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Boostzone Institute - Web Review December 2011

  1. 1. The Boostzone Institute WEB REVIEW N°11. December 2011 ‘‘ I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat ’’ Winston Churchill Bilingual document (US, FR) 11 Editorial The famous phrase ‘‘ blood, toil, tears and sweat ‘‘ was first uttered in 1849 by Giuseppe Garibaldi when rallying his revolutionary forces in Rome. Theodore Roosevelt also uttered the phrase in 1897, following his appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. However, this phrase became well known after Churchill’s first speech to the House after taking over as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the first year of World War II. We’ll probably hear often things like this in the coming months. La célèbre expression «du sang, de la sueur et des larmes» a été prononcée en 1849 par Giuseppe Gari- baldi lorsqu’il a rassemblé ses forces révolutionnaires à Rome. Théodore Roosevelt l’a également prononcée en 1897, suite à sa nomination comme secrétaire adjoint de la Marine. Cependant, elle est devenue mondia- lement célèbre après le premier discours de Churchill en tant que Premier ministre du Royaume-Uni durant la première année de la seconde guerre mondiale. Nous devrions l’entendre souvent dans les mois à venir. Summary Major trends in the globalized world - How social technologies are extending the org - Why Iceland should be in the news, but is not........p.2 anization..........................................................p.4 - How to make money when economy is failing.......p.2 - La génération Y porte plainte contre X.....................p.2 Internet and social networks - Is coworking the new incubator?.............................p.2 - 25 worst passwords of 2011.....................................p.4 - Separating you and me? 4.74 degrees.................p.4 Corporate social and environmental - Kinect : La révolution en marche.............................p.4 responsability - 2012 sera l’année du Big Data…............................p.5 - Consumers expect CEOs to be held accountable and take action on CSR.....................................................p.2 Brand and personnal online reputation - The sustainability movement: five trends on this side and influence of the Atlantic..............................................................p.3 - Le personal branding ou le «tout à l’ego» ?..............p.5 - Study finds sustainable companies ‘‘significantly out- - La mauvaise e-réputation.......................................p.5 perform’’ financially.....................................................p.3 Personal development and learning Management in the future world of work - The way we teach math, sciences, and languages is - Scientists prove telecommuting is awesome.........p.3 wrong.....................................................................p.5 - La France à la traîne sur le télétravail..................p.3 - Not only curation but also moderation and didactics.... - ROWE: The grown-up version of work...................p.3 ...................................................................................p.5 - Presenteeism ‘‘a growing trend in UK businesses’’.p.3 - The connected company.........................................p.4 More notable links................................p.6 Enterprise 2.0 and mobile enterprise - 10 components of collaborative intelligence..........p.4 © Boostzone Institute 2011 *Click on the titles to view the documentsFenixs Boostzone SARL - 24/28 rue de la Pépinière 75008 Paris - Tél. +33 (0)6 77 11 34 48 - Web Review personnalisée sur demande - Customized WebReview on demand
  2. 2. The Boostzone Institute WEB REVIEW N°11. December 2011*Click on the titles to view the documents La génération Y porte plainte contre X Majors trends in the Actsense, 25 novembre 2011 globalized world Why Iceland should be in the news, but is not SACSIS, Deena Stryker, August 15, 2011 Égoïstes, paresseux, intolérants, c’est en ces termes que sont qualifiés les jeunes par un panel de Français lors d’un sondage réalisé pour Le Monde. Manque de confiance et incompréhension envers sa jeunesse ? Signes d’une société vieillissante ? As almost every european country is facing major Quoiqu’il en soit, l’auteur de l’article se lance dans financial risks, the small northern country, Iceland, un plaidoyer concis mais efficace pour la tolérance et should become an example. The financial crisis rou- l’altruisme intergénérationnel. Un résumé pertinent du ghly hit a country that presented a strong growth since ressenti de nombreux jeunes en France. many years. While the debt sky rocketed, the Kroner lost 85% of its value with respect to the Euro. But this crisis resulted in Icelanders recovering their sovereign Is coworking the new incubator ? Deskmag, Dave Bunnell & Jeannine van der Linden, rights. November 14, 2011 This article (August 2011) explains why european citi- zens should look to Iceland, an example of how and 2 Paraphrasing Wikipedia, co-working could be defined why to refuse to bow to foreign interests might rein- as “a style of work which involves independent pro- force sovereignty. fessionals sharing a work environment; usually in a coworking space”. