Semantic Engagement Index (SEI)


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A breakthrough in measuring the impact of word of mouth and social media on brand performance

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Semantic Engagement Index (SEI)

  1. 1. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITMSEITM: A breakthrough inmeasuring the impact of wordof mouth and social media onbrand performance
  2. 2. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITMIntroducing The Semantic Engagement Index• SEITMis a unique metric derived from Stance Shift Analysis that serves as a basis and standard ofmeasurement for word of mouth and social conversations that has been validated like nothingelse (across a diverse set of companies with collective sales of over £100 billion)• SEITMcaptures the real voice of the consumer (VOC) across any digital conversation : SocialMedia, Transcripts, Call Centres, Focus Groups, and Online• SEITMcan identify specific content and messages which will generate the highest bonding with yourcustomers and guide your future marketing communications• SEITMcreates predictive marketing models to drive better business decisions and increase ROIStance-ShiftAnalysisUnobtrusiveSuperiorResearch &ModelingUnbiasedSocialConversations SEITMActionableInsightsUnmoderated“SEITMdirectly linking and influencingbrand sales and events”
  3. 3. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITMThe Foundation: Stance-Shift AnalysisNet Positive SEI IndexThe foundation of SEITM is the development of ametric based on a “linguistic theory” calledStance-Shift Analysis (SSA).SSA is able to drill down and make sense of complexlanguage. It is a proven approach to extractingdeep insights into language within the context ofthe conversationSSA applies 30 plus rules of language or linguisticsto a “scoring algorithm” which turns textual datainto a metric called the Semantic Engagement Indexor SEITMIndividual Topics &Content GroupsPositiveScoresNegativeScoresLOW MEDIUM HIGHHIGH 0 5 7MEDIUM -5 0 5LOW -7 -5 0Emotional EffectPersonalisation3
  4. 4. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITM82.9%14.8%9.9%7.7%5.9%2.8%-3.2%-20% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%SEMANTIC ENGAGEMENT INDEX POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 5 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 1 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 4 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 6 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 2 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 3 POS/NEG RATIOComparison of linking SEITMdirectly to salesSEITMcan show whichconversations are stronglylinking and influencing brandsales more than any availablecomparable metric acrossmultiple verticals and studies“SEITMdirectly linking and influencing brand sales”
  5. 5. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITMThe correlation* to sales over time shows the SEITM has Predictive Power5Proven Linking With Brand SalesCorrelation = 81.1%Correlation = 83%Correlation = 83%* Lead lag analysis has confirmed that causation is only one way – the SEITM to a large degree is able to drive hardcommercial metrics.Correlation = 86.4%Correlation = 84%Communications Services SEI Index V. Sales Index Restaurant Retail SEI Index V. Sales Index
  6. 6. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITM6Social MediaROIIn-MarketExecutionContentStrategy &InsightBrandReputationManagement1) Quantify the ROI ofyour social mediastrategy andcampaigns. Monetiseyour customerexperience3) Use a deepunderstanding ofconsumerconversations todevelop Contentand MarketingStrategy4) Monitor andmanage consumerconversations thatare impacting yourbrand reputation.2) Enhance the in-marketexecution ofPromotions, SportsSponsorships andevents based onconsumerconversationsActionable Solutions For EverybodyReal Conversations Means True Reflections= Monetized!
  7. 7. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITM7• SEITM will measure the degree of engagement your customershave towards key marketing events and promotions and thereasons behind those events’ success or shortfall. In so doing,we can provide prescriptions as to how to maximize successgoing forward• SEITM will identify the specific conversations and content that goviral for your brand and understand the key reasons driving thisviral expansion• SEITM will provide insight as to the engagement of yourcustomers towards hard-to-measure marketing activities suchas sports sponsorships, Facebook and Twitter campaigns. In sodoing, we will also provide specific quantification and ROI ofthese activities.• SEITM will identify relevant and important public issues andquantify what specific elements of these issues drive the mostpassion and concern among your customers and how all of thisconnects to your brand’s performance• SEITM will quantify and track the very powerful “word-of-mouth”influence driving your brand performance and monetize itsimportance to your brandThe Impact of Our ApproachSEITM uncovers “the passion” while conventional metrics onlyuncover the noiseWeekly Trended SEITM
  8. 8. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITM1) How can we increase store traffic and drive positive engagement ?2) What are the key image, experiential and promotional strategies that will drive same store sales?Insight & OutcomesThe key drivers to Positive SEI were:1. A place to hang out2. To meet people3. AtmosphereThe client developed a ‘2 for 1 – bring afriend’ promotion to drive store levelsales.Sales increased by 23% on year on yearbasis.Content/Marketing Strategy8Beverage A271Beverage A74Using Insights from Social ConversationsHelp To increase Restaurant Sales
  9. 9. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITM9MarketingStrongly and directly linking specific conversations to sales enabling accurate predictive marketing modelsMarket ResearchFinds the answers to the questions by linking the conversations – being able to compare the past to the presentand predicting more accurate influencesCustomer InsightFinds the conversations which are providing genuine customer feedback into what is affecting and influencingcustomer engagementPublic Affairs & PRQuantifies and monetizes how relevant public issues affect your brand and the degree these issues areconnected to broader public concernsAdvertisingBeing able to link advertising to the conversations and then measure the impact of the advertising throughconversations to brand sales.Social MediaMeasuring and linking conversations to brand sales and providing actionable insightReal Conversations Means True Reflections= Monetized!Key Areas SEI™ Provides Actionable Insight For?
  10. 10. www.bottomlineanalytics.comTo find out more about how we have verified and validated that SEITM will work for you,please contact me direct or through one of the links below :For a webexFor a CallMore InfoSimon BrockClient Services Director - EMEABottom-Line AnalyticsE : simon@bottomlineanalytics.comM : 44 (0) 7824 305325UK Office : 44 (0) 1398 320169