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  • 1. Blogging
  • 2. What is a Blog?
    A blog is a frequently updated journal or diary.
  • 3. What is Blog?
    A blog is a place to express yourself to the world. Aplace to share your thoughts and passions.
  • 4. A blog is anything you want it to be.
  • 5. What is a blog
    "[a] collection of posts...short, informal, sometimes controversial, and sometimes deeply personal...with the freshest information at the top."--Meg Hourihan
  • 6. Terminolgy
    Blog (noun)-a journal or diary that is on the internet.
    Blogger (noun)- a person who keeps a blog.
    Blog (verb)-to write a blog.
  • 7. Blogging was originally invented for people to write about their day to day activities. Now people blog about anything
  • 8. Who Bloggs
    People like you!
  • 9. Bloggers have the opportunities to reach thousands of people every day
  • 10. How many times can You Post?
    You can post as many time as you want. Some people post twenty or thirty times a day.
  • 11. Parts of a blog
    Advertisement- many blogs have advertisement banners
    Title- every blog have a title
    Date – of the most recent post
    Text-the actual text of the most recent text
    Posting information-the information of who wrote the most recent text and when
    Comments-area for readers of the blog to comment
    Previous post- area for most recent post
    Archives- a link to view old post
  • 12. Blogs are very easy and acessible.
  • 13. Software
    Free software with free hosting - This is the entirely free way of blogging. You do not pay for the software or for the hosting.
  • 14. This software must be installed on your server.
  • 15. Blog design
    Once your Blog is set you can design it the way you want.
  • 16. Blog safely
    Its good to blog safely. Try not to put too much personal information on your blog. (ex. Ph. No. or adress)
  • 17. Blog
    A way to communicate your views. Try it you may like it!