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Devopsdays Tokyo 2012 Devopsdays Tokyo 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • DevopsDays Tokyo 2012 1Friday, May 25, 12
  • Acknowledgments This presentation builds on the work of many. DevOps (and cloud operating model) thought leaders, including Damon Edwards, John Allspaw, Jez Humble, Adam Jacob, Luke Kaines, Jesse Robbins, Chris Read, Andrew Clay Shafer Gene Kim, Patrick Debois and John Vincent. Special thanks to Cameron Haight of Gartner for collaborating and codifying many of the Devops community ideas. 2Friday, May 25, 12
  • What is Devops? 3Friday, May 25, 12
  • Success Stories Instagram • In 2 Years 30 Million users 2 Backend engineers (devops) 1 Billion dollar acquisition by Facebook Dropbox • Last 3 years +50 Million new users $240 million per year in revenue Etsy • Last 3 Years Hit 1 Billion pageviews Hosting 875,000 sellers and 15 million users worldwide $525 million in sales in 2011 4Friday, May 25, 12
  • Raising the Bar for IT Infrastructure Netflix • 100% cloud • Developer focused PaaS • Revenue Growth: 23% (three average) • Profit Growth: 48% (three average) Amazon • Production deployment every 11.6 seconds (weekday) • 1,079 deployments in one hour (record) • ~0.001% of deployments actually cause an outage 5Friday, May 25, 12
  • What do they have in common? Kaizen • Continuous improvement Muda • Eliminate Waste Mura • Unevenness - (reduce inventory) Muri • Overburdened (standardization) 6Friday, May 25, 12
  • Now in English Optimize for minimal operation burden Instrument simplicity for the business Instrument everything Optimize for Happiness 7Friday, May 25, 12
  • Common Technical Characteristics Cloud or Cloud like infrastructure Open Source and Open Culture They practice a form of Devops/Agile 8Friday, May 25, 12
  • So What is Devops? Improving collaboration and communication between development and operations teams. An adoption of methodologies (and some technologies) used in software development by operations teams. A renaissance of infrastructure technologies that is strongly influenced by cloud computing. Cameron Haight - Devops Workshop 9Friday, May 25, 12
  • What do we say? CLAMS • Culture • Lean • Automation • Measurement • Sharing subscribe in iTunes 10Friday, May 25, 12
  • Simply Put Improving the business value of the work done Text within IT. Cameron Haight - Devops Workshop 11Friday, May 25, 12
  • Characterization of Devops Wall of Confusion Dev Ops Ah-ha! Ka-ching! 12Friday, May 25, 12
  • Characterization of Devops Shorten m ove Dev Re Ops Ah-ha! Ka-ching! Wa l l of C onfus ion 13Friday, May 25, 12
  • The Convergence of Devops Devops History • Agile Infrastructure Thread • Velocity Thread • Lean Startup Thread The Convergence of Devops 14Friday, May 25, 12
  • Agile Infrastructure Thread 2008 2009Friday, May 25, 12
  • Velocity Thread 2006 - 2008 2009 2010Friday, May 25, 12
  • Lean Startup Thread Customer Development ModelFriday, May 25, 12
  • The Seven Sins of Waste (Applied to Devops) Transportation • Reduce boundary hand-offs/approvals Inventory • Leverage cloud for JIT (just-in-time) resource Motion • Automate and implement self services Waiting • Manage flow (Visualize, WIP limits) / Kanban Over-processing • Implement MVP / min. viable product Overproduction • Optimize for the whole / Theory of Constraints Defects • Bring the pain forward / 5 whys 18Friday, May 25, 12
  • Culture Principles No rock star mentality • Shared contributions Healthy attitudes towards failure • Failures are leaning opportunities The problem is the enemy • No blame games No victims • Shared blame Develop shared metrics • Focus on end goal Alignment of Purpose • Shared goals/ Slay the Dragon 19Friday, May 25, 12
  • In Development Done means released • Code deploy not code complete Infrastructure as code • Configuration is code and needs control Version control everything • Everything is an artifact (scripts,xml, source) Frequent releases • Self service / Continuous delivery Test end to end • Test driven code and infrastructure Instrument operations • Feature flags / Canary releases / Immune systems 20Friday, May 25, 12
  • In Operations Automate where possible • Desired state consistency Instrument pervasively • Collect data to detect trends early If anything fails stop the line • Reduce technical debt early If it’s hard do it more often • Practice make perfect Enable graceful degradation • Some availability is better than none Reprovision not repair • It’s easier to recover to a known state MTTR vs MTBF 21Friday, May 25, 12
  • The Organization Hack Days • Creating collaborative projects Free Time • Allowing special free project time Embedded Engineers • Dev in ops or ops in dev Chat Rooms • Skype, Hipcat, Watercooler Fun Working Environments • Games, reading rooms, bars 22Friday, May 25, 12
  • Technical Debt 23Friday, May 25, 12
  • Technical Debt - Vicious Cycle Technical Vicious Toxic Terminal Debt Cycle Operations 24Friday, May 25, 12
  • Tall of Two Startups 25Friday, May 25, 12
  • Meat to Math Ratio 26Friday, May 25, 12
  • A Cloud Gone Wrong 27Friday, May 25, 12
  • Clouds Gone WrongFriday, May 25, 12
  • Friday, May 25, 12
  • “As-is” operations server templates TAR RPM restarts TAR TAR code, EC2 content pupp deploys et RS app RS deployment devs deployment S3 yum repo Provision-time builds reconfigs TAR EXE TAR AUTO server TOOLS code templates TAR RPM middleware devs platform CONTROL PROVISION RELEASE system engFriday, May 25, 12
  • Friday, May 25, 12
  • Fully Automated Infrastructure Everything starts here SVN hud agent cfg yum pup son repo pet packages active users run packages directory deck commands nag splunk ios resource model sys cfg right instance create scale events new node Node a log data CONTROL PROVISION RELEASEFriday, May 25, 12
  • Acknowldegements This presentation builds on the work of many. DevOps (and cloud operating model) thought leaders, including John Allspaw, Jez Humble, Adam Jacob, Luke Kaines, Jesse Robbins, Chris Read, Andrew Clay Shafer Gene Kim, Patrick Debois and John Vincent. Special thanks to Cameron Haight of Gartner for codifying many of my and other’s ideas in a grown up way. 33Friday, May 25, 12
  • The Prescriptive DevOps • Capture and codify how to start and finish successful DevOps transformations – Create isomorphic mapping between plant floors and IT shops – Co-authoring with Patrick DeBois, Mike Orzen, John Willis – Describe in detail how to replicate the transformations describe in “When IT Fails: The Novel” • Goals – How does Development, IT Operations and Infosec become dependable partners – How do they work together to solve business problems (and Infosec, too) @RealGeneKim, genek@realgenekim.meFriday, May 25, 12
  • Resources DevOps Cookbook 35Friday, May 25, 12