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Fusion Marketing - It's What's Next
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Fusion Marketing - It's What's Next


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The presentation from our webinar with Lon Safko, Fusion Marketing - It's What's Next.

The presentation from our webinar with Lon Safko, Fusion Marketing - It's What's Next.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. The FUSION Marketing Bible By: Lon Copyright © - Lon Safko
  • 2. Lon Safko Spent most of my career as an entrepreneur, innovator, president and CEO. An innovator for more three decades founding 14 start-up companies. Invented the “First Computer To Save A Human Life”. 18 Inventions & 30,000 personal records in the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Invented the first voice recognition and the first home automation for the disabled. Invented the first three-dimensional virtual environment. Invented the first integrated computer system for the physically disabled. Invented the archetype for Apple Newton and Microsoft’s Bob operating systems. Invented “Tool-Tips”, and first software user’s guides. Has 14 Inventions in the Computer History Museum, Mountainview, CA Awarded 3 patents on three-dimensional Internet advertising and “Virtual-Electronic-Retailing” Awarded 125 software copyrights, trademarks, a dozen signature marks. Recipient of The Westinghouse Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Recipient of The the Arizona Software Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Recipient of The the Arizona Innovation Network’s Innovator of the Year Award. Recipient of The Public Relations Society of America’s ”Mark of Excellence” Award. Recipient of The A.A.P.A.’s Award of Excellence for the Western Hemisphere. Twice nominated Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young / Inc. Magazine. Recognized by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the Phoenix Mayor’s Council. Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, PC Novice, Popular Science, & New York Times. Nine time published author and author of the Best Selling “The Social Media Bible”. Now in its Third Edition and hit #1 on Amazon in both their Marketing & Business categories. Appointed USA Today CEO Advisory Board, the first SCORE Ambassador. “Professional Blogger“ for Fast Copyright © - Lon Safko
  • 3. Patent Copyright © - Lon Safko
  • 4. Traditional Marketing Strategy“I know half my advertising isn‘t working. I just don’t know which half”... Lord Leverhulme, the founder of Level Brothers... Unilever Print Ads Trade Shows Brochures Direct Mail Telephone Catalog Customer Service Product Packaging Response Cards Warranty Events Television Radio TRADITIONAL SALES Specialty Business Cards Marketing & P.R. Door Hangers BiIlboard Presentations Coupons REVENUE! Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 01
  • 5. Evolution Of Marketing 6,000 Years Ago: We invented cupped hands 1450: Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press 1837: Samuel Morse invented the telegraph 1876: Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone 1899: Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio 1927: Philo Farnsworth invented the television 1972: Tim Byrnes & Vint Cerf invented the Internet Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 02
  • 6. Traditional Marketing Int e r Print Ads conn Cou Pr ectio g es s Re n! alo po re en sp hu ta on Cat ns l ai tio oc se tM ns Ca Br rd c re Doo s Di r Han ger h one s Te lep TRADITIONAL Marketing & P.R. MARKETING Trade Shows ards Cus C tom sin ess er S Bu Pr erv l ty od ice cia uc pe tP Bi S o ac di Ilb Warr ka Ra sio gi Events oa ng rd evi an Tel ty n TRADITIONAL SALES REVENUE! Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 3 & 4
  • 7. Digital Marketing Int e r conn ectio ing Vir n! t ish ua Email Word Of Mouth... lW RSS l PubAt The Speed Of Light! or i Ga ik lds W m m in ru g Fo Po dca Pages b st We SOCIAL Microblogging Social Networks MEDIA SE sting O Liveca g SE arin M Sh de o ng In Vi ri te gs ha Mob Blog rp S Vl o er to so il e Pho na l Social Media REVENUE! Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 5 & 6
