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Jetlag credentials

  1. 1. Independent Boutique Creative & Events Agency since 2005: from intimate VIP dinners and unique PR launches to national roadshows and full scale consumer eventsSpecialised in Creativity, Design, Production and Events: expertise translated into excellence25+ Multicultural Experienced Staff: local knowledge amplified by global know-how; represented in SH / GZ / BJ: national reach and quality assuranceInternational Clients: tried and trusted to the highest standard - Luxury Brand Specialists: bespoke service with attention to detailOurServices Creative Event Talent Alternative Marketing Conceptualisation Sourcing Live Artist Street Graphic Design Production Art Performance Guerilla 3D Animation Management Interactive/Installation Viral Stage Design Execution Live Musician Outdoor Merchandising DJ Interactive / Multimedia VJSome of Our Clients
  2. 2. Below are some examples of previous flights
  3. 3. Client TestimoniesJetlag really helps us creating lots of “delicious” memories! Great ideas is just part of it and more importantly with the heart and soul ofmaking impactful events!Thank you Jetlag!Samuel ChowKraft Foods ChinaAsia Pacific Biscuit PlatformsHear hear! As I am on the plane taking off. Great event - successful and glamorous and great team work.Congratulations and very well done to all. On behalf of the Maison and MHAP, thank you.Ruby TangRegional Marketing DirectorMoet Hennessy Asia PacificFirstly, great job of Jetlag team! Client is totally impressed by your creativity, quality of work and everything. We are not even possibleto put everything together without you in such short notice. You guys did an amazing job and proves to us once again Jetlag is such areliable partner!Meiling WeeSenior Director, ShanghaiEdelmanWhat can I say, you have outdone yourself. I can only say "Ezcellent" and all your hard work paid off :-)For me personally, was proud to be a part of this winning team and a great way to close this chapter of life.Thank you for all your hardwork, dedication and commitment and the passion and energy you put in this years event.Dr. AzitaOwliaSr. Vice PresidentBayer MaterialScience
  4. 4. Hilton:Hilton Hhonors China Re-launch Wanting to re-introduce Hilton Hhonors to the Chinese media and establish Donnie Yen as brand ambassador, we needed to engage media through an innovative stage setup, celebrity revealing and post event interaction. Resulted in improved media coverage and successful re-launch of Hilton Hhonors, the leading customer loyalty program of Hilton Worldwide to the China Market.
  5. 5. Adidas Originals:Ice Cream Attack Summer Collection Campaign For Adidas‟ annual summer campaign, we had to devise an inventive mechanism with a “maximum exposure with minimum budget” mindset to reaffirm Adidas‟s street culture leader position The campaign generated increased sales between 32% and 51% in the outlets while firmly establishing Adidas as a cutting edge consumer brand, both in-store, on-street and on-line
  6. 6. Moet & Chandon:Tribute to the Spirit of 1743 feat Scarlett Johansson Moet & Chandon hosted their most eminent event – The Global Red Carpet – in China, which required us to completely redesign Bar Rouge, Shanghai‟s ultimate place-to-be. Featuring international celebrities Scarlett Johansson and Shu Qi, JETLAG oversaw a comprehensive security plan throughout. Media coverage and residual consumer reaction remains a hot topic in the blogosphere.
  7. 7. Mirinda:New TVC Launch and Brand Ambassador Launch JETLAG was assigned with conceptualizing, designing and executing Mirinda‟s grandest event to date in China: a 300 pax PR event to launch a new TVC and introduce two. Brand ambassadors: model, Angelababy and movie star Aarif Lee. We developed various thematic elements such as a 90ᴼ domino system and functioning rollercoaster car to fit with the TVC content. The event was ranked as Best In Case for Pespsico China BTL campaigns.
