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Facebook Newsfeed Optimization - Social Media Marketing University

  1. 1. Facebook Newsfeed Optimization: Getting The Exposure You Need
  2. 2. For a marketer, optimizing theirFacebook newsfeed is still the primary goal – even if it has been recently updated and radically changed. You could even say that now, it’s more important than ever!
  3. 3. The newsfeed is where your new fanwill see all of your updates. They veryrarely go back to your Facebook page. Here’s how to get your updates noticed.
  4. 4. Post Delivery: Making It Count
  5. 5. There’s been a sudden surge incontent, since the news ticker made its first appearance. Whatever you do, don’t fall into the icy grip of this current trend. Businesses are excitedthat each thing they post will show up there, so they are posting more and
  6. 6. more – hoping to get some interaction from their fans. You should focus onthe top stories and recent stories list.These are where you’ll get some great interaction. The ticker is an added bonus.
  7. 7. The very large, very engaging businesses on Facebook only post about 10 or 20 pieces of content perday. They space it out, and make sure every post is relevant and engaging.Your Facebook page however, is not a big brand.
  8. 8. More than 5 pieces of content a day,and you’ll end up irritating your fans.Enough for them to eventually get fed up, unlike you – or report you as a spammer. Time and space count!
  9. 9. Short, Action Based Posts
  10. 10. We still have the Edgerank algorithm to think about, which means your posts need to prompt interaction. Media is inherently more interactivethan text, so your mantra should be ‘Ifyou can say it with a pic/video – do it!’
  11. 11. Keep your text short. Facebook is not Google+, where updates tend to be longer. People appreciate nuggets ofinformation, links to more information or fun information (i.e. media).
  12. 12. A please and thank you here and thereis also effective. In every post, aim for comments. They’ll increase your Edgerank score and will make you appear more relevant to your fans.
  13. 13. If you want your fans to interact, then you need to tell them what to do.Posting some random text and hoping for great comments is not going tohelp you. Instead, Keep your messagedirect, and afterwards – tell your fans exactly what you want from them.
  14. 14. Grounding Your Posts in Relevance
  15. 15. News and time sensitive posts have been brilliant in optimizing your newsfeed in the past, and they still are. If there is a holiday or a news story in your niche that has hit theinternet, use them in your posts. Then, use these posts to ground your own information in a relevant event.
  16. 16. Add a link to it for extra impact.Applications allow for customizationon Facebook, which is valued by their algorithm and by your fans.
  17. 17. If you really want to show up in your fan’s newsfeeds often, investing in aunique application that will keep them engaged is the best thing you can do. It could be something as simple as aquiz app, or something as complex as a niche related social game. What you put in, is what you’ll get out!
  18. 18. Social Media Marketing University(SMMU) is the creation of John Paul Souza, a serial entrepreneur whos held senior managerial positions at Banc America Capital ManagementGroup and JP Morgan Chase. Serving marketing professionals,
  19. 19. entrepreneurs and corporations,SMMU differentiates itself by offering hands-on training from hands-onexperts who are actively applying their skills on real-world projects.
  20. 20. SMMU was recently honored as one of the top 5 finalists by the leading blog site, Mashable, as one of the top provider of social media services for businesses. The firm has earned the title of "most trusted social media firm" with over 900 unsolicited testimonials.
  21. 21. For more information about socialmedia webinars and social media online courses, please visithttp://www.socialmediamarketinguniversity.com