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SLP Manifesto 2011

SLP Manifesto 2011



Our Blueprint for Growth

Our Blueprint for Growth

- Better days are coming



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    SLP Manifesto 2011 SLP Manifesto 2011 Document Transcript

    • Building a Better Saint LuciaLabour’s Employment Activation Programme - LEAP Contents Message by the Political Leader 2 Pillar 3: Our Infrastructure Inject $100 million immediately into the economy for job creation and reconstruction Development Programme 51 activities. The Foundation: Our Economic Provide an Employment Tax Credit for new companies that create a minimum number of Resilient Infrastructure 52 Development Programme 4 jobs above a specified salary level. Post Tomas Reconstruction 53 Stimulate the growth of the local business sector and increase its employment generating Restructured Economy 6 Roads & Bridges 54 capacity by reducing the rate of Corporate Tax and providing incentives to facilitate greater Creating Jobs 7 competitiveness and export-readiness. Transport 56 Support for Local Business 8 Encourage new employment opportunies by exempting Small and Medium Size start-up Pillar 4: Our Sustainable companies from the payment of tax for their first 5 years. Encouraging Investment 10 Development Programme 57 Establish a Land Bank to provide land for agriculture and food-related services. New Policy Measures 12 Create immediate employment by undertaking the comprehensive rebuilding of our Environment 58 country’s infrastructure that was damaged by Hurricane Tomas. Tourism 14 Water Resources 59 Introduce a grant programme for businesses to encourage them to provide on-the-job Agriculture and Fisheries 17 workplace skills training for secondary school students. Climate Change 60 Creative Industries 21 Develop the Creative Industries to create exciting new employment areas. Energy 61 Create a Renewable Energy sector to generate employment at all skill levels. International Financial Services 23 Technology 63 Develop the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector and make wireless Pillar 1: Our National Security internet freely available in all community centres so that the power of technology can be The Building Blocks: Our Youth Programme 24 harnessed for economic development and employment creation. Development Programme 64 Initiate a Home Help Programme for the Elderly to provide employment for Single Strengthening the Police 25 Mothers. Employment 65 New Modern Legislation 28 Re-establish STEP to provide employment for people who have difficulty finding Skills 66 employment in the established sectors. Stronger Justice System 29 Health 68 Create more jobs by reviewing our investment regime and re-engineering our business Tackling Social Issues 29 services to make Saint Lucia a more attractive place for investment. Crime & Violence 69 Establish a Job Placement Centre that will match available skills with local and regional Pillar 2: Our Human and Social Participation 70 demand for labour. Development Programme 31 Provide support for private sector youth entrepreneurship initiatives like the Junior The Roof: Our Governance Programme 71 Education 32 Achievement Programme and the Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust. Health 37 Good Governance 72 Increase the availability of technical and vocational training in our formal school system and ensure that during their time in Secondary School our young people acquire the Social Transformation 43 Public Services 73 necessary soft skills, analytical skills, entrepreneurship skills, and professional skills. Legislation 74 Sports 45 Upgrade existing vocational training centres and develop new centres in rural communities. Housing 47 External Relations 76 Ensure that more Saint Lucians are trained to Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) National Heritage 49 Stronger Communities 78 level and are able to compete for attractive jobs regionally and internationally. Provide support to CARE and help them to establish a fully-resourced Learning Centre to Conclusion 80 assist at-risk youth and young people who need a second chance. Introduce a National Youth Mentoring Service to provide guidance to young people. Better Days are Coming Our Blueprint for Growth 1
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Our people have witnessed our Building a Better Saint Lucia once proud country drop from being one of the most respected The party that forms Saint Lucia’s and admired nations in the next government has to focus on Caribbean to becoming the subject building a better, stronger, more of unflattering, embarrassing resilient Saint Lucia for everyone. reports from foreign governments Our Party believes that the goal and international agencies. of Building a Better Saint Lucia is For the last five years, Saint Lucians similar to the task of constructing have had to bear the constant a strong home that can offer humiliation of regular scandals shelter and security in good times involving members of this UWP and bad, while at the same time The youth are the building We have listened and we have An Invitation to You government who often have found provide a nurturing environment to blocks of our plan. A Saint taken note and we come to you allow its residents to grow to their Lucia Labour Party government prepared to work even harder to The Saint Lucia Labour Party takes themselves on the wrong side of full potential. This is why we are intends to consult regularly with make life better for you and your its responsibilities very seriously the law - locally, regionally and calling this manifesto Our Blueprint our young people to develop families. and we understand that we must internationally for Growth. It contains the plans, a comprehensive range of always respect the confidence and Few Positive Developments policies and programmes that will programmes to unleash the A Joint Approach the trust that you place in us. As allow us to build a better, stronger enormous talents in our youth and the Political Leader of the SLP, I MESSAGE BY THE Most Saint Lucians agree that nation. help them deal with the various We have also taken a different give you my word that our party there have been very few positive approach to the development of POLITICAL LEADER developments in our country in Our Blueprint for Growth challenges that confront them. our plans. The SLP recognizes will govern with honesty, integrity, dignity, competence and efficiency. the last five years. No new schools The final element of our plan is that for there to be lasting and have been built. Labour’s promise We believe that the first step meaningful change in our country, We believe that citizens must My fellow Saint Lucians our Good Governance programme, of Universal Health Care has in Building a Better Saint Lucia everyone must be engaged. We always hold their government to which will provide protection The Saint Lucia Labour Party is been killed by this government. involves strengthening our cannot do it on our own. This is a high standard and we intend to for our citizens and create a honoured to have the opportunity Our national housing stock has economic foundation. Therefore, why in developing our manifesto set and maintain that standard. favourable environment for them to share with you our Blueprint for remained stagnant. Our roads a major goal of the next SLP we invited citizens from all walks We know that our country and our to succeed in their endeavours. Growth, our policies and plans for and bridges, which have been government will be to develop a of life to contribute their ideas and people have tremendous potential Building a Better Saint Lucia. in a deplorable state for the last robust and re-energized economy. The SLP - An Improved Party their dreams for Building a Better and it will be our goal to help bring four years, are now being hastily A strong economy will anchor Saint Lucia. This has resulted in out that potential. A Drop in Standing patched as part of a desperate the development of all the other The Saint Lucia Labour Party comes a manifesto that we believe is sectors and facilitate the provision to you a better party than we were representative of the dreams and We are confident that with inspired Much has happened since election campaign. of a wider range of services to our in 2006. We understand that every aspirations of all Saint Lucians. leadership, good governance and our party last held the seat Large sections of our country that citizens. experience must be used as an the help of all committed Saint of government in Saint Lucia. were damaged by Hurricane Tomas opportunity to learn, to grow, and A Long Term Plan Lucians we can create a strong, Our citizens have had to suffer have still not been repaired. Our Our development plan will be to get better. We have used our resilient and successful country. through what is easily the worst fiscal situation has deteriorated supported by four major pillars, period in Opposition to connect The goal of nation building is a period in our country’s recent namely (i) National Security; (ii) with Saint Lucians across the long-term exercise. While we We invite you, therefore, to join us alarmingly, yet the UWP persists history. They have seen the Human and Social Development; length and breadth of our country. are confident in our ability to in building a better Saint Lucia with its reckless spending and tremendous strides that were ill-advised projects. Crime (iii) Infrastructure Development; make immediate improvements made in the period leading up to and (iv) Sustainable Development. You told us about the many good in many important areas, we I thank you. continues to be a major problem 2006 almost completely erased for our country, and under this things that we started that you understand there are no quick fixes Yours sincerely, by a directionless and selfish UWP government, Saint Lucia’s want continued. We have heard to several of the problems facing government, devoid of ideas and homicides rate hit a frightening from you about the things with us. Therefore, in this document lacking in capability, credibility and new record high. which you were not pleased. You we depart from the practice of integrity. also shared with us your ideas for presenting a five-year manifesto new and different ways to make and instead we set out our long- our country better. term goals and objectives for Dr. Kenny D. Anthony national growth and development. Political Leader2 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 3
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia THE FOUNDATION: OUR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Our goal is to develop a diversified and strong economy that is able to provide employment for our citizens and support the growth and development of the other sectors of our society. The Daher Building - UWP’s Massive Waste of Tax Payers’ Money Serious Economic Challenges • A drop in retailing and Facing the Challenges wholesaling of goods; Together The economy of Saint Lucia • A huge increase in Unquestionably, our economy is facing its most severe unemployment, growing faces major challenges. Difficult and debilitating crisis since from 14% in 2006 to 24.5% decisions would have to be made. Independence. The reasons are in 2011; Sacrifices would be required not hard to find. After the General from all sectors. It is vital that Elections of 2006, the economy • A total loss of confidence we achieve consensus on the immediately started to contract by investors; measures that need to be taken. after several years of solid growth. • The virtual collapse of the In the midst of this downward For this reason, there must be Offshore Sector; and spiral, the global recession hit us deep appreciation of the fact with devastating impact. • Marked increases in the that restoring the economy will cost of living. necessarily involve the building of To this day, no one can identify a social and economic partnership the policies of the Government to Role of the Private Sector in which all stakeholders can take respond to the crisis. As if all of this ownership of the decisions and was not enough, Hurricane Tomas The Saint Lucia Labour Party actions pertaining to the economy. gave us a lethal blow and left believes that a modern, strong, behind a battered infrastructure. dynamic and enterprising Private In this period, the cornerstone We now face a huge reconstruction Sector is a strategic necessity for of the policy of an SLP bill. the future economic development Administration is genuine and of Saint Lucia. meaningful partnerships involving The crisis that faces us manifests Government, organized labour, itself in the following ways: The Private Sector must remain an the Private Sector and other integral part of the new economy. representatives of Civil Society. • A dramatic decline in construction activity; The Saint Lucia Labour Party believes that the Private Sector • A significant decline in must continue to lead the way government revenues; to provide jobs, generate public revenue, and earn foreign • A marked increase in exchange to drive economic indirect taxes, duties, development. levies, and fees to bolster falling revenues; The new economy must be a Private Sector-led economy.4 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 5
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Saint Lucians Invested with Confidence under a Labour Government Sandals Grande Hotel: Built under an SLP Government A RESTRUCTURED The new economy must be driven by innovation and creativity in all A Fiscal Covenant Jobs: Our Number 1 Priority Aggressive Reconstruction Immediate Resumption of Programme STEP ECONOMY spheres. All sectors must be fully Consistent with our commitment Through an effective combination linked and integrated. to seek consensus on the of short term employment Our Party views the reconstruction  Our government will To extricate Saint Lucia from economic measures to restructure activities, an active public sector of our country as an immediate Elements of this new economy will immediately reinstate the this quagmire, an incoming SLP our economy, an SLP Government involve: investment programme, the priority. It is shameful that almost Short Term Employment will enter into a Fiscal Covenant administration will focus on strategic use of incentives to one year after the passage of Programme (STEP) to provide with our Social Partners, aimed at: realigning our economy to increase • Continued investment in the encourage local investments, and Hurricane Tomas large sections relief to the hundreds of men its resilience and viability. development of high-end • Fiscal Consolidation; the creation of an environment of our country’s damaged and women who have not tourism products such as that attracted foreign direct infrastructure have not been been able to earn a living for The SLP will develop an economy adventure tourism, nature • Improvement in public investment, the SLP was able to repaired or rebuilt. almost five years. that not only strengthens and based tourism, cultural revenue, including compliance and administration; reduce unemployment from 25% consolidates the traditional tourism, conferences and  An SLP government will  STEP will be year-round in in 1997 to 14% in 2006. community tourism; immediately inject an amount those communities that sectors, but which produces • Sensible management of and delivers new and improved • A deliberate emphasis on high deficits and debt, including Incompetent management by of $100 million into the have been hardest hit by goods and services, utilizing new value agriculture, focusing a focused debt management this UWP government has caused economy to stimulate job the recession and UWP production and service delivery on the food industry, agro- strategy; unemployment to rise once again creation and reconstruction. mismanagement. systems, methods and techniques. processing, and horticulture; to alarmingly high levels of over • Improvement in the  We will embark on an  We will redesign and improve This new economy must generate 20%. • Development of the creative productivity and transparency aggressive Post-Tomas STEP so that it can also cater new sources of income and of public expenditure; industries;  A major priority of our reconstruction programme to those people who can be employment, based on the most • Strengthening the government will be the to put hundreds of Saint trained to find alternative competitive levels of knowledge, • Support for the development institutional framework for creation of jobs. Lucians to work repairing our employment. skill and productivity. Job creation of a vibrant ICT sector; accountability; roads, bridges and damaged is our top priority.  The SLP will re-engage the • The creation of a new  Our Party will translate its infrastructure. renewables energy sector; • Protection of the poor and comprehensive Employment private sector in a new public- We will deepen efforts to vulnerable through fair and private sector partnership for modernize our economy and Activation Programme (LEAP) • Renewed emphasis on balanced fiscal measures; and into a National Initiative job creation. society, and bring Saint Lucia fully the International Financial into the international economy. • Linking wages and to Create Employment, Services sector. We also aim to eliminate productivity in the public and dedicated to creating and bureaucracy and adopt a zero private sectors. finding jobs for Saint Lucians. tolerance for corruption.6 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 7
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Stimulating Local Business We will work diligently and  The SLP will create greater A Revamped OPSR Skills Training for the Job  An SLP government will purposefully toward improving the space for small and medium- Market provide support and put Experience has shown that the business climate in Saint Lucia. sized enterprises (SME) to  We will ensure that the additional systems in place best way of stimulating post- operate by creating business OPSR, which we created in Our Party established the National to ensure that hundreds of recession growth in employment  Our goal is to make Saint 1998, continues to enhance incubators in the north and Skills Development Centre to train Saint Lucians are trained is to encourage entrepreneurship Lucia the number one place the services provided to south of the island. our people so that they could to Caribbean Vocational for doing business in the the private sector and and new businesses. succeed in the job market. Qualification (CVQ) level Caribbean.  We will provide a window efficiently delivers support for stimulating and facilitating and are able to compete for This will be done through a of assistance to SMEs for  During this term of office we  We will make capital available business in Saint Lucia. attractive jobs regionally and revamped investment and business training, preparation of will intensify our skills training to assist local small and internationally. promotion programme. business plans, feasibility  We will also restore the programme to ensure that medium enterprises to studies and marketing. original mission of the our citizens acquire the skills,  Additionally, we will train  An SLP government will target become export-ready and to OPSR to facilitate greater attitudes and qualifications our people so that they five areas for growth in our capitalize on opportunities  We will work with the collaboration between that will increase their can take full advantage of job creation programme: created by the CARIFORUM- Chamber of Commerce and the private sector and the employability locally and opportunities provided EU Economic Partnership other partners to provide Government. regionally. through the Economic • The Tourism Industry Agreement (EPA). greater encouragement to Partnership Agreement with  Through the OPSR, we The CARICOM Single Market and • The Creative Industries young people to become the European Union and any  We will upgrade the Bureau of will explore further and entrepreneurs, particularly the OECS Economic Union will new economic partnerships Standards so that it can step develop mutually beneficial • The ICT Sector in areas like the creative make more regional employment up its programme of ensuring opportunities for public- with countries like Canada. industries and the ICT sector. private sector partnerships. opportunities available. • The Renewable Energy that products from Saint Sector Lucia meet the highest quality standards and can compete in • High Value-Added international markets. Agriculture  We will provide a tax credit  During our next term of to local companies that invest office we will concentrate in research and development our efforts on stimulating aimed at improving the Entrepreneurship, Educating competitiveness and quality our work force, and of their products. Expanding our Export sector. UWP has Destroyed all SLP’s Work in Reducing Unemployment UWP Promised to Reduce Expenditure by $300 Million. Instead, they Increased it by $200 Million8 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 9
