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Google Analytic Implementation Audit
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Google Analytic Implementation Audit


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Google Analytics is certainly easy to install. One little snippet of .js and thousands of analytics reports appear giving you the false impression that things are done. WRONG! The easiest things to …

Google Analytics is certainly easy to install. One little snippet of .js and thousands of analytics reports appear giving you the false impression that things are done. WRONG! The easiest things to measure are never the important ones. MashMetrics has put together an easy to follow audit to assure you are taking advantage of all the Free Google Analytics reporting tool has to offer. Please check us out! Mention SlideShare for a free audit on your site and setup!

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  • 1. Performed for Google Analytics Implementation Audit
  • 2. Standard Tagging Integrations Goal Setup & Strategy Visitor Segments Campaign Management Custom Reports & Dashboards Alerts and Emails Legends Used: Audit Includes: Overall Grade Work Effort Good setup and strategy A few revisions would go a long way Not utilizing features or incorrect +4 hours 0 hours 1-4 HR In-page code App Changes Workflow
  • 3. Standard Tagging  Is the base tag correct on your site?  Does the GA tag allow for Cross- Domain Tracking?  Is the site using the new aSync .js?  Is the tag on all pages?  Is the tag on the right spot? What we looked for:  The latest aSync .js is not being used and the current version has been depreciated. The gaq.push methods should be used  A customized script is being utilized for cross-domain tracking that may be outdated and simplified with new tagging  Due to the amount of .js scripts that are on the website we highly recommend using tag management Other improvements: New .js version 1HR
  • 4. Integrations  In the broad sense, aSampleSite has taken full advantage of Google’s products.  Due to the amount of .js scripts that are on the aSampleSite website we highly recommend utilizing Google Tag Manager in order to speed up page processing.  We also recommend uploading cost data from your marketing channels in order to compute the full campaign ROI. Improvement Opportunities:  Are you connected to Google Adwords?  Are you connected to Google Webmaster Tools?  Are you uploading your cost data from other channels?  Are you using Tag Management?  Are you using Content Experiments (A/B) testing?  Has AdSense been setup? What we looked for: Tag Management /Cost Upload 4 HR
  • 5. Goal Setup & Strategy What we looked for:  It appears that in order to set the goals within Google Analytics, a proxy page “/0651780996/ goal” is set. This can inflate page views as well as make pathing difficult.  We recommend using Visitor Segments (explained later) or Event Types to track the Lead Type and combining goal types to ease reporting.  We suggest creating events for things such as Video views, PDF downloads, and Social buttons to show engagement efforts from customers. Improvement Opportunities:  Have you set-up goals within GA?  Do your goals have Values associated with them?  Are goal sessions setup correctly?  Have you setup Goal Funnels?  Are your goals well organized into Goal Sets?  Have you utilized “Events” to track page element usage? Goal Refinement / Event Setup 4 HR
  • 6. Visitor Segments What we looked for:  There are a couple opportunities where aSampleSite will greatly benefit from using Visitor Segments.  B2B vs Customers  Quote Type  Added to Cart  By using Visitor Segments (Custom Variables) you can compare how different personas are performing on your site.  Within June aSampleSite had over 798 referring sites. These range from social sites, industry blogs, and many variations. We suggest grouping these using Custom Groupings  Advanced Segments will enable you to view groups such as local vs rest of country, branded vs nonbranded terms, Buyers vs Non Buyer's, etc. Improvement Opportunities:  Are you segmenting visitors through Custom Variables?  Are your segments setup to sessions correctly?  Have you setup the groupings of Custom Variables correctly?  Are Custom Variables being over-ridden incorrectly  Are referring sites grouped using Channel Groupings?  Are Advanced Segments setup? Custom Variables/Channel Groups 5 HR
  • 7. Campaign Management What we looked for:  While Google Adwords is correctly setup, we do not see the campaigns from Bing or other Paid Search.  Campaign Links should also be used within email campaigns (even post purchase emails) in order to guage the success of these efforts.  Within Google, you can setup social channels in order to more accurately track activity from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more.  Remarketing Lists allow you to send returning visitors to customized areas of your site, increasing Conversion Rates and decresing CPA costs. Improvement Opportunities:  Does your paid search traffic come in as cpc across all sources?  Have you tagged email campaigns and personal emails to customers?  Do your campaigns have a consistent naming standard?  Are Social Settings setup to collect Youtube, LinkedIn and other profiles?  Are you utilizing Remarketing Lists? Campaign Tagging / Remarketing 5 HR
  • 8. Custom Reports & Dashboards What we looked for:  In order to quickly gauge the success of your Digital Efforts, dashboards allow you to combine several reports together. A few examples include:  Marketing Dashboard including Source/Medium, Goal Conversion, Revenue, and Bounce Rate  Landing Page Analysis showing Visits, Goals and Bounce Rate Improvement Opportunities:  Are custom dashboards with your specific reports setup?  Have you incorporated goals and Segments into Custom Reports?  Do Dashboards show KPI’s for the entire customer journey?  Do you share the Dashboards with others? Setup Dashboards 3 HR
  • 9. Alerts and Emails  Have you setup any alerts?  Do your alerts go out to the appropriate audience or everyone?  Are you aware of what to do once you get an alert?  Are alerts being sent out too often?  Do you email reports or dashboards to users? What we looked for:  Alerts allow you to quickly make adjustments to changed behavior on your website.  Did your CPC costs go up dramatically?  Did an email campaign show a statistically low bounce rate the last drop?  Did the Page Speed on category pages decrease due to a new Live Chat module? Improvement Opportunities: Setup Alerts and Emails 2 HR
  • 10. Summary  Define a Campaign Tracking Strategy to pass variables to Google Analytics for better marketing analytics  Create Custom Reports to view more specific eCommerce/Campaign related metrics  Create Custom Groupings for Referring sites for easier review  Create alerts around Revenue and Bounce Rate Quick Wins  A tag management strategy could improve page load and .js management  Create Visitor Segments for various product categories and buyer types  Create Events around Video and Blog engagement areas Other Improvements