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SAP BO4.1 ONLINE TRAININGNew bo sap guru syllabus
SAP BO4.1 ONLINE TRAININGNew bo sap guru syllabus
SAP BO4.1 ONLINE TRAININGNew bo sap guru syllabus
SAP BO4.1 ONLINE TRAININGNew bo sap guru syllabus
SAP BO4.1 ONLINE TRAININGNew bo sap guru syllabus
SAP BO4.1 ONLINE TRAININGNew bo sap guru syllabus
SAP BO4.1 ONLINE TRAININGNew bo sap guru syllabus
SAP BO4.1 ONLINE TRAININGNew bo sap guru syllabus
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SAP BO4.1 ONLINE TRAININGNew bo sap guru syllabus


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*******************************Headlines****************************************************** …

Batch Starting Soon.15+Yr BO Certified,US Working,Taking

Complete SAP BI/BO4.0 Live Training Recordings on sale. Limited Time.
Perfect for Techie who are looking to be a champ in SAP BO4.0. Or Call+1 415 832 9561

Watch Demo:
DISCLAIMER : BOSAPGURU has no affiliations with SAP America or SAP AG. We do not host any SAP Server access or provide any copyright SAP material.
- 24x7 Servers available for practice.
All software's are evaluation version and only for study purpose.
* BO 4.O (Full Admin Previlege) *
* BODS 4.0
* Crystal Reports 4.0
* Xcelsius/Dashboard Reporting 4.0
* Informatica 9.1
servers for rent- ( $50 per month ).
Send an email:
** Course Duration: 35-40 hrs + Real-time Case Studies
In this training, attendees will learn:
Data warehousing/Dimensionalmodeling & Basics of Business Intelligence Concepts
Database Concepts needed for Datawarehousing
BOXI 4.0 Architecture
Information Design Tool
Web intelligence
Crystal Reports 2011
Dashboard Design Tool
Webi-rich Client
Universe Builder & Query Builder
Query as Web service
Security Implementation
OLAP Universe
Import Wizard\Publishing Wizard
Live Office Reporting
BO-SAPIntegration/Edge Series
SAP Webi/Dashboard Reporting
BO XI Certification Guidelines
SAPBO BI 4.0 Launch pad
**** specialize in SAP BO Certification.
*** Mock presentation and sample questions help
*** Resume preparation help.

