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Cloud Talk

  1. 1. Cloud Talk Demystifying Clouds
  2. 2. whoami • • Cloud Café Podcasts • • IT Management Guys Podcast • Botchagalupe • twitter and gtalk
  3. 3. Cloud Talk Go Big or Go Home Animoto 50 server to 5000 servers in one week 25k users to 750k users in one week Two weeks later they were back to about 100 servers 5 Guys 1 SA!
  4. 4. Cloud Talk The Myths (The Big Switch “Nick Carr” Syndrome) Cloud computing will eliminate the need for IT personnel. There will only be one super computer in the future. Cloud Hype Everything is a cloud.
  5. 5. Cloud Talk The Facts Cloud technology is real This technology should not be ignored This presentation will try to separate the hype
  6. 6. Cloud Talk The Advantages Economies of scale 10’s->100’s->1000’s Common cloneable infrastructures Elastic and Autonomic The possibly of green computing
  7. 7. Cloud Talk What is the Basis of a Cloud Abstraction of the hardware infrastructure from the service. Some say it must have an API.
  8. 8. Cloud Talk What is my definition of a “Holy-Grail” Cloud Abstraction of the hardware infrastructure from the service. Abstraction of the software infrastructure from the service.
  9. 9. Cloud Talk Cloud stuff Pay as you go Windows Servers No lock in Live Image Migration Snapshot Image Dynamic provisioning Customizable Images Load Balancing and Automated Backup Clustering Table Level Backup Firewall Support 24 Hour Support Autonomics Consulting Services
  10. 10. Cloud Talk Types of Clouds Private 3Tera, IBM, HP, Cassatt Public Amazon, Google, Flexiscale, Gogrid, Joyent, Rackspace, Mosso
  11. 11. Cloud Talk Cloud Taxonomy SaaS Salesforce PaaS Google App Engine, Heroku, Morph, EngineYard, RightScale,Elastra IaaS Amazon, Flexiscale, GoGrid, Joyent,Rackspace
  12. 12. Cloud Talk Cloud Taxonomy Google “peter laird cloud taxonomy”
  13. 13. Cloud Talk Open Source Clouds Eucalyptus Enomalism Scalr
  14. 14. Cloud Talk Cloud Utilities CohesiveFT rPath (JeOS) Bitnami Ylastic
  15. 15. Cloud Talk Do you Hadoop? Google does… Yahoo does.. IBM does… Facebook does… The New York Times does … Rackspace/Mailtrust does … Now Cloudera does…
  16. 16. Cloud Talk Amazon No min – pay as you go Easy to get started Market leader All API based New (Persistent storage and Windows instances)
  17. 17. Cloud Talk Flexiscale Amazon in the UK Fractional resources (VPS) Looks like a SP (dedicated VLAN)
  18. 18. Cloud Talk Mosso Glorified shared hosting Min investment $100 per month Transaction fees (3 million puts/gets) No shell access Very good for elasticity
  19. 19. Cloud Talk Google App Engine Python only Transaction based To early to tell (limited access and free) Unknown cost
  20. 20. Cloud Talk 3Tera Private or public cloud More like a grid Entry level is $500 per month Enterprise is around $1500 per month Partners with Citrix (Citrix Cloud Center (C3))
  21. 21. Cloud Talk
  22. 22. Cloud Talk Add Ons Rightscale Elastra Ylastic
  23. 23. Cloud Talk Who’s using the cloud? The NY Times Amazon EC2 Nasdaq Amazon S3 Major League Baseball Joyent ESPN Rightscale using Amazon EC2 Hasbro Amazon EC2 British Telecom 3Tera Taylor Woodrow Google Apps CSS Amazon EC2 Activision Amazon EC2 Business Objects (A SAP Company) Rightscale using Amazon EC2
  24. 24. Cloud Talk Vendors in the Cloud? Red Hat GigaSpaces Oracle Vertica Sun MySQL
  25. 25. Cloud Talk Cloud Standards? Elasta (ECML and EDML) 3Tera (Cloudware) Citrix (C3) VMWare (Vcloud) DMTF (OVF) Citrix, Vmware
  26. 26. Cloud Talk Cloud Developer - Demographics Small to Medium ($100 per moth) Amazon EC2/S3 Mosso Flexiscale GoGrid Enterprise Entry ($500 per month) 3Tera Layered Technology (3Tera provider) RightScale Enterprise Large ($1500 per month) 3Tera IBM Blue Cloud
