Booosting kansen voor zonne energie 31 maart 2005_scheuten_solar


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Booosting kansen voor zonne energie 31 maart 2005_scheuten_solar

  1. 1. Nieuwe kansen voor zonne-energie Booosting 31-3-2005, Rotterdam Jos Reuleaux
  2. 2. Overview• Introduction of Scheuten Solar• Photovoltaic Production Facilities• Photovoltaic Integration into Buildings
  3. 3. Scheuten Solar is a divisionof Scheuten Holding(Netherlands)• Float glass• Architectural Glass Products• Technical Glass• Project management• Solar module production• Solar Systems• R&D ActivitiesScheuten Glasgroep: 1.200 employee, 150 Mio. €uro Turn over
  4. 4. Scheuten Solar in 2005 Development of the international market Scheuten Holding Scheuten Glas Scheuten Solar Scheuten ResearchDivision Division Division Division Division Division AsiaFrance Netherlands Germany Belgium Europe (2005) Belgium Netherlands Spain Germany Korea China ?? Scheuten Scheuten Scheuten Scheuten Solar Scheuten Solar Solar Belgium Solar Systems Solar Ibérica Technology Korea Scheuten 10 MW piloot Solarwerk 1. Scheuten dunne film Solar Factory Scheuten Solarwerk 2.
  5. 5. July 2003 renamedOne of the most establishedSolar companiesin Europe
  6. 6. SST concentrating on two Product RangesStandard modules, Type MULTISOL® Laminate- Project- Wafer cel Sales realisation ModuleSpecial facade/roof modules, Type OPTISOL® Glass/Glass- System Project- Wafer cel Module Engineering realisation
  7. 7. What is our scope at this moment?Special-PVModules for Established Market leaderFacade and in Europa and a major position worldwideatrium (roof):Standard- Enter in the high volumemodules: market with innovative Technology, produced with the most automated Production line in EuropeNew Development of aTechnologies: nanostructure cel technology
  8. 8. MULTISOL® - Leading by innovationElectrical A new electricalinterconnection interconnection system offers reliability over the years andtechnology simplifies the assemblySolar-Glass Anti-Reflex-coated solar glass, which increases the power of the Photo voltaic module.Module Quality is ensured by the mostproduction modern Produktion line inautomation Europe.Cost price Top quality, maximum yieldreduction and minimum labour enables low cost production
  9. 9. Status & plans R&D in 2005In 2004 new R&D facility in operationProgram 2005: - Establishing higher efficiency with cell concept - Completion module concept - Completing pilot production cell technology: (spring 2005: 1e machines installed)End 2005: - Completion of total cell / module concept - Module production equipment ordered
  10. 10. Overview• Introduction of Scheuten Solar• Photovoltaic Production Facilities• Photovoltaic Integration into Buildings
  11. 11. Production of MULTISOL® Laminate Solar modules
  12. 12. Production of MULTISOL® Laminate Solar modules
  13. 13. OPTISOL® Photovoltaic Glass/Glass Production Facilities
  14. 14. New factory for Scheuten Solar in 2005 New factory in Germany
  15. 15. Overview• Introduction of Scheuten Solar• Photovoltaic Production Facilities• Photovoltaic Integration into Buildings
  16. 16. Photovoltaic Integration into Buildings
  17. 17. Multifunctional Solar Facades / Technical Developments Heat- and Noise Insulation + Fire Protection + Theft Secure + Sun Screening + Modern Fassade Aesthetics and their + functions PV: Electricity Production
  18. 18. Building environment Roof integration (opaque or semi transparent) Façades integration (Heat insulation) Sun screening components Integration as Cladding element PV– Façade integration Ways of integration
  19. 19. Solar module as a skin of a building OPTISOL® Element with insulating glass OPTIFLOAT® Coating rear panel OPTIFLOAT® Rear panel OPTISOL® Basic Solar cells embedded by a element special resin OPTIWHITE® Front panel OPTIFLOAT® Frame sealing Solar cells embedded by a Sealing element special resin Frame sealing OPTIWHITE® Solar glass OPTISOL® Basic element OPTISOL® Basic element
  20. 20. Electrical connectionsintegrated into façades Solar module as a skin of a building
  21. 21. Higher regional court in Hamm, Germany
  22. 22. Some BIPV projects realized in 2004 Stadskantoor MiddelburgBeukenhage in Almelo Flat Hollandt in Rotterdam PLC in Born Waterschapskantoor Zeeuwse Eilanden (Middelburg)
  23. 23. Some BIPV projects realized in 2004 Tsinghua University in Beijing (Olympic Village)
  24. 24. State of the Art / Mont-Cenis Academy at Herne Biggest building-integrated photovoltaic installation of the world: Solar roof and façade of the Mont Cenis Academy • Inauguration: 1999 • Number of solar cells: 600.000 • Peak Power: 1.000 kW • Active Area: 10.000 m2 • Electricity yield: 700.000 kWh / year • Avoided CO2 Emission: 500.000 kg / year
  25. 25. Fall 1998The Construction / Look back into 1998
  26. 26. Megawatt Power / Mont-Cenis Academy in Herne
  27. 27. Mont-Cenis Academy / 10.000 m2 of Photovoltaics
  28. 28. Office Building – GermanyPeiniger group´s Headquarters, Gelsenkirchen
  29. 29. Train Station / Suspension Railway in Wuppertal World Record in Module Lenght: 3,90 Meter.
  30. 30. Output: 189 kWpCommissioning: 2002Area Output: 1790 sq Train Station / Solar Roof of the New Central Station in Berlin
  31. 31. High-tech PlazaJapan- Office Building PV Integrated into facade & roof
  32. 32. Ministry of Economic Affairs / Conference Area 100 kwp isolated pv facade
  33. 33. Ministry of Economic Affairs / Inside View
  34. 34. Archeologic Museum in Herne 100 kWp element integrated on the roof
  35. 35. University Trier/ Birkenfeld PV Integration Semi transparent amorphous silicon solar cells
  36. 36. Federal Chancellery in Berlin
  37. 37. Photovoltaics for Public BuildingsGerman Parliament Building in Berlin (Reichstag)
  38. 38. Fair of Tomorrow / Exhibition Centre Essen 2000 2.000 square meter OPTISOL® solar roof
  39. 39. Fair of Tomorrow / Exhibition Centre Essen 2000 2.000 square meter OPTISOL® solar roof
  40. 40. Software Park Beijing / Software Plaza-Giant “CD” Canopy Output: 90 kwp Modules in trapezoid shapes: integrated on the edge of the canopy
  41. 41. Software park Beijing (China)
  42. 42. The Cost / Different Façade Systems Polished Stone Photovoltaics Stone Glass Facade Metal per square meter  250 €  600 €  700 €  800 €  1200 €
  43. 43. Future Outlook / Huge Energy Potential of Building Surfaces 12 billion square meter of façade- and roof area are directed to the sun only in industrialized countries and could be used for power production.
  44. 44. Photovoltaics for Residential Homes
  45. 45. Photovoltaics for Residential Homes
  46. 46. Photovoltaics for Residential Homes
  47. 47. Awards and Certificates
  48. 48. Spanish project realized in 2004Ecotechnia in Navarra (Spanje) Solar tracking system (400 KWp)
  49. 49. Solar Home System with MULTISOL Photovoltaic Drinking water punp
  50. 50. FILMEcopark in Waalwijk (Netherlands)