  • 8. Integrated Marketing Inter R conn e s Pr Br ade ing es ction g ow G am Wa INTEGRATE Catalo es po ! Print Tr blish oc Sh RSS Ads en TRADITIONAL , Mi ns s rra ns Pu i Wik re c DIGITAL, & SOCIAL rob e C ta ing l hu ai nty tio lo arMEDIA MARKETING gg ds tMUNLIMITED BUDGET lb BiI in r ec o ar g Di um r e Pod cast d Fo ephon Door H Tel es angers W eb Pag TRADIGITAL Business Cards Social Networks MARKETING ecasting Email815,915,283,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Liv & P.R. Cus SE tome ing s Market orl g d In O r Se rvic tu al W r i n Pr terp e Vir ha od er isi g S lev rin uc so Co nts Mo on o ide t P na a Ev io Spe bile Rad ty Sh Vlogs Blog up SEM V ac l e cial o on ka ot gi Te Ph s ng TRADITIONAL SALES + SOCIAL MEDIA REVENUE+! 40 factorial = 8.15915283 × 1047! Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSE! Chapter 7 & 8
  • 9. Prioritizing Traditional Marketing ws Print Ads Prior Sho Cou Pr itize! es sCost Of Customer de re po en hu Acquisition Tra ta ns l ai tio oc Bi Ilb tM ns Br oa c rd re Doo s Di r Ha nge h one rs Te lep $ TRADITIONAL ROI Response Cards MARKETING Catalog $ & P.R . Cus tom Marketing er Ser Pr vice rds od uc s Ca t Pa es W o ck sin di Tel ar ag Bu lty n Ra Events in g ra evis cia nt y Spe io Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 9
  • 10. The Trinity Of Social Media Blogging Trinity ial Mic S oc k s Blo ro tw or ggi n Ne Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 10
  • 11. Fusion Marketing Blogging g res Co INTEGRATED in Pr ag hu up TRADITIONAL, es ck oc Pa onsDIGITAL, & SOCIAL en ct Br taMEDIA MARKETING tio du ns ro PRIORITIZED! P Mark g eting ggin & P.R . Mi croblo FUSION MARKETING s Cus ss Card to Busine mer Ser vic e W rks ar t wo r an Ne ty ial Te og c Events So lep tal ho Ca ne Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 11 & 12
  • 12. Fractal - Fusion Marketing GO F R FaceBook ACT AL! My ySocial Networks em Spa ad Li eC n c ke e d In Ning Twitt e r Plaxo SOCIAL NETWORKS s Bra Classmate n chO ut Fr L i fe ie d nd con st Se e Beb d r e Orkut gg o Ta A fractal is an object or quantity that displays self-similarity, in a somewhat technical sense, on all scales Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 13
  • 13. Fractal - Fusion Marketing e Telephone ag ss FaceBook Go F IEn Me ing racta ri v art do Sl id Th Agai l Sm o rse es ha nt ity e I un n! re ag m P m s Co ction Page onne L s of C ead G enera Friend rage tor Leve Social Networks R easons Like a ns Fun onnect OnGive F to C You r Web sit e ds Vi A ok de o o eb Lin s c to Fa on Social RSS G ked cti ai n du Fa nPI ro ns Int ro f ile Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 14
  • 14. Fractal - Fusion Marketing lty ya Lo Tr d Bu ac or er Be Honest k W il d tom C d eaCustomer us pr The us to m T oS dC Service er s Go F B C er racta ond il om om Bu t us pl ai i n gC Agai l nt s Gett n! ts Educ en li ate & T om Old C rain Y o ne ss Fr ur S t aff Busi New Best Practices ce Wa omer Servi rran e Tru e Cust ties and Provid Gua ran t tees Ri gh Em s ay ph l w as sA Key I es iz er e Vigilant Hiring ye tom Q s ua C p lo Cu ust lit Em y C om on ard tr ers ol w Re Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 14
  • 15. Fractal - Fusion Marketing I n te r Tr conn ac e ction Be Honest k C ! Pag erato us lty Ge to e m a oy ors eL nFacebook & er rL Go F d ead C e racta IEn om o m st Customer pl O ne l r ai Cu nt s Bui ld More Service Time Slide S ! share Social RS BEST PRACTICES Get ce t e r Servi Wo ing Cu ue Custom rd st om Pro vide Tr er s To Spr e ead sit Fa b We ce u r bo Yo ok n Key es O ke Ad SmartMessage ye Li s C p lo ust Em om ard ers w Re Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 14
  • 16. Fusion Marketing Strategy = Objective + Tools + Tactics Blogging ng res Co i Pr ag hu upo es ck oc en Pa ns ct Br ta tio du ns ro P g Web Objective ggin Page Mi croblo Increase Tactics Email List Tools rd s Cus Business Ca to mer Ser vic e W rks ar et wo r an N ty al Te ci og Events So lep tal ho Ca ne FUSION Chapter Copyright © - Lon Safko
  • 17. Copyright © - Lon Safko 3 Dimensional - TraDigital Marketing Television Email Twitter SEO Blogs Brochures Facebook Bd of Radio LinkedIn Directors SEM Direct MailProspects Upper Mngmnt Web Pages Video Customers Foursquare Google+ Business Community Cards Customer Service Ning Photo Press Shareholders Micro-Blogs Orkut Second Life Trade Print Ads Shows MySpace Employees Copyright © - Lon Safko FUSION Chapter 15
  • 18. The Safko Wheel Marketing Toolkit Free! With The Pre-Purchase OfThe Fusion Marketing Bible! Patent Pending! Copyright © - Lon Safko
  • 19. Resources Copyright © - Lon Safko
  • 20. The FUSION Marketing Bible By: Thank you! Lon Safko And... Keep Connecting!