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  • 1. Training Highlights       We guarantee you, all the training, each and every session will be conducted by US Based real time 10+ SAP BI/BO consultant , who works full time in US and conduct SAP BI/BO training as part time job in the evening sessions. All we are doingProviding a ‘True’ real time training and giving a experience what you need as return for your training fee. (No Offshore India based Training, Ultra speed server access alike working in your computer) Focus on Hands on training with lot of assignments, practice exercises and quizzes, Assignments, Quality Study material Assignments, Quality Study material Case Studies and Interview preparation on every class. Certification Assistance. When we say 'Real Time Experience' means we prove it. We discussed real time projects and scenario throughout our training. Training Details Course Duration: 65-75 hours Training + Assignments + Actual Project Based Case Studies Training Materials: All attendees will receive,   Assignment after each module. Notes and study material for examples covered. Training Format: This course is delivered as a highly interactive session, with extensive live examples. This course is Live Instructor led Online training delivered using latest Online Training and Audio Conferencing tool. Timing: Weekdays and Weekends after work hours. Read LinkedIn recommendations for quality training:
  • 2. LinkedIn: We will prove, Why We are different than other institute. How ? BOSAPGURU -Role-Specific Training – Traditional training focuses on an overall business process, without regard for the individual's role. By contrast, BOSAPGURU's series of rolebased courses delivers in-depth training on a specific role within the business process. BOSAPGURU -Hands-on Mentoring – Our expert trainer's work side-by-side with each trainee and teach proven discipline and techniques for successful delivery. Mentoring is "hands-on" as part of actual projects to gain real-time experience. BOSAPGURU -Real-time Project Experience – Comprehension of practical skills is both reinforced and demonstrated in our training programs by completing Case studies of actual projects. BOSAPGURU -Certification Exams – Our trainers are all certified and provide expert industry level guidance to certification exams with tips and tricks to guarantee consistency of skills and practices for a successful completion of certification. BOSAPGURU -Ongoing Education – BOSAPGURU continues to offer new courses so you can keep up-to- date on latest technologies and best practices. After reviewing your goals, and assessing your current IT skills capability, BOSAPGURU - will tailor an after-the-training program and placement plan that will meet your needs in successful placement. This includes Resume preparation assistance, Mock interviews (technical and project based), Soft Skills and On-the-job support. Who should Plan on Joining this program    Someone who is looking for a career in BUSINESS OBJECTS 4.0 for SAP customers Someone who is looking for a career in BUSINESS OBJECTS 4.0for Non SAP customers Someone who is working as a SAP BW consultant and wants to learn SAP BOBJ 4.0 skills About the trainer      More than 15+ years of Consulting & Teaching experience in different modules of SAP BO versions (5.x,6.x,XI,XIR3,XIR4) Trainer is Master in BO and He is pure BO technical expertise. Trainer won't claim his total # of Experience with 10+ different technology. Certified SAP BO Consultant with (a) WEBI XI 3.0 level 1 & 2 Certifications. With a strong back ground in training and deep knowledge of the core subject and techniques on getting certification successfully completed many batches in US. Trained over 100 students and 80% of the students accomplished in getting certification.
  • 3. Modules Covered in this Training Module 1. Data warehousing/Dimensional modeling & BI Concepts Module 2. Database Concepts needed for Data warehousing Module 3. BOBJ 4.0 Architecture Module 4. Information Design Tool Module 5. Web intelligence Module 6. Crystal Reports 2011 Module 7. Dashboard Design Tool Module 8. Administration Module 9. Webi-rich Client Module 10. Universe Builder & Query Builder Module 11. Query as Web service Module 12. Security Implementation Module 13. OLAP Universe Module 14. Import WizardPublishing Wizard Module 15. Live Office Reporting Module 16. SAP Dashboard Reporting/ Xcelsius 2008 Module 17. SAP BO Open Document Reporting Module 18. SAP BO Upgrade project concept Module 19. SAP BO Java SDK overview Module 20. BO XI Certification Guidelines Attendees also learn: 1. Resume Preparation Guidelines and Tips 2. Mock Interviews and Interview Preparation Tips Topics Covered Data warehousing/Dimensional modeling/ BI Concepts 1. OLTP vs. OLAP 2. Types of OLAP 3. Multi Dimensional Modeling 4. Data warehousing concepts Database Concepts needed for Data warehousing 1. Joins & Cardinality 2. Views/Materialized Views 3. Date/Time Functions BOXI 4.0 Architecture