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Encouraging Investment Improved Climate New Sources of Investment Stimulating Innovation National Credit Bureau • Greater support for responsible lending and It is universally accepted that  The Saint Lucia Labour Party  The SLP will seek new Our Party believes that the growth It is important for us to enhance reductions in credit losses. political and macro-economic will restore political and investors from non-traditional and long-term viability of our the level of liquidity and stability are essential for attracting macro-economic stability in sources like the BRICS (Brazil, economy will depend on our transparency within the financial • Reductions in incidents of foreign direct investment. our country. Russia, India, China and South success in stimulating innovation. services sector. fraud and money laundering. Africa) and the Scandinavian  We will ensure there is a countries. These strategic We believe that establishing a • Elimination of interbank In 2006, under the SLP, Saint Lucia sensible and fair regulatory  We will establish an moves into new markets will Credit Bureau will provide a sound credit checks and other was rated 27th in the world by framework, supported be closely aligned with our Innovation Fund to stimulate the World Bank for Ease of Doing and facilitate the patentingof platform for development and bureaucratic measures. by effective and efficient external relations policies and Business, higher than Chile, Spain, institutional arrangements. inventions in select areas progress within the domestic programmes. • Facilitation of identity South Africa, France, Taiwan and and generate viable new financial sector.  We will put in place the confirmation and verification every other island in the Caribbean A New NDC business concepts that create  The SLP will establish a of personal details. necessary physical and social with the exception of Puerto framework, including a skilled employment. National Credit Bureau  In our next term of office, the Rico. In 2010, under the UWP, our and competitive labour to achieve the following • Greater centralization Saint Lucia Labour Party will ranking slipped to 53rd. force, and efficient energy give NDC the sole mandate Support for Coalition of objectives: of credit information to and telecommunications of investment promotion and Service Industries facilitate enhanced economic The UWP has not been able to infrastructure. business facilitation. • Dissemination of information analysis, strengthened attract any new major investors  The SLP will provide greater to facilitate increased access supervision of non-bank during its five years in office. In  We will undertake a NDC will no longer have support for the Saint to credit and expansion of financial institutions and comprehensive review of all responsibility for real estate in Lucia Coalition of Service improved systemic analysis fact, several investors who had lending activities. of the processes involved in Vieux Fort, managing factory Industriesin institutional shown an interest have abandoned aimed at safeguarding the doing business in Saint Lucia shells, or running the Pointe strengthening, public • Reductions in cost of lending their plans. through a business process education on trade related integrity of the domestic Seraphine Duty Free Complex. and prevailing interest rates. re-engineering initiative issues, promoting high financial sector.  The SLP will place high priority that will seek to remove all  This new agency will be called standards and following on attracting at least one unnecessary impediments the Saint Lucia Investment international best practices. major new investor in our first and bureaucratic red tape. Promotion Corporation year of office. (SLIPCO). New Investment Strategy We are confident that investors SLIPCO will focus on: will once again return to Saint In our 2006 Elections Manifesto we spoke of the need to develop a  Building Saint Lucia’s Lucia under a Labour government image as a preferred National Investment Strategy and because of: location for investors; stated this would have been one • A return to political stability of our priorities in our 3rd term of  Seeking out and office. and good governance; generating new  In our first year in office we investments in strategic • Our comprehensive will develop a comprehensive, sectors with high value- investment promotion innovative investment added and employment programme; strategy. generating potential; and • Proposed reductions in the  We will review the investment  Facilitating local and rate of Corporate Tax; incentives regime to foreign direct investment make sure that there is a by functioning as a • The track record of the SLP in closer match between the true One Stop Shop for attracting reputable investors. encouragements that we offer investors. to investors and the needs of • Our business process re- those investors. There must engineering initiatives that be a better balance between will simplify procedures and taxes and incentives. improve the business climate Our Country’s Global Investment Climate Rating has Dropped from 27 under SLP to 53 under UWP in Saint Lucia.10 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 11
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Removal of Stamp Duty No Other Options  Once VAT is introduced, our SLP Government will reduce  An SLP government will Our tax base is too small to taxation on working people consider the introduction allow government to provide the by raising the threshold, over of legislation to remove services that are demanded. the next five years, for the Stamp Duty in cases where payment of Income Tax from On top of that, the new regional $18,000.00 annually to at a borrower is moving to trade agreements will cause us another financial institution least $21,000.00 annually. to lose significant import tariff to secure re-financing of revenues that are currently paying outstanding loans for a Relief from High Gas Prices for many of these services. business enterprise. When our Party was in office we The other countries in the OECS provided a cushion to consumers Tax Break for SMEs and CARICOM have already faced that reality. Saint Lucia cannot from high prices of petrol and  A Labour government will continue to hide. Where VAT cooking gas. Once again, this will exempt all new companies is concerned we do not have a be the basis for our policy on fuel with a start-up capital base of choice, we must introduce it. costs. Effects of 9-11 less than $500 thousand from the payment of Corporate Lessening the Impact of VAT With respect to fuel prices, a Saint Taxes in their first 5 years of Lucia Labour Party government will operation. In order to lessen the discomfort do the following: New Policy Measures Tax Ombudsman Employment Tax Credit that VAT will bring to citizens, we The Value Added Tax (VAT) will:  Review the current fuel Our tax system should encourage Many citizens are intimidated by Consideration will be given to the ‘Pass Through’ mechanism Government must respond to the  Maintain a basket of goods entrepreneurship and job the Tax Department and many introduction of an “Employment and take steps to provide growing and changing needs of that will be zero-rated, creation, offer relief to those who are unable to pay accountants or Tax Credit.” This system will consumers with some degree its citizens. Among these are the meaning that these goods will lawyers to plead their causes. give tax credits to businesses of protection from high oil need it the most, and provide a need to ensure that: not attract VAT; that generate significant new prices, which may include sustainable revenue base that  We will create the office employment.  Delay the introduction of VAT allows government to provide a of “Tax Ombudsman” to • All children, from birth, get on the payment of bills for reducing the frequency with range of services to its citizens. intervene on behalf of To encourage new investment, we access to quality education; electricity and water until we which the consumer prices taxpayers and assist them will grant: are satisfied that the public are changed. to resolve differences and • All citizens have access to Tax Amnesty affordable health care; is reasonably protected from disputes between them  Two years free of tax arbitrary increases by the  Put in place a hard cap on the and the Inland Revenue for new companies that companies that provide these price of fuel so that when the There are many people who face • Hgh-risk groups get effective Department. employ at least six (6) services. price of oil passes a certain large tax liabilities due in part social protection services; people who are paid high threshold the full cost to huge penalties and interest Lower Corporate Tax Rate over $24,000.00 each per • The population is serviced by of that increase will not be on their arrears. In the past, Tax annum; and an efficient public service; passed on to the consumer. Amnesties have been granted. Our administration reduced the Usually these amnesties involve a corporate rate of taxation from  Three years free of tax reduction in penalties. • Our country has a sound, 33.3% to 30%. Over the next five for new companies that well-maintained stock of years we will: employ at least ten (10) public infrastructure.  In order to give ALL citizens people who are paid a chance to start with a  Reduce the rate of Corporate over $24,000.00 each per clean slate, the SLP will Tax for large businesses from annum. enact legislation and remove 30% to 25%; all penalties and interest on outstanding liabilities,  Reduce the rate of Corporate provided that all outstanding Tax on small and medium taxes are settled within a sized businesses from 30% to specified period. 20%. The Ultra-Expensive Home of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs12 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 13
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Developing the Human Direct Support to the Small Improving Saint Lucia Jazz Resource Base Hotel Sector  Our Party is committed to  An SLP government will  An SLP government will place improving the standard conduct a comprehensive a renewed focus on the small of Saint Lucia Jazz and Needs Assessment of the hotel sector. returning it to its position of Tourism industry to determine prominence on the global  We will develop a new music landscape. the human resource development needs of the Tourism Incentives Act that, among other things, provides  We will ensure that there is industry. adequate participation by greater support to small Saint Lucians in all aspects of  We will formulate a hotels, guest houses and this activity. comprehensive human ancillary services. resource development programme aimed at  We will assist the small Promoting Health Tourism increasing local involvement hotel sector with a special When we started the construction in all levels of the industry. marketing fund to assist with of a new Mental Health facility and The Landings - Built under an SLP Government promotional activities. a new General Hospital we wanted  Following from the results of to improve the quality of health A STRONGER TOURISM  The SLP government will re- examine and improve the  A Labour government will the Needs Assessment, our Meeting International care for citizens and position Saint continue our programme government will establish Standards INDUSTRY Tourism Incentive Act to of developing community strategic partnerships with Lucia so that it could be marketed provide new and additional tourism ventures that  The SLP government will as a viable health tourism existing and prospective The SLP is convinced that tourism incentives to small hotels, destination. highlight the positive tourism hospitality institutes work through the Tourism will remain a major contributor guest houses and for the development of tourism attributes of our communities to create a National Tourism & Development Agency and the We are pleased that Tapion to economic development, and enhance the livelihoods Hospitality Training Institute. Bureau of Standards to ensure employment and export revenue ancillary services. Hospital has also improved of their residents. that all service providers the range of services it offers in Saint Lucia for the foreseeable  Our government will also work achieve and maintain  We will ensure that and achieved international future. In this regard, we will adequate financial resources  We will build on the work closely with the private sector international benchmarks for ensure that tourism development we started during the Cricket accreditation. are allocated to tourism to enhance institutional and quality. is afforded high priority in the promotion, and we will World Cup and create a on-the-job training for our  An SLP government will forge development agenda. eliminate wastage of the St. unique Heritage Tourism hotel workers, tour guides, Customer Service Training a close collaboration between Lucia Tourist Board budget. experience. taxi drivers and other tourism the public and private sectors Our goals for our new term of service providers.  Our government will place in health and tourism to office will be to create more Greater Local Participation Heritage Promotion a very high premium on aggressively pursue our health linkages in the tourism industry to A New Tourism Development customer service in the  The SLP will create a tourism sector and we will tourism programme during ensure that economic benefits are  The SLP will encourage Agency distinctive Saint Lucian work with our private sector our next term of office. balanced and accrue to as many hotels and restaurants that benefit from government cuisine that promotes the  We will create a Tourism partners to ensure that all people as possible. use of local ingredients. Development Agency built on public and private sector staff incentives to participate more culinary specialties and a partnership between the who interact with our visitors Better Institutional Support in the development of the receive continuous training in communities on our island. beverages, while maintaining public and private sectors. this area. international industry  We will modernize the The agency will be responsible  Our Party will strongly standards. legislative framework that for the development of high supports the industry by support all investments that make maximum use  We will adopt a specialized growth segments including enacting in Parliament a new adventure, heritage, cultural, St. Lucia Tourist Board Act, of local content, involve programme for the enhancement of arts and craft sports, health and conference after discussion with industry joint partnerships with local tourism and for the overall partners. concerns, or promote the development, indigenous improvement of our tourism use of local products and manufacturing and product. expertise. merchandising programmes.14 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 15
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia A REVITALIZED Making Effective Use of the Restoring Productivity Land AGRICULTURE SECTOR Hurricane Tomas inflicted serious The availability of suitable land for damage on the agricultural sector The UWP came into office in 2006 agricultural activity is one of the with significant losses of crops and promising to revitalize agriculture serious limiting factors. Proper livestock. and restore the banana industry to land zoning and a sensible land its glory years. Almost five years use policy are necessary for the The heavy siltation of many of later the agriculture sector is in a viability of the sector and most our fields and the loss of topsoil Vibrant Cruise Tourism Sector Enhancement of Port Castries Greater Support for Yachting very shaky position and the banana make it necessary that government importantly, to guarantee food industry is almost dead, with cash- security. engages in a targeted programme The cruise tourism sector has  During our next term of office The Yachting Sector is definitely strapped farmers now having to of land clearing and restoration. served us well over the years we will take this project to one in which we have some degree deal with costly and dangerous  The SLP government will and we will continue our support the next level with the further of competitive advantage.  An SLP government, as part of diseases. identify and zone lands that to this sector by embarking enhancement of Port Castries its Post Tomas Reconstruction on a comprehensive product and the city of Castries. The Saint Lucia Labour Party will are best suited for agriculture During this term of office we and use legislation and programme, will engage in a development programme that provide greater support to this will focus on the following incentives to ensure that they land clearing and cultivation improves our land-based amenities  In Phase One we will sector through the following: development imperatives in are kept in food production. programme to restore the and encourages our visitors to redevelop the western side  Introduce a Yachting Act agriculture and fisheries: Our goal is to define in productivity of our major spend more time exploring our of the harbour, from the sea to allow for the orderly legislation an “Agriculture agricultural lands. simply beautiful country. end of the George F.L. Charles 1. Food Security Airport Runway to the San development of the sector. Green Belt”.  We will mandate the Research We will enhance the aesthetics Souci Bridge. 2. Effective Resource Use and Development Division  Facilitate skills training for  We will work toward putting of Port Castries and increasing Saint Lucians who want to and the Extension Division to the range and quality of options This will be pursued through 3. Targeted Production an end to the land use work in the yachting sector. practices that cause land test the nutrient profiles of available to the thousands of a public-private sector 4. Sustainability degradation. the soils in our prime lands visitors who go through our city partnership.  Develop Ganters Bay as an and work with the owners every year. up-market marina. 5. Strategic Marketing of these lands to bring these  We will encourage the A Land Bank relocation of all cargo facilities soils to levels of optimum When the SLP government  Improve the Customs, 6. Capacity Building at Port Castries to the wider In our previous term of office we fertility. developed La Place Carenage, Immigration and Port Castries basin. 7. Applied Research and started work with the Food and built the Desmond Skeete Authority facilities at Development Agriculture Organization on the Animation Centre and invested in This will be the first step to Soufriere. development of a Land Bank. the redevelopment of the Pointe transforming Port Castries Seraphine Berths the intention into one of the premiere  In this term of office we will was to improve our cruise shipping cruise tourism ports in the create a Land Bank so that facilities and enhance the tourism Caribbean. we can provide our young product offering in our city centre. farmers with suitable lands to We will continue this programme engage in modern, efficient in our next term in office. crop and livestock production.16 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 17
