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Act chps13 28

  1. 1. Sarah Boswell Box #247 January 27, 2009 Acts chp.13-28 summariesChp.13- Barnabas and Saul were called on by the Holy Spirit to go and do work for God.They first set out to Cyprus and confronted Elymas on his non-believing and lying nature.They then set out to Pisidan Antioch and told the Gentiles about God. The Jews did notlike this because the Jews themselves were not believers and so they sent them away.Chp.14 -Paul and Barnabas then went to the city of Iconium where they taught about Godand many became believers. Then they went to Lystra where Paul and Barnabas healed acripple man. The crowd was so fascinated by this miracle but they conveyed to the peoplethat it was God who performed this miracle through them. When the Jews heard of thisthey stoned Paul and thinking he was dead dragged him out of the city. However, he wasnot dead so he and Barnabas returned to Antioch.Chp.15-When Paul and Barnabas came home they shared all that they had done in thecities. However, some men thought that the converted men were not Christians unlessthey were circumcised. They decided to send Paul and Barnabas to find out what theelders and apostles had to say about this problem and the council told them to write aletter to the Gentiles explaining what was right. The people received it and when theyread it they were glad for the encouragement. After taking the letter to Antioch, Paul andBarnabas had an argument about where to go next. Paul went to Silas alone and Barnabastook Mark with him to Cyprus.Chp.16- Paul went to Lystra where he found Timothy who he wanted to bring with him.So he circumcised him and Timothy went along with Paul. While in Troas Paul had avision to go and preach in Macedonia and so they went there to preach. On the Sabbath
  2. 2. they went outside the city and cast a spirit out of a slave girl. Because of this they werethrown in jail and were able to save the Jailer. They were then let free and told to leave.Chp.17- When they were in Thessalonica Paul preached the word of God, but the Jewsdid not want to hear what was being said. The Jews formed a mob and rioted and wentlooking for Paul and Silas, they could not find them. Instead they took Jason, who Paulwas staying with, and other men and held them to blame and made them pay bonds to bereleased. In the night Paul and Silas went to Berea and had conflict there as well. Paul leftand waited for the others in Athens, while there he preached the word of God at ameeting.Chp.18- Paul then went to Corinth where he spoke to the Jews. However, the Jewsopposed his teachings. Paul had a vision to keep teaching in Corinth so he stayed andtaught. Then once Paul was done in Corinth he set sail for Ephesus and then went toAntioch where he went and strengthened the disciples.Chp.19- Paul went to Ephesus to speak about God. While on the way there he ran intosome disciples who had not yet been baptized in the Lord’s name. He did this and thentouched them so that they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Then all of them went andspoke of Jesus to the people so that no person had not heard of God. Then a riot broke outbecause the people were not following the previous gods but was quieted down since allknew where Ephesus was because of the god that was there.Chp.20- Once Paul reached Troas he began to teach the word of God. While teaching, heraised a man from the dead who had fallen asleep and fallen. Once he finished preaching,Paul went back to say goodbye to the Ephesian elders since he was on his way to teach in
  3. 3. Jerusalem. Paul told them what they had to do since he would be gone and then he leftheaded for Jerusalem.Chp.21- On the way to Jerusalem Paul was begged not to go into Jerusalem; he refusedtheir request and went. While there he preached to the people and began saving them buthe was soon arrested because he was recognized. Paul was seized but was given thechance to speak to the people.Chp.22- Paul was given the chance to speak to the people. He told them about god butthey did not want to hear it and ordered Paul to be put to death. Paul was ordered into thebarracks and later flogged and questioned. But Paul claimed to be a Roman citizen andbecause he was one, they let him go. He was then ordered to go before the Sanhedrin.Chp.23- During the trial Paul questioned the intentions of the people since their law wentagainst their plan. Because of this an argument broke out between the Pharisees and theSadducees and they split and God told Paul to take courage and stand for him against theRomans like he did with the Jews. Then there was a plot to kill Paul and the commanderfound out and transferred Paul to Caesarea.Chp.24- Some of the Jews then continued to accuse Paul They said that he had causegreat disturbances all over the land. Paul denied these accusations and told all about whathe really did. Paul said he only followed the law. Felix heard all of this and did not knowwhat to do so Paul was left in prison.Chp.25- Paul was then brought to trial before Festus with the Jews there accusing him ofnothing he had done or that they could prove. Paul demanded that he be tried underCaesar since he had nothing to be tried by the Jews for and Festus agreed. The next day
  4. 4. Festus explained the situation to King Agrippa. Agrippa then tried Paul and ordered thathe be sent back to Rome.Chp.26- King Agrippa questioned Paul. Paul explained that the Jews know how he haslived and Paul continued to explain his life. During Paul’s confession Festus told Paulthat his great learning was driving him to become insane. Agrippa said that Paul had notdone anything that deserved death or imprisonment and would be set free if he had notappealed to Caesar.Chp.27- On the way to Rome a great storm began to emerge but Paul told the men that hehad a vision from and angel of God that said everyone would be safe and make it throughthe storm. Paul told them to go aground anyway though. Paul warned that if the men didnot stay with the ship it would not be saved. The ship soon landed on sand with a brokenstern and everyone arrived to land safely.Chp.28- The men arrived on the island of Malta where Paul healed the chief official’sfather. After three months the group went back out to sea and eventually arrived in Rome.Paul was allowed to live by himself with a guard. While in Rome Paul preached and evenmet with the Jews. Paul was able to make some people, even some Jews, believe whileother still did not believe. Paul boldly preached for two years.