Whats hot in 2011/ Websites that raised an eyebrow!


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Business Growth Strategist, Bosco Anthony gives outlook on what was hot in 2011/2012 http://www.boscoanthony.com http://www.meetup.com/internetmarketingthinktank

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Whats hot in 2011/ Websites that raised an eyebrow!

  1. 1. Check the influence ofyour guestswww.klout.comProvides social media analyticsthat measures a user influenceacross their social networkcollecting data from face book,twitter, linked in, foursquareand you tube.www.flowtown.comLets you run your emailsubscriber lists through themand provides you with clientlocation, client social mediapresence and clientinformation.www.rapleaf.comProvides consumer informationin order to segment customersand understand consumerpenetration across social mediaand better customerrelationship management.
  2. 2. Check Inwww.facebook.com/placesUsing a mobile device facebook allows users to notifytheir friends where they are atthe momentwww.foursquare.comA social network where usersshare their geo location datavia mobile phone
  3. 3. Let them knoweverything aboutwho’s comingwww.plancast.comLets you know about theevents your friends to attend aswell as other events coming upin your location. Integrates wellwith your social media toolswww.lanyrd.comThe social conferencedirectory. Allows you to seewhat conferences yourcontacts will be attending orspeaking. Integrates with yoursocial media tools
  4. 4. Mobilize your Website,Backchannel andProgramwww.instantmobilizer.comAutomatically converts yourexisting website into a dynamicmobile version, adding userfriendly upgrades like one clickdirect calls to your business,automated map and bettersearch engine discoverabilitywww.appmakr.comAllows users to build richcontent based apps using apoint and click solutionwww.triqle.euWhat’s On? Can show yourevent program on any devicewith an internet connection
  5. 5. Choose Venue basedon User Reviews andTech Friendlinesswww.tripadvisor.comIs the worlds largest travel sitethat assists customers ingathering travel information,posting reviews and opinions oftravel related content andengaging in interactive travelforumswww.citizenm.comOffers European city hotels forthose mobile citizens of theworld in search of style andcomfort in a world classlocation. Boutique Budgethotels.
  6. 6. Surprise, Spontaneity,Emotion, Serendipitywww.improveverywhere.comLong form improvisationtroupe that executes preplanned missions usuallyinvolving socially awkward orunusual situationshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=segMdfc3U3s&feature=youtu.beT-Mobile creating an eventsimilar to improv everywhere
  7. 7. Integrate with Facebook, Offlinewww.likify.netAllows registered users tocreate QR- codes to generateface book likeshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUv0GU5rfHg&feature=youtu.beCoca – cola created events toincrease likes on their fan page
  8. 8. Give PersonalizedCustom Goody Bagswww.140tees.comCompany that allows you tochoose, design and print yourtweets on t-shirtswww.crowdedink.comCompany that create socialmedia swag
  9. 9. No Speakers, NoPanels Just Discussionwww.ideapaint.comIdea paint is a single-coat rollerapplied whiteboard paint thattransforms almost anythinginto a high performance dryerase surface.www.dotmocracy.orgIs an established facilitationmethod for collecting andrecognizing levels ofagreement on writtenstatements among a largenumber of people.
  10. 10. Provide Service andCoordination via SocialMediawww.twitter.comOnline social network thatprovides micro bloggingservices informally known astweetswww.uservoice.comIs a little startup that offers acustomer support service forany website and allows users togive votes for their favoritesuggestionswww.getsatisfaction.comIs a customer communitysoftware platform for technicalsupport and gives anopportunity for website ownersto provide and receive support
  11. 11. The next phase ofsocial mediahttps://plus.google.com/up/start/?continue=https://plus.google.com/&type=st&gpcaz=4ee9e11.The newest social networkingfrom Google that integratesGoogle buzz and Googleprofiles. This new invention issupposed to be face book’sbiggest competitor in the nearfuturewww.gowalla.comIs a location based socialnetwork. Very similar to foursquare this social networkallows users to check in tolocations among other features
  12. 12. THANK YOU FORYOUR TIME@boscoanthonywww.boscoanthony.comwww.facebook.com/businessgrowthstrategist