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Keys to Great B2B Facebook Community #mpB2B
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Keys to Great B2B Facebook Community #mpB2B


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Mike Lewis Author of ‘Stand Out Social Marketing’ Vice President of Digital Strategy TATA Consultancy Services, Ltd. @bostonmike HOW TO BUILD A GREAT B2B COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK
    • 2. PANELISTS Corey O’Loughlin Content Marketing Manager MarketingProfs @coreyolo Kristen Curtiss Constant Contact Social Media Specialist @kristencurtiss
    • 3. Before I get started…
    • 4. Of consumers are More likely to make a purchase after „liking‟ a brand on Facebook Monthly Visitors B2B Companies who report having acquired a customer through Facebook “Intro to Facebook for Business” Hubspot, Aug 2013 FACEBOOK BY THE NUMBERS
    • 5. Not just a B2C Community Critical for B2B as well
    • 6. OUTSTANDING EXAMPLES Steel Master Buildings SteelMaster Buildings is a global provider of prefabricated arch steel buildings that serve a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Symantec Symantec Business Continuity Solutions can help keep your business running. Have a question about Norton products? Visit Neenah Paper For more than 100 years, Neenah Paper has been an innovative leader in the creation and manufacturing of premium, specialty and sustainable papers.
    • 7. SAMPLE B2B COMMUNITY Social Marketing Best Practices Launched in 2010 Grew from 0-10K likes by 2011 Of SQLs first interactions were directly tracked back to Facebook Higher liklihood of closing over traditional inquiries
    • 8. WHAT MAKES THEM OUTSTANDING? Audience Engagement Compelling, Relevant Conversations Encouraging the „Share‟
    • 9. THE 6 KEYS TO STANDING OUT ON FACEBOOK Paying Attention Interaction Content Presence Management Measurement
    • 10. Paying Attention The Heart of your Facebook strategy Involves Paying Attention to content, behaviors and individuals Focus area: Paying attention to behavior to drive sales Key Concepts: •Attention Silos •Attention matrix
    • 11. "It’s not really about what you say, it’s about what you hear and if you are paying attention." Chris Brogan Author, ‘Trust Agents’ @chrisbrogan
    • 12. PAYING ATTENTION ON FACEBOOK 1. Know the 'Why': Why are you listening? 2. Understand the 'Where': Where are going to listen? 3. Establish the 'What': What are you going to pay attention to?
    • 13. 2 COMPONENTS OF PAYING ATTENTION Attention Silos Attention Matrix
    • 14. ATTENTION SILOS: WHAT TO PAY ATTENTION TO ON FACEBOOK 1. Your Company & Brand 2. The Market Landscape 3. The Competition 4. Your Customers 5. The Influencers 6. Buying Intent 7. Your Page!
    • 15. Pay attention to the conversations and actions that demonstrate a liklihood of sale. Identifying buying signals and listen for them. Example: Pella Windows THE ATTENTION MATRIX
    • 17. Interaction If paying attention is the yin of social marketing, interaction is the yang. Focus area: Interact with your audience based on who they are to drive improved response rates Key Concepts: •Interaction Continuum •Interaction Science
    • 19. TIPS AT EACH STAGE Extended Audience See social activity of others in their network Share photos and videos Passive Followers The silent observers Ask Questions Moderate Interactors Regular Engagers Consistency is key Active Interactors Top Fans Make them champions Influential Interactors Influencers who are active with your brand Guest post
    • 21. DO PICS RIGHT!
    • 22. CASE STUDY: MARKETINGPROFS Corey O’Loughlin Content Marketing Manager MarketingProfs @coreyolo
    • 23. Content Focus on the needs of your prospects… not the needs of your company Repurposing content to drive additional interactions and responses Key Concepts: •Home Base & Outposts •Content Mapping
    • 26. FACEBOOK CONTENT TIPS 1. Don’t Oversell! 2. Tag Users 3. Use Contests 4. Ask questions 5. Use Polls and Surveys 6. UsePics and Video Encourage Engagement
    • 27. CASE STUDY: CONSTANT CONTACT Kristen Curtiss Constant Contact Social Media Specialist @kristencurtiss
    • 28. Presence Build and manage your brand persona Create a stand out persona that thrives on interaction and posting distinctive content Key Concepts: •Humanizing your brand •Brand Consistency
    • 29. Management Stand out management comes from internal process and execution Manage and develop internal workflow and procedures to drive success Key Concepts: •Workflow •Consistency
    • 31. FACEBOOK PRESENCE TIPS 1. Use Milestones 2. Star and Highlight posts 3. Connect Other Channels 4. Use Custom Tabs 5. Use consistent branding!
    • 32. Measurement Measure the things that impact the bottom line Measurement based on ROI Key Concepts: •ROI •KPIs
    • 33. SOCIAL ROMI VS SOCIAL ROMO SOCIAL ROMI SOCIAL ROMO Return on Marketing Investment Return on Marketing Objective Overall social marketing contributions to the business over time (usually year-over- year) Specific social marketing contributions to customer engagement and sales (usually campaign based and short term)
    • 34. SOCIAL ROMI SOCIAL ROMO Return on Marketing Investment Return on Marketing Objective Add All Marketing Expenditures Determine Contribution to Results Calculate ROMI Calculate Lead Gen Effectiveness Determine Contribution to Results SOCIAL ROMI VS SOCIAL ROMO
    • 35. 8 ROI RELATED METRICS Conversions Reach & Relevance Easiest Implementation = Link Append 1. Create appended URL: 2. Mask with vanity or bit/ly 3. Send through appropriate channel • Reach = SUM(Fans, Followers, Subscribers) • Reach Velocity = Social Reach growth Month-Over-Month Interactions • Interaction = SUM(shares, likes, retweets, @replies, comments, favs, etc) • Interaction Velocity = Social Reach growth Month-Over-Month See also – Author Int Rate, Content Int Rate, Theme Int Rate Activity Ratio • Activity Ratio = # of Interactions / Social Reach • Active Audience Ratio = # Active Audience Members / Social Reach
    • 36. •Comment-to-Content Ratio •Comment-to-Profile Ratio •Content-to-Share Ratio 8 ROI RELATED METRICS (CONT.) Content Effectiveness •Audience Sentiment •Contributor Sentiment •Content Sentiment •Author Sentiment Brand Sentiment •Total Number •Authority Domains Inbound Links •Influencer Score •Influential topics/areas Influence
    • 37. LEAD CAPTURE IN FACEBOOK • Use Calls to Action • Include Links in all Captions! • Tag all links! • Webinars as Events • Facebook Chats • Tab Forms • Facebook Ads
    • 38. • VP Digital Strategy at TATA Consulting Services • Boston native,father of 2, Entrepreneur and'marketing guy' • Active blogger, tweeter, and social media enthusiast • Author, Stand Out Social Marketing, McGraw-Hill, Nov 9, 2012 ABOUT ME… Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @bostonmike
    • 39. BUY THE BOOK
    • 40. Mike Lewis Author of „Stand Out Social Marketing‟ Vice President ofDigital Strategy TATA Consultancy Services, Ltd. @bostonmike
    • 43. PLACEMENT
    • 44. TIMING