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia The SLP constructed 3 Modern Fish Landing Facilities An Action Plan More Support for Fisheries A National Food Marketing Company Our Party is serious about the In our previous term in office we revitalization of agriculture, built three Fish Landing Facilities,  We will establish a National but we believe this has to be a introduced Fish Aggregating Food Marketing Company collaborative initiative. Our success Devices (FADs) and long-line fishing that will absorb the existing The SLP built 3 of these Modern Produce Handling Centres with bananas has taught us that to increase the productivity of St. Lucia Marketing Board, we can succeed with export the fishing sector. Unfortunately, and will also manage the Working Links with Tourism Creating Farmers’ Markets New Links with the Health agriculture only if we consolidate this sector has been completely new National Abattoir and Sector Our Party will address the vexing Farmers’ Markets are a very our production and our marketing neglected by the UWP. the regional agro-processing problem of weak links with the important medium for local  We will encourage our health efforts. centres.  We will put an end to late tourism sector during its next term producers to market their produce. care providers to promote  An SLP government will payments to our Fishers Through this Company we of office in several ways. We will: In our rapidly evolving, consumer- the consumption of fresh spearhead efforts to convene by the Fish Marketing will eliminate the problems driven world, it is important that local produce to combat the  Work with the Credit Unions we respond to the consumers’ a major sub-regional meeting Corporation. We will insist that the hotel and tourism problems caused by over to improve the availability of need for convenience and ease of on agriculture involving all that our fishers receive sector have with unreliability consumption of imported credit for local farmers and access. the major agriculture regional payment within 30 days. of local supplies of produce, processed food products that fishers. agencies (IICA, FAO, CARDI) and solve the problems that are high in sodium, refined  A Saint Lucia Labour Party and countries such as Brazil,  We will increase the level of farmers have with hotels not  Review the Tourism Incentives sugars and other additives. government will provide Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela fuel subsidy to our fishers. purchasing their produce and regime so that it provides support for the hosting of Our goal is to restore local to develop a comprehensive not paying them on time. greater encouragement to farmers’ markets where agriculture to a position of multi-sector action plan for  We will set up a new Fisheries hotel and restaurant owners  An SLP government will create producers can sell their prominence in our economy agriculture and agri-business. Development Corporation to purchase food and other an attractive national brand produce in an organized and our society and to stimulate to manage the Fisheries items from local farmers and  The SLP will work closely synonymous with the highest manner, which does not increased demand for local Complexes and attend to the producers. with the National Fair quality standards that will create traffic or other hazards. produce. marketing of local fish and Trade Organization, Farmer seafood products. be used to promote export  Offer incentives that Cooperatives, WINFA, agriculture. Connecting Agriculture and The Revitalization of Cocoa encourage the consistent Winfresh and all local  We will establish new Fish supply of quality products by Schools Market reports indicate that within agriculture companies and The new food marketing our farmers. Aggregating Devices (FADs) to It is important that the agriculture the next 20 years world supplies cooperatives to ensure that company will be responsible of chocolate will diminish to the increase fish catch. sector develops strong links with finally, we can have a truly for gathering market  Establish a Clearing House for point where “chocolate will be like intelligence to inform the information on the demand the education and health sectors. diversified, profitable and  We will energize the young caviar”. productive agriculture sector. targeted production of crops. from the tourism sector  An SLP government will fisher training programme.  An SLP government will and the supply from the ensure that our young people agriculture sector. energize the revitalization of are taught the importance of the local cocoa sector through agriculture to our economy an aggressive programme and its value in maintaining of field rehabilitation and healthy lifestyles. replanting.18 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 19
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Motorable Farm Access Producer Service Centres Restructuring the Ministry Roads  We will establish a network  The Ministry of Agriculture Our farm access roads have of Producer Service Centres, and Fisheries will be DEVELOPING OUR Legislative Support  Strengthen copyright legislation to better protect deteriorated badly over the last where farmers and processors completely restructured, five years. will be able to obtain a wide in keeping with the CREATIVE INDUSTRIES Appropriate legislation will artists and help them range of information, training recommendations of the be enacted within the first generate increased income Despite the enormous work that The Saint Lucia Labour Party eighteen months of our new from their creations. and support relevant to their Bodhram Report that was was put in by the last Labour believes that positive expressions government to achieve the needs. produced by the IICA. following:  Regulate the export of cultural government, through the use of of our way of life must always be property and manage dealings Stabex funds, to improve the farm More Support for An Agriculture Incentives Act protected and preserved. Artistic  Provide tax incentives in artifacts. access roads around the island, Cooperatives productions and other cultural to attract private sector this UWP government has allowed During our last period in expressions define our cultural investment in the funding of  Give effect to international our farm roads to fall into a state  Our Party will provide government we developed a broad identity and help shape and sustain arts and cultural productions. agreements pertaining to the of disrepair. support to the various fisher range of new incentives for the our social wellbeing. protection and preservation and farmer cooperatives agriculture sector.  Allow tax deductions of cultural property and Our government understands the to encourage private artifacts. and producer organizations We are fully committed to the value of good farm access roads in  In our next term in office the individuals and companies around the island so that they establishment of vibrant Creative improving the post-harvest quality SLP will pass an Agriculture Industries through the marriage of to participate in a “cultural Financial Support may be able to expand and gifts” programme whereby of agricultural produce and in Incentives Act that will the arts and cultural expressions modernize their operations. donations of art or book  Provide “seed” financing for a reducing the cost of production of put in law the support and with business and technology. collections and culturally start-up fund to provide credit our farmers. Research and Development incentives that we will provide facilities to artists wishing to This will stimulate a vibrant new significant craft will be made to farmers, fishers and agri- to archives, libraries and produce marketable works  Therefore, an SLP government The agriculture sector cannot entrepreneurs. sector that can help to drive economic growth, diversification museums. and other works of artistic will once again embark on a grow without proper Research and value. comprehensive programme to Development. and expansion.  Create a Register of arts restore the farm access roads  Our government will lay the and culture organizations  Sustain and, whenever  An SLP government will possible, increase around our island to provide basis for the development based on acceptable criteria advocate strongly for the government’s subvention to our farmers with much- and sustainability of this new for which tax deductible development of a sub- national artistic and cultural needed relief from the poor sector by intervening at three contributions can be made. regional Agricultural Research institutions. conditions they have had to and Development Institute. levels: legislative, financial endure these last five years. and institutional.20 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 21
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia INTERNATIONAL STRENGTHENING THE Improving Productivity FINANCIAL SERVICES LABOUR MARKET To become and remain competitive our workforce must be well trained We recognize the value of Establishing A Minimum and must keep abreast of new International Financial Services Wage developments and technologies. in creating high-end jobs for our nationals, generating foreign  A Saint Lucia Labour Party  Our Government will provide investment, and increasing government will undertake incentives to encourage government revenue. an immediate review of employers to invest in the Minimum Wage to employees who seek to  The regulatory resources ensure that it prevents the develop and improve their will be strengthened to exploitation of workers. skills. ensure that applications for licenses can be processed The Labour Code  We will establish a tri-partite within timeframes that meet Productivity Council to worldwide industry standards. In our last term in government we assist with the vital task of developed a modern Labour Code. increasing the productivity of  The Attorney General’s our work force.  Make it mandatory that all  Build and maintain a  Mandate the National Council Chambers will be enhanced  Should the Labour Code not artwork exhibited in public world-class Centre for the for Arts and Culture to pursue to provide resources that be enforced by the date of Our focus will be on increasing the buildings, including schools, Performing Arts in honour of the development of arts and will ensure the passage of General Elections, we will effectiveness and the efficiency of are works by local artists, save the many theatre activists, culture, create a culture of legislation to keep Saint Lucia ensure that it is brought into our work force in the public and and except where these are past and present, who kept excellence, stimulate greater on the cutting edge of the force, with the appropriate private sectors. works donated by overseas the performing arts alive. economic returns to the industry. amendments bodies. sector and ensure that all  Provide leadership, and communities are enriched  The Ministry of Finance  Allocate at least 1% of start-up funding, towards and inspired by artistic and the creation of a National and the Ministry of Foreign the total cost of all new cultural activities. government buildings to the Performing Arts Company, Affairs will be empowered acquisition of local artwork comprising the best talents  Ensure that the School of to negotiate desirable for display in these buildings. in dance, drama, music, Music expands and sustains Double Tax Treaties and theatrical sound and lighting excellent music education Tax Information Exchange  Finance, every two years, and associated talents. programmes in the south of Agreements with Saint Lucia’s the publication of a work of the island. key trading partners, where literature by a Saint Lucian  Undertake a review, within these do not exist, and to writer resident in Saint Lucia, our first year in office, of  Revisit the Cultural the Priorities List of courses Development Foundation, seek out new, beneficial which is adjudged by a select committee of writers to and programmes of study to redesign and refocus its Treaties. be an outstanding work of and ensure that support is mission and enhance its  The overseas Missions will be literature. provided for persons wishing capacity to operate within to pursue studies in all areas a newly configured arts and sensitized about the industry Institutional Support of the arts and culture. culture industry. so that they can promote Saint Lucia as a safe and  Revisit the role and functions  Work with arts and culture The Saint Lucia Labour attractive jurisdiction. of the Department of Culture activists to create an Party pledges that if it so that the department can independent umbrella body, forms the next government  We will work closely with the become a more dynamic National Council for Arts and it will engage in deep and private sector to reestablish partner, working alongside Culture. meaningful consultations with Saint Lucia’s reputation for arts and culture institutions established artistes, culture transparency; efficiency and the private sector to  Provide increased support activists and organizations as to the music education and integrity in dealing with stimulate opportunities and it pursues its stated objectives foreign investors. identify markets for arts and programme in schools and to in this area. culture products. the St. Lucia School of Music. The SLP Government Modernised the Laws of Saint Lucia22 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 23
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia PILLAR 1: OUR NATIONAL SECURITY PROGRAMME MAKING OUR Our Party appreciates that creating STRENGTHENING THE a safe and secure country requires COUNTRY SAFER interventions at the level of the POLICE Our goal is to create a safe and secure country where the rule of Law is Police Force and its supporting respected and citizens trust the judicial system to operate fairly and objectively. legislation. Improvements will also For us to win the fight against Law and Order will be the first crime we must have a confident, pillar of development for our have to be made to the criminal justice system. empowered and efficient Police government. An immediate Force. priority for our Party when we get into office is to make Saint Lucia We must cause a serious change in the way we as citizens interact Capacity Building safer. with each other and resolve our misunderstandings. Without Our government will take By 2006, we had taken several question, there are important immediate steps to improve the steps to improve safety and social issues that we have to capacity of the Police Force in all security in the country. We address. areas. recruited large numbers of new police officers, constructed a Reducing poverty, generating  We will implement a modern Forensics Laboratory, more employment opportunities continuous and rigorous built several new police stations, and creating greater social equity training programme for ALL purchased several new vehicles, reduce the incentives for people to officers in the Police Force, built the Bordelais Correctional engage in criminal activity. which will be an important Facility, established the Criminal component for promotions Division of the High Court and a Several of the initiatives presented and placements. We must Crown Prosecution Service, created in our sections on economic improve the capacity of our the National Crime Commission development, job creation, and police officers to outthink and and strengthened a number of human and social development outsmart the criminals. laws. will help to create an environment that will make criminal life a less  We will develop a leadership Additionally, we recruited a team attractive option for many in our training programme that of 10 highly skilled British Police society. will be linked to career Officers to provide on-the-job development and succession training and support for our police planning for the important officers and to put in place modern management positions in the crime fighting and detection Police Force. systems.  We will bring about a There is clear evidence from Police significant improvement Reports that these measures were in the management and having a positive impact. operations of the Police Force. Bordelais Correctional Facility - Built by an SLP Government24 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 25
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Police Response  We will introduce a Customer Service Charter that will outline the service standards to which the Police will be held accountable.  We will accelerate the civilianization of all non- critical functions in the Police Force to ensure that as many Police officers as possible  We will commission new Tackling Corruption are available for the critical Police Intelligence A Strong Office of the DPP  The SLP will also establish crime fighting tools like elements of policing. a Recidivism Reduction an Automated Fingerprint The SLP believes that the majority  We will establish a National  An SLP Government will Programme, which will help Identification System, closed of our police officers are honest Sealing our Coastline Intelligence Authority to conduct a critical review of ex-offenders reintegrate into circuit television (CCTV), and and hard-working men and women handle the management the operations of the Office society by providing them the use of non-lethal weapons who make great sacrifices to keep For years we have known that our of intelligence for citizen of the DPP and implement with counseling and other in non-life threatening our citizens safe. However, where unmanned coastline serves as a security. Our approach whatever steps are necessary related support services. situations. we find corruption exists, our Party busy and important medium for to crime fighting will be to improve the capacity and will stamp it out. the exodus of stolen items and intelligence-driven and we ability of that Office and the  We will establish a system  The SLP will significantly drugs, and the entry of illegal will make our Police Force State to prosecute crime. to track the movements of increase the number of police We will not tolerate our policemen firearms, ammunition and drugs. proactive and more analytical all ‘repeat offenders’ and officers on the beat in our city being involved in criminal activity in their approaches.  We will fully commission the make better use of data and and in all major populated or aiding and abetting criminals in  We will work with regional Forensic Laboratory. information in establishing areas in our country. any manner whatsoever. and international agencies  Crime Intelligence Units will crime patterns and criminal to boost the capacity of the be established at the three profiles to assist crime  We will establish a properly Dealing with Criminal Our goal is to ensure that the Marine Police to patrol our divisional Police Stations, solving. resourced Serious Crimes Unit Police Force is not only corruption- Deportees & Repeat coastline and our coastal equipped with modern with responsibility for leading free but also adopts a zero surveillance equipment to Offenders waters. Developing Partnerships the fight against serious and tolerance culture to corruption. monitor activities of interest organized crime. in these Divisions. We will  We will hold discussions  We will seek the assistance of  A Saint Lucia Labour Party  We will take immediate ensure that each Division has with the United States our regional and international government will spearhead  An SLP government will measures, including a properly equipped Crime government at the highest partners to install a radar efforts to develop an effective establish a Highway Patrol to mobilizing external assistance, Scene Unit. levels on hemispheric system to help us track the regional and hemispheric manage the increasing road to aggressively weed out security and work toward the movement of all vessels in response to crime prevention traffic, and to make our roads corruption at all levels in the adoption of more mutually and out of our waters. We Improved Facilities and security enhancement. and highways safer for drivers Police Force. beneficial procedures for the are committed to strangling and pedestrians. deportation and repatriation and eventually eliminating  We will initiate plans for the  We will make greater use  We will implement a new of criminals. this critical conduit for construction of new modern of our foreign missions  We will amend our legislation security vetting system for the criminal activity. Headquarters for the Royal to establish bilateral and to allow for the use of RSLPF, which will include the  We will set up a deportee Saint Lucia Police Force and multilateral agreements with electronic tagging with use of polygraph testing for database that will contain all the Saint Lucia Fire Service in friendly countries to combat curfews to control and senior ranks and for officers important information and the Castries area. crime and terrorism. monitor the movement out serving in sensitive and critical biodata on the deportees and of prison of people who are positions. will make it easier to keep not a serious threat to society track of their whereabouts. but who would normally have been placed on remand.26 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 27