  8. 8. Kraft Foods:APAC R&D Conference For a dynamic event hosting all top APAC management as well as local teams for a corporate function JETLAG had to blend team building with actual product tasting in a relaxed yet professionally conducive setting. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from APAC and global management resulted in Asia-Pacific requests for creative support and orders for production items from JETLAG, as well as consecutive projects for the client.
  9. 9. Bayer:APAC Customer Appreciation Gala Dinner For Bayer Material Science‟s annual APAC customer appreciation dinner for their prime APAC customers and global brand VIP‟s, we had to create a bespoke gala experience at the Shanghai Ritz Carlton which consisted of a fully functioning casino room, seven course dinner and varied international entertainment. Over 15% of sales staff closed deals on the night – a company record – and JETLAG has been selected for next year‟s event.
  10. 10. Swatch:Jeremy Scott for Swatch Gent 3 Limited Edition Launch For this special China launch we had to capture the spirit of both iconic brands with an eye-catching surroundings, where each of the three limited edition watches was represented in its unique thematcic environment with innovative media interactions. The products and celebrities were successfully launched and gained huge media coverage. Moreover the media stayed for a longer than expected time due to a smooth transition from media event into afterparty.
  11. 11. Hennessy:Classivm Global Launch JETLAG had to conceptualise and execute the press conference and launch event for the global unveiling of Hennessy Classivm, a China unique Hennessy cognac.Thematic surroundings and artistic content enthralled media and guests alike. The product was successfully launched with massive media coverage, particularly amongst online bloggers, and is now enjoying brisk sales.
  12. 12. CITROË : NBooth Opening Show & Animation The Citroen booth at the 2011 Shanghai Car Show – the biggest in the world – required and unparalleled opening show and animation to engage crowds representing the core brand values of boldness, creativity and innovation. Using a 280ᴼ LED screen, we created an interactive dance and video performance. Comparatively high visitor numbers during the show and high retention thereafter, which translated into increased interest in the brand, extensive media coverage and brand exposure.
  13. 13. Moë & Chandon: tEnd Of Year Campaign To enhance Moët‟s image, create buzz and maximize visibility throughout the EOY season, JETLAG developed an innovative and interactive mechanism in the form of a pop up store, featuring a cinema, bar and product displays with personalisation studio. The limited edition bottles were all sold out, and there was a marked uptick in costumer numbers as word of mouth and online news spread. The successful format was also replicated for future Moet & Chandon campaigns.
  14. 14. Moë & Chandon: tEnd Of Year Campaign As a grand finale to the EOY campaign, 600 VIP‟s were invited to a special Moet Golden Star event where they had to feel like stars themselves. Creating and exclusive red carpet feel from beginning to end, we transformed The Waterhouse into a luxury haven replete with professional photo studio, cinema and various VIP spaces focused around a central bar. The event was a rip roaring success, with guests feeling like true Golden Stars, and creating a subsequent increase in sales for Moet & Chandon.
  15. 15. Karen Mok The FragranceKaren Mok, Hong Kong idol and role model, launched the first ever Asian celebrity fragrance. JETLAG was charged with creating allcollaterals and branding. All design key were aligned with the brand essence of being independent, breaking free from conventions, showing confidence andstrength, with a distinct sensual sensibility. The brand was successfully launched in end 2008.
  16. 16. Moë Rose Imperial: t2010 Campaign For the the Moë Rose 2010 campaign we incorporated the key brand attributes of glamour, sensuality, seduction and luxury t to offer its consumers a modern and cinematic way to celebrate love and the magic of falling in love with creative decoration and performance ideas Success of the campaign was further endorsed by the substantial increase of Rose Imperial bottle sales in the events in all three cities.
  17. 17. Grand Marnier packaging Grand Marnier wanted to reinvigorate the visual identity of it‟s iconic bottle specifically for the Christmas Season and asked JETLAG to develop various designs, which eventually got adapted. The result was a substantial increase in sales, especially over the festive periods, as Grand Marnier capitalised on its strength as a gifted product magnified by the new striking packaging and displays.
