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Tag Cloud


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. TAG Cloud (Formally TAG TV) All Georgia Technology Conversations in One Cloud
  • 2. Technology in Atlanta Opportunities
    • Perception
      • Do you want Georgia to be perceived as a technology leader “Again”?
      • Do you want non Georgia companies and entrepreneurs to think of Georgia first?
    • Confidence
      • Do you want businesses in Georgia to have confidence in Georgia technology “again”?
      • Do you want businesses in Georgia to think of Georgia first?
  • 3. TAG Cloud
    • The Blue Shirt Nation story (i.e., Best Buy)
      • A story of confidence and perception
  • 4. TAG Cloud
    • Tag Cloud
      • is an aggregation of multiple services to create a single service cloud offering.
      • Modeled after the following clouds:
        • Lotus Live
        • SalesForce’s Service Cloud
        • Zoho
        • MuseWorx
      • Makes use of popular infrastructure and software based clouds.
  • 5. TAG Cloud
    • A Web community that aligns the following into a single conversation
      • Content and Docu management systems
      • Facebook applications
      • Blogs and Forums
      • Micro Blogging (Twitter)
      • Social Networking
      • Enterprise Search and Google
      • Web Conferencing
      • Wiki’s
  • 6. TAG Cloud
    • Online Communities – A place to share ideas, get help or training, and interact with other TAG members.
    • Social Networks – Tap into the collective technology discussions in Georgia . TAG Cloud is an open service that can integrate with Web apps like Facebook.
    • Search – Total integration of Google search engine and internal enterprise search interfaces. Tribal knowledge can be captured and aggregated for future conversations.
  • 7. TAG Cloud
    • TAG Cloud Portal
      • The TAG Cloud Portal is a public Web portal that makes all shareable digital assets available as a common public website. Think of the Cloud Portal as a multiple shared blog or community site.
  • 8. TAG Cloud
    • TAG Cloud Desktop
      • Each TAG Cloud member will have a private cloud to manage and share digital assets.
      • A TAG Cloud Desktop can consist of one member or a number of common members.
      • TAG Cloud Desktop users can choose to make digital assets private or public.
      • TAG Cloud Desktop can integrate with other cloud apps (e.g., Google App Engine, Azure, Force, …)
  • 9. TAG Cloud
    • Digital Assets
      • Video and Audio Podcasts
      • Event notices
      • Documentation and File Sharing
      • News Feeds
      • Wiki
      • Blog Content
      • Web Meetings
      • Surveys
  • 10. TAG Cloud Goals
      • Digital Asset Manager
      • Content Share
      • Collaboration Manager
      • Analyzer and Reporter
      • Mobile/Netbook Cloud
      • Virtual Economy Manager
      • Content Publisher
      • TAG App Interface
      • Profile Editor
      • Admin
      • Aggregator Feed
      • Charting and Surveys
      • Managing Digital Assets
  • 11. TAG Cloud Infrastructure
    • Wherever possible TAG Cloud will use existing EaaS services and/or Open Source solutions
      • Acquia Drupal a content engine
      • Alfresco as Content engine
      • EyesOS as Cloud Desktop
      • DimDim as Web Meetings
      • Mindtouch as Wiki and Collaboration
      • Flare and R as Charting
      • Amazon Web Services as Infrastructure
      • Others as appropriate - more research
  • 12. TAG Cloud Time Line
    • TAG Cloud delivered in Six months as a prototype
      • April 2009
        • Product Architect and Development Manager
        • Architecture design and approval
      • May 2009
        • Start development
        • Georgia Summer of Code Beg ins (5 Students)
      • July 2009
        • Check Point Review
      • Sept 2009
        • Prototype complete