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  • 1. Hands-on NodejsIntroduction to paradigm shift. Borja A. Espejo García
  • 2. Key points● Introduction to Nodejs● Nodejs Lab● Introduction to NoSQL technologies● Nodejs + MongoDB Lab● Introduction to Twitter Bootstrap● Nodejs + GUI using Twitter Bootstrap & Jade
  • 3. Introduction to Nodejs (I)● Framework● Server-side software (client too)● Programs are written in Javascript● Scalability● Efficenty● Community
  • 4. Introduction to Nodejs (II)● Events are a key point● Javascript V8 → Google Chrome● Less footprint in memory● Linkedin, Microsoft...● http://nodeknockout.com (Hackaton)● Frameworks based on Nodejs .. ¿Platform? – Meteor JS – Grunt – Yeoman – ....
  • 5. NodejsLab● HelloWorld!!● Lets build a client – server application.... ….............in only 2 minutes, why more? (Sources and steps to build the application are in etherpad).
  • 6. NoSQL technologies (I)● Born because of new necesities. (Big Data)● Relational databases are not a good solution in many cases.● Efficency.● Twitter, Facebook use it ….and you?● Different implementations with a common basis.
  • 7. NoSQL technologies (II)● Document strore – MongoDB, CouchDB...● Graph – Neo4j....● Key-value store – Voldemort, Riak,..● Big Table – Cassandra, Hadoop...
  • 8. MongoDB● Document-oriented storage. (JSON) – Document VS Row – Collection VS Table● Replication & High Avaliability● SubCollections● Querying● Map/Reduce● Dynamic schemas
  • 9. CRUD Application● CREATE - db.collection.insert( <document> )● READ – db.collection.find( <query>, <projection> )● UPDATE – db.collection.update( <query>, <update>, <options> )● DELETE – db.collection.remove( <query>, <justOne> )
  • 10. Nodejs + MongoDB Lab● Lets build a Music Service....in only 5 minutes!!● Rest design is a good choice!● The persistance layer is gonna be managed with MongoDB and Mongoose.● We are gonna use Internet Explorer...just joking! (Sources are steps to build the application are on etherpad)
  • 11. Bootstrap Twitter● Framweork to speed up the web application building.● Web design toolkit, css framework, grid system.● You – Dont know css – know css but you dont know about design● Jade is a template engine.● Jade is cleaner than HTML● Jade comes by default with express framework
  • 12. My next hands-on● Hadoop● Apache Mahout
  • 13. Lets make knowledge!● Opinions?● Future?● Help you?
  • 14. Links to Knowledge● http://www.couchbase.com/why-nosql/nosql-d atabase● http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MapReduce● http://nodejs.org● http://expressjs.com● http://www.mongodb.org● https://npmjs.org