The Six Keys to Stand Out Social Marketing


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  • Different from monitoring vendors; we are moitoring for customer acquisitionScorecards bubble up specific customer; kindsB2B and B2C examples – talk about customers we have (FOX, MLB, EMC, FSC, etc) and how they areUpdate the pictures in the back
  • The Six Keys to Stand Out Social Marketing

    1. 1. THE 6 KEYS TO STAND OUT SOCIAL MARKETING Mike Lewis Author of ‘Stand Out Social Marketing’ Vice President of Marketing & Sales Awareness, Inc. @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    2. 2. Connect Questions via Twitter:ABOUT ME… #StandOut @bostonmike• VP of Marketing & Sales at Awareness• Boston native,father of 2, Entrepreneur andmarketing guy• Active blogger, tweeter, and social media enthusiast• Author, Stand Out Social Marketing, McGraw-Hill, Nov 9, 2012 Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @bostonmike
    3. 3. Connect Questions via Twitter:BUY THE BOOK #StandOut @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    4. 4. Connect Questions via Twitter:THIS IS AN INTERACTIVE SESSION #StandOut @bostonmike (1) Ask Questions (2) Tweet me (3) Visit the blog (standoutsocialmarketing.c om) and search for highlighted words in this box:© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    5. 5. Connect Questions via Twitter:STANDOUTSOCIALMARKETING.COM #StandOut @bostonmike• Case Studies• Infographics• Strategies• Strategists• Much More!© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    6. 6. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmikeA personal story...
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    11. 11. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike
    12. 12. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike ooops...wrong day!
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    19. 19. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmikeTHE NEXTDAY...
    20. 20. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike
    21. 21. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmikeHow’d theyknow that?
    22. 22. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmikeIt was this guy!!!
    23. 23. Connect Questions via Twitter:WHAT I THOUGHT... #StandOut @bostonmike Just spoke with mike. Wants to head home to see his son. Booked him on earlier flight.
    24. 24. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike Wow!!! Social Marketing Automation!!!© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    25. 25. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmikeWHAT ACTUALLYHAPPENED...
    26. 26. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmikeNot as exciting, but a great story none the less
    27. 27. Connect Questions via Twitter:THE 6 KEYS & WHERE DELTA STOOD OUT #StandOut @bostonmike Paying Interaction Content Attention Presence Management Measurement© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    28. 28. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike Paying Attention The Heart of your social strategy Involves Paying Attention to behaviors and individuals Focus area: Paying attention to behavior to drive sales Key Concepts: •Social Prospecting •Social Scoring© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    29. 29. Connect Questions via Twitter:FOR EXAMPLE… LETS SAY WE ARE SELLING… #StandOut @bostonmike
    30. 30. Connect Questions via Twitter:Traditionally… #StandOut @bostonmike • Broadcast messages through multiple channels • Collect Data and Demographically target • Open stores in areas of audience concentration • Drive people to online or offline purchases
    31. 31. Connect Questions via Twitter:Through Social We Would: @bill Need new shoes #StandOut @bostonmike for the office party. What to buy? • Listen for individuals who show Need shoes? We have the largest selection & 20% discount so you look a likelihood of buying great at the party • Target: month 2 in marathon training. Feeling better  Hyper-target individuals with everyday contextual offers and content Dude! If you need a new pair of kicks check these out - We will power you on the big day!  Identify Contextual Influencers HUGE ski trip with the guys  Market to a widget next month! Can’t wait! enthusiast group on Facebook Looking for new ski boots? 10% of for you today  Contextual groups (or create one) UGH! I hate back to school shopping for the kids! We hate it too... shop online and avoid the hassle... free returns!
    32. 32. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike social scoring = finding prospects & converting them to High potential to customers Customer & buy Influencer Partner Candidate Advocate© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    33. 33. Connect Questions via Twitter:THE BIG THREE OF MONETIZING BY PAYING ATTENTION #StandOut @bostonmike Social Prospecting Automated Social Profile Collectio Social Scoring© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    34. 34. Connect Questions via Twitter:SOCIAL PROSPECTING #StandOut @bostonmike Pay attention to the conversations and actions that demonstrate a liklihood of sale. Identifying buying signals and listen for them. Example: Pella Windows
    35. 35. Connect Questions via Twitter:IMPLICIT VS EXPLICIT BUYING SIGNALS #StandOut @bostonmikeExample: Pella Windows Explicit Implicit “Looking to buy new windows. “Ugh… I can‟t get Anyone have this draft to stop! experience with It‟s cold in here!” Pella?” “What is the Just starting work cheapest place to on the new buy new windows?” addition! Just bought the “Looking for a new house and am recommendation getting ready to on windows…” move next week!!
