MashMetrics anti-Dashboard - Insight Report
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MashMetrics anti-Dashboard - Insight Report



This is an example of what MashMetrics calls an Insight Report. We feel this (or several of these) are much more important to the success of your business than a series of dashboards or reports. ...

This is an example of what MashMetrics calls an Insight Report. We feel this (or several of these) are much more important to the success of your business than a series of dashboards or reports. Contact Us today to recieve insights not just reports. Insights are an opportunity or recommendation based upon supporting facts. We provide a plausible solution with a cost/benefit analysis and sample next steps.



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MashMetrics anti-Dashboard - Insight Report Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Performed for (not real) July Insight Report - First Report Opportunity Supporting Facts Solution / Next Steps Cost / Benefit Analysis
  • 2. Utilize existing PDF’s being produced for PR to increase SEO traffic and expand market share. INSIGHT
  • 3. Opportunity: Share more PDFs to increase SEO and Knowledge Share  aPRsite has and will be launching a plethora of content through the MultiView PDF campaign  Based upon the limited data that is currently available through newly setup Google Webmaster Tools, we found PDF’s contribute greatly to the impressions shown within Google and its search partners.  If shared on various B2B social sharing sites such as SlideShare and LinkedIn, the content will be syndicated as well as easily gain link-backs from high velocity websites.  Furthermore, a very cost-effective Pay Per Click campaign can be launched targeting niche terms such as “technology pr” , “transportation pr” and variations thereof. This campaign can cost less than $10/day Opportunity MashMetrics altered SEO file PDF’s provide a large share of Google Impressions Good CTR on this content
  • 4. Facts: SEO traffic a large contributor, though still smaller than can be  While still very early in tracking traffic from aPRsite, Search Traffic (Blue) currently makes up 50% of the traffic.  Some of the 35% of Direct Traffic (orange) may actually be from users coming to PDF’s and then to aPRsite. The referral of Google will be lost on PDF pages, and appear as coming from or Direct  aPRsite gets little to no traffic from key broad phrases such as:  Transportation public relations  Technolgy pr  Competing in this market can be done by launching PPC campaign as well as cost-effective SEO content strategy  aPRsite appears second when searching for “aPRsite”, suggesting that aPRsite has done well protecting its’ own brand
  • 5. Facts: Very little backlinks to the website Others: (not listed): Need to greatly increase the number of backlinks to the site!
  • 6. Facts: Increased Paid Competition, Low- Entry Cost Other companies in aPRsite’s space have started to own top phrases used by audience:  A local competitor, Whitestar Communications, has bid on relevant phrases, and has also utilized enhanced ads to add their address  While the volume may be extremely low, AdWords only charges when users click, which is an easy was to quickly “compete” with competitors  This strategy also allows for very detailed reporting on which market, or search phrases are getting the most traffic in each market (stats below are estimates only and have been known to be +/- 20% D A I L Y
  • 7. Solution: Launch on Social websites Action Items :  1 Hour – setup LinkedIn and SlideShare accounts for Sync SlideShare with LinkedIn to automatically publish.  1 Hour – input pre-existing PDF’s to SlideShare account.  3 Hours – create set of PDF landing pages: “Technology Resources” , “Trucking Resources” , “International Resources”.  1 Hour – Embed PDF’s into new landing pages  1 Hour – review and link technology PDF’s for additional, highly relevant, backlinks  1 Hour – look for additional B2B sites to publish pre-existing PDF’s Weekly (new content) Maintenance: - .25 hours – upload new PDF’s into SlideShare - .5 hours – embed PDF’s onto website  In order to get the most value from the PDF’s that are being created for each MultiView campaign, we suggest posting each to a few Social Sharing sites.  Currently, users are being sent to the PDF page itself, which can not be embedded with Tracking code. These pages could be resulting in a fair amount of the Direct Traffic currently being seen, however, there is no way to tell.  Creating accounts within pre-existing “hot” properties will allow the following benefits:  Increase page relevance by creating high- quality backlinks, consistently adding content, and increasing phrases on site  Allow aPRsite to quickly and easily launch new PDF’s weekly on the site  Enable B2B users to find aPRsite on the B2B sites, increasing brand impressions  Increase Knowledge Share of technology and transportation fields.
  • 8. Cost / Benefit Analysis  8 Hours Development Time ($45/hr=$320)  3 Hours Maintenance Monthly ($130)  Monthly PPC Budget $3/click = $100/mo)  Content is pre-existing = $0 Cost  Social Sharing Sites = $0 Cost Costs to Develop Yearly: $3,080 GAINS: $4,200 (+$1,120) GAINS: $1,400 (+$280) W/O PPC While a massive increase in brand impressions are virtually priceless aPRsite can reap POSITIVE returns in direct leads alone. We assumed the value of a lead from the website is $50 This analysis assumes a conservative conversion rate of 2% Visit to Form Submit. This also assumes a $100/mo PPC budget as well as the increased visits from launched PDF’s