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia STRONGER JUSTICE  We will ensure that children TACKLING SOCIAL in need of care and protection SYSTEM are separated from young ISSUES offenders and that children on  We will work with the Eastern remand are not mixed with Low Tolerance Culture Caribbean Supreme Court convicted young offenders. to accelerate plans for the  An SLP government will work construction of a modern New Facility for Juveniles closely with community National Court in the Castries. groups to develop a low  We will undertake a comprehensive review of tolerance culture in our  We will also work with the communities towards Supreme Court to expedite the correctional system for juvenile delinquents, which domestic violence, drug the hearing of remand cases. abuse, drug trafficking, gang will include the construction and equipping of a new activity, child abuse and other Improving Juvenile Justice facility for juvenile offenders social ills. The Forensic Lab: An SLP Initiative and the establishment of a We will work to improve the rehabilitation programme  Our government will actively administration of juvenile justice. with input and support encourage our media houses  Our government will continue  Power will be given to the  The illegal possession of and cable television providers to give active support Police and other enforcement firearms and firearms from families, churches and  We will put a stop to the community organizations. to voluntarily control to the Regional Security agencies to seize vehicles that offences will automatically programmes with violent early criminalization of System (RSS), the CARICOM are not insured and to impose attract imprisonment and not content or music with violent young people by encouraging Implementation Agency for stiffer penalties for dangerous fines. lyrics. alternative sentencing, Crime and Security (IMPACS), driving.  We will make it possible for probation, non-custodial and the Association of  We will work with public  The new Police Act will make video evidence by children to sentences, and the diversion Caribbean Commissioners of media to encourage it to fulfil provisions for an Independent be introduced by the Police of cases from the courts Police (ACCP). its important role in shaping a Tribunal to determine cases and at Courts with remote through mediation. against Police Officers accused links in order to reduce new society. NEW MODERN of breaches of discipline. the number of times child LEGISLATION  The laws will be amended to witnesses are re-victimized within the judicial system. permit DNA sampling of every  During our next term of office person convicted of a crime.  We will strengthen the laws we will develop and pass a dealing with littering, verbal  We will introduce a statutory abuse, noise pollution, new, modern Police Act to requirement on the part of loitering, indecent exposure, govern the administration and developers and commercial degrading of public places, operations of the Police Force. enterprises to consult and abandonment of with the Police on their derelict vehicles, and most  Codes of Practice will be development plans, paying importantly we will ensure issued in support of the particular attention to how that these laws are enforced. Evidence Act, in particular crime reduction measures will to provide guidance and be incorporated and how the authority to search premises impact of their development after arrest, thereby doing upon the Police and other away with the need to obtain statutory agencies will be warrants in every case. minimized.28 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 29
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Controlling Use and Sale of Youth Support Programmes  After-school programmes PILLAR 2: OUR HUMAN & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Alcohol will be developed in all  We will conduct security communities, starting with  We will put in place stricter audits of our schools with a the most vulnerable, and Our goal is to create a society of educated, healthy and culturally conscious citizens, penalties for the sale of view to establish all schools provide incentives for private which provides care and support for the vulnerable and at-risk individuals among us. alcohol to under-age youth as safe zones where there is sector participation. and alcohol use by these zero tolerance to violence,  HRDCs will be converted youth. anti-social and delinquent into all-purpose, Community behaviour. In those Safe Activity Centres for skills  The sale of alcohol and School Zones, the penalties training, drama, community the sponsorship by alcohol for certain offenses will be events, indoor competitions, companies will be prohibited increased. community group and sports at all youth-related activities club meetings, and internet- or events.  Where needed, we will based research. implement regular patrols of  We will clamp down on the school zones to ensure that  Incentives will be provided to illegal sale of alcohol at public our students and teachers are the private sector to expand events. not threatened by crime or opportunities and support violence. in high-risk areas and to vulnerable groups. Making Greater Use of  Programmes will be Information established in all schools Support for Parents dealing with drug prevention,  The SLP will establish a multi- conflict resolution, guidance The SLP believes improving agency Commission to assist counseling, mentoring, family parenting skills is a critical element in the fight to develop a values, and health promotion. in building a stronger nation and national culture against crime we will support all programmes in and violence.  The Ministry of Education this area. and the Department of Youth  This Commission will be will provide full support  Our government will stronger than the NCC, with a for the expansion and/or work with regional and more sweeping mandate and reestablishment of uniformed international agencies to a more effective and efficient groups like Boy Scouts, Girl provide parental skills training administrative structure. Guides, Pathfinders, and in vulnerable communities Cadets in all primary and and to high-risk groups.  Through the Commission, we secondary schools on the will undertake a geographic island.  We will use the government- mapping of the social owned media of the National problems and their related  Second chance opportunities Television Network and Radio conditions, with a focus will be provided for out- St. Lucia to deliver island-wide on drug and alcohol use, of-school youth, involving skills training to every parent. domestic violence, child a combination of remedial abuse, and gang involvement. instruction, skills training  We also plan to work closely and work apprenticeship with our religious leaders programmes. to develop and implement strategies and programmes to build the spirituality and compassion of our people.30 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 31
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Universal Early Childhood Primary Education  We will establish fully- We are concerned about the poor Education equipped computer labs in pass rates in mathematics and In 1998 our Government all primary schools on the English and the large numbers established and implemented the island with broadband access of students who sit the CXC The years between birth and five Minimum Standards Test (MST) to to the internet, and ensure examination and do not get years old is a critical priod in the benchmark the performance of our that every classroom in every acceptable grades for matriculation brain development of a child. children in Primary School. primary school has access or entry level employment. An SLP Unfortunately, a large percentage of our children do not receive to a computer with internet government will:  We will use the results of the formal early childhood education. access. MST at Grades 2, 4 and 9 to  Revolutionize our secondary identify those students who  We will provide free vision education system and review  The next Labour Government are in need of remedial action and hearing tests for all our curricula to ensure will implement Universal Early and ensure that they receive children in Primary School to that more of our boys stay Childhood Education. support in their areas of allow us to identify whether in school until graduation  Our goal is to ensure that weakness. there are any physical and more of our children every child of pre-school age ailments that may affect their leave school with a quality Our primary school curriculum is enrolled in and attends an ability to learn and perform education. must allow our children to get the accredited Early Childhood adequately in school. quality of education necessary  Ensure that subject offerings Learning Centre by the year to succeed in today’s world.  To ease the burden on are matched to the students’ 2015. This requires a focus both on families whose children interest and abilities.  The SLP will make it academic education and character graduate from primary school possible for children from education. to secondary school, we will  Place greater emphasis on disadvantaged families to provide a one-off bursary technical and vocational Our children must cultivate training. attend pre-school in their of $500.00 per student to greater tolerance, they must learn communities free of charge. eligible parents at the start of AN EDUCATION Building A Modern System the importance of cooperation, the school year.  Make greater use of perseverance, and civic technology and other REVOLUTION An SLP government will continue  We will ensure that Early responsibility, and they should innovative teaching methods. Childhood teachers are Secondary Education the education revolution that we properly trained and that acquire skills that will allow them Most of the work that our Party started during our previous term of  Work to ensure that our all Early Childhood Learning to become respected and trusted The ‘one size fits all’ curriculum embarked on in the education office. education system caters to Centres are accredited and members of society. is no longer applicable within the sector has not been followed children with varying abilities meet national standards. context of secondary education. through by the UWP government. Our goal is to build a modern  We will work with the and interests. Despite being handed the education system that teaches our  Wherever possible, we will Caribbean Examinations Subjects such as English, magnificent platform of Universal Council (CXC) and the OECS  Provide support for more youth to think critically, to solve make use of unused space Mathematics, Sciences, Civics, Secondary Education, the UWP has Secretariat to restructure the counsellors and other support problems, to be able to apply and capacity in our primary and a foreign language must done nothing to build on this solid primary school curriculum to services in our schools so that their knowledge, to communicate schools to provide early form the foundation of our foundation. allow it to respond to these our children become more effectively, to develop emotional childhood education. secondary education system and new demands. connected to their schools intelligence, and to be able to technical and vocational training None of the plans that we  Our government will provide and get a more well-rounded resolve conflicts peacefully. opportunities must be expanded. developed for early childhood support to the Roving education experience. education and post-secondary Caregivers Programme to help We want a system that trains our  Introduce partial zoning of our education have been implemented. provide assistance to at-risk young people for the demands and secondary schools. families in early childhood complexities of a modern global development. Large numbers of pre-school age labour market.  Remove the financial barriers children do not benefit from early to education by expanding the childhood education, while at the Our education system must create school feeding programme tertiary level our enrolment rates world class citizens, who can act and the book bursary and are unacceptably low. local and think global. textbook rental programmes. The Dame Pearlette Primary School: Built by an SLP Government32 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 33
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia  Provide every secondary  We will remove Sixth Form  The SLP will work toward school student, upon entering from the SALCC. ensuring that by 2020 one out Piaye Secondary School - Built by the SLP Fourth Form, with a laptop of every four households in computer.  An SLP government will our country has at least one explore all options for person who has completed Children with Special Needs Continuing Education Teacher Development  Meet the CXC examination increasing access to Sixth tertiary level education. costs for those parents who Form, with the aim of Our system must become more  We will revive the SLP-created Our education system must be able cannot afford the payments. increasing the Sixth Form  Our Party will establish a responsive to the circumstances of National Enrichment and to attract and retain qualified and intake by 100% by the end of financing mechanism to Special Needs Children. Learning Programme (NELP) motivated teachers, especially in  Ensure that the school our next term in office. guarantee 60% of a Student and take it one step further mathematics, science, English, ICT environment is as appealing  We will make provision for an by converting our HRDCS and the Arts. Loan for students who as possible and we will The removal of Sixth Form from adequate number of trained into Continuing Education otherwise would not be increase the variety and the SALCC the stage will set the teachers to cater to students Campuses where a range Our Party is committed to able to afford a University quality of after-school stage for the next steps in the with Special Needs; of education and training improving opportunities for education. programmes. evolution of the College. programmes will be offered. teacher development.  The SLP will strengthen the  We will intensify efforts  Support the formation of There is insufficient evidence at capacity of Special Education  We will provide free access to In conjunction with the Teacher’s to source and secure after-school clubs and will this stage to support the decision services and enhance the the internet at these centres Union, a Labour government will: scholarships for qualified encourage volunteers to work to convert the SALCC into a counseling services available; and use them as a critical Saint Lucian citizens to pursue  Consider introduction of a with children in mentoring university. tertiary level education at channel for digital literacy  Our Party will improve scheme of performance- and homework assistance accredited institutions. and adult education for  We will critically review the quality of teaching for based rewards programmes. disadvantaged groups. the work of the Committee students with Special Needs.  We will work with the  Encourage the reintroduction established to oversee the commercial banks to review of PTAs . transition and determine the the role the Priority List plays best future for the SALCC in in determining eligibility for Post-Secondary Education the context of the tertiary Student Loans. Loans should education needs of our not be denied to people who We need to increase the number population. . can demonstrate means to of children who have access repay their student loans to Sixth Form education. This To graduate from dependency to because their subject area is cannot be done by expanding the self-sufficiency, our country must not on the Priority List. programme at the Sir Arthur Lewis educate our people to the highest Community College (SALCC). levels. This has always been a goal of our Party. Marigot Secondary School - A Product of the SLP34 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 35
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia The Mental Health Hospital - An SLP Project Gros Islet Secondary School - Constructed by the SLP COMPREHENSIVE Six Major Objectives Effective Primary Health Care  Devise strategies to increase  Provide training for all  Work with the SALCC to the number of specialist principals, deputy principals ensure that training is HEALTH CARE Therefore, our plans for the  We will ensure that our teachers in critical subject and senior teachers in school provided to our teachers health sector will be based on six primary health care teams areas. leadership and management. in emotional intelligence, objectives: work closely with our Local and to help them recognize It is clear that the UWP has no Government system so that  Introduce Career Ladders that  Provide support for our plans or strategy for addressing the 1. Strengthening the delivery every community in Saint teachers, through the SALCC behavioural problems that can will allow teachers to progress health sector in the country. In the of primary health care at Lucia has access to quality and the Ministry of Education, impact negatively on learning through the system, based on short space of five years they have the community level primary health care. to enable them to use IT for and on student behaviour. professional standards. managed to make a complete mess 2. Establishing Universal teaching and learning.  Encourage more males to join of the new Mental Health Hospital Health Care to provide a  We will insist that each  Work toward having all the teaching service to correct that was constructed by the SLP comprehensive, publicly primary health team has teachers enrolled in initial and  Give every teacher special the gender imbalance. government during our last term of guaranteed package of the appropriate skills and pre-service teacher training training in guidance and office. health services to Saint competencies to oversee the programmes at the SALCC counseling. Lucians mental, physical, spiritual and complete the Bachelor’s of To add insult to injury, the Minister social health needs of our of Health, with no consultation 3. Developing accountable, Education degree, with some communities. with his ministry or hospital staff, efficient, well managed specialization in one of the gave permission for an offshore public hospitals core teaching subjects.  We will focus on ensuring medical school to operate from the 4. Improving the human resource base in the health that residents around the Mental Hospital, denying the long- island receive comprehensive suffering patients and staff access sector through a strategic development programme (i) community mental to the facilities that had been built health support, (ii) social for them. 5. Putting in place a support services, (iii) disease comprehensive national management for non- Our Party has a vision for a health information system nation of residents who are communicable diseases, that integrates all health and (iv) infectious disease physically, mentally, spiritually information from the public and emotionally well, because a prevention and management. and private health sectors healthy nation is a wealthy and 6. Ensuring that all our health productive nation. services are accredited according to international Ciceron Secondary School - Another Product of the SLP standards36 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 37
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Regardless how well we develop  We will ensure that each of our  We will also work with local our health services, certain major hospitals – Saint Jude’s tertiary education institutions, specialized services will still have in the South and the National regional and international to be sourced overseas. Medical Complex in the North institutions to ensure that – has appropriate and efficient our health care workers  Our government will seek levels of medical and nursing have access to the necessary to negotiate arrangements staff. educational opportunities to that will allow our people improve their skills to meet access to good service at an  After the New National our country’s needs. affordable price at reputable Medical Complex is health institutions overseas. completed, we will move all  Our government will work acute care services from the with the professional Well Run Hospitals existing Victoria Hospital to associations to address the New National Medical conditions of service for Our Party’s goal when we Complex and convert the old health workers and to embarked on the construction of Victoria Hospital to a national ensure good communication, the new Mental Health hospital physical rehabilitation facility understanding and joint and a new National Hospital was and a polyclinic for the ownership of the services. to develop a modern, integrated Castries area. health service. This remains one of  We will look to improve our major objectives for the health Human Resource the benefits to health care sector. Development workers so that they can operate in more comfortable We need to ensure that our For our health services to work conditions and be encouraged hospitals are managed properly. properly, we must have properly to remain in the sector. The New National General Hospital - We Started It, We will Complete It This problem has plagued our trained and motivated health care health system for too long. workers. We are concerned over the high Universal Health Care - Our country has limited financial  We will establish Hospital  We will conduct an audit of morbidity and mortality rates means and even the best and most Boards for each major the human resources in the A Reality hospital, with the appropriate associated with diseases like equitable system will create an health sector and develop It is our Party’s mission to ensure additional burden on our national authority to manage the a plan to fill the immediate diabetes, hypertension, heart that every Saint Lucian has access budget. human, financial, and physical gaps in services as well as to disease, stroke and cancers. resources of the hospital. to a package of guaranteed health develop the health services services. We have to encourage our people for the long term.  An SLP government will place to adopt healthier lifestyles and high priority on tackling  In this term of office our Party at the same time, discourage chronic non-communicable will implement Universal them from indulging in unhealthy diseases, through a range Health Care. practices. of programmes, including  We will agree on the publicly  We will provide incentives discouraging cigarette guaranteed package of for the promotion and smoking in public areas, consumption of healthy food services, we will cost these reducing salt intake in foods, services, identify how the products and wholesome promoting fitness and physical national system should activities including physical activity initiatives, and deliver it, and we will make exercise. We will also create increasing the level of public provisions for its financing. disincentives for unhealthy awareness of the importance products and practices. of healthy lifestyles.  We will encourage private health insurance providers, through tax incentives, to  Where health centre facilities provide the complementary are found lacking, we will health services at all levels. bring these up to national standards.38 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 39
