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  • 1. The Life of Buddha A prince was born around 550 BCE near India At his birth he took 7 steps After each step a Lotus flower bloomed He said, "I am chief in the world, I am best in the world, I am first in the world. This is my last birth. There will be no further rebirth." His name was to be Siddhartha Gautama which means “wish fulfilled” His mother dies when he is 7 days old. A dream predicted the birth of a great individual
  • 2. Life of Buddha continued Wiseman predicted he would be the greatest king ever or the greatest religious figure, a buddha (enlightened one) If he sees an old man, sick man, dead man and a monk he will be a buddha Gives up everything to find answers Meditates and reaches a state of being called Nirvana “This Nirvana that I have found is profound, hard to see, hard to understand; it is peaceful, sublime, beyond the sphere of mere reasoning, subtle, to be experienced by the wise. But this generation takes delight in wanting, is delighted by wanting, rejoices in wanting and as such it is hard for them to see this truth.” He was the best student and best athlete. He was also kind.
  • 3. The Four Noble Truths 1. All Life is suffering 2. Suffering is caused by wants and desires 3. You can stop your wants and desires 4. Follow the Eight-fold Path
  • 4. Eightfold Path
  • 5. Right View Accept the Four Noble Truths 1.Life is suffering 2. Suffering is caused by wants and desire 3. Suffering can end 4. Follow the Eightfold Path
  • 6. Right Thought Give up expectations of others. No longer need to manipulate people
  • 7. Right Speech Do not lie Do not slander Do not gossip Avoid anger
  • 8. Right Action Do not kill any living thing. Take only what is given to you
  • 9. Right Livelihood Avoid jobs that hurt people Enjoy your job
  • 10. Right Effort Give up evil qualities that you possess
  • 11. Right Mindfulness Be mindful of the tiniest details of the way you speak, work, your attitude towards others
  • 12. Right Meditation Give up absentmindedness and entertainment and speculation
  • 13. Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On (Jimmy Buffett/Matt Betton) I bought a cheap watch from the crazy man Floating down Canal It doesn’t use numbers or moving hands It always just says NOW Now you may be thinking that I was had But this watch is never wrong And if I have trouble the warranty said Breathe in breathe out move on And it rained It was nothing really new And it blew We’ve seen all that before And it poured The earth began to strain Ponchartrain Leaking through the door Tides at war