  18. 18. Mankiewicz:Shanghai Plant Grand Opening Ceremony Mankiewicz - coating concepts of the future, wants to organise an opening ceremony which shows their clients the breathtaking view of their new plant, and always-there strong brand commitment. White tents, lion dancing, champagne breaking, and warehouse cocktail, perfectly decorated the venue in a way which shows the traditional Chinese charisma, as well as the German philosophy.
  19. 19. Belvedere 1X LaunchPUNK, Beijing & M1NT, ShanghaiAs a more provocative and witty new addition to the Belvedere family, Belvedere IX is an exclusive and innovative product whichtaps into the Downtown Attitude in conjunction with Andre, a world famous French street artist. Live graffiti shows and creativeGWP‟s added to the immersive branded environmentThe events successfully launched Belvedere IX in China and sales throughout the events increased exponentially.
  20. 20. PSA CITROËN:Metropolis Worldwide Launch CITROË called upon JETLAG to design and execute worldwide „avant premiere‟ of the exclusive concept car, the N Metropolis. In the resplendent surroudnings of KEE Club, guests were taken on an interactive brand journey and delighted with bespoke performances and F&B before a mesmerising revelaing The event embodied CITROËN‟s brand spirit and served as a successful prelude to the brand‟s participation at the Shanghai Expo 2010
  21. 21. Heineken :2010 Heineken Shanghai ATP 1000 Activation Merchandising Leveraging on the Shanghai ATP 1000 as the biggest tennis competition in China and a key sponsored event in Heineken‟s marketing calendar, JETLAG was asked to create thematic in store and on trade product displays. Both production campaigns received good responses especially from bar owners as there was a significant increased in Heineken sales during and after the promotional period.
  22. 22. Mountain Dew :Celebrity and Neon Pack PR Event Mountain Dew wanted to announce their 1st signed celebrity in the world, Chang Chen Yue as well as the 1st neon beverage pack in China through the biggest CSD launch event of the year. JETLAG took over Mao Livehouse and recreated a a fulll scale street stage setup for the world famous Yamakasi - first time in China - to show their skills and for a unique celebrity revealing. High returns from the media on all popular online portals. The inclusion of Yamakasi led to additional publicity and brought extra credibility to the Mountain Dew brand in China.
  23. 23. Mountain Dew:ESPN X Games Dew Booth JETLAG was asked to create a unique and impactful interactive booth experience for X-games spectators. We towered over all other competitor‟s booths while at the same time conveying the brand‟s edgy credentials through Sphering, and X-Ghames first. The Dew Booth enjoyed great traffic during the X Games; more than 1100 people participated in the activities and around 9000 drink samples were distributed, well beyond expected numbers.
  24. 24. Mirinda & PepsiNationwide Distributer Event Guidebook JETLAG had to update Mirinda and Pepsi‟s event guidebook, which gets shared with hundreds distributers across China for their branded activity days. We redesigned all their elements and added brand related games so the brand could appeal to a new generation of consumers Preliminary feedback suggests an overwhelming interest in the proposed elements which in turn will result in increased brand exposure and a deeper market penetration in China‟s 2nd and 3rd tier cities.
  25. 25. Nike:Lunar Glide PR Launch As the latest addition to their athletic footwear apparel line, we needed to present an exciting and memorable China Launch of the Nike Lunar Glide. Innovative product displays and a fully interactive running track inside a creative venue created a 360ᴼ educational and experience space. High levels of media and guest participation lead to a great event and great returns on media coverage.
  26. 26. Moë &Chandon Rose: tBook of Seduction China Launch Moë & Chandon Rose is the flirtatious and sensual member in the Moë & Chandon family, but market appreciation is still t t underdeveloped. JETLAG created a simultaneous multi venue event taking consumers back into a 17th Century world replete with decoration and performances to engage and entice. Exponential returns in terms of media exposure which translated into a marked sales boost.
