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OSGi Enterprise Expert Group (OSGi Users Forum Germany)
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OSGi Enterprise Expert Group (OSGi Users Forum Germany)


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Presentation given at the German OSGi Users Forum meeting in Cologne, Germany on December 6th, 2012

Presentation given at the German OSGi Users Forum meeting in Cologne, Germany on December 6th, 2012

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. OSGiEnterprise Expert Group David Bosschaert Principal Engineer, JBoss/Red Hat December 2012
  • 2. Agenda● What is the EEG?● New specs in OSGi Enterprise R5● Work in progress for OSGi Enterprise R6
  • 3. What is the EEG● One of the 3 active expert groups in the OSGi Alliance, others are CPEG and REG● Works on OSGi Specifications that are applicable to Enterprise use-cases – but are potentially useful in other contexts too● Active members include: IBM, RedHat, TIBCO, Adobe, Oracle, Luminis, Paremus and others● Previous releases: – R4.2 (first Enterprise Release, 2010) – R5 (second Enterprise Release, 2012)
  • 4. New specs in theEnterprise R5 release
  • 5. Repository Spec (Enterprise R5)Find resources in a repository...● based on capabilities – (not just their name) – osgi-defined capabilities (exported packages, bsn) – user-defined capabilities (e.g. passed QA)● E.g. “find a bundles that provides package in version range [1.2, 2)”● API, can be implemented over existing repos public Map<Requirement,Collection<Capability>> findProviders(Collection<Requirement> requirements)● Can be used with any resource, not just bundles● Implementation at JBoss (github: jbosgi-repository)
  • 6. Resolver spec (Enterprise R5)● Resolve on behalf of a framework – Given a framework with existing bundles... – Will a set of bundles resolve? – What else is needed? – Transitive dependencies● Can be used to prepare bundles to-be-installed● Run what-if scenarios● Can work seamlessly with the Repository API● Implementation at Apache Felix
  • 7. Subsystems (Enterprise R5)● Allows definition of OSGi Applications – made up of a number of bundles – other coarse-grained components also possible ● e.g. a library that consists of many bundles – either an archive that contains bundles (.esa file) – or just a subsystem desc ● bundles obtained from Repository● subsystems can be nested● version ranges can be frozen in a deployment descriptor
  • 8. Subsystems (Enterprise R5)● Sharing models – Feature (everything shared) – Application (nothing shared out, libraries shared in) – Composite (custom sharing)
  • 9. Subsystem examples (Enterprise R5)Two example subsystem definitionsMyZippedApplication.esa: MyDeclarativeApplication.esa:META-INF/SUBSYSTEM.MF: META-INF/SUBSYSTEM.MF: Subsystem-SymbolicName: foo Subsystem-SymbolicName: bar Subsystem-Version: 1.0.0 Subsystem-Type: osgi.subsystem.feature Subsystem-Type: Subsystem-Content: osgi.subsystem.application org.acme.b1;bundle1.jar type=osgi.bundle;bundle2.jar version=[1.1, 2),bundle3.jar org.acme.s2;subsystem4.esa type=osgi.subsystem.feature META-INF/DEPLOYMENT.MF: Deployed-Content: org.acme.b1; deployed-version=1.7.2, org.acme.s2; deployed-version=1.0.2Implementation at Apache Aries
  • 10. Migration Support (Enterprise R5)ServiceLoader Mediator specification● Enables java.util.ServiceLoader in OSGi● Implementation at Apache Aries any OSGi spec, find the available implementations onWikipedia:
  • 11. Capability Namespaces (Enterprise R5)For use by Framework Resolver, Repository or tools● osgi.extender – allows a bundle to say I need this extender to run – or I am this extender – prevents system from resolving if extender not there – can prevent multiple extenders from extending the same● osgi.contract – a shorthand for a group of imports (e.g. Servlet, JPA, JAXB) – primarily for use by tools● osgi.service – express that a bundle needs/provides a service – primarily for use with the Repository
  • 12. Work in progress for R6● Tentative release date: early 2014● Current themes: – Cloud – JavaEE Integration – Updating existing specs
  • 13. R6 – CloudREST management API (RFC 182)● A remote management API for OSGi frameworks over REST (JSON or XML)● Install/Uninstall/Start/Stop bundles● Inspect the framework, services etc...Cloud Ecosystems (RFC 183)● A fluid, multi-node, service-based PaaS – deployments can dynamically scale up/down – move around – be repurposed
  • 14. R6 – JavaEE integration (1)● CDI integration (RFC 193) – Use the CDI programming model to work with OSGi services – Integrate across JavaEE and OSGi boundaries using CDI● JCA integration (RFC 146) – Use JCA Resource Adapters in OSGi
  • 15. R6 – JavaEE integration (2)● EJB integration (RFC 194) – Deploy and use EJBs in OSGi● JavaEE Package Versions (RFC 180) – projects developed for OSGi use semantic versioning on their Java Packages – but what versions do I use when I need to import something from / JSR spec? – This RFC aims at providing a solution to this
  • 16. R6 – Other Spec Updates● Blueprint 1.1, Blueprint transactions and possibly other Blueprint updates● HttpService is being updated (RFC 189) – to include support for newer Servlet features – Whiteboard pattern support● Declarative Services update (RFC 190) – a number of updates including an administrative API and enhanced Annotation support
  • 17. Interested? Come and help out!● If youre interested in any of the R6 EEG topics, come and help out! – the OSGi Alliance is always open for new members: – if your employer is already a member, talk to me (david at or any other co-chair on how to get involved● If youre not a member – regular Early Access Drafts are released for feedback