Pinkstar credentials 2013


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EVENT/SPORTS Marketing Company New Delhi

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Pinkstar credentials 2013

  1. 1. Pink star Ventures [P] Ltd.We are boutique experts in the people logistics of creatingmeaningful brand experiences in the field of experientialmarketing .Invite us to participate in the planning, execution and marketingsupport for your next experiential and event marketing project.In short, ROI/Insight defined brand experience for our clients…About
  2. 2. Assessing our client’s needs and then delivering beyond theirexpectations with Create exciting Business-to-Consumer andbuild valuable Business-to-Business relationships. Supportingour responsive, effective field executional capabilities,expertise and well on-time and on-budget
  3. 3.  Event Management. Sports Marketing. OOH (Out of Home). Retail fixtures.www.pinkstargroup.comWe are team of experts for:
  4. 4.  Design/Execution. Streamlined partnership. Our Network. Identifying & sourcing products and raw material. Experienced, knowledgeable & committed team ofprofessionals. Understanding of our customers nuances.Core
  5. 5. Design/ Creatives Stage Mall Marketing Canters/Bus Display ExhibitionProduct Launch Brand ActivationOur Dealer Meets Sport Marketing Press Launch OOH Consumer Promos Mall Activity School & CollegePromos Road Shows RWA Activity Flash Mobs
  6. 6. Permanent Spaces.Retail Formats.Shop in Shop.Brand Shop.Retails in shop Fixtures.Our ServicesSpace Design Exhibition Design Fabrication
  7. 7. Major Industries we caterConsumer DurableIT/TelecomAutomobilesFood and BeveragesHospitality and TourismCosmeticsFMCGPrinting and GraphicSports/ ApprealsCement & SteelBankingReal Estate Tyres
  8. 8. Events & DesignsEvents &
  9. 9. LG launched its new 2013 Refrigerators range this event washeld in Jalandhar .The show content included stage, Product display zone Lasershow, Dealer meet and entertainment event.www.pinkstargroup.comLG Refrigerator Launch April 2013
  10. 10. www.pinkstargroup.comLG Refrigerator Launch April 2013
  11. 11. LG Refrigerator Launch April 2013 : Product Display zone
  12. 12. HUDCO had organized annual day meet & award ceremony tofacilitate and congratulate their loyal employees.The show content included a stage, Lunch, Live song performance bySinger Tarun Sagar, different Indian dance form performances, Skitshow by NSD Team and award distribution by Mr. Lalit Maken Unionminister of India.www.pinkstargroup.comHUDCO Annual meet @ IHC Delhi April -2013
  13. 13. HUDCO Annual meet IHC Lodhi Road Delhi April -2013
  14. 14. HUDCO Annual meet IHC Lodhi Road Delhi April -2013
  15. 15. Videocon DDB Product Launch March’ 2013
  16. 16. LG launched its new 2013 Refrigerator launch event was held inGurgaon.The show content included stage, Product display zone Lasershow, Dealer meet and entertainment event.www.pinkstargroup.comLG Refrigerator Launch April 2013
  17. 17. www.pinkstargroup.comLG Refrigerator Launch April 2013
  18. 18. LG Refrigerator Launch April 2013 Display Zone
  19. 19. American Express launched its Platinum card & launchevent was held in Gurgaon.The show content included a stage, Laser show andentertainment event.www.pinkstargroup.comAmerican Express Card Launch- 2012
  20. 20. American Express Launch
  21. 21. LG – GSM Optimus Launch – Aug’ 2012
  22. 22. LG – Optimus Launch – Product display zone
  23. 23. Aircel launched its GSM Communication service for Himanchal &Jharkhand, This launch event was held in Shimla & Ranchi forHimanchal Pradesh & Jharkhand respectively.The show content included a stage and Performance by Ms. ShreyaGhosal.www.pinkstargroup.comAircel Launch : 2012
  24. 24. Aircel Launch : 2012
  25. 25. LG in collaboration with Indiatimes launched its consumerdurable products, The activity was a month long consumerpromotion held in Various Delhi NCR malls.The show content included a stage, mall promotion andproduct displays.www.pinkstargroup.comLG Indiatimes Summit
  26. 26. LG Indiatimes Summit : 2012
  27. 27. Power finance corporation of India organized this event in Talkatoraindoor stadium on the eve of PFC foundation day.The show content included a stage, award distribution andPerformance by Mr. Shankar Mahadevan and Mr. Kapil Sharma.www.pinkstargroup.comPower Finance Corporation of India – Foundation day
