such as terabyte-scale in- memory processing, it remains a flexible fit for a broad range of use cases…. Jaspersoft has the right stuff.” - James R. Borck©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 8
    9. 9. Deployed by 1000s of Organizations Software & Technology Public Sector Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Travel & Transportation Financial Services Telecommunications Retail/CPG©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 9
    10. 10. Jaspersoft the complete solution Customer Product Base “We were not only pleased by the product capabilities but also by the support we were promised and Jaspersoft delivered. Support Architecture Jaspersoft worked with our development team both remotely and on-site and the speed of implementation was well above our expectations,” Partners Services - Mike Morgan, CEO, Relayware Training©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 10
    11. 11. Jaspersoft Can Design Any Report . . .©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 11
    12. 12. … Dashboard©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 12
    13. 13. … or Analytic View©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 13
    14. 14. … using Any Data Type Relational Relational Big Data Files Files POJO files©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 14
    15. 15. … Delivered Inside or With Any App©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation.
    16. 16. Data Exploration Solution
    17. 17. Jaspersoft Architecture 100% Web Standards: CSS, .JS, .JSP, Java HTML5 Browser, Native Mobile Apps Extensive APIs: HTTP, SOAP, REST Reporting, Dashboards, Visualization, OLA P Analysis Columnar-Based In-Memory Engine Business Metadata Layer Data Data Integration Virtualization Direct Data Connectivity to Any Data©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential 17
    18. 18. Speed of Thought Interactivity User InterfacePowered by Columnar In-Memory Engine Store “dimensional” data in RAM  Faster response time (vs. disk)  Reduced source system impact Reduced cost & maintenance Visualization Layer  Query and result set stored in memory BI Analysis Platform  Data source agnostic – no DW/DM or Meta Data Layer specialized OLAP server required  No ETL pre-processing required In-Memory Data  Good for ISVs, embedded BI Explore then Report Query  Interactive charts, zoom, pivot, filter, drill  Save as a report for sharing insight RDBMS, POJO, EJB, XML, Hibernat e, MDX, NoSQL, Hadoop, c ustom 18 ©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation
    19. 19. Easy Access to your DataPowered by a Metadata layer called Domains & Topics Topics: Pre-defined Query  Fixed query, results stored in-memory  Any data source: SQL, Hibernate, XML, Big Data, or custom Domains: Ad Hoc Query for SQL  Wizard driven domain designer *  More flexible query support  Relational data only  Advanced security: Row & column * TIP: Using iReport? Build a domain using the report designer www.jaspersoft.com/creating-a-domain-report-ireport-tutorial ©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation
    20. 20. Powered by JasperReports Server Professional©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation
    21. 21. Agenda Jaspersoft Introduction Overview of Jaspersoft’s Data Exploration Solution Demo Overview of Jaspersoft’s OLAP Analytic Solution Demo Q&A
    22. 22. Overview of OLAP Analysis Multidimensional data model  Cross Tab UI Navigation (aka “cube”), allows for complex  Drill-down, pivot, filter, segment queries with rapid execution  Relational OLAP time  Metadata model mapped onto Speeds traditional transaction RDBMS star schema RDBMS – leverages existing tools©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 1/30/2013 22
    23. 23. MDX – Multi-Dimensional Expressions A multidimensional query language Plays the same role SQL does in JDBC SQL-like SELECT {[Measures].[Revenue]} ON COLUMNS, {[Store].[USA], [Store].[USA].[CA]} ON ROWS FROM [Revenue] WHERE [Time].[2009].[Q2] Expressive language that simplifies complex queries Each MDX statement may be decomposed into many SQL statements
    24. 24. Sample: Prior Period - Multi-level Relative to time, e.g., comparing one time period with another time period of non-equal duration Calculates at all levels: Year, Quarter, Month, etc. ©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation.
    25. 25. Jaspersoft OLAP Powerful Data Analysis for Large Datasets  ROLAP Engine with Web Based Ad Hoc UI  Slice & dice, pivot and drill  Metadata-based relational OLAP cubes  Row & column data security ©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 25
    26. 26. Jaspersoft OLAP Excel Viewer Jaspersoft ODBO Connect Excel interactivity against Jaspersoft OLAP©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 26
    27. 27. Deploying Relational OLAP OLTP Data Source ODS / Data Mart / Warehouse 1 Create ETL Jobs Define OLAP Views ROLAP Schema Define OLAPBusiness User (Web) 3 (MDX Query Builder) (Virtual Cube) 2 “Cube” Metadata© 2012 Jaspersoft Corporation 27
    28. 28. Jaspersoft OLAP Analytics Demo Powered by Jaspersoft OLAP ©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation
    29. 29. Summary: Topic/Domains vs. OLAP Topic orCategory Capability OLAP DomainsUser Interface Web based User Interface ✔ ✔ Native Excel user interface (ODBO driver) ✗ ✔ Drill-Through to underlying transactions ✔ ✔Integration Integrated with dashboards ✔ ✔ Integrated with reporting metadata layer ✔ ✗*Administration Level of effort to setup & maintain Low HigherData Sources Data Mart / Warehouse schema ✔ ✔ Normalized OLTP schema (relational) ✔ Not Recommended Non-relational data sources (Hadoop, MongoDB) ✔ ✗*Scalability Optional query push-down ✔ ✔ In-memory caching and processing ✔ ✔ Leverages aggregates ✔ ✔Expressiveness Analysis-oriented query language (MDX) ✗* ✔ Built-in MDX ROLAP Server ✗* ✔ ©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. * Planned 29
    30. 30. Data Exploration Use Cases Topic or Use Case Characteristics OLAP DomainISV Application No DM/DW OLTP schema ✔Operational No DM/DWApplication OLTP schema ✔Departmental De-normalized schema ✔ ✔Data Mart Moderate data volumeEnterprise Data De-normalized schemaWarehouse High data volume ✔ Advanced analytic queriesNon-relational No SQL access ✔data source ©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. 30
    31. 31. Q&A @Jaspersoft Americas: sales@jaspersoft.com EMEA: sales-EMEA@jaspersoft.com Asia-Pacific: sales-APAC@jaspersoft.com Americas: 888.399.2199 or 415.348.2380 EMEA: +353 1 443 4700 Asia-Pacific: +66 2 625-3165© 2012 Jaspersoft Corporation. 31