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for How to make money when economy is failing co-workers to communicate and collaborate everyday The Daily Beast, Rob Baedeker, November 21, 2011 with others in coworking spaces, online, world widely. This article wonders if coworking is the new incubator. Corporate social and environmental responsability Consumers expect CEOs to be held accountable and take action on CSR Citizen Polity, James Epstein-Reeves, November 7, 2011 An important study revealed that American consumers With the crisis, the purchasing power of every citizen is expect firms to do well financially while being res- tumbling. And a fascinating point is that strangers are ponsible on how they act. 83% agree that enterprises willing to pay their neighbour to rent their belongings, should accomplish their business targets while trying in order to save a few pennies. The fact that anyone to improve society and the environment. can make money from stuff not used anymore is an This article asserts that the manner in which firms incredible discovery. This article give details about this make profit becomes more important than the profit in increasing trends: “collaborative consumption”. itself. © Boostzone Institute 2011Fenixs Boostzone SARL - 24/28 rue de la Pépinière 75008 Paris - Tél. +33 (0)6 77 11 34 48 - Web Review personnalisée sur demande - Customized WebReview on demand
  3. 3. The Boostzone Institute WEB REVIEW N°11. December 2011* Click on the titles to view the documents The sustainability movement: five trends on La France à la traîne sur le télétravail this side of the Atlantic 20 Minutes, 15 novembre 2011 The Guardian, Peter Madden, November 9, 2011 Frédéric Lefebvre, le secrétaire d’Etat chargé des While hit by the debt crisis, the EU remains a major PME, a annoncé lors d’une conférence à Bercy, que market maker in environmental standards and regu- le télétravail ne concernait que 9% des salariés fran- lation. çais contre 18% des européens. Son développement This article gives the few themes the author used in its semblant être une volonté gouvernementale, une série last San Francisco’s presentation on the latest trends de mesures a été annoncée dont un plan d’action com- for business sustainability in Europe: a root and branch portant trois grands axes : une simplification du cadre questioning of capitalism, changing consumers through juridique du télétravail, une facilitation du recours au brands, how to integrate thinking on biodiversity into télétravail et une meilleure information des salariés et their sustainability strategies and the emphasis as on des entreprises sur le sujet. overlaying digital intelligence on existing infrastructure. ROWE: the grown-up version of work Study finds sustainable companies Brazen, Kelly Gurnett, November 3, 2011 ‘‘significantly outperform’’ financially Business Ethics, Michael Connor, Probably, the way we work is not the best one. That’s November 14, 2011 the premise behind the Results-Only Work Envi- ronment (ROWE) initiative. The authors of the study believe the modern workplace is cluttered with regu- lations, expectations and wrong practices that have nothing to do with the actual work we’re supposed to be doing. This article details the benefits of focusing on em- ployees’ results only: workers are more efficient, disruptions disappear, employees get their lives back, adults are treated like adults, the wheat is cut from the 3 chaff and employers win, too. When companies embody a sustainable business image, CEOs are more likely to be aware of their im- Presenteeism ‘‘a growing trend in UK pact in term of sustainability; whereas traditional firms businesses’’ with compensation based on short-term metrics push CMI, Tim Chambers, November 17, 2011 managers towards decisions that forget the long-term value creation. This article reveals the results of a study led by the Harvard Business School and the London Business School: companies with a high sustainable business culture “significantly outperform their counterparts over the long-term, both in terms of stock market and ac- counting performance”. Management