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Oct 2011 scape-grid_(combined)_updated_with_finance_inputs[1]_2
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Oct 2011 scape-grid_(combined)_updated_with_finance_inputs[1]_2

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  • 1. Community ActivitiesDance MobBreak Dance - B-boying, often called "breakdancing", a popular styleof street dance that was created and developed as part of hip-hopculture among African Americans and Latino youths in New York CityDATE: Friday/Saturday/Sunday recurring weekly)TIME: 5pm – 9pmVENUE: NLL/Sky Terrace level 4Fee: Nil Shuffling – The Melbourne Shuffle is a fast paced club dance with intricate footwork. Break it Down @Grid DATE: Friday, Saturday & Sunday recurring weekly) TIME: 11am – 9pm VENUE: Sky Terrace level 4 Fee: Nil
  • 2. Community ActivitiesParkourParkour, also known as urban free running, is a non-competitivetraining that emphasizes skills such as vaulting, basic gymnasticsand rolling to negotiate urban obstacles.DATE: Friday/Sunday (recurring weekly)TIME: 2pm – 6pmVENUE: NLL/Sky Terrace level 4Fee: $10 Cheerleading A physical activity, sometimes a competitive sport, based on organized routines, usually ranging from one to three minutes, which contain the components of tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers, and stunting to direct spectators of events to cheer on sports teams at games or to participate in competitions. DATE: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday recurring weekly) TIME: 5pm - 8pm VENUE: Sky Terrace level 4
  • 3. Community ActivitiesFree Style SoccerNew trend among footballers to showcase skills with the ball to executecomplex sequences or combos of tricks.DATE: Friday/Saturday/Sunday recurring weekly)TIME: pm – pmVENUE: NLL/Sky Terrace levelFee: Nil Beat Boxing Form of vocal percussion that uses drumbeats and rhythms. Speak the language of music @ GRID… DATE: Friday (recurring weekly) TIME: pm – pm VENUE: Seminar room Fee: Nil
  • 4. Community ActivitiesTech & Media MobMedia Mob – Shoot, film or edit. The media mob is involved withpre and post-producon for short films and advertisements. Join afilm crew @ GRID…ob – Shoot, film or edit. The media mob isinvolved with pre and post-production for short films andadvertisements. Join a film crew @ GRID…DATE: Thursday (recurring weeklyTIME: 5pm – 9pmVENUE: Post Production roomFee: Nil Glee Choir Singapore’s leading institution to spearhead the revolution of Show Choirs in Singapore. Dedicated to establish a connection with the younger generation through the medium of music. Building upon the bedrock of established traditional Choirs, highly motivated to step out of comfort zone and challenge the boundaries of creativity to stay relevant in today’s society. DATE: Sunday recurring weekly) TIME: 2pm - 8pm VENUE: NLL/Seminar room
  • 5. Community Activities Magic Magic Cards – “Magic” an entertaining and addictive fantasy card game. Play or collect. It’s up to you. DATE: Thursday (recurring weekly) TIME: 5pm – 9pm VENUE: NLL Fee: Nil Entrepreneurship Grid investor club: targeted at youths interested in learning more about investments or starting their own portfolios in investment. No prior knowledge on investment is required. DATE: Wednesday (recurring alternate Wed) TIME: 7pm – 10pm VENUE: Info Com lab 1 Fee: Nil
  • 6. Community ActivitiesCOSPLAYPerformance art in which participant don costume andassesories to represent specific character or ideaDATE: Friday/Saturday/Sunday (recurring weeklyTIME: pm – pmVENUE: NLL/ Seminar room/ SudioFee: Nil
  • 7. 360 Without Borders CreativeMob- D.J.ClubDANCEnMUSIC DJ Academy offers a full range of courses to suit everyone fromthe beginner to those looking to refine and broaden their skills, whether you wantto play for your own enjoyment or to make a career as a DJ or producer. At theacademy, you will experience a broad range of practical based training fromexperienced and highly deckstrous masters of sound.Here are just a few reasons why DANCEnMUSIC is here for you.The DANCEnMUSIC instructors are top professionals, who are working at theheart of the music Industry in Singapore.DATE: Saturday/SundayTIME: 2pm - 8pmVENUE: Production StudioReporting Venue and Registration Counter:GRID New Media Studios,*SCAPE, #04-01“Like” 360 Without Borders on Facebook and post on the wall to connect with the mobor email to Jason@gridmms.com or boo@gridmms.com to register your attendance.
  • 8. 360 Without Borders Mercy Mob- Blood Donation Drive"A Truly Magical Christmas is an annual public blood donation drive held inDecember. Set to ignite the theme “Gift of Life”, this project was initiallyconceptualized and organized by SMU Red Cross Chapter to help ensure anadequate supply of blood for the patients during the Christmas period. Being thefestive season, the accident rates tend to be higher, hence there is a greater needfor blood. Moreover, being the season of giving, SMU Red Cross Chapter hopesto pass on the Gift of Life to patients in need through this meaningful event inDecember. This year, in support of Grid MMS, we hope to spread the message of"Dare To Give" to the public, encouraging them to give blood and be someonessuperhero today."DATE: December 9,10,11TIME: 10Am till 8PMVENUE: No Limits LabReporting Venue and Registration Counter: GRID New Media Studios,*SCAPE, #04-01“Like” 360 Without Borders on Facebook and post on the wall to connectwith the mob or email to Jason@gridmms.com or boo@gridmms.com toregister your attendance.
  • 9. 360 Without Borders Mercy Mob- Blood Donation DriveRoad to war : New Frontiers - The 2nd stop in the 2011/2012 Road toWar Series!Be a part of this action as 32 players enter the arena for a day ofminiature battles on the wartorn fields of the Warhammer 40,000universe! Compete for glory, bragging rights and even points in theRoad to War Player of the year Race! Over $1300 in prizes to be won!DATE: Saturday, 3 DECTIME: 9:30Am to 9PMVENUE: No Limits LabReporting Venue and Registration Counter: GRID New MediaStudios,*SCAPE, #04-01“Like” 360 Without Borders on Facebook and post on the wall to connectwith the mob or email to Jason@gridmms.com or boo@gridmms.com toregister your attendance.
  • 10. Venue Utilisation for Oct 2011 Sep-11 Seminar Room Lab 1 Lab 2 Lab 3Hrs utilised 96 71 100.25 99Total hrs 314 314 314 314Utilisation rate 30.6% 22.6% 31.9% 31.5% Oct-11 Seminar *Not based Room Lab 1 Lab 2 Lab 3 on *SCAPEHrs utilised 87 33 26.5 108 operating hoursTotal hrs 303 303 303 303Utilisation rate 28.7% 10.9% 8.7% 35.6%
  • 11. Courses in OCT 2011Date Course Room3-4 Oct MS Project 2010 Foundation Lab 36-7 Oct MS Excel 2007 BI (ICDL) Lab 310 Oct Analyzing Database 2007/2010 Lab 211-13 Oct CAST Lab 320-21 Oct ICDL Excel 2007 Advance (Supervisory Lab 324-25 Oct ICDL Word 2007 Advance Lab 225 Oct Social Media Class Lab 327-28 Oct ICDL Excel 2007 Advance Lab 3