9 URL Shorteners and Which of Them to Use - Social Media


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http://www.smmulive.com/register - 9 URL Shorteners and Which of Them to Use - Social Media. We have identified 9 URL shorteners and give the benefits of each one with our choice as the best. Social Media Strategy, Use Social Media, Social Media Management

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9 URL Shorteners and Which of Them to Use - Social Media

  1. 1. 9 URL Shorteners – And Which of Them to Use
  2. 2. Do you shorten your URL links, whenpublishing things to your social mediapages? They’ve been around for ages, but they’re not all created equally. Let’s explore which of these servicesyou should use, so that you can keep your content looking great, and working even better.
  3. 3. #1: Tinyurl
  4. 4. The first of the URL shorteners and still one of the best, TinyURL provides aquality link shortening service for free.Best of all these links never break, and they never, ever expire. Once they’re done, they last forever. Pop it in your browser, use it.
  5. 5. #2: Bit.ly
  6. 6. A great tool to use if you need to track the links that you use on your social pages. Bit.ly is simple, clean and the tracking analytics are very useful for finding out which pages make the most impact in your campaigns.
  7. 7. #3: Adjix
  8. 8. Adjix is an underrated URL shortenerthat allows you to make money whilegoing about your daily social activities online. Shrink your link, and add and advert that will display at the top ofthe page when the user clicks on your link.
  9. 9. #4: Snipurl
  10. 10. Snipurl lets you create short urls, manage them and track them all in one place. You can also integrate it into your browser, or application –which is very handy. The only problemwith this link snipper, is that it has no 301 redirect.
  11. 11. #5: Goo.gl
  12. 12. Google’s link shortener is very fast andefficient, and could be a great addition to your Google toolbox. As expected, they also have a comprehensivetracking and analytics section – whichgives you all kinds of useful info on the people that click your links.
  13. 13. #6: Moourl
  14. 14. Moourl is a basic url shortener to use if you’re in a hurry, and can’t bebothered about analytics and all that other tracking business. It’s also famous for being the cutest url shortening service on the internet.
  15. 15. #7: Tiny.cc
  16. 16. Tiny.cc is a mini link management system, and easy enough to use in seconds. Shrink urls, manage them,see a list of your most recent links and how they are performing on your social pages.
  17. 17. #8: A.gd
  18. 18. With A.gd you can protect your links with a password, which adds to sitesecurity if you’re exchanging sensitive information or sharing content on public pages. You can also track your urls, and find out their geo data and where they clicked your link.
  19. 19. #9: Ow.ly
  20. 20. Ow.ly is another service you might finduseful, and you can use it to bookmarklinks that you’ve retweeted on Twitter. It’s also captch protected, to preventspambots from making use of it. Greatto use on Twitter and as a general link shrinking tool.
  21. 21. Each link shortening service comes with similar features. The best by farare still goo.gl and tinyurl. Though any one of these services will help yourmarketing goals. If you’re link building,Google is a safe bet. The company willprobably never go under, so you don’thave to worry about your link network disappearing one day.
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