Keyword research


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Presentation by Pete Banicevic speaking at the internet marketing think tank
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Keyword research

  1. 1. Keyword Research 101 and SEO Essentials
  2. 2. Keyword Research• process of determining your market and what they are searching for online.• Keywords are terms people type on search engines• The most important step to building a business online!
  3. 3. The only thing you need to know about marketing market (who)media(how)message (what)
  4. 4. Why We Need Keyword Research• Find out who our market is• What they words they’re searching• Frequency of keyword searches (monthly)• Determine our competition• Gives us an overall online marketing strategy for years to come
  5. 5. K/W RESEARCH THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP STEP!• Do not do anything until you’ve done proper keyword research• If you neglect this step, it’s a long road of pain and frustration• Keywords are the lifeblood of your biz invest the most time and thought for this
  6. 6. We Use Keywords For...• On-Site SEO (domain, Page title, Page description, meta tags, site content)• Off-Site SEO (Anchor text links, article marketing, blogging etc)• Pay-Per click campaigns• Educates us about our market
  7. 7. Tools For K/W research• Keyword research tool (google kwt, Wordtracker)• SERP checker(software or single check websites)
  8. 8. Lets Get Started...• Google keyword tool•
  9. 9. K/W Tool Recap• monthly search volume isn’t everything but is still very important• keywords with “intent” and “long- tailed” keywords perform the best• Look at competition (PPC and SEO) but do’t get scared
  10. 10. On-Site SEO EssentialsBuilding a Foundation• Domain• Page Title• Page Description• Meta Tags• Website Copy (pages, content)
  11. 11. Off-Site SEO Strategies Using Keywords• Anchor Text Links• Article Marketing• Blogging• Talking about your keywords EVERYWHERE• Google Places
  12. 12. Things To Remember• Keywords are your best friend• Do not abuse them (keyword stuffing, keyword density, make content sound natural)• Focus on 5 at a time, then move on to the next 5 and so on...
  13. 13. Additional Resources••• SEO Chrome Toolbar!
  14. 14. THANK YOU!• FREE EBOOK ON SEO BASICS!•• Sign up to my opt-in form• Ebook will be emailed you!• Questions -