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bracket a revolution on social network …

bracket a revolution on social network
if you are interested contact me on

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Be shared Bracket©the first Social Cloud Network!
  • 2. The social networksFacebookTwitterFoursquareYoutubegoogle+They arent really connected, they are single companies and different competitors withoutany glue! Bracket will provide all services: twitting foursquaring Facebooking, socialsharing or talk with your frigde or your car if you want … Everything BECAUSEBRACKET© IS A SOCIAL CLOUD NETWORK Bracket will use a specified network layercreated Especially for Heterogeneous networks and devices where every user and deviceis a part of the same network! Social networks Are over! future@SCN Social Cloud Network!
  • 3. TODAYend users in a social networks :1) create a sign in with different social network (twitter, facebook, youtube)2) this social networks must be interconnected each others (facebook<--->twitter)Almost the same applications and services splitted in different social networks The old way!
  • 4. WHY bracket©: Another characteristic that is increasingly important is support for process migration. A process should be able to move from one machine to another, even to one in a different network, with nobody noticing. Protocols such as OSI and TCP/IP that use machine addresses to identify processes make migration difficult, because a process cannot take its address with it when it moves but bracket© can do that!Can you imagine our bracket© apps in our social cloud that can do that?
  • 5. bracket©:a new social network with a protocol specified for a wide range class of devices that automatically turns the device in a node for the Bracket Social Cloud NetworkSmartphonePadsDevicessensors(your frigde!) Bracket: be shared!
  • 6. disadvantages of social networks now :1) usability and compatibility with different devices2) different services for end users that want do same things3) services splitted with different logins for every social network4) isnt a real social networkBut bracket© is a real NETWORK!
  • 7. Bracket© is a completely new way to do social networking because use a specified network layer for do that! Bracket©: one world... one social cloud network!
  • 8. Bracket© leverage on existing network protocols by approaching them using a new perspective. The network foundation of Bracket© is currently supported on any client software on almost any device in the worldSmarthphonespadsdevicesSensorsFridgesCars the bracket-aware client the universal way to connect
  • 9. bracket©?One of the implications of “being connected anywhere,anytime” is that with our protocol we will support clients-heterogeneous networks.(such as wired, wireless, satellite, and optical links),as well as in the types of devices networks will interconnect. Internet of the future will interconnect not only traditional desktop, laptop computers smarthpone and pads but also unconventional devices such home appliances. These unconventional devices,whose power, processing, and communication capabilities differ widely, will form network clouds, which will be interconnected among themselves with bracket© SCN But Bracket© is more than this!
  • 10. bracket©? such as IEEE 802.11 bracket© CLOUD SOCIAL NETWORK provides functionality all the way up to the application layer, replacing the functionality of network and transport protocols. The Bracket© layer can be very “thin”, (simple devices) bracket-aware client could also provide functionality of a “heavy-duty” transport protocol like TCP. Its to the application designer’s choices what services are should be included in bracketRadio network, mobile network, EVERYTHING!
  • 11. bracket© Using the bracket-aware client applications programmers will use the same set of socket system calls they would use to handle TCP/IP communication endpoints.Bracket social cloud network© is an idea of alessio porcacchia(2012)Sound well: brin and page, zuck and huges, Porcacchia Younanzadeh Wilson[PYW] [:)]
  • 12. When a message is sent to multiple destinations, bracket-aware client uses the hardware multicast or broadcast on those networks where it is available having just a single (port, network address) cache is that it permits to migrate to new machines or have their machines be wheeled over to new networks and plugged in without requiring any manual reconfiguration TERRIFIC!: MILLIONS OF BRACKEETERS can plug any networks they CAN SHARE, SEND, CONNECT with any DEVICES, without any network configuration!Play GAMES and SOCIALIZE “BRACKETED”togheter IN THE SAME CLOUD Everywhere!Forums, emails, games, sms, videos, radioWith one click (lan wan internet... who care)
  • 13. Bracket©: connect with everything!
  • 14. BRACKET is the future!Youtube?Facebook?Twitter?Foursquare?Or they join our social cloud network or they are outdated! BSCN do everthing! Trust me bracketeers ( bracket end users) will love that!Every bracketeer is a router! Internet comunication issues? Send a message to random bracketeer or bracketed device and the message will arrive to destination only using our Bracket SCNalice--->johnfridge--->emanuelbike-->smartphonealex--->bob
  • 15. The power of bracket©!another internet inside internet
  • 16. OK ALEX BUT WHAT ISYOUR IDEA?IMPLEMENT BRACKET LAYER IN A SOCIAL NETWORK !BRACKET CLOUD SOCIAL NETWORK© (BCSN)The BCSN = devices and usersthe protocol support RPC and group communication efficiently. if the network does not have either of these features, group communication must still work exactly the same way, even though the implementation is different.Any devices bracketed become a SCN routerAny authorized user can interact and comunicate with this devices or comunicate with other bracket users and devices
  • 17. Advantages for users (brackeeters)Usability (grandmas too can use bracket)Relay, Broadcast and recieve messages everywhere with any type networks or devices using our BSCN (virtually without internet)1) your car2) your bike3) your fridge4) your microwaveremote control for everthing with “bracketed” devices and apps!
  • 18. OK ! Money!Really guys the opportunity for do money with bracket is so huge that i dont know how many ways we have for earn bucks!1) selling space ads? (we can...)2) selling partner services for bars, restaurants, hotelsHotel “bracketed” ---> bracketeer –> new city ->no hotel reservation [h][:(] ! Check on our SCN the hotels of the city! [?]Bracketed hotel: the bracketeer chat directly with concierge for a room [h][room][?] and the hotel send to him
  • 20. When the huge electronic companies know that we can provide a social network and remote services for any type of device, bracket will have a queue in the front door! (Domotics, sensors surveillance)We can bracket everthing! The curtains too!EXAMPLE:Bracketeer personal page with bracketed devices: bracketeer can turn the light on, can check if the fridge is empty, turn on the central heating check the cam... in the same time do reservations for cinema, the opera...Devices, companies, hotels, cinemas, restaurants(Bracket Partnership = bucks! )
  • 21. Taxi, bus, everything can use our BCSN! :Taxi ---> brackeeter send a taxi call icons [T][!]---> First taxi recieve gps position of brackeeter on smartphone---> happy costumer [:)] and taxi driver give an alert on BCSN that he answered to costumer call [T][X] (blip!)Dont forget: Bracket Social Cloud Network is also another internet so we can borrow or sell such a service for network comunications : a group of different devices is enough for relay a message or activate something!1) military2) Governement
  • 22. [-]=[$] Yes bracket is money! Everthing without bracket become obsolete, outdated...old! Because we provide everthing with our social cloud! We give to braketeers every type of services with BSCNOne world!One social cloud network! [world]+[~]=[-]
  • 23. Bracket© is also is a new way to express yourself in a social network. You can use a single or multiple icons in bracket messages for express concepts:[<3] love, relationship, date, friendship: [<3] Mary [Din] -->[¡] [:(][w] work, boss, collegues: [w] [boss] [:)] → [$][!] important news, emergency, help [!][?][!] SOS help me![?] questions, doubts, try, attempt[♫] concert, play music, listen music[¡] epic fail, disaster: Mark [w][¡] [:(][@] internet : john [@][~][-] now ->[:)][~] Social Cloud Network (SCN)