  28. 28. Power Finance Corporation of India – Foundation day
  29. 29. Indiamart 2012
  30. 30. Godrej Product Launch
  31. 31. Pioneer – Product Launch
  32. 32. Mall ActivationMall
  33. 33. LG Optimus Mobile - Mall Marketing
  34. 34. Mall Marketing : LG
  35. 35. Mall Marketing
  36. 36. Mall Marketing - AUDI
  37. 37. Mall Marketing -Volkswogen
  38. 38. Mall Marketing
  39. 39. Exhibition & DesignWe build stands in over 15 shows a year pan India
  40. 40. Exhibitions Stall : Voltas & Trane CII- Chandigarh-2013
  41. 41. Exhibitions & Design
  42. 42. Exhibitions & Design
  43. 43. Exhibitions & Design
  44. 44. Mobile Van ActivationMobile Van
  45. 45. Van Activity
  46. 46. Van Activity
  47. 47. Unique MarketingUnique
  48. 48. iWalker – The Walking BillboardQ: What is an iWalker? A: iWalker is a “Mobile Advertising” formatwhich is effective for promotions of brands and Events when they aredeployed in group at any location. Being an innovative marketingsolution it helps in attracting and engaging target audiences. TechnicalSpecification: - Best SMD illuminated, so does not cause climateheating.5 hour battery backup- comes with charger and flash lights.Highly visible from distance.Best quality print used for “Clear Visibility”. - Quality tested productand ready to useOut of the box
  49. 49. I Walker – The Walking Billboard
  50. 50. How does Magic mirror works? Usually magic mirror works as aAdvertising board in which you may display any creative, and thatglows all the times. But as soon as someone stands in front of turns into a mirror.. and that’s MAGIC.. This has aexcellent use in malls, showrooms and airports.Magic Mirror Promotion
  51. 51. What is a Video Jacket (VJ) ? VJ is a unique Blend of Video + AudioAdvertising. VJ is the first and only product that combines ATL & BTLtogether. Television commercial is considered to be the most effective form ofadvertisement carrying human emotions and adequate message. With VJ,TVC’s can be used in malls, markets & Airports, Brands can reach theircustomers outside their home and offices. It gives a combined effect of Audio +Video Advertising on the move.Video Jacket.. Walk with TVC :
  52. 52. ObjectiveCreate Standardized Retail Fixtures that enable easy changeover for allKey Campaigns and enhance store visibility.www.pinkstargroup.comPOP/ Retail Fixture
  53. 53. Wall Unit - LED Clip On frameThese Metal clamps can be opened easily by the merchandiser & replace/insertthe messaging medium.www.pinkstargroup.comUltra slim frame with backlit (LED) Glow box with Tube lights Non Lit Frame
  54. 54. Retail Fixtures – Display Units
  55. 55. Retail Fixtures
  56. 56. Out of HomeOut of HomeOn Road & BeyondOn Road &
  57. 57.  Young hearted & curious unit exploring new possibilities. Portfolio of leading Indian and Global brands. Planning & Buying Media worth over Rs 200 million spanning over50 markets. Amongst the fastest growing OOH Media agency. Exclusive Marketing Partners for McDonalds.About Pinkstar
  58. 58. ServicesOOH
  59. 59. OOH
  60. 60. We focus on understanding our TG’sbehaviour, their lifestyle and touch points. Planning ProcesstoolsIntegrated Media Planning.
  61. 61. Our media buys deliver best ROI in the
  62. 62. Raw Data Competitive ReportWe have subscribed to competitive data from variousagencies which is validated by our monitoring team andis then comprehended by our core planning team.Competitive
  63. 63. McDonalds: A Case StudyCampaign Objective:Introduction of the new rangeof McSpicy Burgers in majorcities of India.OOH Solution:High impact sites were used totarget traffic in key arterialroutes and a classy array ofambient media was used inhigh footfall areas like MetroTrains & Malls.Result:We were able to create a highimpact in the major markets,the campaign got a greatresponse in terms ofawareness. It was highlyappreciated by the client
  64. 64. Campaign Objective:Launch the slim collection whilebringing alive the proposition incontent as well as format.OOH Solution:The campaign was rolled out athigh streets and keycongregation areas. The criteriafor selecting sites was locationswith high visibility areas withclear background. Cut Outswere used to highlight the slimlook and to give a lively feel tothe displays.Result:With this campaign, Blackberrysentered not only in metros buthas made its presence loud andclear in tier II and tier III citiesas well.Blackberrys: A Case
  65. 65. Our valued