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  • 1. Enhanced Editions “One of the key players in British publishing…[Enhanced Editions is] the UK’s most influential e-book publishing house.” The Times “[Enhanced Editions are] the brightest publishing brains.” The ObserverPeter Collingridgewww.enhanced-editions.com
  • 2. Canongate(1997 – 2001)
  • 3. “At last apublisher’s site thatfeels like a coolclub stocked withwell-read friendsrather than a lazycorporate exercise.”The Guardian
  • 5. “Digital does notsignal the death ofpublishing, but itsrebirth.”EnhancedEditions
  • 6. 1 2 21st 21st Century CenturyLandscape Publisher
  • 7. #121st Century Landscape
  • 8. 10 05 01 97 20 20 20 19BookvalueImpact ofdigital Can digital innovation provide premium reading experiences?
  • 9. AmazonSenior VP, Books “The real competition is not between the hardcover and the ebook. TV, movies, web browsing, video games, are all competing for people’s valuable time. And if the book industry doesn’t compete we think that over time the industry will suffer.”
  • 10. Generation YSource: TheEconomist
  • 11. Ebook market (USA)Source: TheBookseller 2010 2015 8% 50%
  • 12. “[If] by the end of2012, 25% of salesfor a new book aredigital, then abouthalf of new [print]book sales will[also] be madethrough onlinepurchases”Shatzkin
  • 13. Author Agent Publisher Retailer Reader
  • 14. Author AgentPublisher Retailer Reader Network
  • 15. (0!12 (123!45 60!!75 8695 $%&()(*+,&-./.0 LH/"@F@-8/C,D,K r s. thompson sal man ru shdi e hunte Midnight’s Children Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas .,-%F@B$)F",H,-$@*/F%*S?,>$%?*%*)-/"@B@$?@>E%H@*G(H@T)/F “I was born in the “We were somewhere around Barstow on $?%H%-@$T)%*,-*,-%E%*>@$@$)$?@B@*$/E@**@$G(H@T)/F%-/*K,H)*B/*G city of Bombay …” the edge of the desert 5%"/"@B@$?@>E/)?*,-K)HB)*/*%GM+/$%HH)$BH/?%-/*>)HH/T)@$)->/ when the drugs began to take hold.”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sal man ru shdi e h unte r s. th om p s on w. h. aude n Midnight’s Children Fear & Loathing The Collected Poetry !")-9 In Las Vegas “I was born in the “We were somewhere “We must love one W)@$T)%?,>"@F%>*)FS)->/@>*%-")FU/)?@C)$CH/>"@*S%H@*B)-)$/?
  • 16. Philip Pullman on publishing in 2010
  • 17. 1. Changing 2. Changing 3. Changing Readers Industry Models
  • 18. #221st Century Publisher
  • 19. 1 2New products New& experiences markets & channels
  • 20. The future of thebook, c. 2008
  • 21. The future ofeverything else,c. 2008
  • 22. “The best way to predictthe future is to invent it. Alan Kay, Apple ”
  • 23. Users Awards Media“Sets the gold MediaGuardian “The momentstandard for future Innovation award digital publishingliterary apps.” came of age” iTunes & Observer The Bookseller apps of the year“Worth every cent. “Sprinkling a littleNo actually worth eConsultancy rock’n’roll glamoura lot more!” Innovation Award over publishing” Guardian Wolff Olins “Future” award
  • 24. Bunny: Sampler activity Audio: Chapter Three Audio: Chapter One Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three About the Author Audio: Chapter Two Video Listing About This Free Sampler Video: Chapter Three 2. Reading (help) 7. Other Features (help) 3. Audio Mode (help) 5. Tilt Scrolling (help) 1. Navigation (help) 10 m 20 m 30 m
  • 25. Bunny: Newsfeed Chapter One feed downloads per day Audio: Chapter One News Chapter Two Bookmark 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 Video Listing 2, 9, 6, 3, 0, 7, 4, Se p Se p p1 p2 p3 Oc t t1 Se Se Se Oc Video: Chapter Three SettingsAbout This Free Sampler Spatial Mix Chapter Three Nick Cave’s introduction to the Gospel … Audio: Chapter Two Nick Cave on iTunes Podcast A Night With Nick Cave 3. Audio Mode (help) Welcome to Enhanced Editions About the Author Worldwide Editions of Bunny Munro Audio: Chapter Three The Birth of Bunny Munro Searching book Audiobook production Live Events 2. Reading (help) Hamburg Date Announced 1. Navigation (help) Nick Cave vs. David Peace 5. Tilt Scrolling (help) WIRED interview with Nick 7. Other Features (help) Reminder: A Night With Nick Cave Our night with Nick Cave Send to A Friend
  • 26. Late night readersread for longer
  • 27. Enhanced apps 4x asengaging as books?
  • 28. iPhone users are moreengaged than iPad
  • 29. Users are very loyal
  • 30. 1 2New products New& experiences markets & channels
  • 31. “[Random Housewill…] change frombeing a b2bcompany to b2ccompany.”Dohle
  • 32. James Frey: Author rehabwww.james-frey.com
  • 33. Doris Lessing: Social readingwww.thegoldennotebook.org
  • 34. Granta: Literary magazinewww.granta.com
  • 35. Bookseer 1m visits 2,700,000 page views177,000 different books3,5m recommendations
  • 36. Publishers can nowinfluence: Choose Purchase Read Discuss Share
  • 37. New products New channels & experiences & marketsDigitalpublisher
  • 38. “Ever tried. Everfailed. No matter.Try again. Failagain. Fail better.”SamuelBeckett
  • 39. Twitter: @gunzalispeter@enhanced-editions.comwww.enhanced-editions.comLinkedIn