  • 4. 1. Architectural overview 2. Client tier components 3. Application tier components 4. Intelligence tier 5. Processing tier 6. Data tier 7. Security management 8. Information Information Design Tool 1. Understanding Business Objects Universes 2. Creating the Course Universe 3. Building the Universe Structure 4. Creating Dimension Objects 5. Creating Measure Objects 6. Resolving Loops in a Universe 7. Resolving SQL Traps 8. Using List of Values 9. Applying Restrictions on Objects 10. Using @Functions with Objects 11. Using Hierarchies 12. Deriving Tables & Indexes 13. Working with Aggregate Awareness 14. Designing Advanced Objects 15. Creating Predefined Condition 16. LOVs & Joins 17. Securing Universes 18. Implementing Universe Life Cycle Mgmt 19. Maintaining & Optimizing Universes 20. Creating Universe from Other Data sources Web intelligence 1. Understand concepts of Web intelligence 2. Create Web Intelligence documents with Queries 3. Restrict data returned by a query 4. Design a report 5. Enhance the presentation of data in reports 6. Creation of Web intelligence report with auto scheduling 7. Creation of Corporate dashboard for Supply chain mgmt/Banking Domain 8. Format a report 9. Calculate data with formulas and variables 10. Use multiple data sources 11. Analyze data 12. Manage and share Web Intelligence documents
  • 5. 13. Work with Advanced Query techniques 14. Work with calculation contexts 15. Create formulas with character & date string functions 16. Use "If" logic 17. Work with additional reporting techniques 18. Create hyperlinks Desktop Intelligence(XIR3.1) Dashboard Design Tool/ Xcelsius 2008 1. Creating a Model 2. Adding Interactivity to a Model 3. Creating a Connected Model 4. Connect to Crystal Reports data and create Dashboard 5. Connect to Web intelligence report data and 6. Create Dashboard 7. Connect to Business Objects Universes 8. Using Query as a web service and create Dashboard 9. Use Live Office data and create Dashboard 10. Use other connectivity components and create Dashboard Administration 1. Understand the Business Objects 2. Enterprise interface & architecture 3. Manage Business Objects Enterprise content 4. Secure Business Objects Enterprise content 5. Secure application security 6. Schedule content 7. Publish reports 8. Identify Business Objects Enterprise architecture 9. Perform common server management tasks 10. Manage the Business Objects Enterprise servers Java SDK overview 1. SAP BO Java SDK overview Open Document Reporting 1. SAP BO Open Document Reporting Webi-rich Client
  • 6. 1. Installing Web Intelligence Rich Client 2. Web Intelligence Rich Client working modes 3. Launching Web Intelligence Rich Client 4. To set user preferences in Web Intelligence Rich Client 5. Working with documents 6. Working with universes in Web Intelligence Rich Client 7. Accessing Web Intelligence from InfoView 8. Working with queries in Web Intelligence Rich Client 9. Working with reports Query as Web service 1. Configuring the QWS with BO System 2. Creating Webservice report from Universes 3. Creating WSDL reports 4. Using WSDL reports in external application Security Implementation 1. Creating Secured users & group 2. Creation secured connections 3. Creation of Secured objects 4. Creation of security at Table, Column & row level 5. Creation of secured restriction set and mapping to users or groups Import WizardPublishing Wizard 1. Using Import wizard 2. Creation of BIAR 3. Migrating the BO objects 4. From one CMS TO ANOTHER CMS 5. Migrating the objects from one 6. domain to another (dev/stage/Prod) 7. Backup & Maintenance Deployment Live Office Reporting 1. Describe the benefits of using Live Office SAP Webi/Dashboard Reporting 1. Creation of Web intelligence reports using Info cube & BW Query BO XI Certification Guidelines
  • 7. 1. Sample questions on Business Objects Certified Professional – Business Objects Web Intelligence XI 2. Sample questions on Business Objects Certified Professional – Business Objects Web Intelligence XI PROJECTS 1. Creation of Universe from scratch (Manufacturing Domain) 2. Creation of Web intelligence report with auto scheduling 3. Creation of Corporate dashboard for Supply chain mgmt/Banking Domain CASE STUDY # 1 – "Creation of Universe" Creation of Universe from scratch: In this Case study we will be creating a Universe from the beginning. This Case Study also illustrates different types of challenges you will face while designing the Universe in the realtime working environment. Tasks: 1. Designing the schema 2. Defining cardinalities and Joins 3. Defining Classes and Objects and setting the properties according to business requirements 4. Detecting and resolving the loops using aliases and context 5. Detecting and resolving SQL traps like chasm and fan traps 6. Applying restrictions on Objects and Using @Functions 7. Using Hierarchies and List of values and Managing Universe CASE STUDY # 2 – "Creation of Web-i Report" Creation of Web intelligence report with auto scheduling: The Purpose of this Case Study is to explore all the features of Web Intelligence while working on real- time projects. Here are some of the tasks involved in creation of a Web-i report. Tasks: 1. Creating Web Intelligence documents with queries 2. Restricting Data returned by a Query. 3. Enhancing the presentation of data in the reports 4. Different types of Formatting Options 5. Calculating the data with Formulas and Variables. CASE STUDY # 3 – "Creation of Corporate Dashboard" Creation of Corporate dashboard for Supply chain mgmt:
  • 8. This case study is an Example of how to create the Corporate dashboard report by exploring different types of charts in Xcelcius like Line charts, Column charts, Pie Charts. Social Media: ------------------------------------------------LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Website: | +1 415-832-9561 | +1 704-780-1764 |