in the future world of work Uncertainty surrounding job security is leading to wor- kers spending more time in the office to appear va- Scientists prove telecommuting is awesome luable to their managers. According to a study, 41% GigaOM, Jessica Stillman, November 14, 2011 of workers feel pressure ‘‘visible’’ in the office. More than 25% think the interpretation of their performance Researchers of Stanford set out a study in order to is based on how much time they spend in the office compare telecommuters with office-based employees. rather than their outputs. This short article explains the This article gives the results of the study. And they are importance to encourage flexible working. astonishing… © Boostzone Institute 2011Fenixs Boostzone SARL - 24/28 rue de la Pépinière 75008 Paris - Tél. +33 (0)6 77 11 34 48 - Web Review personnalisée sur demande - Customized WebReview on demand
  4. 4. The Boostzone Institute WEB REVIEW N°11. December 2011*Click on the titles to view the documents The connected company Separating you and me? 4.74 degrees Slideshare, Dachis Group, November 2011 New York Times, John Markoff & Somini Sengupta, November 21, 2011 Social business, first described by Muhammad Yunus, can be assimilated to a “non-dividend, non-loss com- pany designed to address a social objective within the highly regulated marketplace of today”. Here is a presentation from Dave Gray, founder of XPLANE and SVP Strategy at Dachis Group, on the future of social business. Enterprise 2.0 and A conventional wisdom would assert that the explana- tion of the smaller gap between you and me are sum- mobile enterprise med up in ‘‘social media’’: Facebook friends are bound to bring us closer together. This article shows that the average number of acquain- 10 components of collaborative intelligence tances that separate two people is smaller than belie- CMS Wire, David Coleman, November 21, 2011 ved: 4.74 not 6. We all know about Intelligence Quotient and Emotio- nal Intelligence, but very few deals with Collaborative Kinect : La révolution en marche Intelligence. The thing that makes someone a fine col- Docs News, 8 novembre 2011 laborator is frequently their frame of mind, coupled with precise knowledge and tools. Realize that tools are Saviez-vous que la Kinect possède le titre de l’objet enablers, they can’t make group work together, they électronique le plus rapidement vendu de tous les can just facilitate the relations. temps ? Huit millions d’exemplaires pour le premier mois de vente. D’ailleurs, savez-vous ce qu’est la 4 Kinect ? How social technologies are extending the organization McKinsey Quarterly, Jacques Bughin, Angela Hung Byers & Michael Chui , November 17, 2011 When social technologies are used as an emerging type of networked firm and incorporated into the way employees work, they can amplify financial perfor- mance and market share of the firm. This survey on C’est un périphérique équipé de caméras et de micros the way firms use social tools and technologies reveals qui permet de jouer à la console Xbox sans manette that they keep on seeping into many enterprises, chan- grâce à ses capacités de reconnaissance vocale et de ging business processes and increasing performance. détection de mouvements. Si Microsoft pensait, en lançant Kinect il y a un an, révolutionner le monde du jeu vidéo, il semble qu’il ait initié un mouvement qui lui a échappé et qui va bien Internet and social networks plus loin que le simple divertissement de salon. En effet, de nombreux développeurs se sont emparés de cet objet qui offre une excellente technologie pour un prix bas et ont fait de belles avancées technologiques, 25 worst passwords of 2011 parfois avec des applications inattendues. Mashable, Zoe Fox, November 18, 2011 Ainsi, certains l’utilisent pour piloter des robots, d’autres pour faire de l’essayage vestimentaire, d’autres pour Choosing “password” as a password is a nice idea… if faire de la rééducation pour les victimes d’attaques you’re hoping to be an easy target for hackers! cérébrales. This article gives the list of the worst password eve- La démocratisation de la dématérialisation de l’interac- ryone can choose: sequences of adjacent numbers or tion nous fait entrer de façon fulgurante dans une nou- letters, popular names… velle ère des interfaces hommes-machines. © Boostzone Institute 2011Fenixs Boostzone SARL - 24/28 rue de la Pépinière 75008 Paris - Tél. +33 (0)6 77 11 34 48 - Web Review personnalisée sur demande - Customized WebReview on demand
