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ITB Berlin Conference 2013


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A short summary of the ITB Berlin Convention 2013.

A short summary of the ITB Berlin Convention 2013.

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  • 1. 1. Unless you are a fan of overcrowded public transport avoid taking the convention bus! 2. You will at some point get lost, and no apps in the world can help you. Don't panic.
  • 2. 3. The Funkturm really is quite funky. 4. Get out before the gift-basket crowd takes over!
  • 3. The World Economic Forum and the Boston Consulting Group present their concept of travel in 2025: IPiTA platform for travel needs ACiS - automated boarder control And check-in Dr. Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Senior Partner & Managing Director Vienna, The Boston Consulting Group
  • 4. Facebook graph search is aiming to create a sophisticated filtering system for friend recommendations , and will be increasingly integrated in travel searches. Lee Mccabe, head of Facebook Travel OTA's should utilize mobile to stay relevant in the Future. Bernd Fauser, Google Travel Inc Search is really uncomplicated. The Kayak model is all abort Product/Price comparison. Why isn't Google doing a better job here? Jan Valentin, VP Package Travel, Kayak New media at the eTravel Lab. Discussions around friend recommendations as point of departure or just "adding to the noise" in the decision making process. Could Relevance and Reliability be answered through Social media? More the latter than the former according to the panel. Facebook as a meaningful transaction tool? Majority of Town hall says no. However, only 1 individual don't believe that Google will become a major transaction engine. A true visionary?
  • 5. Travel Writer Doug Lansky Key message: Social media makes you less social, but the disease is the cure. Developing social media solutions geared at cultural exchange and real interaction will help break down barriers in stead of a situation where your data screen is a wall against your surroundings. Using the media to Organize events in “real life” is a key. Smart Tourism Management Lansky also gave several examples on smart tourism management. His point being that if you can limit access to Disneyland why not to natural sites? Managing a tourist site as “ a hip nightclub” you avoid diminishing the value of your product and you keep interest (and thus revenue) high.
  • 6. Talks in and on Numbers • Cell phone use down, tablets and smartphones rising drastically • Smartphones 51% of total use. 18% tablets. 53% use them daily. • Airline tickets on top of buy list. Hotel rooms less than 4 % of total purchases from mobiles. • Booking channels: half and half mobile web site and app. • Location based services is not a rising trend. 75% of the users use navigation based services. 57% use destination based planning • 12% know and use the HRS app. source: Susanne Fittkau, Fittkau and Maass Consulting Focus: Tripadvisor Nathan Clapton Vice President, Mobile Partnerships Global,TripAdvisor. Main message: Let mobile be mobile. To date their app has 60 mill users and 28 apps are downloaded every minute! He identified five characteristics of the perfect app: joyful, useful, easy, reliable and functional. Smart move: developing city guides that work off-line (to avoid roaming fees). All in all it makes you think what will be the next functionality/practice/product on mobile that we never imagined in that context, on that particular platform?