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This presentation was presented at BNO Spellbound Amsterdam in march 2011 and dives into the subject of Meta Products. It explains what Meta Products are and how they can be designed. The introduction contains some portfolio cases of Booreiland.

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Meta Products '11

  1. 1. PLATFORM FOR CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS all content 2011 Booreiland
  2. 2. Design & strategy for web, print and meta —BooreilandHi there, we are Booreiland. We design web experiences, visual identities & print work, and Meta Products.
  3. 3. WHAT WE DO —Some selected works
  4. 4. Ungatoys.nlUnga toys is an Amsterdam based toy development studio. They develop toys for big brands such as Chupa Chups, Tomy andlately for Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn as well. Unga asked us to transform their company ethos into an adventure thatcould be directly transformed into a blasting online experience.
  5. 5. DUTCH CREATIVE dé indexering van de Nederlandse creatieve industrie Dutch-Creative.nlDutch Creative is the ultimate index of creative agencies from Holland, covering practically all creative disciplines. Thisinitiative founded by BIS Publishers aims at businesses that outsource creative work and for that purpose need an overview ofDutch creativity. Consisting of a series of eight books and a complete web index makes Dutch Creative the best of Holland.
  6. 6. Vormator.comVormator is the ultimate design challenge that requires artists all over the world to create dazzling visuals by using only eightshapes within a set of given rules. This project was kicked off by ourselves, together with the amazing Zeptonn. From over 500contestants we made a selection of nearly 80 to appear in a book, called Vormator, the elements of design.
  7. 7. Okimok.comOkimok is a fun community where you can instantly share your photos with your friends. With the Okimok iPhone app you caneasily upload photos to your photo stream on Your friends can follow you and keep up to date with youradventures.
  8. 8. RandomWordMachine.comGenerating random words is easy. Producing pronounceable words is a whole other story. The algorithm of the Random WordMachine is based on neurolinguistic theories. This ensures that the whole space is explored of theoretical words that couldhave been. You can use this machine as a general brainstorm tool, for producing brand names, or just for fun.
  9. 9. WHAT’S NEXT? —The future of the web
  10. 10. THE physicalWEB The MOBILE webThe physical web, the internet of things, Meta Products... all names used in the context of products getting connected to theweb.
  11. 11. WHAT CAME BEFORE —A brief overview of history
  12. 12. THE MOBILEweb The mobile WEBMeta Products are a direct result of the web becoming more mobile.
  13. 13. The social web HET SOCIALE WEBThe rise of the social web (especially Facebook and Twitter) has allowed users to add data to the web as well.
  14. 14. The INTERNET rise of internetThe internet as an endless source of information, directly accessible.
  15. 15. Software SOFTWARESoftware in combination with hardware opened up many new possibilities, first for industries, later also for consumers.
  16. 16. Plastic fantastic PLASTIC FANTASTICWith the invention of plastics, products could be given any possible form, and standardization of products really set in.
  17. 17. Industrial revolution INDUSTRIËLE REVOLUTIEThe Industrial Revolution was the first sign of machines taking over, as goods were produced for the masses.
  18. 18. WHAT IS IT EXACTLY? —Meta Products explained
  19. 19. Touchpoints of The CloudThe Cloud has many physical and virtual touchpoints.
  20. 20. Meta productA Meta Product is a symbiosis of the physical and virtual worlds. The physical part often consists of sensors, actuators and/orinterfaces, while the virtual part is a set of data hanging in The Cloud.
  21. 21. Meta Products are web enabledproduct-service systemsPeople, products and the web form a mutually interdependent system. In this light we should not talk about user-productinteraction anymore but rather about user-network and product-network interaction.
  22. 22. WHY NOW?—Where does this trend come from?
  23. 23. Data is abundant and instantly availablePeople upload photos, videos, music and much more.
  24. 24. Tons of communication technologiesLots of communication technologies make connectivity nowadays a given.
  25. 25. Storage & bandwidth prices have droppedStorage and bandwidth have become almost neglectable.
  26. 26. META ARCHITECTURE —Five classes of information streams
  27. 27. Class 1 PRODUCT WEB Sensors Interface Class 2 PRODUCT WEB Actuators Interface Class 3 PRODUCT WEB Sensors & actuators Interface Class 4 PRODUCT WEB PRODUCT Sensors & actuators Server Sensors & actuators Class 5 PRODUCT WEB Tag InterfaceMeta Products consist of 5 classes, depending on how the information flow goes.
  28. 28. EXAMPLES—Meta Products in the wild
  29. 29. EPOC neuroheadset—by Emotiv Sensing wearablesThe EPOC neuroheadset controls a digital interface by means of brainwaves.
  30. 30. Wattson—by DIY Kyoto Ambient intelligenceWattson measures your energy consumption in your home.
  31. 31. Skål—by Jørn Knutsen et al. UbimediaSkål is an RFID controlled bowl that triggers digital events by placing tagged objects in it.
  32. 32. PokenSpark—by Poken IdentificationPoken is your digital (social) business card that lets you instantly swap contact info.
  33. 33. TomTom Go—by TomTom Navigation & locationTomtom lets you navigate your route while being updated via the web on road traffic.
  34. 34. SenseAware—by FedEx Monitoring & trackingSenseAware tracks package conditions during distribution.
  35. 35. A.R. Drone—by Parrot Toys & gamesAR Drone is controlled with your iPhone while digital content is added on the screen of the iPhone.
  36. 36. COMPLEXITIES —Nobody said it was easy
  37. 37. Unaligned life cycles DESIGN PRODUCTION E USAGE S AG U US AG E DISTRIBUTION PRO D AG E U US C U SA TI DESIGN ON PURCHASE GE AGE M US USAGE AI NT AG US ENA CE N E U REPAIRMENTS GE SA SA U GE USAGE END OF LIFETraditional linear product design processes seem to be unaligned with the more agile and iterative web design processes.However, with Meta Products, atoms and bits are forced to be friends.
  38. 38. Designing black boxesMore and more value is shifted to content rather than to the product itself. Products become merely service avatars. Howshould product designers cope with this?
  39. 39. HOW TO APPROACH? —Tackling design issues
  40. 40. Network Focused DesignDesigners interested in designing Meta Products should look at the total network. They should map what resources entities inthe network exchange and look where the chain can be optimized.
  41. 41. NFD tool setAt Booreiland we made a game out of this approach, using method cards.
  42. 42. Combine disciplinesIn the end, it’s all about leading cross-discipline teams.
  43. 43. From context to technology...and designing outside-in instead of inside-out.
  44. 44. Applying data as a materialAlso, product designers should think of data as a material they can apply onto their products.
  45. 45. Business modellingFor business modelling, all the traditional models can be mixed and matched resulting in new interesting revenue models.
  46. 46. PUBLICATIONS —What’s been written
  47. 47. MetaProducts.nlFollow to stay up to date with our findings.
  48. 48. Inspirational blogs | | | | asmarterplanet.comSome inspirational blogs...
  49. 49. Meta Products book Expected summer 2011We are currently writing a book called Meta Products.
  50. 50. Inspirational books This Is Service Design Thinking | Smart Things | The Value and Meaning of Meta ProductsSome inspirational books...
  51. 51. PLATFORM FOR CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS @booreiland all content 2011 Booreiland