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  • Recap goals, leads us to timeline for SLP, this has been checked needs to be read over though for grammar.


  • 1. Student Daily Attendance Adapted from 5/19/2012 Summer Institute presentation Summer Learning Project 1
  • 2. Summer Learning Project Summer Institute for teachers & partners. On-site planning scheduled by partnerships. SLP IMPLEMENTATION -NIOST, RAND evaluations underway Partnerships hire final -Partnerships complete daily student teachers, submit final attendance, BPS personnel timesheets via Dropbox SLP consent forms.May June July August Sept Partnerships -Sites complete: submit final funding and Partnerships expense tracker; submit 1st work plan. Ongoing, “on-call support” from data collection draft of work Signed BASB, BPS, PEAR, & other template plan plus MOUs centralized vendors. July 20th budget. MOUs passed in. “save the date” session included. -BPS administers developed. fall predictive BPS administers “end of year” spring 2 benchmark
  • 3. Let’s first start with Dropbox. Dropbox is a system that allows users to share files on theirdesktops with each other without emailing files back and forth. Also allows users to share filesbetween computers (such as your home computer, work computer, cell phone, etc.)Person keeping attendance (see job descriptions, and roles/responsibilities template in yourwork plans) should visit Dropbox.com to sign up (it’s free), and download the tool.
  • 4. Once you download the Dropbox tool, it willappear on your desktop.
  • 5. The designated individual will receive an e-mail through Dropbox (initiated by DavidMcAuley, BASB) instructing them that David wants to share a folder with them. This folderwill be named along the lines of “Tenacity Attendance,” “IBA Attendance,” “Hale ReservationAttendance” etc.Designated individual will click on invitation link (circled in red) and be directed to Dropboxwebsite.
  • 6. At Dropbox web site, sign in.
  • 7. Once signed in, accept the shared invitation.
  • 8. ….and you will officially have the file in your Dropbox on your desktop (seenotifications circled in red)
  • 9. Now go back to your desktop icon, and the shared file will be in there. Thedesignated individual and David McAuley now share the file on their desktops.
  • 10. Open the Dropbox folder on your desktop, & the shared file will be in there.The designated individual and David McAuley now share the file on theirdesktops.Save the attendance tracker to the same Dropbox folder as you update it oversummer.
  • 11. • Why are we using Dropbox? – Benefits: • you and BASB/BPS have access to the same file; don’t have to e- mail back and forth. • When you update, BASB/BPS see it. • BASB/BPS can monitor attendance in real time. • Utility: You can update on desktop even w/o internet access. When you get back to internet access, the file will automatically update when your computer reaches a server. – Downside: BASB/BPS and you can’t be in same file at same time, so BASB/BPS won’t enter file during weekdays during normal working hours to ensure we don’t corrupt the file. BASB/BPS will attempt to designate a time each week when we go into file to check (Monday at 5:30 pm, for example). BASB/BPS will announce this.