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C gould eg2010


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  • Tell them I'm going to focus on Circ staff training Maybe play Rip Van Winkle? Have people write steps to learn to ski Share some variations on documentation that is already out there. .
  • Maybe do an exercise where people write down the 10 most common tasks a circ person does
  • Do you demonstrate because it's too hard to setup “real” life situations? How about creating one good set of exercises and getting IT to reset the database each day so it goes back to a known state. I should do a demonstration with my little recorder to show how demonstrations aren't good.
  • Do fines come over? What problems have others encountered on Go Live day.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Getting There From Here Cheryl Gould Learning Facilitator [email_address]
    • 2. Write down steps to look up a customer in Evergreen. Evergreen is not open.
    • 3. Solid Training Techniques
      • Clear objective – K, S, or A?
      • Active learning environment
        • a little stress is a good thing
        • get people up and interacting
      • Screenshots?
      • Early success
        • steps should build on each other
      • Don't create training for the bottom 10%
    • 4. ILS Training Issues
      • Demonstrations don't build skills
      • Setup training to model real life
        • have them place holds, waive fines, check books out and in
        • have real items
        • use a story
      • Don't cover everything
        • create cheat sheets for infrequent tasks
      • Separate policy from learning software
    • 5. Go Live Day
      • Local experts
      • Clear plan for solving problems
        • and what to do if you can't
      • Cheat sheets for most likely problems
      • Phone or text lists for who to contact
      • Signs up to alert customers know
        • should help the staff feel supported
    • 6. Transition Period
      • Discovery Session
        • invite variety of staff
        • capture feedback and questions
        • start the buzz
      • Evergreen available at each branch
      • 3 months prior, send out bi-weekly scavenger hunts. Weekly during last month
      • Invite feedback
        • consistent response time
    • 7. Build Trust
      • Feedback Mechanism
        • between staff and admin and IT
        • timely response a must
      • Consider showing staff how the OS community works.
        • people helping people
        • not money motivation
        • show list of what's being worked on
        • show email lists for help