  27. 27. Amazon Web Services EC2 - Elastic Compute Cloud S3 - Simple Storage Service SQS - Simple Queue Service SimpleDB – Simple Database FPS - Flexible Payment Services EBS – Elastic Block Storage (New)
  28. 28. EC2 Tutorial Glossary Images Instances AMI ECU Bucket Availability Zones Storage Volumes Snapshot
  29. 29. EC2 Tutorial Standard Instances $0.10 - Small Instance (Default) 1.7 GB of memory, 1 EC2 Compute Unit (1 virtual core with 1 EC2 Compute Unit), 160 GB of instance storage, 32-bit platform $0.40 - Large Instance 7.5 GB of memory, 4 EC2 Compute Units (2 virtual cores with 2 EC2 Compute Units each), 850 GB of instance storage, 64-bit platform $0.80 - Extra Large Instance 15 GB of memory, 8 EC2 Compute Units (4 virtual cores with 2 EC2 Compute Units each), 1690 GB of instance storage, 64-bit platform
  30. 30. EC2 Tutorial High-CPU Instances $0.20 - High-CPU Medium Instance 1.7 GB of memory, 5 EC2 Compute Units (2 virtual cores with 2.5 EC2 Compute Units each), 350 GB of instance storage, 32-bit platform $0.80 - High-CPU Extra Large Instance 7 GB of memory, 20 EC2 Compute Units (8 virtual cores with 2.5 EC2 Compute Units each), 1690 GB of instance storage, 64-bit platform
  31. 31. EC2 Tutorial Getting Started First Signup for an Account Get Certifications and Keys Install Tools
  32. 32. EC2 Tutorial Sign up at
  33. 33. EC2 Tutorial Getting Certificates and Keys Access Keys Mostly used for Elastic Fox X509 Certificate Mostly used for command line tools KeyPair Used for SSH (e.g., putty)
  34. 34. EC2 Tutorial
  35. 35. EC2 Tutorial Install EC2 Command Line and Setup Environment Download and unzip EC2 Command Line Tools EC2->Resource Center->Developer Tools
  36. 36. EC2 Tutorial Configure Command Line Environment
  37. 37. EC2 Tutorial Configure Command Line Environment
  38. 38. EC2 Tutorial Use Puttygen create Putty SSH keys
  39. 39. EC2 Tutorial Save as a Private Key and use in Putty
  40. 40. EC2 Tutorial EC2 List Images ec2-describe-images -o amazon ec2-describe-images –x all
  41. 41. EC2 Tutorial EC2 Start, check, and Terminate instances ec2-run-instances <ami id> -k <keypair file> ec2-describe-instances ec2-terminate-instances <instance id>
  42. 42. EC2 Tutorial EC2 Elastic IP Addresses ec2-allocate-address ec2-associate-address –I <ins id> <ip adr> ec2-release-address <ip adr>
  43. 43. EC2 Tutorial Install Elastic Fox Firefox Extension Download and install Elastic Fox EC2->Resource Center->Developer Tools
  44. 44. EC2 Tutorial Configure Elastic Fox
  45. 45. EC2 Tutorial Configure Elastic Fox
  46. 46. EC2 Tutorial Configure Elastic Fox
  47. 47. EC2 Tutorial Configure Elastic Fox
  48. 48. EC2 Tutorial Launch SSH from Elastic Fox
  49. 49. EC2 Tutorial EC2 Saving and Registering Images scp cert and pvt key to /mnt of image ec2-bundle-vol –d /mnt –c <cert> -k <pvt key> -r i386 –p <out image name> ec2-upload-bundle –b <bid> -m <manifest> - a <access key id> -s <secret key id> ec2-register <bid>/<image name>
  50. 50. EC2 Tutorial EBS – Elastic Block Storage Centrally managed storage Built-in redundancy Snapshot to S3
  51. 51. EC2 Tutorial EBS – Elastic Block Storage Create a volume from 1GB to 1TB Attach to an instance $0.10/GB per month Snapshot (can do incrementals) You can create a new volume from a Snapsot (lazy restore)
  52. 52. EC2 Tutorial RightScale Tips Use XFS filesystem for freeze while snap shoting Unmounting can leave data in flight Mounting mistakes can be destructive Always snapshot after an unmount
  53. 53. EC2 Tutorial You need to download the latest version of the EBS tools
  54. 54. EC2 Tutorial Create, Describe, Attach, and Snapshot ec2-create-volume –size <gb> -z <az> ec2-describe-volumes <vol id> ec2-attach-volume <vol id> -i <iid> -d <mp> ec2-delete-volume <vold id> ec2-create-snapshot <vol id>