Czech students in Ozorków


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Czech students in Ozorków

  1. 1. Czech studentsCzech students in the town of Ozorkówin the town of Ozorków Wednesday 6/10/2010 – Friday 8/10/2010Wednesday 6/10/2010 – Friday 8/10/2010
  2. 2. Reward for the Czech studentsReward for the Czech students  The students of TERCIE, whoThe students of TERCIE, who won the 1st Nationalwon the 1st National eTwinning prize with theireTwinning prize with their project „GETTING CLOSER“project „GETTING CLOSER“ last year, went to visit theirlast year, went to visit their new eTwinning partners at thenew eTwinning partners at the Gimnazjum in the town ofGimnazjum in the town of Ozorków in October 2010.Ozorków in October 2010.  Our new project is called „DoOur new project is called „Do you speak the same English?“,you speak the same English?“, and as indicated by the title,and as indicated by the title, we will try to find out, wherewe will try to find out, where our strong / weak points inour strong / weak points in learning English are.learning English are.
  3. 3. Cesta do OzorkówaCesta do Ozorkówa  The town of Ozorków isThe town of Ozorków is situated 28 km west of thesituated 28 km west of the city of Lodz and it is aboutcity of Lodz and it is about 400 km north of Vysoké400 km north of Vysoké Mýto. That's why we had aMýto. That's why we had a three-hour break in thethree-hour break in the middle of the journey – inmiddle of the journey – in the picturesquethe picturesque oldold city ofcity of Wroclaw which isWroclaw which is sometimes called Venice ofsometimes called Venice of the north due to itsthe north due to its numerous bridges.numerous bridges.
  4. 4. WroclawWroclaw
  5. 5. WroclawWroclaw WroclawWroclaw
  6. 6. OzorkówOzorków  We arrived at Ozorków atWe arrived at Ozorków at 18:30. We received a warm18:30. We received a warm welcome and then our partnerswelcome and then our partners took us to the school canteentook us to the school canteen and we all had dinnerand we all had dinner (sort of hamburger and mashed(sort of hamburger and mashed potatoespotatoes ).).
  7. 7. PresentationsPresentations  After dinner, throughAfter dinner, through presentations we introducedpresentations we introduced each other our schools, towns,each other our schools, towns, regions and countries.regions and countries.  The presentation about theThe presentation about the Czech Republic includedCzech Republic included singing the Czech nationalsinging the Czech national anthem. The Polish studentsanthem. The Polish students sang us their anthem too.sang us their anthem too.  At the end of this formal partAt the end of this formal part of the eveningof the evening,, the Czechthe Czech boys and girls danced theboys and girls danced the Czech dance of POLKA.Czech dance of POLKA.
  8. 8. Dancing Czech POLKADancing Czech POLKA
  9. 9. Excursion to PRIMAVERAExcursion to PRIMAVERA  On Thursday morningOn Thursday morning we went to see the localwe went to see the local company calledcompany called PRIMAVERA – itPRIMAVERA – it packs and sells mineralpacks and sells mineral water. The excursionwater. The excursion was very interestingwas very interesting -- we especially enjoyedwe especially enjoyed wearing special whitewearing special white coats and caps. In thecoats and caps. In the photo you can see howphoto you can see how pretty we looked.pretty we looked.
  10. 10. PrimaveraPrimavera PrimaveraPrimavera
  11. 11. Botanical garden in LodzBotanical garden in Lodz  Then we went to Lodz which is theThen we went to Lodz which is the second biggest city in Poland. It is ansecond biggest city in Poland. It is an important industrial centre, but it is notimportant industrial centre, but it is not rich in sights and historicalrich in sights and historical monuments. We visited the Botanicalmonuments. We visited the Botanical Garden and its gorgeous greenhouseGarden and its gorgeous greenhouse..
  12. 12. Manufaktura in LodžiManufaktura in Lodži  The most popular and mostThe most popular and most frequently visited place in Lodz isfrequently visited place in Lodz is MANUFAKTURA, which is theMANUFAKTURA, which is the biggest shopping centre in Poland.biggest shopping centre in Poland. It was built from the old complexIt was built from the old complex of a large textile factory.of a large textile factory.
  13. 13. Evening disco in the schoolEvening disco in the school
  14. 14. Camping in the schoolCamping in the school  Here you can see how weHere you can see how we slept – in our own sleepingslept – in our own sleeping bags on Polish cot beds in abags on Polish cot beds in a small gymsmall gymnasiumnasium and twoand two changing rooms. The Polishchanging rooms. The Polish students slept in anotherstudents slept in another small gymnasium.small gymnasium.     
  15. 15. Playing sportsPlaying sports  However, there was another, muchHowever, there was another, much bigger sports shall – we found outbigger sports shall – we found out about it on the next day when theabout it on the next day when the Polish PE teachers organized racesPolish PE teachers organized races and competitions for two mixedand competitions for two mixed international teams.
  16. 16. …… an aerobic class followedan aerobic class followed
  17. 17. Visit to an English classVisit to an English class  We learned a lot of interestingWe learned a lot of interesting things about our Polish friends,things about our Polish friends, e.g. Gimnazjum in Poland is ae.g. Gimnazjum in Poland is a general school for all the childrengeneral school for all the children aged 12 – 15. The Polish studentsaged 12 – 15. The Polish students start to study English as late as instart to study English as late as in the first year of Gimnazjum butthe first year of Gimnazjum but they learn very fast and ourthey learn very fast and our project partners speak very goodproject partners speak very good English.English.  We went to see a class of EnglishWe went to see a class of English of the beginners.of the beginners.
  18. 18. Meeting the Mayor of OzorkówMeeting the Mayor of Ozorków  On the last day of our stay we metOn the last day of our stay we met the Mayor of Ozorków, because hethe Mayor of Ozorków, because he visited our stand with typicalvisited our stand with typical Czech bakery products. We gaveCzech bakery products. We gave him Czech VÁNOČKA (typicalhim Czech VÁNOČKA (typical Christmas sweet bread) fromChristmas sweet bread) from Smékal´s Bakery as a present.Smékal´s Bakery as a present.
  19. 19. „„Healthy Food“ dayHealthy Food“ day  Friday was a special day here – eachFriday was a special day here – each class of the school had a special standclass of the school had a special stand with some healthy food. All the fruitwith some healthy food. All the fruit and vegetables, fruit salads etc. not onlyand vegetables, fruit salads etc. not only looked wonderful but all of it waslooked wonderful but all of it was delicious. Two Czech students were indelicious. Two Czech students were in the committee that awarded points to thethe committee that awarded points to the stands. However, the tasting was free forstands. However, the tasting was free for anybody!!!anybody!!!
  20. 20. Dinner with the MayorDinner with the Mayor  Then we had a healthy lunchThen we had a healthy lunch (pancakes with curd cheese filling)(pancakes with curd cheese filling) together with the Mayor in the schooltogether with the Mayor in the school canteen and after that we showed himcanteen and after that we showed him the presentations about our school andthe presentations about our school and town and handed over the presentstown and handed over the presents from the Mayor of Vysoké Mýto. Wefrom the Mayor of Vysoké Mýto. We got some presents some presents too.
  21. 21. Last common photo and saying good-bye!Last common photo and saying good-bye!
  22. 22. Thanks for everythingThanks for everything and see you in the spring!and see you in the spring!