My learning journey


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My learning journey through the use of myportfolio

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  • I started off with a vision wthwat teaching wouldLook like, feel like, sound like students teaching each opther, collaborative, engaged in learning... So I showed up keen and ready to do this and this is what I found. …I found students who thought successful learning was having a book full of notes, students who were passive learners and were expecting me to spoon feed them knowledge.Rope learning , passive learners, students who felt they learnt something when they had a book full of notes
  • The pedagogy which I wanted to apply in my classroom was Inquiry learning, student centrerd learning, collaboration, and improved engagement through student voice... and of course following the process of teaching through inquiry
  • My first question of teaching as inquiry was…
  • I used myportfolio to set up a forum. I posed a number of questions on the forum and assigned these questions for homework. My vision was for the students to share their ideas and construct model answers together. So then they could have resource of model answers online.Another way I used the discussion board was to evaluate studies eg. Usefullness of studies.
  • So I was very excited about this .. But it was a HUGE FLOP!!! They did not use the forum despite it being assigned for homework. I learnt a lot from this experienceWhy it didn’t work, what it taught about students, what I will try next timeStudents are competitive, want to achieve, don’t understand how collaboration improves their learning. COMPETITIVE nature of students. Passive studentsIndependent learners with a dislike of working together.
  • Part of problem forgot passwordsweremt using it regularly, didn’t have access , didn’t buy into it. Initially Cant be seen as an add on, kids looked at it as an extra . Used as a regular basis. Process of learning, relevance to their learning. , remind students. Achievement increase.10 people- they feel like what they would have said is already in there, They feel guilty that they didn’t understand. Share perspectives, opinions, attitudes- not a definite answerLow courage questions.
  • Enagage in an individual inquiry where their learning outcomes, tasks, resources and internet links were posted on myportfolio.Went away for a week….
  • IT WAS A FLOP!!! Work was incomplete…
  • I collected some of their student voice.. Learnt about the students.. Schema of learningBattling against schema, identity as a learner… and this was reinforced when I asked them their preferred style of learning
  • Change wont happen over night
  • Overall, feedback from students was extremely positive. Biggest success was using myportfolio as a study tool to revise. Had all the resources, website links, online quizzes etc, youtube videos. that students could access from home.
  • This is so exciting and there is so much potential for my portfolio..Teaching community- one of the things I would like to see is everyone here on myportfolio. We can create units of work together. Why are we working in isolation . Working together and creating resources together. Creating Learning community.Choice of how they can present their learning. Create pages for their assessment On their page they can put pictures, videos, screen casts etc. Resubmissions
  • Im on a windy road ups and downs but you must persist in the face of failure as there is so much potential for this tool and it is so exciting how we can use it. It is also developing itself..
  • My learning journey

    1. 1. My Learning Journey -myPortfolio as a learning toolWhat I found…. My vision…
    3. 3. How might students use forums to co-construct knowledge?
    4. 4. RESULTS“ I don’t want my peers to steal my ideas”
    5. 5. REFLECTION - TIPS FOR NEXT TIMEAccessibility RelevanceQuestion type Scaffold
    6. 6. How can myPortfolio support the learning process?
    7. 7. RESULTS
    8. 8. REFLECTIONSPositives Negatives “ I want you to teach me”“I can learn things at my ownpace and am in control of mylearning. I love being in control “ I can’t be bothered finding the:D” answers myself” “Its really easy to get side tracked“That we can find out a range of and get behind on work. I personallydifferent information that we may learn a lot more through classroomnot find out through a discussion and personal interaction”classroom.” “its hard to focus and to know whats“Learning to be independent” actually true when there are several different answers”
    9. 9. REFLECTION – TIPS FOR NEXT TIMEPersistence Critical evaluationskills
    10. 10. SUCCESS
    11. 11. POTENTIALCollaborationAssessment
    12. 12. “A failure is not always a mistake, it may simplybe the best one can do under the circumstances.The real mistake is to stop trying.”-BF Skinner