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Una breve introducción al tema de El Color. …

Una breve introducción al tema de El Color.

A brief introduction into the Colour

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  • Hello - Since when is Red considered a Secondary Colour? See slide 20.
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  • 1. THE COLOUR THE COLOUR María Mercado-Martín
  • 2. We can find colours everywhere around us
  • 3. In the animal world
  • 4. On plants and flowers
  • 5. In beautiful landscapes
  • 6. Also our cities are full of colours
  • 7. Just think for a few seconds howour world would look like without colours
  • 8. Our life in black and white would be very different
  • 9. Dark gray peppers, white traffic lights, a gray sea instead of a blue one... We will lose a lot ofinformation and beauty
  • 10. Now we know the importance and usefulness of color. Let´s now learn more about them
  • 11. How do we see colours?
  • 12. Colours are captured by the eye and reach the brain via the optic nerve
  • 13. In 1666 Isaac Newton discovered that when sunlight passes through a glass prism, it is decomposed in 7 colours. These are the 7 colours of the rainbow
  • 14. Water raindrops work as a glass prism and break up the sunlight into a rainbow
  • 15. Rainbow colors are 7 and always appear in the same order:red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet
  • 16. Newton´s experiment proved that the colour is LIGHT
  • 17. Now let´s see how colours are arranged and classified
  • 18. There are three primary colours: ● Yellow ● Magenta ● CyanThey are the colours that can be combined to make all the range of colours.
  • 19. Primary colours and their mixtures
  • 20. Secondary colours are themixture of two primary colours: + = Violet + = Green = + Red
  • 21. The colour wheelIs an abstract illustrative organization of color hues around a circle,It shows relationships between primary colors, secondary colors,complementary colors, etc.
  • 22. Colours can be divided into warm and cool colours. Cool Warm● Blue, ● Red● green ● Yellow● violet ● orange
  • 23. This has been a brief introductionto colour. Now it´s time you go on learning and having fun with it!