  27. 27. Joyoung:New Series LaunchLaunching the new series to establish it as first choice for discerning Chinese consumers with an eye on blending tradition withmodernity, invitees were taken into a real life exclusive home setting, placing the product in their daily live environment.Following they could take part in product trial, before a final fashion show performance.Enormous media leverage which translated itself into immediate increased sales through proper product exposure and real lifeapplication.
  28. 28. Hennessy VSOP:Artistry Tour For Hennessy‟s Artistry Tour, we created an unparalleled road tour through 14 Tier 1 and 2 cities, affirming Hennessy VSOP‟s leading market positioning through the platform," the Art of Mixing”. Performers from both China and abroad collaborated in a truly cross cultural show, which guest could then comment on live and have the clip sent to their mobile and put online. The return not only saw high returns from the media but also experienced a huge online drive through participation of guests from varied demographics.
  29. 29. Technogym:Nationwide Road show For Technogym - the world leader in luxury fitness equipment and official supplier to three consecutive Olympic Games – we created a nationwide shopping mall tour. The running track leveraged on the Beijing Olympics bird‟s nest design and created a centralised zone for consumer product trial Tangible media exposure / Increased public awareness as well as development of new business opportunities. Market Survey results revealed during press conference
  30. 30. BBDO:World wide Conference BBDO is the most awarded agency network in the world with a record of creative excellence. JETLAG designed a unique conference, break room and showcase setup, breaking the mould with a traditional layout and setup. BBDO‟ers left Shanghai exhilarated, excited and inspired by the new opportunities in the world of communications, not in the least by the way they were presented through our design
  31. 31. Dom Pérignon:DP Week Beijing Dom Pérignon‟s prestigious brand DNA - creator, charisma and seduction - needed to be better communicated to the target consumers. So JETLAG organised a week long event calendar featuring VIP dinners, consumer events,m art exhibits and private celebrity events. The DP week was extremely successful with great feedback from both media and guests. The 7 creative initiatives generated awareness, interest and desire among targeted consumer groups and cemented DP‟s stature as the top end champagne.
  32. 32. Dom Pérignon:DP Rose Vintage 2000 Launch Dom Pé rignon RoséVintage 2000 is a unique treasure within the brand - rare, perfectly balanced and seductive – yet it has little market exposure. JETLAG created a special art gallery Karl Lagerfeld‟s photographic interpretation of Dom Pé rignon Rose, followed by a sumptuous VIP dinner with Jean Berchon, Moë & Chandon Vice-President of Corporate Communication. t Guests left the events not only having experienced the rare champagne but also with a better understanding of the brand‟s elements, thus providing a strong platform to spread the awareness of the DP RoséVintage 2000 and increasing its sales.
  33. 33. Glenmorangie:Aroma Night with ODO7JETLAG was taxed with conceptualising, designing and executing a multi-city event schedule along the Aroma Night concept. We developed various thematic elements such as the world‟s original Aroma Jockey ODO7, odour diffusing table logo lightboxes,Generated huge increase in sales volume and interest from other brands for our artistic and execution database.
  34. 34. Seasons Villas’ Children’s Day For Season‟s Villas PHASE 1 launch JETLAG created a family day concept for to engage existing tenants and inspire potential ones, while adhering to government and safety standards Using the vast grounds to create various F&B, interactive games, sport activities and other zones, both parents and kids had a fun filled day which communicated the property‟s values. Increased awareness about the property and demonstrated the management‟s commitment to providing a safe, fun, family- oriented environment
  35. 35. Moet & Chandon : Muse VIP Room (Concept – Design - Production) Entrance Karaoke Area ChandelierDesignPictures
  36. 36. Veuve ClicquotSummer Terrace in Xintiandi
  37. 37. Thank You for Flying With Us ©JETLAG Productions 652, Changshou Road, Bldg 10, Room 306, Shanghai 200060 上海市长寿路652号10号楼306室 +86 21 5228 5951