Motorcycle Batteries


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Motorbike Batteries, Dry Cell Motorcycle Battery Sales by UK Scooter Batteries Online Store.

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Motorcycle Batteries

  1. 1. Sales & Advice Hotline: 01772 790999 , 01772 468492
  2. 2. The most popular quality brands trusted by motorcycle manufacturers are Exide, Yuasa, Varta and EasyStart. Batteries for motorcycles feature gel construction in a totally sealed-maintenance-free housing or a VRLA sealed, maintenance free type or even AGM spill-proof, high power types. Motorcycle batteries are available in 6 and 12V, from 3 Ah to 20Ah to match requirements of simple motorcycles to high performance, high powered leading brands. The widest range for virtually all bikes on the road, all from a single source! Dry gel, sealed-maintenance-free, VRLA types from top brands like Exide, Yuasa, Varta Calcium plate, Absorbed glass mat (AGM), welded plate & electrode, leakproof, spillproof, low self-discharge, can be stored for long periods, deep cycling types 6V, 12V, 3Ah to 20Ah Batteries for current bikes like Harleys, Ducati, Augusta, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Honda, BMW, Suzuki, Buell; for classics such as Indian, Royal Enfield, TriumphMotorcycle Batteries
  3. 3. Exide Motorcycle Batteries Exide 6V motorcycle batteries Exide bike batteries deliver consistent power and are suitable for virtually all types of two wheelers used for street and for off-road racing. Exide delivers reliable starting power and is designed to last. With rugged construction, these batteries work in all terrains and need minimum maintenance. Exide is perfect for motorcycle owners since it offers three ranges with varying performance figures and price points.Motorcycle Batteries
  4. 4. Exide Motorcycle Batteries Exide 12V motorcycle batteries Exide is synonymous with power and dependability. Its 12V motorcycle batteries are just the thing for high performance high power bikes and suit traditional older models just as well. Motorcyclists can choose YTX series, YT series, YTZ series and the Gel series according to their preferences, performance and budgets. The YB series is a conventional flooded type offering standard performance within budgets. Exide Motorcycle Maintenance-free batteries The YT series is maintenance-free and offers high power performance in a rugged, sealed housing. It has calcium alloy plates and AGM separators, is spill and leak-proof and can retain charge over long periods while delivering high cranking power. Exide Motorcycle Factory Sealed Gel Batteries The factory sealed gel batteries can be used right out of the box. They feature sealed, maintenance-free construction and use calcium-lead alloy plates. Since these are dry types, the batteries can be mounted in any position. Choice of terminal placements available.Motorcycle Batteries
  5. 5. Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries Yuasa, the 70 year old Japanese company, specializes in motorcycle batteries and is the automatic choice of leading motorcycle manufacturers for OE fitment. Yuasa motorcycle batteries are available in 6 and 12V types in flooded types and VRLA types. VRLA type offers 30% improved power over standard flooded types. Available in 2 Ah to 32Ah to suit virtually all motorcycles. Yuasa Motorcycle 6V batteries Yuasa has a wide range of 6V motorcycle batteries in various Ah capacities in traditional flooded type to suit older motorcycles of all brands. The Yuasa brand assures power packed performance, dependability and durability.Motorcycle Batteries
  6. 6. Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries Yuasa Conventional 12v Motorcycle batteries Yuasa motorcycle conventional 12V batteries feature calcium-lead alloy plates, traditional flooded type with easy maintenance and enhanced life. It provides high cranking power for top of the range bikes like Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Kawasaki and others. Yuasa Motorcycle YuMicron Batteries The Yuasa Motorcycle YuMicron batteries are a step up from standard flooded lead acid types and offer better performance, enhanced reliability and consistently higher power delivery. Available in wide ranges and Ah capacities to suit virtually all bikes on the road. Yuasa Motorcycle YuMicron CX Batteries The Yuasa Motorcycle YuMicron CX batteries are specifically targeted at Harley Davidsons though it suits other bikes just as well. Featuring legendary Yuasa performance, reliability and high power for bulky engines, the CX range is the perfect choice when it is time for replacing old batteries.Motorcycle Batteries
  7. 7. Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries Yuasa Motorcycle Maintenance-Free VRLA batteries The YT series from Yuasa is maintenance-free VRLA type meant for modern and classic motorcycles. It is sealed, maintenance-free, has a rugged housing and delivers high starting power for heavier motorcycles. Yuasa Motorcycle Maintenance Free High Performance Batteries The YTZ series of high performance Yuasa motorcycle batteries are meant for those who use motorcycles in extreme conditions and need consistently reliable and dependable performance with minimum maintenance. It uses AGM technology for higher power, longer shelf life and time between recharges as also extended life.Motorcycle Batteries
  8. 8. Varta Motorcycle Batteries Varta is an innovative and leading European manufacturer of quality batteries. Motorcycle batteries are available in 6V and 12V types in varying Ah capacities to suit virtually all models of motorcycles, old and new. Featuring best in class features like PowerFrame and advanced AGM technologies, Varta motorcycle batteries deliver consistent power, are durable and made to order for start-stop situations.Motorcycle Batteries
  9. 9. EasyStart Motorcycle Batteries EasyStart motorcycle batteries are a blend of performance and price. They come ready to use and in varying Ah capacities to suit virtually all motorcycle currently in use. Available in 6V, 2ah to 12Ah and 12V 2.5Ah to 24Ah, EasyStart motorcycle batteries are affordable, dependable and give reliable service in normal conditions. Batteries in the widest range suit virtually all popular off road and street motorcycles ranging from simple to high performance, high powered ones.Motorcycle Batteries
  10. 10. Contact Info:AUTOPOINT GROUP11 Langcliffe RoadPreston United Kingdom PR2 6UEPhone: 01772-468492Email : :