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Health Information Systems This system will allow us to use  We will review our health our limited resources better on legislation, and where An effective national health service priority areas like the prevention necessary develop new must be supported by a reliable of HIV-AIDS and sexually laws to allow us to meet the and secure health information transmitted infections, chronic existing regulatory gaps. system. non-communicable disease management, and mental illness.  We will fully commission a  We will put in place a system secure national electronic Proper Accreditation at the community level health information system in to manage health service every health facility on the  We will make it mandatory for complaints and to mediate island. all health services, public and in order to quickly resolve  We will provide incentives private, to enter into formal outstanding issues. to the private sector to accreditation processes. encourage them to adopt the This will be an essential part of the system and to be part of the  Our goal is to have all of our new architecture of community national health network. health services accredited by empowerment that we are seeking a recognized international to establish.  Wherever possible, we will agency by 2016. link the health information system to other information platforms. CARING SOCIAL Improving Service Delivery  We will also ensure that our social safety nets reach the SERVICES  We will establish a Social neediest by sharpening the Protection Bureau that will targeting strategies through serve as the country’s central conditional cash transfer Our Party recognizes that the registry for the poor and programmes and the use of current economic crisis has had vulnerable. proxy testing. a serious impact on our most vulnerable populations – the poor,  We will make the central  The SLP will review the public single mothers, and the youth in registry the point of collection assistance programme to particular. The plight of the poor of information on all of our include a broader range of and vulnerable has worsened by poor, indigent and vulnerable services like food vouchers the last five years under this UWP populations. and health exemption cards. government.  The Labour government will  Our goal will be to align It is obvious that in our next term introduce a family support our social programmes to of office we will have to bring programme that will address the needs of the labour about a paradigm shift in the the social, economic, health market and to the availability approach to social transformation and education related of opportunities locally, by moving from the mere provision needs of poor and indigent regionally and internationally. of social welfare to a focus on households. social empowerment.  We will rationalize the Our Social Protection programme services in the departments will focus on (i) improving the of Human Services, Family delivery of social services and Affairs, Gender Relations (ii) providing direct support to and Social Transformation to vulnerable groups, all within a ensure that more resources philosophy of breaking the cycle of go towards support and less inter-generational poverty. toward inefficient public Two Years Later, Still No St. Jude’s Hospital administration.42 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 43
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Support for Senior Citizens A VIBRANT SPORTS  Use the revived Club system as a means to engage out-of-  Establish a Desk in the Ministry of Youth and Sports  We will complete the plans PROGRAMME school youth in structured to source scholarships unveiled during our last term sports programmes. and contracts for talented of office to ensure that we Sports and physical activity are sportspersons. have a new Senior Citizens vital components of national  Assist national sports Home that will allow our associations with support development in general, and youth  Support the development Seniors to enjoy the quality of for office space and life to which they are entitled. development in particular. Sports of training programmes for administrative work so that have recreational, social and trainers, coaches, and Physical they can perform more  We will work with private economic value, which is why the efficiently and effectively. Education teachers in schools. service providers to ensure last Labour government made the that there are appropriate largest investments in sports of  Continue our programme of  Set up a Coaching Division standards of care for Senior any government in our country’s in the Ministry of Sports to improving community sports Citizens and collaborate history. with the National Council provide specialist training for facilities. of and for Older Persons to all major sport programmes. Assistance for Vulnerable Support for the Differently implement a comprehensive This time our goals will be to:  Provide support to ensure Groups Abled programme of support for  Transform the George that organized sports Senior Citizens.  Mandate the Ministry of Odlum National Stadium activities take place regularly Our programme of support for Our society must become more Sports and the Ministry of into a comprehensive at the pre-school, primary, our unemployed young people, sensitive to the needs of the  Where necessary, we will Social Transformation to work another of our vulnerable differently-abled. sports complex, equipped secondary and post-secondary work with these private together to revitalize the club groups, is outlined in our Youth structure in communities with dormitories, meeting levels. providers to help them Development Programme.  We will lead the way by improve their services. around the island. rooms, gymnasia and other ensuring that Government supporting facilities for the Single Mothers buildings provide easier  A Labour Government will  Provide support to Sports all-round development of access to persons with establish a Home Help Clubs to help them world-class Saint Lucian Single mothers are a particularly disabilities and we will work Programme (staffed by vulnerable segment of our organize and mobilize their athletes. with the Private Sector to some of the Single Mothers membership and providing population. That vulnerability also ensure that they follow suit. who participate in our extends to their children, providing training to Sports Clubs in club Single Mothers Training governance, communication two powerful reasons for more  All new constructions of Programme), which will make effective interventions and support buildings to serve the public and financial management. it possible for more Senior to this group. must cater to the differently- citizens to live in their own abled. homes.  We will expand opportunities for skills training, job  We will ensure that our  We will re-introduce our placement, and adult education system caters to Home Repair Programme education for single mothers. the differently-abled and for the Elderly, providing allows them to benefit from a labour and materials free of  Our government will quality education. implement a special charge for low income elderly programme to train  We will remove all duties, persons, or senior citizens unemployed single mothers. taxes and environmental who are physically or mentally The trainees will be paid an levies on the importation challenged. allowance while they learn of special needs vehicles by  Senior citizens with limited new skills, and as much as persons with disabilities. financial means who are possible, we will incorporate suffering from mobility a work apprenticeship  We will collaborate with the owners of public transport problems will be provided programme. We will also with wheelchairs, walkers and ensure that their children are vehicles and provide them with incentives to equip their devices by the State. cared for during their period of training. vehicles to cater for people with disabilities. The National Stadium - A Product of the Labour Party Government44 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 45
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia A Housing Development under the SLP MORE AFFORDABLE To jump-start the private sector  The Saint Lucia Labour Party programme we also propose the will put measures in place to HOUSING following: ensure that the poor can get access and title to land.  Tax credit to developers who The last five years represent the engage in the housing market.  As promised in our last lowest period in our nation’s manifesto, our Party will history for the housing sector,  Allowing the developer to make housing lots available and this has been the worst sell a maximum of 50% of the to people who are occupying performance of any Housing lots within a development Government lands in Augier,  Encourage the private sector  Provide greater public Sports Tourism Programme Minister. without a bond, and allow Anse Ger and Myers Bridge. to assist in organizing sports recognition to Saint Lucian the release of the remaining activities in that sector and for sportsmen and women who In our previous term of office, we Catalyzing Private Sector 50% to be approved for sale  We will also target specific special groups in our society. have scaled new heights in built a world-class Cricket Ground Housing after the completion of the communities such as Anse La their respective sporting and a state-of-the-art National infrastructure within the Raye, Canaries and Soufriere  Ensure that all government endeavours. Stadium. The intention was to In the local construction sector development. to acquire lands for low and housing developments cater provide excellent facilities for our there has been a significant middle income housing. for spaces for physical activity  Explore the creation of an athletes and also to allow us to slowdown in private sector housing This will increase the output of and safe outdoor recreation insurance regime to provide venture into the lucrative arena of developments. housing lots on the market from Reinstatement of PROUD for young people. protection to all young sports tourism. the private sector. athletes who have been Our Party fully supports the use of  Work with private developers selected to represent their The Programme for the  An SLP Government will infrastructure performance bonds Public Sector Housing Rationalization of Unplanned to ensure that similar country. develop sports tourism to protect the buyer, but we also provisions are made for Initiatives Developments (PROUD) was as an important plank of want to balance this safety net created by the SLP government in private sector housing  Remove all duties on sporting our national development with the need to allow developers projects. equipment imported by A major goal of our Party has 2000. strategy, with particular some breathing space to embark registered Sports Clubs or always been to increase the supply emphasis on creating on new housing developments. PROUD allowed poor people  Develop a database of all Associations. of affordable land and housing in the necessary networks, who had been squatting on Saint Lucians who have  Establish mini stadia in every a manner that poses minimum administrative arrangements government-owned lands for represented their country in major town and village on the negative structural consequences and marketing approaches. decades to gain title to these lots, sports, past and present, and island. for community development. ensure that these illustrious and it provided proper drains,  We will use Sports Tourism to footpaths and roads in these sons and daughters are given  We will establish a horse  We will convert existing create new employment and developments where none had the recognition and support racing track in Vieux Fort. Government-controlled rental economic avenues for our existed before. that they deserve. units into a rent-to-own youth. arrangement.46 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 47
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia The UWP’s Idea of a Housing Development CELEBRATING OUR Island-Wide Campus of  The National Museum RICH NATIONAL Performing Arts Facilities and Gallery will be an New PROUD Programmes New Housing Developments Stimulating Employment important part of our plans HERITAGE  As stated earlier, our for the people-centered government will revive its redevelopment of Port Unfortunately, this programme, Our public sector housing The Housing Sector will be used to plans to establish a National which benefited Saint Lucians in programme is designed to jump- create the much needed surge in Castries. Our country has a rich cultural Centre for the Performing communities like La Ressource, start the construction industry. construction activity by mobilizing Arts. heritage and a proud record of  Like the proposed National Derriere Morne, La Croix in There is a huge inventory of idle equipment and unemployed achievements in the creative However, we do not believe Centre for the Performing Laborie, Des Barras, Ravine construction equipment that is tradesmen - masons, carpenters, arts and our Party has always that one National Centre will be Arts, the National Museum Poisson, L’Abbayee and Sarrot, was lying idle within the industry. plumbers and electricians - while been committed to creating the the solution to the problem of and Gallery will be a joint terminated by the UWP. simultaneously addressing the environment for this heritage to performing space and facilities for collaboration between the  The SLP will begin several social issues relating to the fluorish. our artistes. Government of Saint Lucia,  The SLP government will housing developments informal settlements that are the private sector, and non- reinstate PROUD so that throughout the island. spreading within our urban centre. In our previous term of office  As part of our plans to governmental organizations. illegal and unplanned we established the Cultural provide better facilities for the settlements around the island Urban Renewal Development Foundation and Performing Arts, we will make  Also, like the National Centre The following areas will be can be transformed into well- provided grants to musicians and possible the multi-sector use for the Performing Arts, we given priority consideration: of our HRDCS so that they structured communities, with  We will initiate an urban music producers to help them will look to integrate the proper facilities for education, can also serve as community renewal programme for to improve their skills and better existing specialized galleries recreation and waste disposal. • Dennery Valley Creative Arts centres, creating Castries during our next term market their products. an island-wide campus of with the National Museum to • Micoud of office. performing arts facilities. form an island-wide network  In our first term of office, We abolished the Entertainment • Babonneau of centres involved in the we will focus on PROUD Our city is too important for us Tax and negotiated with the  Where possible, we will display of Saint Lucia’s rich programmes in the following • Anse La Raye to allow it to continue to decay government of the People’s provide encouragement heritage. areas: • Vieux Fort before our eyes. Republic of China to construct a to the private and NGO modern National Centre for the sectors to add to the stock of  We will support the • Choiseul Performing Arts. performing arts facilities. development of Street • Rock Hall  We will pay close attention • Bruce Ville • Laborie to the need to make the city Theatre in the Pointe Regrettably, during the tenure of A National Museum and Seraphine/Waterfront area on • Cantonnment safer and cleaner, improve this UWP government we have The intention will be to create as the flow of pedestrian and Gallery Sundays to popularize theatre • La Ressource, Vieux Fort seen a return to a situation of many serviced lots as possible vehicular traffic, enhance the and to develop another link • Aupicon neglect and indifference towards  Our Party believes that in the first two years and then aesthetic appeal of the city between the tourism industry • Grace culture and the creative arts. a National Museum and proceed with housing construction and environs, and improve its and the cultural sector. • Dennery Gallery is long overdue and in the following two years. overall functionality. It is important for our society that we will start work toward its • Bexon we keep our culture healthy and establishment. rejuvenated and this will be one of the goals of our government.48 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 49
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia PILLAR 3: OUR INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Our goal is to develop modern, affordable and resilient infrastructure that can support our social and economic development. Heritage Investment Greater National Pride Support for Arts and Crafts Programme (HIP) An important component of our Vendors and Artisans  Our government will development as a nation must be  We will work closely with the the pride that we take and share in establish a Heritage Vendor’s Association to make the achievements of our people. Investment Programme (HIP) much-needed improvements that supports the overall We believe it is government’s to the Vendor’s Arcade. development of arts and responsibility to put in place the heritage organizations. structures and the environment to  This facility will be made make this possible. more user-friendly and more This programme will have four comfortable for the vendors components:  As a first step in this direction, who occupy it, and in the the SLP will establish a process become a valuable  Endowment Component – to broad-based committee to medium for the sale of local allow the private sector and recommend to Cabinet on Conway Business Centre and Car Park - An SLP Initiative products. individuals to make financial the naming of schools, public contributions or other buildings and other major We believe that our Vendor’s public infrastructure after endowments to the Fund. Arcade should be a place where Saint Lucians who have made Saint Lucian products are displayed  Community Heritage significant contributions in their respective fields. and offered for sale. Component – to support communities that undertake We believe that this will go a long  The SLP will provide financial exceptional projects that way in fostering greater civic pride and technical support for enhance cultural and heritage and responsibility. training for our artisans characteristics. so that they can improve  We will also undertake to the quality and variety of  Strategic Initiatives name every street on our products that are made in Component – to support island, and as much as Saint Lucia. programmes that impact a possible, we will insist that large cross-section of society these streets are named after Special Projects or multiple associations. people who have contributed in one way or the other to  Our Party will encourage the development of the the playing of traditional  Life Support Component – to community. instruments in particular, and provide critical emergency an appreciation of indigenous assistance to arts or cultural music in general. organizations that find themselves on the brink of  We will undertake the extinction. restoration and digitization of Ministry of Communications & Works Building - Built by the SLP our non-tangible heritage.50 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 51