    36. 36. Connect Questions via Twitter: SOCIAL PROFILE COLLECTION #StandOut @bostonmike Collected the publically available profile information on the individuals engaging in your specific conversations. Engagement on brand owned social destination Participation in Public Posts and actions Facebook contests, on Social Networks like: Downloads, et Social Profile© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    37. 37. Connect Questions via Twitter: SOCIAL SCORING #StandOut @bostonmike Develop a scoring criteria that is dynamic and identifies individuals based on actions over time.© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    38. 38. Connect Questions via Twitter:DEFINE A PATH TO PURCHASE #StandOut @bostonmike TRACKING BEFORE DIRECT ENGAGEMENT© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    39. 39. Connect Questions via Twitter:BUILD A BEHAVIORAL SCORE MODEL #StandOut @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    40. 40. Connect Questions via Twitter:SOCIAL SCORING IN ACTION #StandOut @bostonmike +10 points Visited page +10 points “Any recommendations for product?” +5 points Prospective JoinedFacebookpag buyer e +5 points “looking to buy something…”© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    41. 41. Connect Questions via Twitter:HYPER-TARGETED MARKETING CAMPAIGNS #StandOut @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    42. 42. Connect Questions via Twitter:REAL LIFE EXAMPLES #StandOut @bostonmike The Louisville Real Estate Agent IBM Generates Millions by Listening for Leads 30% conversion rate on leads sourced via Twitter TriNet Listens for „events‟ and Roger Smith Hotel attracts sells software guests© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    43. 43. Connect Questions via Twitter:FOILED CUPCAKES #StandOut @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    44. 44. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike Interaction If paying attention is the yin of social marketing, interaction is the yang. Focus area: Interact with your audience based on who they are to drive improved response rates Key Concepts: •Interaction Continuum •Interaction Science© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    45. 45. Connect Questions via Twitter:THE INTERACTION CONTINUUM #StandOut @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    46. 46. Connect Questions via Twitter: TIPS AT EACH STAGE #StandOut @bostonmike See social Share photos activity of others and videos Extended in their network Audience The silent Ask Questions observers Passive Followers Regular Consistency is Engagers key Moderate Interactors Top Fans Make them championsActive Interactors Influencers who Guest post are active with Influential your brand Interactors © 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    47. 47. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike Content Focus on the needs of your prospects… not the needs of your company Repurposing content to drive additional interactions and responses Key Concepts: •Home Base & Outposts •Content Mapping© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    48. 48. Connect Questions via Twitter:MULTI-PURPOSING CONTENT #StandOut @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    49. 49. Connect Questions via Twitter:CONTENT MAPPING #StandOut @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    50. 50. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike Presence Build and manage your brand persona Create a stand out persona that thrives on interaction and posting distinctive content Key Concepts: •Humanizing your brand •Brand Consistency© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    51. 51. Connect Questions via Twitter:HUMANIZING A BRAND #StandOut @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    52. 52. Connect Questions via Twitter:BRAND CONSISTENCY #StandOut @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    53. 53. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike Management Stand out management comes from internal process and execution Manage and develop internal workflow and procedures to drive success Key Concepts: •Workflow •Consistency© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    54. 54. Connect Questions via Twitter:MANAGING THE SUPER BOWL #StandOut @bostonmikeCollaborate andmanageinternally Example The 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee identified and assisted fans in the Indianapolis area for the big game. A team of 50 managed all interactions resulting in $3.2M in value to NFL.
    55. 55. Connect Questions via Twitter:JETBLUE #StandOut @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    56. 56. Connect Questions via Twitter:ORGANIZING INTERNALLY #StandOut @bostonmike© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    57. 57. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike Measurement Meausure the things that impact the bottom line Measurement based on ROI Key Concepts: •ROI •KPIs Measurement© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    58. 58. Connect Questions via Twitter:SOCIAL ROMI VS SOCIAL ROMO #StandOut @bostonmike SOCIAL ROMI SOCIAL ROMO Return on Marketing Investment Return on Marketing ObjectiveOverall social marketing contributions to Specific social marketing contributions tothe business over time (usually year-over- customer engagement and sales (usuallyyear) campaign based and short term)© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    59. 59. Connect Questions via Twitter:SOCIAL ROMI VS SOCIAL ROMO #StandOut @bostonmike SOCIAL ROMI SOCIAL ROMO Return on Marketing Investment Return on Marketing Objective Add All Marketing Calculate Lead Gen Expenditures Effectiveness Determine Contribution to Results Determine Contribution to Results Calculate ROMI© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    60. 60. Connect Questions via Twitter:8 ROI RELATED METRICS #StandOut @bostonmike Conversions Easiest Implementation = Link Append 1. Create appended URL: 2. Mask with vanity or bit/ly 3. Send through appropriate channel Reach & • Reach = SUM(Fans, Followers, Subscribers) Relevance • Reach Velocity = Social Reach growth Month-Over-Month Interactions • Interaction = SUM(shares, likes, retweets, @replies, comments, favs, etc) • Interaction Velocity = Social Reach growth Month-Over-Month See also – Author Int Rate, Content Int Rate, Theme Int Rate Activity Ratio • Activity Ratio = # of Interactions / Social Reach • Active Audience Ratio = # Active Audience Members / Social Reach© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    61. 61. Connect Questions via Twitter:8 ROI RELATED METRICS (CONT.) #StandOut @bostonmike Content Effectiveness •Comment-to-Content Ratio •Comment-to-Profile Ratio •Content-to-Share Ratio Brand Sentiment •Audience Sentiment •Contributor Sentiment •Content Sentiment •Author Sentiment Inbound Links •Total Number •Authority Domains Influence •Influencer Score •Influential topics/areas© 2012 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
    62. 62. Connect Questions via Twitter: #StandOut @bostonmike Mike LewisAuthor of „Stand Out Social Marketing‟ Vice President of Marketing & Sales Awareness, Inc. @bostonmike