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  • 1. Try to come up with examples and/or definitions with a partner. 1. Allegory 2. Metaphor 3. Allusion 4. Personification 5. Symbolism 6. Theme 7. Irony 8. Foreshadowing 9. Flashback 10. Simile
  • 2. Maus I—My Father Bleeds History Overview Title: Maus I—My Father Bleeds History Author: Art Spiegelman Published: 1973 through 1991 Category: Fiction— Graphic Novel Memoir Biography Historical
  • 3. Maus I—My Father Bleeds History About the Author Art Spiegelman is co-founder/editor of Raw, the acclaimed magazine of comics and graphics. His work has been published in the New York Times, Playboy, the Village Voice, and many other periodicals, and his drawings have been exhibited in museums and galleries here and abroad. Mr. Spiegelman lives in New York City with his wife, Francoise Mouly, and their daughter, Nadja.
  • 4. Maus I—My Father Bleeds History Summary Maus is a story within a story: Art Spiegelman, the son of two survivors of the Holocaust, tells how he interviewed his father Vladek about his Holocaust experience, and it tells the story of the father's persecution and survival. It is written in a comic book format, with various types of animals representing the various nationalities and religions (however, Jews are mice, no matter what nationality they are).
  • 5. Maus I—My Father Bleeds History General Characters Maus I • The Jews are represented by mice. • The Germans are represented by cats. • The Americans are represented by dogs. • The Poles are represented by pigs. Maus II • The Roma (Gypsies) are represented as gypsy moths. • The British are represented by fish. • The child of a Jew and a German is shown as a mouse with cat stripes.
  • 6. List characteristics of a…
  • 7. List characteristics of a…
  • 8. List characteristics of a…
  • 9. List characteristics of a…
  • 10. Maus I—My Father Bleeds History Major Characters Mr./Ms. Zylberberg Lucia Greenberg Vladek Spiegelman Anja Spiegelman Mala Spiegelman Richieu Spiegelman Art Spiegelman Francoise Spiegelman
  • 11. Maus I—My Father Bleeds History Universal Themes Family Guilt Survivor’s Guilt Past vs. Present Survival Luck Race and Class Holocaust Death Relationships