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia RESILIENT  It will supervise all national The Ministry will be charged with public infrastructure works, the responsibility to ensure that INFRASTRUCTURE including those currently the right infrastructure is built supervised by the Ministry in the right place in a way that is Planning and maintaining public of Health and the Ministry of transparent and fair and makes the infrastructure is one of the most Education. most efficient use of public funds. important components of any government’s work programme. Among the specific responsibilities  We will eliminate significant It is also another of the areas in of this Ministry will be to: duplication and wastage of which the UWP government has resources by consolidating failed miserably.  Identify the infrastructure several small Project developments that will Implementation Units in Our public infrastructure is various ministries into one benefit key public sectors and in a deplorable state and the Ministry. Government’s weak response in improve the overall standard the post-Hurricane Tomas period and quality of living; Office of Contractor-General has only made a very bad situation  Review and evaluate The construction sector has been worse. infrastructure plans submitted hit very hard by the recklessness of Roads under an SLP Government On top of that, the corrupt by partner ministries and the UWP administration. practices that we have seen in make recommendations to the past five years in the award Cabinet for the Government’s During the past five years there POST-TOMAS Damage to Bridges and Priority Reconstruction have been several documented Culverts Activities of contracts by the UWP are Public Sector Investment instances of clear conflicts RECONSTRUCTION shocking and unprecedented in Programme; of interest and questionable Tomas caused major damage to An SLP government will give our country’s history. Hurricane Tomas struck Saint Lucia procurement practices. bridges and culverts, siltation and immediate attention to the  Oversee the implementation on 30th October, 2010, dumping flooding in the following areas: reconstruction of the country. INSTITUTIONAL of the Public Sector  An SLP government will between 16 and 26 inches of ARRANGEMENTS Investment Programme, introduce legislation to create rainfall on the island during a 24- • Bois D’Orange Bridge  We will also put in place including the management of the Office of Contractor • Choc Bridge measures to help our country hour period. Statistics suggested any attendant risks; • Patience Culvert/Bridge build resilience to better New Government Ministry General to investigate and that Hurricane Tomas, from a withstand storms in the monitor the awards of rainfall perspective, was a 1 in 180 • Soufriere River/Bridge  Coordinate the delivery of future.  An SLP government will contracts by Government and year return period event. • Anse Galet River/Culvert infrastructure programs; • Cresslands Development. consolidate in one Ministry its agencies.  In our first two years in office, of Infrastructure all of the Many areas on the island suffered • Bexon Marc River valley we will mobilize resources to  Determine the most effective government departments financing and procurement significant landslide damage, such undertake the reconstruction Unfortunately, although several of our vital infrastructure. responsible for physical strategies for public as: months have elapsed since the infrastructure planning and infrastructure projects; and passage of Hurricane Tomas,  We will see to it that our development. • Morne Fortune – Bagatelle this UWP government has paid primary roads and bridges are  Ensure that the stock of public – Guesneau - Trois Pitons little attention to rehabilitating reconstructed, our damaged  This new Ministry of infrastructure assets of the – Forestierre – Bocage - our country and restoring the and silted agricultural lands Infrastructure will be fully country is maintained in a Babonneau; livelihoods of the thousands of restored, our rivers desilted, organized to manage the state of good repair. • Bexon – Marc – Ravine Saint Lucians who were badly and our national water affected by the hurricane. distribution system repaired. entire public infrastructure Poisson portfolio. It will be • Barre de L’Isle - Thomazo – Instead, monies are being wasted  We intend to put large responsible for managing Grande Rivere on extravagant footpaths and numbers of Saint Lucians to infrastructure planning and • Roseau Dam – Vanard – Millet repaving election roads that have work rebuilding our country. priority setting. • Fond St Jacques little economic or social benefit. • Cresslands Development • Colombette52 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 53
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Road Maintenance National Drainage Bridges and Culverts Programme Our focus will be on reconstruction Hurricane Tomas exposed the and rehabilitation and on creating  A critical component of our vulnerability of our bridges and a more resilient road network. culverts. Many of the major road programme will be our  We will undertake critical national drainage programme, culverts crossing our main primary repairs and maintenance which will be executed over a roads are at the end of their to restore our primary three-year period. service life. and secondary roads to a serviceable condition within  We will lay the platform The increase in rainfall we have the shortest possible time. for the creation of a well- experienced over the last ten (10) years, which is expected to  We will continue the constructed, robust national increase in coming years, has also programme that we initiated road network. created the need to replace some in our last term of office of culverts with larger openings to expanding our road network  The drainage system will cater for the increases in runoff. to reach smaller and more be the first priority in the remote communities. construction of every road.  Our government will Roads under a UWP Government implement a programme to  The SLP government will  We will create significant replace these failing culverts. revisit the arrangements local employment through Building Resilience MOTORABLE ROADS Focus on the Barre de Lisle this programme and, as much regarding the maintenance  We will also ensure that there We will prepare our country to We cannot continue to hold our of roads in housing as possible, the manpower is an updated inventory of deal with further natural disasters, North East Corridor breaths and worry every rainy developments to help bring will be drawn largely from bridges and that periodic which are a natural consequence season that landslides will block some measure of relief to the communities near the work maintenance is implemented. of our geography. During our two terms in office the Barre de L’isle and cut off residents in these areas. site. our country experienced the access to the East coast and to  We will review and update most significant expansion of the Hewanorra Airport. It is necessary our hazard maps, making primary road network in its history. that we develop the corridor from use of a combination of new Cas-en-Bas to Louvet. technology, empirical data In our nine years in office we and local knowledge. undertook the following major  Our government will works: commission a feasibility study  We will develop a national of this road in our first year of Geographic Information • The South-West Coast Road: office, with detailed designs System, which will allow us Vieux Fort to Soufriere being done in three Phases. to use spatial information for The first phase will be to better land use planning and • The Gros Islet Highway establish the link from Cas- risk assessments. Expansion en-Bas through Beausejour to • The Beausejour-Bella Rosa Boguis.  Where necessary, we will relocate settlements that are Link Road When completed, this road will situated in high risk areas. We also embarked on the open new areas of expansion for  An SLP government will resurfacing of the East Coast road. touristic development along the North-East coastline and, most undertake a comprehensive  As part of our redevelopment importantly, will address the community disaster risk of the Northern road network, monumental challenge that we reduction programme. face every rainy season with the we will seek to improve the existing junctions of the vulnerability of the Barre-de-L’isle.  We will restore NEMO’s importance in preparing Castries-Gros Islet Highway. our country to mitigate the impacts of natural disasters and coordinating the response to a national emergency.54 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 55
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Housing PILLAR 4: OUR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME The last fourto create a society where nature and our environment are respected and science Our goal is years represent the • lowest period in our nation’s effectively to improve lives and livelihoods. and technology are used EFFICIENT Water Taxis Review of HIA Project TRANSPORT SECTOR All of our villages along the coast On assuming office our have under-utilized docking government will immediately  We will give priority attention facilities. revisit the issue of the to the issue of Parking and redevelopment of Hewanorra Bus Terminals in the city of  A Labour government will International Airport and will Castries. explore the possibilities of undertake the following: introducing water taxis as  An SLP government another avenue for travel  Analyze the plans and will commission a new around our island. proposals on which the Transportation Study to look The Pitons Management Area - A UNESCO World Heritage Site Under Labour financing arrangements were at the Greater Castries Area, Hewanorra International based; with particular focus on Airport Parking and Public Transport  Review any financing facilities. We have made our position arrangements entered into by clear on the Hewannora Airport the UWP government;  Our intention is to establish Improvement Project. We are very one major bus terminal in supportive of any project that  Carry out extensive due Castries and one in Vieux Fort. involves the improvement of our diligence checks on all entities existing international airport. involved in this project;  We will also work with the National Minibus Association However, we do not support and  Assign a competent, to improve the standard project that will have a crippling experienced team to develop and reliability of our public effect on our debt servicing a comprehensive plan for the transportation services, with obligations and will place serious modernization of our airport special attention to night constraints on our ability to services, which will look at the services. mobilize funds in the near future operations of both airports for essential development projects. and the support services. Under a Labour Government our Beaches will NEVER be FOR SALE56 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 57
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia ENVIRONMENTAL Preserving our National Soil Stabilization WATER RESOURCE  A combination of incentives and tax credits will be used WASCO SUSTAINABILITY Patrimony We must reverse the trend of land MANAGEMENT to encourage rainwater There is need for significant degradation and soil loss that harvesting by households and capital injection into WASCO to Our Party believes that our The SLP strongly believes that we have seen in the last three  An immediate priority of a commercial operations. rehabilitate water intakes, replace national development programmes every Saint Lucian must be able decades. Labour government will be an aging distribution system, make must be based on a platform of to enjoy our country, its beaches, to restore the quality and  An SLP government will water available to all residents, environmental sustainability. A biodiversity and heritage without  An SLP government will take integrity of our water supply commission a feasibility study and service the growing needs in sound environment is necessary steps, including implementing post-Tomas. on the groundwater supply of the housing and tourism sectors. any barriers or discrimination. slope stabilization measures Saint Lucia. These resources are beyond the for the attainment of many of our and providing support for  We are concerned about reach of any government economic and social goals.  An SLP government will dealing with rainwater runoff  We will reinstate the the status of the John protect all special places of so that we can minimize Compton Dam and we will conditions that were in We recognize that there are The record of this UWP natural and cultural heritage. the devastating effects that seek to mobilize resources place during our last term concerns over private sector government on the environment heavy rains have on our to undertake much-needed of office that made it easier participation in the supply and has been deplorable. They have communities. improvements to the dam. for households to get water distribution of water, particularly placed our World Heritage Status  We will put an immediate connections. with respect to the cost of water in constant jeopardy, made clear stop to all sales of the their intention to sell off our Fixing the Litter Problem  We will set out to revive as and its affordability for poorer Queen’s Chain and preserve many of our critical water Improving Supply on the East households. beaches to the highest foreign and protect it as the People’s Our country has a serious litter bidders, and been in constant catchments as possible. and West Coasts Chain, for the benefit and problem, which can be seen on our  We will develop a new battle with the National Trust. sidewalks, roadsides, coastal areas  We will put a stop to all The slow development of the East business model for WASCO enjoyment of all citizens. and our rivers. activities, developments and and West coasts is primarily due to that will allow a public and More Integrated Approach operations that negatively the absence of an efficient water private sector partnership Biodiversity Protection  We will take steps, through impact our rivers and water reticulation system. for a stronger, efficient water  Our first step will be to create education, legislation and law courses. company. a Ministry of Sustainable  We will undertake an enforcement, to clean up our The groundwater supply study will Development, Energy, Science environmental management country. One of the top priorities will be to inform the development proposals  We will ensure that the poor, and Technology. programme that will include ensure that the entire population for the water supply to the East disadvantaged and high-risk  The SLP will provide support has safe and reliable sources of and West Coast areas. groups in our country are steps to protect our important for private sector efforts water. never denied access to water This approach is consistent with biodiversity. Special attention at establishing a recycling Special Attention to Dennery and because of cost or any other our Party’s policy of introducing an will be paid to our mangroves, industry. We also intend to  Our government will develop Vieux Fort impediment. integrated and strategic approach our beaches and other involve community-based and implement a national to governance. important ecological systems. groups to assist us with rainwater harvesting  An SLP government will  Our goal is to make it possible managing this serious litter programme. resolve the long-standing for every resident in our problem. water supply problems in country to always receive a Dennery and Vieux Fort safe and consistent supply of by starting work on the water. establishment of a major reservoir for the South.58 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 59
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia AN INTELLIGENT  We will explore the possibility of permitting consumers  An SLP government will embark on a comprehensive ENERGY PROGRAMME to sell any excess energy public education programme production back to LUCELEC, to raise awareness in the Our country’s total reliance on providing critical technical public on areas where they oil for energy makes us very issues of grid stability, quality can reduce their consumption vulnerable to changes in the world and safety can be guaranteed of electricity through the use price of this commodity. of energy-saving measures  A Labour government will and appliances. provide encouragement Currently we are producing for reputable investors,  We will retrofit Government less than 1 MW of energy from with a proven track record, buildings, schools, health renewable sources. This is to generate energy from centres and other public unacceptable for a country that renewable sources, with the infrastructure so that, has the potential to produce over understanding that these wherever possible, they 15 MW in renewable energy. ventures must provide our use renewable sources of country with a level of relief energy, and in all cases, use from volatile oil prices and all possible energy saving and An SLP government is committed must translate, over time, into energy efficiency measures. to increasing the production of CLIMATE CHANGE Adaptation and Mitigation  Development and execution of a comprehensive public electricity from renewable sources a reduced cost of electricity  We aim to reduce electricity Activities for Saint Lucians. awareness programme. like solar, wind, geothermal, waste consumption in the public Climate change is one of the Some of the activities that we will and biomass and to increasing  Our Party’s goal is to have service by 20% through most serious threats confronting seek to carry out are:  Mainstream climate change Saint Lucia meet 20% of its a comprehensive energy energy efficiency in the public and island countries like ours. Despite adaptation and mitigation energy needs from renewable efficiency programme. This private sectors. interest and willingness in the  The construction of sea walls measures in the public and sources by the year 2020. will result in a reduction of international donor community and defenses to protect private sectors and in all almost 2% in the national our vulnerable coastal communities. Our energy programme will  We will support foreign direct to assist countries like ours, this demand for electricity. communities from sea level provide a significant boost to investments and partnerships UWP government has done little to  Implementation of a rise and storm surges. our country by attracting new in the areas of geothermal  Our goal is to generate savings prepare our country to deal with programme geared toward investments, generating savings power generation at Soufriere of approximately $6 million the issue of climate change.  The retrofitting of public the more efficient use of and creating several new jobs in a and a waste-to-energy plant, per annum in our public buildings to make them more energy and renewable sources new green economy. on condition that these service energy bill and reduce This is not surprising because resilient to high winds and of energy. projects do not cause negative emissions of carbon dioxide Stephenson King has responsibility extreme weather. environmental impacts. by over 5,000 tonnes. for Climate Change in the  Development of a programme  We will amend the Electricity CARICOM quasi-Cabinet and he  Installation of higher capacity for the health sector to Supply Act to allow  We will mandate the Bureau  A Tax concession will be drains and culverts in high address the anticipated independent power providers of Standards to develop given for a limited period to has done nothing at that level risk areas to allow us to better increases in diseases and to generate electricity from standards for energy encourage every commercial either. manage high volumes of disease vectors. renewable sources. efficiency (EE) and for the EE entity to undertake an energy intense rainfall. labeling of major electrical audit of its operations.  An SLP government will  We will work with LUCELEC appliances. seek to mobilize financial  Strongly discourage new to allow private residents to and technical support to developments in highly generate their own electricity undertake activities with vulnerable and at-risk areas. for private consumption from respect to climate change renewable sources. adaptation and mitigation.  Enforcement of building codes, particularly with  We will look to secure respect to minimum setbacks financial support from and minimum floor heights the Clean Development above sea level in areas that Mechanism and organizations are prone to flooding. such as the United Nations Environment Program and the Global Environment Facility.60 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 61