  5. 5. The Boostzone Institute WEB REVIEW N°11. December 2011*Click on the titles to view the documents 2012 sera l’année du Big Data… La mauvaise e-réputation, Yves Grandmontagne, 24 novembre 2011 OWNI, Sylvain Léauthier, 10 Novembre 2011 Droits: Domaine Public Source: Wikipédia Voici un article rafraîchissant qui remet en cause de nombreuses idées reçues et relativise l’approche de Immergeons-nous quelques instants dans des chiffres l’e-réputation généralement faites par les articles trai- impressionnants: 9,57 Zettaoctects (10 puissance 21 tant du sujet. De l’obsession narcissique au mythe du d’octets) d’informations ont été consommées sur le candidat à l’embauche éconduit en passant par la re- web en 2008 alors que le nombre d’abonnés Inter- définition de la vie privée, pouvons-nous prétendre à net en 2010 dans le monde a été multiplié par 7 de- l’insouciance numérique ? puis 2000. Il y a aujourd’hui 2 milliards d’abonnés qui s’équipent également de téléphones mobiles connec- tés. Selon Ericsson, en 2015, 80% des connexions se feront via le mobile. On attend ainsi pas moins de 3,4 milliards d’abonnés 3G en 2015 alors qu’ils n’étaient Personal development encore que 500 millions en 2010. and learning Au sein des organisations, cela se traduit par de plus en plus de données à stocker, ce qui n’est ni simple, ni gratuit. La problématique n’est pas seulement éco- The way we teach math, sciences, and 5 nomique, mais également technologique : l’entreprise languages is wrong dispose-t-elle des moyens nécessaires pour s’équiper Freakonomics, Sanjoy Mahajan, November 2, 2011 et pour administrer ses données et surtout pour les analyser ? Pour Matt Oostveen, directeur de recherche Why the way we teach many subjects, especially chez IDC Australie, la réponse est dans le Big Data. science and languages, is so unsuccessful? How could we improve it? Despite lot of hours spent in school, almost each stu- dent remains with a poor level in specific lessons, par- Brand and personal online ticularly science and languages. Rather than starting the course with “motion in a reputation and influence straight line at constant speed”, the author of the ar- ticle estimates that we could explain physics concepts by estimating “the gas mileage of a 747 by dropping Le personal branding ou le «tout à l’ego» ? coffee filters - thereby giving the concepts depth and Ma vie pro, Dom Bochel, meaning”. 16 novembre 2011 Voici un billet qui dénonce certaines dérives du perso- Not only curation but also moderation and nal branding. Dérives qui, comme le souligne Olivier didactics Zara dans les commentaires, sont de deux ordres: Challenge to learn, Kasper Spiro, November 15, 2011 - ceux qui s’autoproclament experts sans la légitimité ni les qualités nécessaires; “Will e-learning become obsolete?” Probably not. Cura- - ceux qui utilisent la méthode et les outils pour essayer tion filters news and helps you to deal with informa- d’élaborer leur glorification personnelle. tion overload. Too much information and no learning Si Olivier Zara partage l’analyse de l’auteur de l’article, experience should be fought with curation, but also il ne manque pas de préciser que ces dérives restent moderation and didactics. This article explains why the malgré tout les exceptions et non la règle. role of e-learning, and the one of its developers might become more important in the short term. © Boostzone Institute 2011Fenixs Boostzone SARL - 24/28 rue de la Pépinière 75008 Paris - Tél. +33 (0)6 77 11 34 48 - Web Review personnalisée sur demande - Customized WebReview on demand
  6. 6. The Boostzone Institute WEB REVIEW N°11. December 2011*Click on the titles to view the documents More Notable Links - Strange places to find open source - The hidden infrastructure of the Internet - Darpa begs hackers: secure our networks, end ‘‘season of darkness’’ - Mobile and informal learning: trends for 2012 - The 12 truths of modern public relations - Your brain vs technology: how our wired world is changing the way we think the-way-we-think-39747925/ - Google+ isn’t going away - Nearly quarter of workers are depressed - Ramping up the emotional side of marketing when it can’t be measured 6 - Les femmes se socialisent, les hommes s’informent et se divertissent,10965.html - Google’s Lab of wildest dreams - Can understanding our ancestors help us to consume less? - How pursuit of profits kills innovation and the U.S. economy the-us-economy/ - Lying is more common when we email - ‘Pre-social network’ finds you friends in your hang-outs - How to use Google search more effectively - 18,4 millions de jobs trouvés sur Facebook aux US cette année - Reverse mentoring cracks workplace © Boostzone Institute 2011Fenixs Boostzone SARL - 24/28 rue de la Pépinière 75008 Paris - Tél. +33 (0)6 77 11 34 48 - Web Review personnalisée sur demande - Customized WebReview on demand