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia  We will develop an incentives Energy and the Transport Utility Regulation regime for the private sector Sector to encourage them to make  We will establish a self- their operations more energy- The transport sector is overtaking financing Water Regulatory efficient. the electricity sector as the major Commission, which will user of oil for energy in Saint Lucia.  We will also implement a new be charged with the Green Building Code for all Any efforts to reduce our responsibility to periodically new buildings that will ensure dependence on imported oil must consider and review economic that all new constructions are pay attention to the transportation and social conditions and as energy efficient as possible. sector. make recommendations  Our government will mandate  We will work with the to government on water MAKING TECHNOLOGY Our Goals Special Projects the Ministry of Commerce Transport Board and the tariffs, regulation and other to work with private sector Minibus Association to pertinent issues. WORK FOR US An SLP government will: Among the special projects that we distributors to increase the will implement are: determine the practical steps  Increase the rate of internet availability of more energy we can take to make this In our 2006 Manifesto we stated Over the past ten years the penetration from 11% to 30%.  Equip all students on entry efficient fridges, air condition sector more efficient in its use that we would pursue the regional telecommunications services into Form Four in every units, washers, dryers, ovens of fuel. regulation of the electric utility in Saint Lucia and the Eastern  Work toward the further secondary school in the island and televisions. sector. Caribbean have become more reduction in the price of with a laptop computer so  An extensive study will accessible and affordable due to services and the expansion  We will encourage these that they can effectively also be undertaken of the  We plan to achieve that the liberalization of the sector. of nationwide training distributors to offer a ‘cash use the Internet for higher Government of Saint Lucia’s goal in this term of office by programmes to prepare our Today, almost every citizen has education. for clunkers’ programme fleet of vehicles to ensure that working closely with other citizens to take advantage of where consumers can trade- all practicable steps are taken a mobile phone and we all can OECS countries to establish the new knowledge society.  Establish free Wi-Fi services in their old energy inefficient to make this fleet as fuel obtain important information the Eastern Caribbean easily on the Internet. in select communities so that appliances for new EE efficient as possible.  Put in place the conditions their residents can access the appliances. Energy Regulatory Authority and support systems for the (ECERA). This will allow Internet from the comfort  An SLP government will This new environment was created expansion of broadband  We will introduce special tax of their homes. This will also reduce the Excise Tax on new investments in the out of the vision and work of the networks to all parts of the concessions and breaks on facilitate the expanded and hybrid vehicles that do not renewables sector, promote Saint Lucia Labour Party in 2000. island. energy efficient devices and decentralized delivery of depend only on gas or diesel accountability by LUCELEC in systems including solar water  Increase the use government services. to run. its energy management, and However, a lot more needs to be heaters, LED/CFL lights, low of Information and  Undertake extensive public  We will consider partial ensure pricing mechanisms done to make services cheaper and energy appliances, energy use Communications Technology education of the use of ICT zoning of schools to reduce that promote sustainable of a higher quality, particularly for sensors and variable speed (ICT) and the Internet for services and address the the distances that children growth. small businesses. drives, to provide savings to the delivery of government concerns of consumers on the homes and businesses have to travel to school, The future lies in the expansion of services to Saint Lucians in access and quality of ICT and thereby reducing on the cost broadband networks throughout communities at home and in telecommunications services. and need for long-distance the island, which will facilitate other parts of the world. transportation. the increased use of Information  Implement, as part of  Lead the effort to modernize universal service programmes, and Communication Technologies the existing regulatory special projects that will (ICT) and the Internet for critical framework, including ECTEL deliver ICT services to the developmental activities. and the NTRC, to address the disadvantaged groups in our The appropriate laws must be changes in the sector. society, including the physical passed for our people to enjoy the and visually challenged.  Provide the incentives for the benefits of the technology but are expansion of the involvement also guarded against the dangers of small businesses in the related to the irresponsible use delivery of ICT goods and of the Internet. Unfortunately, services. the leadership that we provided in these areas between 2000 and 2006 has been completely absent in the last five years.62 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 63
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia THE BUILDING BLOCKS: OUR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Our goal is to work with our young people to create the optimal conditions for their development into productive, healthy and responsible citizens. DEVELOPING PROPER VALUES GENERATING It is obvious that one of the pressing issues we must tackle IN OUR YOUTH EMPLOYMENT is the unacceptably high level of youth unemployment that The noted Saint Lucian and Reports from international has developed under this UWP Caribbean educator, Dr. Didacus organizations indicate that during government. Jules, identified eight essential the SLP’s reign in government Beausejour Cricket Ground built by the SLP - Saint Lucia’s Pride and Joy characteristics for the ideal there were improvements in youth The CARICOM Commission on Caribbean person: employment in all categories. Even Youth Development calculated that with young men under the age reducing youth unemployment • Love Life of 20 years old, we were able to in Saint Lucia to the same level • Emotionally Intelligent decrease unemployment by 4%. with adult unemployment would • Environmentally Sensitive contribute to a growth in our • Democratically Engaged During the five year reign of the economy of almost 2.5% of GDP. • Culturally Grounded and UWP the following statistics stand Historically Conscious out: High levels of youth • Multiple Literacies unemployment are strongly • Gender and Diversity • Unemployment among young associated with crime and high risk Respectful men under the age of 20 is as behaviours. • Entrepreneurially Capable high as 62% • Unemployment of young girls This problem becomes even more The Saint Lucia Labour Party between the ages of 15 and serious when it is viewed against endorses these characteristics 19 is 57% information from the Saint Lucia and our youth programme will • Unemployment of young Statistics Department that suggests be geared toward developing our men between 20 and 24 has that between 3,500 and 4,000 youth so that they reflect those increased to 37% young people will enter the labour values. • Unemployment of young men market every year for the next few between 25 and 34 has risen years. to 26% Beausejour Cricket Ground under the UWP - Neglected and Embarrassing64 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 65
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia The SLP will do the following to increase employment among  Promote and expand BETTER SKILLED youth entrepreneurship in young people: schools through inclusion of YOUTH entrepreneurial training in the  Provide more opportunities school curricula. The last Country Poverty for young people to remain Assessment showed the clear link  Provide support for private in school and complete their between education and the ability education, where possible to sector initiatives like the Junior Achievement of households to break the poverty the post-secondary level. Programme and the St. Lucia cycle. The higher the level of  Embark on an aggressive Creative Industry Youth Business Trust. education attainment, the smaller development programme to  Introduce a grant program the chance that the household create exciting high-growth for businesses to facilitate would be below the poverty line. areas for young people. on-the-job workplace skills This is why the SLP worked so hard  Develop a renewable development practicums for to achieve Universal Secondary energy industry that will secondary school students. Education. open up new employment  Use existing community opportunities for our young buildings (Post Offices, HRDCs, We realize that many of our young people. Health Centres) as a medium people, particularly our young  Establish a Land Bank that will for providing information boys, are now dropping out of provide land for agriculture to young people on job and school. On top of that, employers and other productive career openings and skills are complaining that many of the purposes for our youth. training opportunities. young people who enter the job  Upgrade existing vocational  Re-establish the STEP market do not have the skills they training centres and to provide employment are looking for. develop new centres in rural for the large numbers of communities that will provide Most employers, in almost all of We understand the need to  Ensuring that subjects like  Developing educational young people who would expanded skills training for the surveys that our Party has invest resources to close the gap Family Life Education, Ethics, programming for NTN have difficulty, in the short conducted, point to four major young people. term, taking advantage of between the skills that our young Civics, Life Skills, Vocational that can be used for self- deficiencies in youth preparedness people have and the skills that our  Expand access to career employment in the new Skills, Information Technology, instruction at the secondary for the job market: job markets need. information resources growth areas. Creative Arts and Physical and post-secondary levels. and provide support to 1. Soft skills; We intend to do this through the Education feature more  Expanding the availability of young people in accessing following: prominently in the education training for young people in 2. The ability to learn; information and resources curriculum. the use of ICTs so that they to increase their awareness 3. Entrepreneurship skills; and  Revising the secondary school  Taking steps to ensure are better prepared for work of various occupations and 4. Professional skills curriculum and the methods that levels of literacy and in a technology-driven world. careers. of teaching to ensure that numeracy levels improve  Making all schools as inclusive our education system meets dramatically across the as possible to accommodate the needs of a 21st Century education system. persons with disabilities, economy and is attractive to  Increasing access to training people living with HIV/AIDS, the children of this digital era. and learning by developing and other vulnerable groups.  Providing direct support to learning centres in rural  Increasing the level of the Centre for Adolescent communities. representation of private Renewal and Education  Infusing a problem solving/ sector employers on the (CARE) Adolescent critical thinking approach management boards of our Development Programme and in the training of our young education institutions. work with CARE to help them people. establish a fully resourced Learning Centre. The Goods Distribution Free Zone - Built by SLP, Neglected by UWP66 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 67
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia HEALTHIER YOUTH  Tackling the abuse and misuse of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana  Increase the availability of counselors in our education REDUCED YOUTH  Ensure that all children have  Launch a national youth access to affordable early mentoring programme that Our Party is committed to and illegal drugs among the system to help with the early CRIME & VIOLENCE childhood education. That encourages adults to serve as creating the environment for our youth. diagnosis of mental health way every child will receive positive role models. young people to develop healthy  Put in place systems to issues. The current wave of crime gripping the solid foundation that will  Reform the juvenile justice lifestyles. Therefore, we will identify substance abuse  Make Health and Family Life our country has caused several give them a better chance system to prevent the early pursue a range of activities to problems early in the Education mandatory in our people to incorrectly paint all of succeeding in their later criminalization of children. increase the health and well-being school system and to help secondary schools youth with a broad brush as being school years.  Promote anti-violence of our youth: families deal with the  Work with Parent-Teacher  Revamp our primary and messages in all media, the cause. problems without the stigma Associations, Youth Groups, secondary school curricula to particularly targeted to our  Tackle the problem of youth associated with institutional Faith Based Organizations make them more relevant to young people and work obesity through a public interventions. and all other interested The fact is the vast majority of with our media houses to the era in which our children education campaign on  Reduce the incidents of injury stakeholders to ensure young people are law abiding and encourage them to voluntarily are developing. the importance of proper and death to young people our children are properly honest.  Incorporate instruction control programmes with nutrition and physical activity. on our roads and highways educated so that they can violent content. in conflict resolution and  Drastically reduce the through stricter enforcement make sensible choices about However, whether they are  Improve community violence prevention in the rate of new infections of of road traffic regulations and their health and well-being. perpetrators, victims or witnesses infrastructure and amenities curriculum at all levels of our HIV among our youth by use of public education. to crime and violence, youth education system. for youth. continuing programmes cannot help but be affected by  Work closely with and  Provide after-school preventing mother to child what is taking place around them. provide increased support programmes, particularly for transmission and increasing awareness among our youth to organizations such as RISE high-risk youth, that focus of the dangers of risky sexual The cost of youth crime to Saint and CARE to provide youth on conflict resolution and life activity. Lucia is four percent (4%) of GDP. who have dropped out of the skills training. formal school system with  Reduce the availability and For several important social and second chances to complete use of alcohol and tobacco by economic reasons it is vital that their education. young people. government spares no effort in  Encourage the Faith Based  Impose stricter regulations reducing youth crime and violence. Organizations to play a on the use of firearms by more active role in their increasing sentences for Our programme to reduce youth communities in engaging crimes committed with a crime and violence will revolve young people in character firearm as well as for carrying around the following activities: building activities or selling illegal firearms.  Develop programmes to assist  Facilitate a higher level of parents, particularly those in connectedness of young boys high-risk areas, to develop the and girls to school. Youth parenting skills necessary to who are connected to school cope with their challenging are less likely to engage in task. risk-taking behaviours.68 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 69
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia MORE ENGAGED  Increase the technical and  Organize public discussions and debates for youth as part THE ROOF: OUR GOVERNANCE PROGRAMME financial support granted to YOUTH build the institutional capacity of efforts aimed at fostering of youth organizations. a culture of civic engagement Our goal is to improve governance in our country so that our citizens have access to efficient, Effective participation is the  Empower youth and create and to bring greater visibility corruption-free public services. cornerstone of good governance. awareness on their rights and to youth leadership. During our previous administration responsibilities.  Support community our party made a deliberate effort  Convene Youth Summits and organizations in developing to involve youth more in decision- Expos to showcase the role of strategic plans to increase youth in national life. youth civic engagement. making.  Establish a National Youth  Secure financing windows at the Social Sustainable This philosophy will be maintained Service Programme that Development Fund (SSDF) during our next term of office. We will be modeled on other and Saint Lucia Development will: successful youth service Bank (SLDB) to facilitate youth programmes in the region, ownership and participation  Facilitate the creation and and will be a mixture of in micro enterprises. strengthening of platforms for experiential learning and youth participation in decision service to the nation. making at the community, district, constituency and national levels.70 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 71
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia RESTORING GOOD SLP Innovations Stamping out Corruption in Office of Contractor General We will consult and  Our Party will insist that our Government collaborate with the public Public Sector agencies adopt GOVERNANCE While in government, we  The SLP government will put sector unions on all aspects of an evidence-based approach introduced several innovations in an end to the cronyism and this programme. to decision making and a It is widely accepted that the governance of the country. nepotism that characterized Those who engage in State the operations of the Ministry results-based approach to good governance, whether These included: corruption or benefit from it will  The SLP government will management. of Works under the UWP. in governments or corporate be dealt with by the Law. establish an accredited Public entities, is a vital precondition • Introduction of new Integrity  Our government will Service Academy, affiliated  We will create a National for development. It is even more Legislation; The SLP intends will build on its introduce legislation to create with a recognized University Planning Institute to assist compelling in small States like ours • Establishment of offices earlier initiatives and: the Office of Contractor or Public Sector Training government to better plan with limited resources. in constituencies so that General. Institute. the medium and long-  Introduce a Code of Conduct term economic and social constituents could have  This Office will act on behalf Bad governance, as we have all to guide Ministerial Behavior; This School will be responsible development of the country. a place to meet their of Parliament to monitor the witnessed in the last five years, is a  Introduce a Manual of for providing public servants parliamentarians on a regular award and implementation root cause of decay and stagnation. Procedures to guide the with the level of skills and  A Labour government basis; of government contracts and It encourages corruption, destroys business of Cabinet. This continuous training that will establish strong • Enactment of a Salaries ensure that contracts are confidence in administration Manual will help to prevent they require to function in financial controls, insist Review Commission Act to awarded impartially and on and facilitates inefficiency in the the corrupt behaviour that an ever-changing external that government assets delivery of services to citizens. prevent politicians from merit. environment. are managed prudently, occurred in the “Tuxedo Villas determining their own and restore equity and Affair”; Good governance is characterized salaries and allowances; TRANSFORMING  The SLP government will accountability in government by:  Reform the budgetary process strengthen the Cabinet tendering and procurement • Introduction of “Privileges/ in Parliament to allow for PUBLIC SERVICES Office and ensure that the procedures. • Accountability; Immunities for Former Heads debates on the Estimates Committee of Permanent • Transparency; of State and Government of Expenditure prior to the Secretaries provides support  We will strengthen the Office • Inclusion and participation and Spouses of Current and  The SLP will embark on a Budget Debate. In this way, to the executive and fulfills its of the Director of Audit of the citizenry in the affairs Former Heads of State and major programme to enhance the expenditure proposed important role in coordinating to enable it to execute its of State; Government”, to allow for the efficiency, effectiveness, by Government will be more and overseeing policy important mandate. • Abhorrence and dignified treatment of our customer-focus and thoroughly scrutinized. development and programme repudiation of leaders, in and out of office; accessibility of public services.  An SLP government will  Enact a new, sweeping implementation. discrimination; • Improvement in the workings ensure that the Public Anti -Corruption Act.  We will review the structure  We will hold Ministries Accounts Committee is • Equity and fairness in the of Parliament by broadcasting delivery of government all the proceedings in the of our public sector agencies accountable for the functional and adequately services to citizens; House of Assembly; to ensure that they are best implementation of the resourced. • Effectiveness and efficiency; suited to service the diverse, government’s work • Establishment of an dynamic needs of their  Wherever possible, we will and programme by undertaking e-Government Unit to clients. provide facilities for the public • Respect for the rule of law. regular and strict monitoring improve the efficiency and to make payments for public and evaluation of the reach of public services.  We aim to develop agencies services online or in person performance of the respective that are more responsive, using credit and debit cards. Ministries and government efficient and cost-effective. departments.72 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 73
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Civil Forfeiture Competition and Consumer Stronger Elections Legislation Protection We are committed to fighting  We will enact new legislation crime in all its fronts, but  Our Party will enact to prohibit individuals who particularly in the areas of drug Competition and Consumer have committed crimes from trafficking, money laundering and Protection legislation to participating in Elections terrorism. encourage fair competition without frank and full and to protect the rights of disclosure of their criminal  The Saint Lucia Labour Party consumers. record to the electorate. government will introduce a Civil Forfeiture Bill that will  We will ensure that  We will review the There Must be Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility in the Redevelopment of Hewanorra Airport make possible the permanent competition in the business Declarations made for forfeiture of property that has sector is fair and that nomination to include a clear been obtained by criminal consumers receive value for statement on the citizenship e-Government  We will undertake business MODERN LEGISLATION means. money. of the candidate, in keeping process reengineering to simplify and expedite Broadcasting with the requirements of the Our citizens expect their public This legislation will allow us to the conduct of essential Public Service Regulations Constitution. services, in the information age, fulfill our obligations under the transactions by government, Public radio and television must to be transparent, interactive, The Staff Orders for the Public Revised Treaty of Chaguaramus including the processing of play an important role in the Family Law and Domestic effective and accessible. Service is an outdated document (CARICOM). approvals for establishing cultural, economic and social that is no longer conducive to the Violence companies and facilitating development of society. They Unfortunately, this is not presently efficient operations of a modern should encourage a wide range Consumer Rights investments. Public Service.  We will enact new legislation the case. of content that reflects the broad Digital government demands  Our Party will establish a during our next term of office  Following consultation with range of opinions and beliefs, and legislative and regulatory to deal with:  We will embed access to digital inclusion. In other words, the Public Service Unions, we allows for the expression of the framework to protect the information and data into we have to ensure that as many of will enact a modern Public • Domestic Violence rich and diverse cultural traditions rights of consumers and to the very fabric of our public our citizens as possible have access Service Act and accompanying and history of our society. give them an opportunity for • Status of Children services. to the internet so that they can Regulations that will govern access the online services. the several components of redress when they have been • Child Justice the public service.  In our next term of office the unfairly treated.  We will make it possible • Maintenance of Children  We will establish free internet SLP will enact a Broadcasting for citizens to carry out • Child Care and Adoption access points in all public University Accreditation Bill to license and regulate more of their dealings with libraries, HRDCs, community In recent times, the Eastern sound and television These Bills will be included in our government online and using centres and select public Caribbean has seen the entry of a broadcasting. Civil Code and will increase the mobile platforms. places in communities around number of off-shore educational capacity of our judicial system to the island and develop new deal with issues affecting women, This will assist us in our institutions that offer programmes incentives for users to switch children and families. drive to reduce the cost of of study in medicine and other to online services. areas. Saint Lucia has seen its government as we switch certain services over to digital Share of such institutions. delivery. Unfortunately, these institutions currently operate without any form  We will re-engineer key of regulation. government services like the processing of birth  We will introduce an certificates, driver’s licenses, Accreditation Bill that will and passports to eliminate all allow for the creation of a unnecessary and redundant National Authority to accredit steps to make it easier and tertiary education institutions quicker to obtain these and study programmes. documents.74 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 75
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia STAKING OUR PLACE The OECS & CARICOM The OECS Economic Union Our External Relations Policy Engaging the Diaspora International Trade IN THE WORLD Our Party believes that balanced Saint Lucia recently became a The international arena and  An SLP government will  We will strengthen the regional integration is critical for member of the OECS Economic geopolitical landscape have strengthen our relationship International Trade portfolio Our Party’s foreign policy has the viability of our small island Union, which creates a larger changed significantly over the past with the Diaspora through the of the Ministry of External always been based on promoting economies in the new liberalized economic and social space for the twenty years. Ministry of External Affairs. Affairs so that our country’s global trade regimes. OECS. trade interests are always our country’s socio-economic There have been major shifts Further, we will undertake the development and safeguarding its protected and enhanced.  We will continue to work  An SLP government will of economic and political following activities: social, cultural, commercial and toward Saint Lucia’s ensure that our citizens are power. Countries like Brazil,  Establish a Unit of Diaspora  We will also strategically economic interests. integration in the OECS and able to take full advantage of India and China have emerged Relations in the Ministry of deploy Trade Officers in CARICOM, under conditions the increased employment as major centres of economic External Affairs; our External Missions to An SLP government will never that give our citizens a fair and business opportunities and political influence. Rules of ensure that our interests are negotiate Saint Lucia’s foreign opportunity to improve that the OECS Economic trade are determined largely by  Improve the investment safeguarded and promoted in policy via secret deals and personal their livelihoods and protect Union will provide. the WTO, economic partnership climate for entrepreneurs in these arenas. gifts and promises. our economies and local agreements and hemispheric trade  We will also insist that the Diaspora; entrepreneurs from unfair agreements. the OECS Economic Union  Establish a Diaspora Volunteer  We will provide all necessary competition. Whenever our Party establishes operates on a robust security As a result, the SLP believes Programme that provides support to ensure that Saint relations with another country  Our Party will ensure that backbone that will allow that the time has come for a an avenue through which Lucians are able to take it will always be on the basis of once again, Saint Lucia for cooperation among law comprehensive review of our they may donate their time advantage of opportunities principle, mutual respect, shared becomes an important enforcement agencies in the external relations policy. and expertise toward worthy in existing agreements, like and influential member of OECS to stem the flow of causes on the island; the Economic Partnership interests, and sound international CARICOM and plays a key illegal weapons, narcotics and  A Saint Lucia Labour Party Agreement (EPA) with the practice. government will undertake a European Union, and our role in the wider regional other criminal activity.  Collaborate with our Overseas integration movement. major review of the external Missions and Consulates government will play an Our external relations policy will We will continue to honour our relations policy within our first active role in all ongoing to develop and maintain a revolve around: Over the past five years, the Prime commitments to our regional thirty days in office and use negotiations to increase Diaspora Database/Skills • Re-positioning Saint Lucia, Minister of Saint Lucia has been institutions. the recommendations of this Bank; and market access for our goods, once again, as a leader in the missing in action in the OECS and policy review to shape a new services and businesses. CARICOM.  Our government will work Foreign Relations Strategy.  Review the Returning OECS and CARICOM; closely with other OECS Nationals Policy to ensure • Supporting strategic  The Saint Lucia Labour Party Member State governments  We will establish a Council that it provides sufficient partnerships in international will restore our country’s to negotiate and finalize our on Foreign Relations, which encouragement for the return theatres; and respect, influence and maritime boundaries with will work with and advise the of skilled Saint Lucians to important role in these our non-OECS neighbours. Ministry of External Affairs contribute to nation building. • Positively engaging the regional bodies. This will be a priority activity on foreign and international diaspora to assist in national during our next term of office. trade policy. development.76 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 77
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia STRONGER We are going to achieve this by: Building Capacity in Civil EMPOWERED  An SLP government will More Efficient Processing of Society provide a yearly allocation Birth Certificates COMMUNITIES  Establishing additional HRDCs CONSTITUENCIES to each MP from the Our Party believes that a strong in communities where these  In order to increase capacity Consolidated Fund,  In the first instance, we will do not exist so that these Members of Parliament are the determined on the basis community and grass roots and to assist the CBOs to make it possible for birth organizations have facilities duly elected representatives of of set criteria such as programme is essential if we want become more effective and certificates and drivers’ in which they can meet and the people. As such, they must be community demographics to make meaningful and lasting responsive to the needs licenses to be applied for and provide services to residents; enabled to achieve the goals and and constituency needs, and changes in the lives of our people. of their members, we will collected in Vieux Fort and objectives that they have identified which will be subject to all  Providing training for create a one-off, Civil Society Soufriere. for priority attention in their of the rules and regulations While government and the private community leaders in Capacity Development Fund. respective constituencies. that apply to the use of public sector have important roles to the management and Gradually, we will phase in a play, the community groups are This fund will be administered funds. range of other services. maintenance of community Our Party believes it is important the ones that are on the ground assets; through the Ministry of Social to empower Parliamentary  This allocation will be used interacting with citizens on a daily Transformation and the St.  During this term of office the Representatives so that they can for the execution of small basis.  Assisting community groups Lucia Cooperative League. Saint Lucia Labour Party will more effectively perform the role projects that will improve with the development construct an Administrative to which they were elected. the lives of residents in the They must be empowered so that and marketing of income  Communities defined as Complex in Vieux Fort to they can become more resilient generating products and most vulnerable according constituency. house all Government However, we reject outright the and respond better to small activities; to the Survey of Living services for the people who blatant abuse of the Financial  Our Party will put an end to problems before they develop into Conditions will be designated live in the South.  Working closely with Regulations and the unprincipled the Castries-centric approach something bigger. as “Empowerment Zones” telecommunication providers and politically-motivated to the delivery of public and funds will be targeted for With our e-Government to secure internet access disbursement and use of funds services.  Our government will their improvement. programme, this will at HRDCs and to provide by UWP Parliamentarians that strengthen the capacity revolutionize the delivery of computer training to low- has been a feature of this UWP In this modern day of information of non-governmental  Any company investing or public service in our country. income communities. administration. and communications technology, organizations (NGOs), providing agreed specific community based services to those communities there is no reason for Saint Lucians  An SLP government will The abuse of the Finance Act and to have to make expensive trips organizations (CBOs) and faith will be encouraged through create a Government Wide Financial Regulations for political to Castries to collect important based organizations (FBOs) to a special framework of Area Network to allow for means will never be tolerated by documents or pay for public expand their programmes and incentives. the decentralization of some an SLP government. services. to reach more people. essential public services. Le Paradis - Abandoned under this UWP Government78 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 79
    • Building a Better Saint Lucia CONCLUSION We want the private sector to partner with us because without We want a country where our citizens feel empowered and their entrepreneurship and their everyone believes that he or she Thirty Ways We Will Make Saint Lucia Better Fellow Saint Lucians, this is innovation we will not be able to has an honest chance to succeed. our Blueprint for Growth, our develop our economy and create 1. Establish LEAP as a National Initiative to Create Employment. plan for Building a Better Saint the employment and capital Our goal is to build a stronger, 2. Introduce Universal Pre-School Education Lucia. The task ahead of us is a required for the rebuilding effort. resilient, more secure nation that can inspire confidence and 3. Implement Universal Health Care challenging one, but we are up to the task. We have assembled a The labour unions must work optimism among its citizens for the 4. Start the immediate rebuilding of our country Post-Tomas committed, honest, hard-working with us constructively so that we future. 5. Reduce the rate of Corporate Tax and competent group of men and can ensure our workers operate 6. Re-establish STEP in good working conditions to We know that our people have women to lead us in this effort. the potential to be great and to 7. Reinstate PROUD But we cannot do it alone. produce the levels of efficiency and output that we will need to make our country world class and 8. Provide an Employment Tax Credit for companies that create new jobs For Saint Lucia to become the sort become and remain competitive. we will provide them with the environment and the conditions to 9. Provide free vision and hearing tests for children entering primary and secondary school of country that we all want it to 10. Repair our network of farm access roads be we must get the help of every We want to ignite the passion achieve that greatness. single man and woman. in our NGOs and community 11. Implement a comprehensive crime reduction strategy involving capacity building of the organizations so that they can We invite you to join us in this exciting journey to make Saint Police Force, strengthening the Justice System and tackling the social dimensions An SLP government will call on work in tandem with government our young people to get engaged to help us reach the vulnerable and Lucia better. 12. Offer a $500 bursary to the parent of every child who enters secondary school and to use their ideas and their at-risk groups in every community. 13. Pass a new Tourism Incentives Act to provide greater support to small hotels Go out and vote for a Better Saint energies to help us build a better Lucia. Vote for the Saint Lucia 14. Provide a free laptop computer for every child entering Fourth Form country. Ours is a long-term plan to create a country that will once again be Labour Party. 15. Guarantee 50% of the student loan for young people who have problems raising funds for We will seek the advice of the pride of the Caribbean and a their university education at approved education institutions Better Days are Coming with our senior citizens because shining example of what a small 16. Develop an exciting new Creative Industries programme Labour. their experience and their developing state can achieve. 17. Provide health insurance for all national athletes when they represent their country encouragement will be critical to guide us as we move forward. 18. Make the Queen’s Chain the People’s Chain and put an end to all sales of this resource 19. Start construction of a National Museum and a National Performing Arts Centre 20. Establish a Land Bank to make agricultural land available to our young people 21. Make improvements to the Vendors’ Arcade and support the training of our artisans 22. Provide free internet access in all public libraries, HRDCs, and community centres 23. Provide concessions to minibus owners who transport school children and those who purchase vehicles that cater to the physically challenged 24. Create a new vibrant agriculture programme with strong links to health, education and tourism 25. Implement a national parenting skills training programme 26. Pass legislation to make all schools Safe Zones 27. Name public buildings, roads and bridges after citizens who have made contributions to national development 28. Create an Office of Contractor General to put an end to corruption in the award of government contracts 29. Establish a National Youth Service Programme and a Youth Mentoring Programme 30. Restore the integrity and quality of our water supply post Hurricane Tomas80 Our Blueprint for Growth Better Days are Coming